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This was written from an idea/experience (albeit with some embellishment) given to me by Vicky, who was my muse for this story. I hope that whoever reads it will take the time to give their vote so that at least I’ll know whether I’m getting there or indeed anywhere with the readers.


My ex Steve and I had always loved our holidays in Greece and the Greek Islands, and on this occasion it was our first visit to the isle of Mykonos, which already had something of a reputation as a place in which more or less anything goes, very hedonistic in fact.

We had been there about three or four days when we bumped into a lovely Greek guy, his name was Yannis and he was much older than us. We saw him at a local bar a couple of times, and, he told us he was a naturist and asked if we were too. I recall that the local Retsina was quite powerful! And we had a fair few of those. Well, we had to be honest and say ‘no’, that we’d never done naked sunbathing ever before but we might give it a try if the circumstances were right. Over the next couple of glasses of Retsina, Yannis did manage to persuade us to give it a try. He told us he used a small cove about 200 yards off the main beach, and told us it would be safe and great fun once we’d got the gist of things, so while under the influence we agreed to meet up with him and his friends the following afternoon at a beach bar which was right on this small naturist cove beach he’d mentioned before.

Steve and I arrived pretty much on time, 4pm, despite being somewhat nervous about getting stripped right down, but we had discussed the stripping off earlier and had agreed if we were going then we had to go the whole hog, guess we had both been hankering to do this, even though it seemed a bit of a challenge. Yannis was already seated at a table at the beach bar, he waved us over and we went across to sit with him and his bottle of Metaxa brandy. All he had on were his sun glasses and, what seemed for the Greeks on the Island the obligatory, thick gold chain and crucifix: I couldn’t help myself and looked down at his crotch and was surprised at the size of his soft cock, it was a good six or seven inches long and just as thick and I remember thinking just how big does it get when he’s excited. He was very pleased to see us, and quickly arranged for another two glasses into which he poured quite large shots of the golden amber liquid.

The beach was quite small but quite busy, with about 20-25 other people lazing around on sunbeds or on towels and getting the all over suntan treatment. I think I was first to mentally note that about 75% of the occupants were guys, maybe only 5 or 6 females laying or sitting naked, I thought it would have been nearer 50/50, but was not too concerned at this point… the Metaxa had already started working!

We made some small talk with Yannis for a few minutes before he pointed out that he had reserved Steve and I two sunbeds, just off the bar’s wooden decking. Steve and I felt we should accept his hospitality and, picking up our beach bag, walked the five yards or so to the sunbeds.

We placed the sunbeds in position, laid out our beach towels on the sun beds, put our bags out of the way and then came to the hard part! Stripping off! Well I went first and yanked my beach dress over my head to reveal my newest beige crotchet bikini, which didn’t really cover up much in any case. Steve had removed his cargo shorts, so was down to his Speedos. We looked at one another and it was like a standoff gun fight at the OK Corral… so who would go naked first!

Well, it was Steve who slipped down his Speedos, kicked them off and was then staring hard at me… oops – my turn!

I was no stranger to sunbathing topless on beaches or beside pools, so it was no problem to remove the top, as I undid the strap I could feel Yiannis eyes burning in to me and as I pulled it off thereby freeing my breasts I looked up and there he was looking straight at me through his dark sun glasses. Knowing he was watching made me hot and excited, it brought out the exhibitionist streak in me and I wanted to give him something to look at that he’d remember. I slipped my fingers inside each side of my briefs, I suddenly realised that lots of male heads were popping up across the beach… voyeur’s paradise I guess!

Well, I did make a show of it, and Steve was encouraging me to get rid of my pants, so slowly I begun to push them down and down, I pushed them down to my ankles, eventually kicking off the briefs and then feeling extra naughty turned round so my back was facing Yiannis and spread my legs, not too much but enough, and slowly bent down to pick up my briefs giving Yiannis and whoever else was seated and looking from his direction an excellent view of my sex. I admit I loved my pussy as I had received many compliments on the way it seemed to bulge and how pretty and well defined, perhaps because it was waxed, it was and especially the large thick labia once I was horny. I was now getting a bit turned on, what with the morning sunbathing, anime porno the lunch time wine, the warm brandy and now the hot sun. I thought I’d better get on the bed before I got too carried away so unceremoniously I quickly slumped down onto my sunbed.

