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The last meeting with Pam had gone well. Finally he had a release in an older woman who was quite willing to be his slut. Unfortunately, it was going to be a while between their next meeting. Pam had a teenage daughter who spent weekends with her ex-husband. Unfortunately, he was off to Europe for a month, meaning Pam was unavailable for at least a month. They still chatted when they could, but cybersex and phonesex were far different from the real thing.

It was winter, and the cold weather was getting to him. It seemed like it was going to be a nice weekend, so he’d thought he’d try a jaunt to West Wendover, Nevada for a weekend at a hotel for some gambling and drinking.

He made a reservation and arrived that night. It was cold out, but it was supposed to be nice all weekend. He checked into his room, unpacked, and prepared to do some gambling. He headed downstairs to the craps table and settled in. His job paid reasonably well, and his lack of a girlfriend or suitable hobby besides exercise kept his bank account well-padded. Now it was time to have fun with some of the excess cash he had earned.

His luck with women was horrible so far in the North, but his luck at the craps table was incredible. A petite indian/Hispanic woman had the dice and had shot eight passes, not to mention hitting hard eight and hard six twice! Suddenly his bankroll of $1000 he planned to spend this weekend had doubled, and it was just Friday night. “Of all the damn luck,” he cursed. “If I was in Vegas, I’d hit the clubs at this point!” He was half-joking – it was hard to be upset while on a winning streak.

The shooter was laughing as well. She was doing quite well on this streak, too. Finally, she crapped out and the dice passed. He took the advantage to introduce himself.

“Hi, I’m Penny,” she said, grinning, shaking his hand. He had noticed she wasn’t wearing a ring, but checked around for a gorilla-like boyfriend who might smash him to bits. You don’t get lucky at the craps table without the luck turning sour on you somehow.

Penny wasn’t a stunner, but she had a great body. She stood at only about five foot, had C-cup breasts, and an ass that was shapely. She was about 120 lbs, a bit on the heavy side, but her friendly demeanor certainly added to her allure.

He took her over to the bar and talked to her about life, work, etc. He discovered she was living in East Salt Lake with her grandmother (who was at the casino playing slots). She was spending the night there, but leaving back for Utah tomorrow morning. Penny only ordered coke at the bar, as well, explaining her grandmother wouldn’t approve of her drinking. She was actually a native of Hawaii, moving to the US with her dad when she was ten. They lived in St. Louis until she was 18, when her mom and dad moved to Salt Lake for a better job with the railroad. She stayed in St. Louis for college and dropped out after two years, earning a lot of money as a stripper. The last revelation surprised him, and she complained she couldn’t make nearly as much money in Salt Lake. She moved up here as a deal with her dad, who wanted her to get out of St. Louis. He also set it up so she could live with her grandmother in Salt Lake to take care of her. She got free room and board out of the deal, so she wasn’t too upset. She just didn’t have nearly as much fun in Utah as she did in Missouri.

As it got later, Penny bid him farewell, but not before they exchanged phone numbers. She left for Utah the next morning.

His luck on Saturday wasn’t nearly as good as Friday, but he managed to keep about $1200 from the weekend. He headed back to Provo and discovered a message from Penny wanting to get together the next weekend.


The Kartal Esmer Escort weekend came, and Penny drove up to Provo. She was six years his younger and proved it with the energy she had that Saturday. After a day of pool, walks, lunch, talks, and finally dinner, they headed back to his place. She had told her grandmother she’d be gone for the weekend, and he arranged her to sleep upstairs in his bedroom while he take the fold-out in the den. So when they got back to his place, he was ready to play to the gentleman, kiss her goodnight, and head to the sofa for the evening.

She had no such wishes. Once the door was shut she turned and pinned him to the door, grabbing the back of his head and pulling his mouth to hers. As they kissed passionately, she stripped off her blouse and skirt, leaving his wandering hands to unclasp her bra. Once the bra was off, his strong hands slid down her soft back to her ass, covered only in lace panties. He firmly grabbed each cheek and she moaned in his mouth. She broke he kiss, looked into his eyes, and said, “Fuck me now.”

He pulled off his shirt, T-shirt, and shoes, while she undid his belt and jeans, pushing the pants and boxers to the floor, leaving her eye-level with his cock. She knelt on the carpet and grabbed it, hungrily sucking it into her mouth. He looked down, noticing now how gorgeous her naked form was. His hands cupped the back of her head, stroking her hair while she serviced him.

