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Amy Dolson had a grave fear of dogs, from the broadest of labradors to the meekest of pugs. Without the slightest clue of where it had come from, maybe stemming from a deeply suppressed trauma in her childhood, there was a paw print of pure dread in her soul, which made it impossible to be around a dog of any kind, breed or temper. Whatever the cause of the trauma was, if there even was one, had been long forgotten. Perhaps it was irrational. Unfortunately she didn’t know.

She had no fears of hamsters, mice, gerbils, snakes, spiders, lizards, turtles, cats, or even horses. In fact she loved most animals. Just not dogs. What made this a real problem was that she was studying to be a vetrinarian, and this is what was keeping her up late for so many nights since September, much like tonight.

She was nineteen, currently in her first year in university, a pleasant girl if a bit shy, with a peach, easily flushed complexion, especially around the cheeks, which were topped with freckles. Her voice wasn’t shrill, but panicky, fluttery and small when she spoke, but when she was silent her habit was to leave her mouth a crack open, just enough to see her teeth, giving her a dazed look. Her hair was auburn, slightly frizzy, down to her lower ribs whenever she didn’t tie it into a similarly straggled bun. Her eyes were a pale green, and only added to her dazedness since they would glaze over whenever she got lost in her thoughts. Being a runner, she was accustomed to wearing athletic shorts and breathable workout gear, but preferred a hoodie and leggings to keep the brisk english wind off of her self.

Ideally she would specialise as an equine vetrinarian, but the course she was studying required practical knowledge of animals of all sorts, that included interacting with dogs of various breeds, or she would fail. It didn’t leave Amy feeling well, her saving grace being that she was scheduled to take part in the ‘Practical Interaction’ module during the second semester, while she was still in her first.

It was November, therefore she had about two months before practical classes would begin, which she would be too scared to attend, which would result in her having to do it again the next year. No good. Or to drop her course entirely. Even worse. It was clear she just had to try and get over her anxieties before January.

Her first thought was to look online, which she did, curled up in her dorm room bed on her phone, which yielded an array of solutions. The most common one was exposure therapy, but she didn’t have a dog on hand to try, not that she wanted to. She had friends who owned dogs, Meghan in particular, a girl from her hometown she had known since primary school, although they were close friends, she made the effort to avoid her home, where she knew a cream coloured beast of a dog lived. Meghan was a very understanding person, in fact, outside of Amy’s family she was one of the few to know of her fear; she told most others she was simply allergic to dog fur, which was a satisfactory reason to keep away from them, even if it did make owners and dog lovers a little cautious around her. She would give her a message the next morning to arrange a meet up at her house if she could, making a mental note to herself not to forget. Until then she would keep looking. She had found multiple claims of ‘fear pills’ that she was smart enough to not purchase, some Q&A forums where people wrote about their fears without discussing solutions, and a bounty of “cute” dog videos, which only made Amy bitter that she found the videos disturbing and frightening.

After what must have been a good hour of searching Amy had come across something… interesting. An mp3 file, titled ‘Woman’s Best Friend’ on a website designed to hypnotise people and encourage certain behaviours, ranging from sleeping earlier and longer, being more organised, having an increased vocabularly, more risk-taking, more religious, and the list went on and on. Amy was curious. The website was a trove of audio files after audio files, and there was a seemingly vibrant community of people trying to hypnotise themselves into believing whatever they wanted. “Woman’s best friend” was 3 hours long, to be played while the user slept, described on the site “to make oneself more open and loving towards dogs of all kinds, and erase any inhibitions one has to caring for animals”. It sounded like nonsense, if Amy was being truthful, but she wanted to believe that she could listen away her fears in her sleep, escort kocaeli and if what she read about hypnosis what correct, the trick to being hypnotised was wanting to be hypnotised. Plus it was highly rated on the site. She was supposed to be asleep at such a late time anyway, her falling eyelids were hinting, so she may as well try the file and see how she felt in the morning.

She downloaded the file to her phone, got comfortable in bed and still as dead, listening in on her headphones. She focused on the words being sweeped into her mind. There was a constant ambient noise, removing any sound from the outside world, with sighs of relaxation and laughter fading in and out. Soon a dreamlike voice floated above the ambience.