Steve also got onto his too, we were inches apart, he had a huge grin on his face, his eyes lingering over every inch of my body – it was also noticeable that lots of the other males on the beach were getting a real eyeful too. Had they really never seen a fully waxed pussy before?! Don’t think they had actually – they seemed very wide-eyed!

We’d been settled there for maybe 10 or 15 minutes when Yannis came over with two more rather large Metaxas, explaining the he would love to join us, but had to go to his aged mother’s to help her with something, and would be back in a couple of hours or so. He explained that he had told his friend, Geo the bar owner, to keep our drinks topped up, we could have whatever we wanted and we were his guests and that he would be picking up the tab on his return.

I thought that was rather strange at the time, as after all persuading us to come here and get naked was his idea, and now he was going off for a while. Oh well, it was great laying there with the sun starting to fall lower in the sky, it was now not too hot and there was a gentle warm breeze wafting around our naked bodies, which was especially erotic against my naked pussy. I have to admit, it was quite a turn on, and my nipples were quite erect without even being touched… I never expected that just lying there in the buff could be quite so horny! Even though it was a bit concerning that six or seven of the naked guys on the beach seemed to be inching closer and closer to our sunbeds as the time passed by.

Geo was as good as his word, bringing across fresh drinks at regular intervals, I was feeling a little tiddly after about an hour and half of being topped up, Steve had become all giggly, like a little schoolboy, which was quite embarrassing! By now the beach was steadily emptying, the few couples who had been there when we had arrived had drifted off back to their hotels or apartments by now. The only people left on the beach were Steve and I, and maybe 8 or 9 of the males, who now almost seemed to be surrounding us, by now only a couple of yards away. It was really obvious that they were staring at me, especially my boobs and pussy; it was somehwat concerning in some respects, but rather horny at the same time.

Still no sign of Yannis, yet, even though it was close on to 7.30pm by now, which I thought was odd. Geo came across again, asking if we’d like more drinks, I decided to go for water this time, Steve was pretty much drunk though, he must have had pretty much half a bottle of Metaxa and asked for another, I knew in this state it was not worth saying that he’d probably had enough as I didn’t want a scene. He was so intoxicated he could not even speak properly and the inevitable happened and he slumped back on his sunbed and fell asleep – or truth be told passed out, although to be fair I am still not sure which it was to this day!

As I sat up to drink my bottled water, the eyes of all the guys seemed to be peering right at me, there was some chatter, but it was all in either German or Dutch, I didn’t understand a word of it. The thought of all those guys and me just on my own, Steve being passed out for want of a better description, completely naked and my sex on full display did make me feel very vulnerable but at the same time extremely excited at the thought of what might happen although to be fair I didn’t really consider what I’d want to happen, thinking that in reality probably nothing would. Then I heard Yannis’ voice at the bar, at last he had returned! Well he spent a few minutes chatting to Geo, again I could not understand what was said… but there was some lurid laughing and joking going on, Geo the bar owner casting glances over towards me, nodding his head at what Yannis was saying to him.

Yannis came over to our sunbeds, his eyes peering at every inch of my body… first thing he mentioned was that Steve was right out of it, what had happened? I had to tell him that Steve had probably overdone it on the Metaxa and that he’d been out cold for at least half an hour.

He asked if I was OK, which I was as I can pace myself when drinking alcohol, though obviously slightly inebriated. Yannis said ah, that’s great then, we can still have some fun in that case.

I asked him what he meant, he explained that he, Geo and the guys left on the beach were going to give me some fun to remember them and the island by, it was all part of a naturist beach experience! I felt my mouth drop open and could not speak! I thought what! Yannis gestured to the guys to get closer around me, Geo and another guy literally picked up Steve’s sunbed, carried him unconscious across to the beach bar’s covered decking area, Steve didn’t stir an inch as I watched him get carried off.