Once he was nice and hard, she crawled around, sticking her ass into the air. He couldn’t resist it, bending to lick between her cheeks to her wet slit, sucking on it. It was shaved bald, making the licking a far more enjoyable experience. His tongue slid up from her wet cunt to her ass and back. His hands massaged her ass, and he stopped for a second to test her, slapping her has in a quick but strong spank.

She didn’t recoil, and only moaned. He did it again, and she moaned still. “Does Penny like a spanking?” he asked.

“Oh, god, yes!” She said, breathing heavy. “Spank me more! Spank and lick me! Make me cum!” He watched as one of her hands stretched up to massage her clit as she received his blows. After fifteen, her ass was showing a little red, and he moved to kiss it and continue licking her ass and pussy. She shook, cumming quickly for him, her sweet nectar dripping from her pussy to the carpet. “I need you to fuck me now! Fuck me now!” she screamed. He quickly obliged, standing up to rub the tip of his cock against her pussy. She pushed back and took it all the way in, moaning loudly, as if in pain. He raked his nails up her back as he pumped her. She shuddered with another orgasm, her long black hair tossing with her convulsions. He could feel his orgasm building, and he told her. “Fill me with your cum!” she shouted. “I want to feel it deep in me!” He reached forward, grabbed her hair, and pulled her head back as he fucked her faster and harder. She screamed, “Don’t stop! Fuck me! Unngghhh!” She started to shake with another orgasm, and then he filled her with his hot spunk. She quivered and pumped his cock dry, then slid off of him. He sprawled out next to her and cuddled as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

“You like that?” he asked. She nodded and stared up at him lustfully.

“I needed that. I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time. Hair-pulling, spanking, the works.” He stared at the hot little body curled up to him. She slid a hand down between her legs and dipped her fingers into her, then brought them to her mouth, sucking them clean. “Hmmm, I love the taste of pussy and cum.” She languidly drew her fingers down his chest, to his flacid rod. She cupped his balls and slowly massaged them.

He moaned, Kartal Eve Gelen Escort smiling. “You like both?” he playfully asked. She nodded, dipping into herself for another taste.

“I do. You should try it sometime,” she ran her wet fingers over his lips, and he sighed, feeling aroused.

“I should just tie you up and make you my sex slave,” he said jokingly. She giggled.

“Too bad I have a job and grandmother. I’d take you up on that. I’d serve you all day long,” she said slowly with a deep sultriness in her voice. Her tongue snaked out, touching his stomach then slipping it up his chest.

“Oooh, my little bondage slut,” he said, staring at her. He ventured the question. “You like being a sub to a Master?”

She stared at his chin, playing with it with one finger. “I’d be a willing slut of any man who can fuck like you.” She giggled. “You don’t know half of the shit I did when I was in St. Louis. I didn’t do anything besides Ex when I worked, but they all said I was addicted to sex. And this move was the hardest thing to do– give up all of that free sex.” She sighed softly, and he ran a hand across her perfect C-cup breast. She inhaled and held a breath for a moment, savoring the touch, then exhaling softly. They were both exhausted, and headed up to the bedroom to pass out.


He awoke to a petite, giggling Hawaiian girl in his Jaegermesiter tee and a pair of his boxers. She held a cookie sheet in her hands, and on top was toast, ham, two Eggos, and a glass of OJ. “You sure are a bachelor. Good lord, buy some eggs, why don’t ya?” She giggled again, waiting for him to sit up to enjoy his breakfast. She sat on the side of the bed obediently, waiting for him to finish his meal. He devoured it quickly, and once he was done she grabbed the tray and headed downstairs. He leaned back, enjoying the view as she headed down the stairs. He could hear her washing the dishes and soon she came back upstairs, stripped naked again. She crawled over the base of the bed to him, stretching in a cat-like pose. “Does Master like…?” she questioned. He nodded.