The words were spaced out, each one emphasised with a happy, soothing, almost drugged tone. Sweet little nothings being spoken to both Amy and this imaginary dog, from an imaginary dog owner. She could hear the dog panting, the pads and claws of his paws rapping against a hardwood floor getting louder, closer, she could hear panting, and the a wooshing, the wagging of a tail, her imagination filling in any gaps. The voice called the dog over, and the rapping quickened. The dog felt big and close, as if she were crouched down at it’s level. Strangely she didn’t feel tense, despite how the usual sounds of a dog; the panting, the paw padding, often unnerved her. Perhaps it was only real dogs that could unease her, ones she could see and touch. The voice was calm and motherly, telling Amy that there was nothing to fear, encouraging her to pet the dog, to run her fingers through it’s fur; how soft and smooth it was, and how warm the dog felt underneath it’s coat. To get closer and closer. She felt the warmth sink into her fingers like a sponge, further in until her entire body was being hugged by this warm sensation, almost tingly like pins and needles up and down her body. It was as if the dog was on top of her, squeezing her and pinning her down. She wasn’t frightened, the voice was soothing to her ears and helped her enjoy the embrace. The panting was louder than ever, right at her ears, and the voice was ever as calm, keeping her at ease. The voice moaned to her how good it must feel to have such a loving friend, and how this warmth is so addictive.

Amy wasn’t sure when exactly she fell asleep, but when she woke up she felt like the same woman. She didn’t care much for dogs still, and the upcoming practical module still seemed hopeless. She wasn’t surprised, it must have been a ruse or some other thing. She remembered to call Meghan and set up a visit later that week, and went about her day like normal. Leaving her dorm, Amy saw multiple dogs of various kinds on leashes on her walk to lectures, and while she did cross the street to avoid close contact with them, she smiled and waved at the owners as they passed her by.

Lectures went surprisingly great. Amy felt focused, contributing to the discussions where she would normally slink away and let others move the lesson along. It was like she had been switched on and was more motivated. Her lecturers seemed to notice it too, commending her for not being so dazed as she often seemed. On the walk back to her dorm she felt on top of the world, almost wishing a she would pass another dog owner.

She got back to her room and immediately went back to the hypnosis site. The file she listened to really seemed to do the trick, but where was the good mood coming from? She checked the file and the hypnosis website for clues, since nothing else she did that day was out of the ordinary. The file information stated listening to the file would result in elevated spirits after being around a dogs, the closer the better, and the reviews below strongly agreed. No wonder this file was so highly rated. If she could have such a great mood from seeing a dog from across the road, after one listening session, imagine how great she would feel after a few more sessions?

The informatio tag stated the recommended dose was to listen every night while she slept, which Amy was more than happy to do. That night she took a hot shower and had a cup of tea to get herself comfortable and prepared herself for another audio session. Laying still in bed she felt the same calm which swept over her the night before, and the same blissful voice emerged with familiar barks, pants and paws rapping at hardwood floors. She felt her eyes lull sooner than usual, and fell asleep soon after surrounded by the comforting kocaeli anal yapan escort sounds of dogs and owners.

Again, Amy had woken up, slightly warm and flushed, but feeling no different. She thought about how she might be more focused and ambitious in her lectures, but had no lectures today to really show off her confidence, something that had slipped her mind. Feeling restless she decided to go for a run. Donning her leggings, trainers, top and a hoodie, she embarked on her usual route out of her dorm and around the surrounding town at a brisk pace.

It was a bright, cold day with gusty wind, the kind that normally made one dread the coming winter, but Amy felt good. She was making good pace, only now realising she hadn’t had breakfast, which was for her, and made a stop by a local patisserie for a sausage roll. With the roll in her hoodie she began to make the walk home, but noticed the local park nearby. It was usually a place she avoided for all of the dog walkers, but she was feeling ambitious, and headed toward the entrance.

The park was less busy than usual because of the cold, many of the people there being dog walkers. There was probably one dog to every person. Amy felt out of place, but not fearful, compared to her previous self which would have never come close to a place like this. She explored the place a little, toeing on the flat, tarmac pathway.

The park itself was big, being a large public garden the size of a small field, acting as a space for people to breathe and relax. The land was flat, a long rectangle with trimmed grass that was laying limp on hardened soil,. Tall iron fencing lined around the perimeter with hedges lined inside of them, not as tall but offering some seclusion at shoulder height. On the grass were bushes, public bins and a few wooden benches which stood at the sides of the pathway that cut through the grass and meandered to the other entry gate, which opened out to another section of town. There were no trees, so no leaves littering the ground.

Amy could see why the park was so popular with dog owners, a flat and open space with gates at either end meant pets could roam and run without escaping. One such dog was big, with fluffy dark fur that transitioned to white down it’s body, to completely white on all four paws, running circles around it’s owner and going back and forth at a energetic pace, putting Amy at a slight unease. This dog was closest, and she locked eyes with the owner, a woman a few years older than her, pale with dark hair, dark glasses and dark clothing. She would almost seem gothic if she wasn’t so cheery. The stranger smiled and greeted her with a wave before replacing her hand in her jacket, and Amy did the same. They made small talk, learning each other’s names, the woman was Nicole.

Amy asked about Nicole’s dog, which she learned was a male husky. Amy knew practically nothing about dogs from her years avoiding them and here she was trying to know more about them, even if she felt tense around him.