Geo and the other anne porno guy returned to the scene, Yannis together with all the other guys were now standing around me, seemed like so many grinning faces was quite scary, well very scary. I managed to grab hold of my beach dress and thought I could slip it on and make a run for it, but Yannis grabbed my arms, threw my beach dress to the floor, saying I wouldn’t be needing it again until they had finished with me.

I was trying to think how I could get out of this, but the beach was now totally deserted, the sun was maybe only 10-15mins from the horizon, it was getting darker by the second it seemed. As the guys now gathered around closer and closer, it seemed to get even darker as they blocked out the sun… now I was really, really worried.

I had met Steve and Vicky at one of the bars, they were a very young and attractive couple and I took a liking to them instantly as they seemed very open and ready for some adventure and fun while on holiday. Vicky was tall and slim and facially attractive with a very nice body but the main thing about her was a sexual appeal, or what some people refer to as sexual chemistry, which drew me to her like a magnet the other thing was her pronunciation of my name, Yiannis, which sounded so sex when she said it. I knew right then that given the opportunity I most definitely wanted to have her.

I told them about the naturist cove and invited them for the next day and waited to see their reaction. Normally, when I had similar conversations with young couples the woman would be the one to speak and put a dampener by simply dismissing even the thought but I noticed that Vicky just blushed and smiled while Steve asked for directions.

The next day I was at the cove as usual during the tourist period and was in two minds as to whether or not Steve and Vicky would turn up and was now looking at my watch, the only thing other than my crucifix that I had on, and thinking I should perhaps go and sort out a couple of family things as they weren’t coming when suddenly there they were walking down the slope towards the bar.

Once they were standing by me we had the usual hugs and I kissed Vicky on both cheeks as was customary and then gave her a quick peck on the lips. I had noticed that Vicky had looked down at my groin when I had stood up and had blushed slightly, as even though not erect anyone could see I had a huge cock and balls, my cock was a good six inches flaccid. Geo passed over a couple of large shot glasses and I poured out a couple of large Metaxas, I wanted to get them “happy” and relaxed and especially Vicky. I knew quite well that people on the whole and especially women do loose some and in some cases all of their inhibition, and become more promiscuous and ready and willing to do and participate, accept and explore much more sexually than what they would normally do.

After a couple of drinks I showed them the two sunbeds I had asked Geo to keep aside in case my guests came. I sat at the bar watching and when Vicky took off her top and I saw her fantastic breasts and huge erect nipples my cock begun to stir like some python waking up from a deep sleep but it was when she finally took off her bikini bottom and bend down to take it completely off giving me a fantastic view of her waxed sex and her lovely slit that my cock begun to grow. Obviously I had seen a lot of beautiful cunnys over the years but they were mostly au naturale, trimmed or shaved; so there was usually some hair or stubble, whereas Vicky’s was completely bare and beautiful as if saying here I am defenceless and ready to play.

I knew that nothing would be happening while there were still so many people around at the cove and wanted Steve and Vicky to be completely relaxed and for Vicky to become at the very least accustomed to all the ogling from the young men around her so I took over a couple more large shots of Metaxa’s and made my excuses, although I had to use every effort not to look down in between Vicky’s thighs, as I was sure a closer look at her beautiful exposed waxed cunt would have made my cock rock hard and there was no way I could do anything with it right now. I told them that Geo would be topping them up and that I’d pick up the tab on my return and the left them to it.

When I got back to the cove I had a quick chat with Geo at the bar who told me what had happened in my absence and how many drinks Steve and Vicky had had and how he was sure Steve wouldn’t be capable of getting a hard on whatever and what a waste of such a lovely cunny, we had a chuckle at the thought. Geo also told me that Vicky had given herself a good rub down with sun oil and had not been shy when rubbing and massaging it in to her breasts, especially the area around her nipples and the special protection on her nipples, and spreading her legs really wide to massage the oil in her inner thighs. Geo was positive she loved all the men ogling at her and that she was more than just a bit of an exhibitionist and would not arap porno be surprised if, with the hot sun and all the attention from the men around her, she was already sexually turned on and fairly wet down there.