“Hold that pose, pet.” He said, changing spots to he could slide his hand up her side, from the knee to the shoulder. She shuddered a bit, eyes closing, lips parting in a gesture that could only be called ‘wanting’. His hand slid down her body, cupping her hanging breast, squeezing the nipple gently, then slipping further down her naked, brown form to her waist, then around her upper thigh to her ass, circling slowly, tracing his fingers up her back to her neck and hair. His fingers explored her silky black locks, then grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, he bent his neck to hers and slowly nuzzled her neck. She sighed audibly, never shifting her all-fours position, as his lips and tongue slowly danced on her supple young skin. His tongue darted upwards to her ear, at which she giggled. Playfully he spanked her ass, at which she jumped, and purred. His hand caressed her lips, and he slid his index finger into her mouth for her to enjoy. She sucked it slowly, deeply, gently applying her teeth to the skin. In and out his finger went, her eyes closed as she descended into the depths of sexual passion.

He removed his finger, and slid the wet tip over her chin. She moaned, eyes still closed. She felt him slide his wet finger over her moistening pussy, dipping it in, spreading her lips wide. She felt the finger slowly massage between her folds, playfully tickling her clitoris, each time sending each nerve a bit of internal fire. She felt the finger leave her womanhood, and circle her ass slowly. She bit her lip in anticipation, waiting for its entry.

His words woke her from Kartal Evi Olan Escort her rapture. “I can stop if you wish, pet,” he said softly. She just shook her head. “Tell me what you need, pet. Tell me what you desire.” He was toying with her. He had her in the palm of his hand and she could not resist.

“I need you. I need to be yours. I need your finger in me… in my ass, please, Master,” she whimpered. She felt the wet tip penetrate her anus, and she pushed back slowly, allowing more and more of his finger in. Once inside, she rocked back and forth, getting herself used to the finger. If only he could slide his cock in her pussy while he did these, she would be in heaven!

After two minutes of flowly fucking her ass with his finger, the slid it out. She felt a cold, wet, lubricated tip of a cock nestle between her ass cheeks. She moaned softly. “Oh, please, fuck my ass.” He obliged, sliding his cock gently into her forbidden hole, pushing it in deep, filling her with the full length of his cock. He small frame fit tightly around his average-sized member, and she groaned loudly as it filled her. “Master, may I masturbate while you fuck me?” she asked. He smiled and said, “Of course, my pet. But don’t cum just yet.” She nodded frantically, a hand reaching down to massage her engorged clit as he slowly ass-fucked her. Once her finger touched her clit, a chain reaction of pleasure erupted from her hips to her back. She stiffened and hummed, fighting off the quick-building orgasm. “Oh god, Master, I need to cum. Please? I’m begging you!” she cried.

“Not just yet, pet. Keep touching yourself. Hold it off as long as you can.” His rhythm picked up, and with each thrust she squeaked. Her hand trembled as she massaged her swollen folds, sensitive clit, and dripping hole. Her mind blanked and her breathing was short. “Ungh ungh ungh ungh!” she began to chant to his motion. Soon, it was too much. She convulsed, letting a monster orgasm engulf her body. With his motion though, she didn’t stop at one. Another and another came forth, like a dam breaking, gripping her in a euphoric seizure. When it was done, she collapsed. He pulled his cock from her ass, shaking his head, but smiling at her.

“What should I do to punish you, then?” He said. She looked up, still panting, and attacked his cock. He was surprised to see her move so fast, and her lips locked around it, her tongue a massaging machine, the tip against her throat feeling her swallowing motions. He felt her hand slide up his leg and cup his balls, massaging them, and a wet finger of hers, still soaked in her cum, pressing against his ass. His hands gripped her head as she slid it in, Penny intent on swallowing as much of his cock as she could get. Her finger was ruthless, fucking his ass fast as he fucked her mouth. His orgasm built quickly, and he warned her of the impending ejaculate. She sucked harder, tongue dragging up the base of his cock to its head. Seconds later, his hot, salty mixture was released, flowing down her throat as fast as she could swallow, her finger slowing down so the rest of her hand could coax his balls into giving her just a little more semen.

Once done, he slid his cock out of her mouth and laid down next to her, exhausted from the incredible orgasm. She curled up next to him, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, Master, for cumming.” He simply smiled as his head swam. “You’re forgiven, pet,” he said, stroking her hair. He reached down and collected her tears and tasted them. Her foot slowly stroked his leg, and he felt fantastic.


Penny left at noon, waving goodbye to her new Master. They would have to treasure this time together, as she often spent her weekends either working or taking care of her grandmother. He was shocked. He now had two subs, one older, one younger. He was wondering how he got so lucky. Something Penny said as she left stuck in his head. “Looks like you had more luck at the casino than you thought!” Truer words were never spoken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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