The dog was named Howie, and had picked up on this new person speaking to Nicole, and in the same energetic fashion had run up to the girl to know her better. She screamed in fear, before Nicole calmed her down, reassuring her that Howie was a good boy and wasn’t dangerous. The girl calmed down but was still stiff and eyeing Howie like a rabbit to a wolf, but that didn’t stop him from sniffing around at her shoes, then further up her legs. He could smell something delicious from her hoodie, which made him bark with excitement, eliciting another scream from the terrified girl. Nicole then took Howie by the collar, but he couldn’t help himself. He made a small pounce at the girl right where the smell was coming from, and the girl fortunately fell on her backside, splayed out and a little discombobulated. This was his chance, he snooped in and began to sniff at her hoodie, looking for this enticing smell. Pinning her down, Howie ran his snout up and down her torso, her unable to move. Nicole was trying to pull him away but it was no use. He went into her pockets and pulled out the sausage roll, getting excited and taking it with him as he pulled his weight off of her and behind a nearby bush.

Amy was left in a daze. She was just pinned down by a husky that was much bigger from up close than she expected, and rubbed up and down by his nose. She should be struck with fear, praying that she wouldn’t be bitten. In fact she had izmit yabancı escort the though right until she was pinned down, where she felt a strange pang of delight. She was in shock at herself, and her face was flushed completely. A frantic Nicole pulled her up by her arms, sitting her down on a nearby bench, apologising throughout. Amy was barely able to make sense of what happened, but she managed to convince Nicole that she was in fact okay and that she would be fine getting home herself. She could hear Nicole scolding Howie as she made her way past the entry gate of the park and back to her dorm.

She could believe how pleasurable it felt to be pinned down like that by the husky. She was laying in her bed with pillows on top of her, trying to recreate the scene. Something about it just made her feel euphoric, like she was in a dream. In fact, it felt just like she was listening to her hypnosis file, which only made her feel more sure about the pleasure she felt. The hypnosis was really working, she wasn’t scared in the slightest being underneath Howie; she enjoyed it. She even wanted it to last a little longer.

Amy’s mind went wild. Her in her room, on the floor, pinned down by the large beast, it’s tongue licking her bare skin… She could even smell Howie on her hoodie where the scent had clung to her, pressing the fabric up against her nose. Her body was heating up, she could feel her sex throbbing, begging to be touched. Amy couldn’t believe she was aroused, and an intense mixture of disgust and lust washed over her.

She was hesitant, but fell to her desire and began to rub her pussy underneath her leggings and panties. A strong voice in her head was telling her to stop thinking about a husky in such a sexual way, but another nagging voice in the back of her mind convinced her to keep going. She used her free hand to squeeze the pillows above her, pretending she was pressing herself against Howie, which only made her more desperate for the real thing. Breathing deeply into her hoodie, which lay across her face, she took in deep whiffs of Howie’s beastly odour. She moaned into the fabric, feeling an orgasm building up inside of her, and went with it. She hadn’t remembered a time when masturbating felt this good, or this naughty. She thought about depraved things: what Howie’s kisses would taste like, what dog fur would feel like against her bare stomach, what a dog’s penis would look like. Being so horny made her feel like a disgusting pervert, which only built up her orgasm further, creating a cycle of pleasure and shame. She thoguht about what being with an actual dog would be like, submitting to an animal. Being a bitch!

The intensity of her masturbation had reached it’s climax, and Amy was enjoying and regretting the hardest orgasm she may have ever felt. Waves of pleasure rippled through her, with waves of repulsion after. She was in disbelief at how much she enjoyed it. She was sure this was down to those audio files, they must be perverted in some way to make her feel like this. She listened through the audio file in it’s entirety, and found how perverted the files got as they went on. Speaking of how good dogs smell, their breath and fur, and how their warmth is like a perfect hug that fills you up; how the sound of panting and barking send shivers of pleasure through the body. The messages were repeated over and over in the file, with the accompanying sounds of barking, panting and paw padding. The last ten minutes of the file was dedicated to touch, and how feeling a dogs fur was like masturbation itself, and waves of lust will go through you when you rub against a dogs fur.

Amy was astounded by this, wishing she had listened to the file in full before hypnotising herself with it. She wanted to delete the file and just move on, there were better ways of dealing with a fear of dogs, she would be seeing Meghan and her pet in a few days, where she could get used to being around dogs in a safe, platonic way. But an idea began churning in her mind. You can only really be hypnotised and fall to it’s effects if you want to be hypnotised, so maybe, deep, deep down… she wanted this. This was ridiculous, she never inteded to become aroused by a dog of all things, she just wanted to be less afraid of them. In that sense the hypno file worked great, she was much more confident in her studies too, and she hadn’t had an orgasm so strong… ever. Amy looked down at her phone, and was having a surprisingly difficult time deleting the file. Is this part of it? Listening to the file makes you addicted to it? She hoped so, otherwise this lingering feeling of wanting to listen to the file again was down to her.

Amy listened to the file again that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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