I had actually read somewhere that it is a scientific fact that women become more aroused and sexually active in the summer as the sunlight and heat from the sun stimulates certain hormones which increase the sex drive, the sun also gives added vitamin D which also increases the sexual appetite. So Geo was probably right that Vicky was probably hornier but it was probably a combination of the sun, heat and her exhibitionist streak.

Having spoken to Geo I walked over to the sunbeds and glanced at Steve, he was in a deep sleep, and then my eyes turned to Vicky this time they were very obviously roaming over every inch of her body starting at the top and working down. Her nipples looked hard and they were erect and I just loved large swollen nipples and wanted to go down to suck them and bite them but it was too soon yet my eyes carried on taking in every inch of her and stopping again at her sex, it was obvious she was aroused as her labia were thick and bloated and already slightly gaping making her sex look really wanton and I could see the glistening of her juices in the fading sunlight. She was definitely turned on and I wondered just how she’d react to what I had in mind.

I smiled at her and asked what had happened to Steve and she smiled back saying how he’d had a few too many Metaxas and then I asked how she was as I wanted to be sure she wasn’t drunk and would be in a position to join in if she had a mind to with what I had in mind. I told her we were going to all have some fun and we would all make sure she had a great time and it was all part of the experience. I waved the guys to come closer and Geo and one of the others lifted Steve’s sunbed with him in it and moved it away so that Vicky was now on her sunbed in the centre with me and the other guys around her all looking down and exploring her lovely body visually.

Vicky grabbed her dress half-heartedly trying to put it on, I bent down and took it from her and threw it a few feet from the sunbed.

“Vicky you won’t need that for a while and not until we’ve all had some fun and you’ve got something to remember the day by.” I told her and smiled at her.

I moved down on my knees, my cock was now almost completely hard and growing by the second, all the other guys were standing there with their rods sticking out as they rubbed them slowly, I gently pulled her to me and pressed my lips against hers, opening my lips I pushed my tongue against her lips, once, twice and on the third effort she opened her mouth and my tongue was inside. Had she not reacted I would have probably stopped but by opening her mouth seemed to want this as much as me I kissed her, her breath was sweet and had the headiness of the alcohol, my tongue explored her mouth and duelled with hers, she now reacted kissing me back sucking on my tongue, she was a good kisser and soon had my cock fully erect. The kiss lasted a couple of minutes and was full of lust and there was no mistaking the fact that she wanted this as much as we all did.

We kissed again my hands now moved to her breasts and I held one in each palm and squeezed them; I carried on massaging her firm orbs before finally taking a nipple in each hand and plucking it between thumb and forefinger and every so often pinching them. Her kissing was now more passionate and I could tell that even if she hadn’t been before we kissed, she was now very aroused and horny. I moved my head down from her mouth to her breasts and begun kissing, sucking and massaging them before finally taking a nipple in my mouth and running my tongue over the tip and then sucking it hard before biting down on it. I heard a muffled moan and looked up to see one of the guys had already taken my place and was kissing her passionately. I smiled pleased with the outcome and especially her reaction as I now left her breasts sure someone else would step in and moved to the bottom of the sunbed and taking a leg in each hand held them wide apart and pushed them back at the same time moving my head down in between her legs to her beautiful pussy which was now puffed and open and ready for mating.

I moved my mouth to her sex taking in her scent my tongue was out licking and stroking her cunt lips, the heat from her was immense almost like opening an oven door and her juices were now flowing as I pushed my tongue deep inside her box exploring it inch by inch. I felt someone take hold of her ankle and looked up to see one guy either side of her holding her legs up and apart for me. My hands now free I moved them down to her sex and gently pushed two of my long fat digits inside her sex, she was tight but well lubricated so they slid in with ease and were soon as deep as I could get them and I began to fuck her with them while my tongue searched out until it located her clit, which was now fully erect, hard and out of its hood, I lashed and rubbed her clit with my tongue and could hear her moaning. I opened and closed my fingers like a pair of scissors as I fucked her with them, hearing her muffled moans grow louder and louder as she now revelled in the sheer pleasure she was experiencing.

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