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Philip got ready to leave work and looked around his office to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. He picked up his keys and his cell phone and started to leave. He walked towards the front door of his small insurance office when he notice a purse laying on the floor near the door. He had seen it before and realized it belonged to Lucy, his top agent. It was laying on it’s side and looked as if it had been dropped. He grabbed the phone on the desk by the front door and punched the button next to her name. A man’s voice answered that he recognized as her husband.


“Yes, this is Philip from Blacks Insurance. Lucy seemed to have dropped her purse here.”

“Yes, she mentioned that she had lost it.”

“I am leaving now and could drop it off if you want.” Philip said.

“That would be great. She was worried about it.”

Philip hung up the phone and left the office. He started driving towards Lucy’s house. It was down a long drive and hidden from the road. He had never been there, but knew it was quite nice. Modest, but very well kept he thought as he pulled up and admired the well groomed lawn. He got out of his car and went towards the door. He rang the doorbell and looked around the small but well landscaped lawn. He was admiring an old willow tree when he heard the door open.

“Oh no…” he heard a voice say as he turned. “Sorry sir. Welcome to my home.” He looked down and saw Lucy there, wearing nothing more than what appeared to be a tight black corset and panties, as well as a leather collar around her neck. She was kneeling and had her head down. Philip didn’t know quite what to think.

“Invite your guest in.”, he heard her husband, Frank, say. She istanbul escort stood and with her head still bowed, motioned for him to enter.

“Tell him what you have done” he said.

“I was careless and lost my purse. Thank you sir for finding it and bringing it to me. I am in your debt.” Philip was a bit in shock. He knew that Lucy was a very diligent agent, and was frequently tops in sales in the district. He slowly started to take it all in.

“Tell him why you invited him in” Frank said.

“Yes Master” she said in barely a whisper. “I was careless and for my punishment you are to watch me get whipped. Is this acceptable to you sir? Philip stammered….”Uh….I….well…” Something stirred in him that gave him a shiver. “Yes,” he heard himself saying, “That would be good.” Frank laughed. “Come on in Phil. Relax. Lucy, get him a beer.” Lucy ran off towards the kitchen. Philip walked into the living room, not quite knowing what to think next.

Lucy returned with the drinks and kneeled in front of them, head down. Frank got up and put a leash on Lucy’s collar. He took her to the middle of the room and Phil watched as her wrists were pulled up over her head and chained to a metal ring in the ceiling. Frank then chained her ankles to a long rod that kept her legs spread wide. Finally he put a large ball gag in her mouth and pulled it tight. Lucy was facing Phil and had a look of fear on her face. Frank stood behind her and smiled. He reached over to the table and picked up a leather flogger. Phil was squirming uncomfortably as the bulge in his pants got bigger. He hoped Lucy wouldn’t notice, then thought she probably had other things to think about at the moment. Frank escort bayan suddenly swung the flogger and it hit her ass hard. A muffled sound came from Lucy. He continued and she seemed to push into each stroke. After a minute he stopped. Lucy tried to catch her breath. Frank walked around in front of her and her eyes got wide when she saw the riding crop in his hand. Her eyes darted to Phil and back to the crop. Frank stood behind her and she closed her eyes tight, waiting. The crop hit her hard and she screamed a muffled scream. She kept her eyes closed and this time tried futilely to avoid the crop. Frank lectured her while using the crop, but the words went unheard to Phil, who was engrossed in the scene unfolding before him.

“Phil…..Phil…” Phil looked to Frank and realized he had asked him something.

“Sorry, what?” Phil said, still in a daze.

“Go out to the willow tree, and get a nice green switch.” Frank said. Lucy tried to look at Frank and was shaking her head frantically. Phil stood, and felt his cock pushing against his pants. He ran outside and quickly broke off a long thin branch hanging from the willow. He pulled the few leaves off and ran inside, not quite knowing what to expect yet, but knowing that this was the most exciting thing he had ever witnessed. Inside he started to hand the willow switch to Frank, but Frank shook his head and said, “Your turn” Lucy was moaning loudly in protest as Phil, still in a daze, stepped behind her.

“Slave, this is what happens when you are careless. Understand now?” Frank barked at her, now standing in front of Lucy. He nodded at Phil and Phil felt his arm going back. It came forward and hit her ass hard. He heard Kartal escort her scream louder than she had with the crop and her whole body jumped. Phil saw the large red welt start to appear on her little ass. It was much larger and brighter than anything Frank had done with the crop or flogger.

“Nine more Phil, if you would please.” Frank said. Phil continued and felt a smile creep across his face. He heard a harsh voice counting in his head, almost yelling, as he struck her ass again and again. He realized the voice wasn’t in his head, but coming from his mouth.

“You little bitch, making me come over here to bring your purse. Don’t you think I had anything better to do?” Lucy was sobbing around the gag now. Frank had a huge smile on his face as he watched Phil beat his wife’s ass. Phil reached ten and stopped. He stepped back and took a deep breath. Lucy was limp and quiet now, her ass marked with red stripes. Frank put his hand on Phil’s shoulder and walked him towards the door.

“Thanks for coming over . I think it did you some good, didn’t it.”

“Yeah,” Phil said, “I….it….yeah.” They shook hands and Phil left. He drove home with a huge hard on.

The next day he showed up to work early. He waited and wondered what Lucy would say when she got there. He wondered what he would say. He didn’t have to wait long. She came in the door carrying a pillow and a willow switch. She smiled at him as she went to her desk.

“Good morning Phil.” she said cheerfully, as if nothing had happened the night before. She positioned the pillow in her chair then walked over to his desk. She placed the switch on his desk and smiled.

“Master says you are to use this today if you are not pleased with my behavior.” she said in a soft voice. She walked over to her chair and carefully sat on the pillow and began her days work.

Phil looked at the switch and grinned. He took it in his hand and decided he didn’t ever want to let go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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