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Chapter 1: The Kidnapping

Master is away. He has been for almost a month and won’t be for another month or so. I am so bored sitting home alone, all the tasks he gave me already done. He did say I could go out, so why not?

So I started to get dressed one Friday and went out to a cool club. I was wearing my black leather corsage that lifts my 38C’s up quite nicely, making them look even fuller and bigger. And I was wearing the matching garter belt, black silk stockings, and my long slightly high-heeled leather boots, a short black skirt and a white blouse, which allows a view of my leather corsage. I did my hair nicely and applied my make up really carefully. I wanted to look good and I did, judging from the large mirror in the bedroom.

I drove to the club in my Firebird, parking it in the large garage next to the club. I walked over to the club and got in for free. It was early yet and if you get to the club early you get in for free, especially if you are a lady. I noticed that there were not many people there. But already they had great music and I immediately hit the dance floor. After a while I started to get thirsty and thought I could use a little break from dancing. So I headed towards the bar, when I spotted three hot looking guys apparently talking about me and smiling. I blushed as I noticed them noticing me looking over. I gave them a shy smile and went to the bar to have a drink or two.

Then I went back to the dance floor making sure that those three guys get a good look at me. I did so through out the night, dancing for them and in between going for a drink on the bar. I made sure I walked past the three hotties closely, brushing a little against them “accidentally”, smiling at them.

But when it came time for me to leave, I did not see the guys on my way out. They must have left already, I thought. So I started to walk towards the garage where I had parked my car. It was quite dark, and some fantasies formed in my head, thinking this might be perfect for some sexual predators. Disregarding my thoughts I proceeded to the lower level of the garage and towards my car.

All of a sudden I heard a noise. I turned around, but could not see anything wrong. ‘Nah, there’s nothing out there, but me going to the car,’ I thought to myself.

Another noise. I started to get a little frightened, as I could not see anything again. So I walked faster, I was almost Kartal escort bayan at my car.

Just as I was looking frantically for the car keys in my purse a large hand clasped my mouth shut, pressing my head towards his chest. I started to struggle in order to get away. But he had a good grip on me, and he also had a knife, which he poked right into my rips. In a hushed voice he demanded me to keep my mouth shut and to quit struggling. I was frightened enough and the knife was poking really hard into my rips, making me even more frightened as he might cut me up really badly. So I did as told, breathing in short gasps, eyes wide open with fear, my body trembling.

“Good girl,” he said in a mocking hushed tone. He let go of my mouth for a second only to shove a large handkerchief into my mouth. I did not move, because the knife was still poking hard into my rips. Then he slipped a black hood over my head and now I could not see a thing. He then proceeded to bind my hands behind my back with a rough rope, which cut painfully into my wrists. I winced, and he poked me even harder into my rips with the vicious knife, drawing a little bit of blood. “I told you to be quiet, you bitch,” his now angry voice in my ear, frightening me even more than I already was.

He now dragged me to somewhere in the garage. I heard hushed but approving voices, and then a car door opened. The man now picked me up and threw me into a van. I winced as hit the floor of the van hard, my eyes wet with tears of fright and pain. Then the door was shut, I heard people getting into the back of the van with me – two of them – and then the van started to drive.

So there must be three of them at least, I thought, two who got in the back with me and one driving the van. I was so afraid, thinking of all the things they might do with me.

We drove for a while and I only heard hushed voices. I could not hear what was said, adding to my frightened stage. Then all of a sudden one of the men came over to me. I immediately curled up into a ball, trying to make myself disappear. He laughed at me, before he forcefully pulled my legs straight. A knife was poked against my throat, so I did nothing but let them do as they wish. He opened my legs wide and lifted my skirt a little. I knew he could see my freshly shaven pussy, for I was wearing no panties of course. I winced again, and tried to push Escort Kartal my legs together again. The knife nicked my throat, so I did not proceed. I was so frightened, but to my shame I realized how wet I was down there, and no doubt he could see it.

“Now look at that little frightened slut’s pussy, all wet and ready for us,” he said laughingly. The other’s laughed at me approvingly. I was so humiliated and afraid. He then rolled me on my stomach and cut the ropes that bound my wrists behind my back, only to move them over my head and bind them again. Then he picked me up with his strong arms and held me at a certain height. Another man grabbed my bound wrists and fastened them to a chain that hung from the ceiling of the van. He then took one of my legs and fastened it to a chain on the topside of the van. He did the same to my other leg, so that I was hanging there suspended from the ceiling of the van with my legs spread wide apart. I was crying now, I was so afraid. But I was also so ashamed of the wetness between my legs visible to anyone in the van.

The man were talking and laughing in hushed voices, leaving me hang there for what seemed an eternity. Just as I was giving in to the feeling of being suspended and started to relax a little, I felt one of the men come near me and the knife playfully trailing over my entire body. I stiffened myself to the best of my ability, frightened again all over. Again the men laughed.

Now the knife was used to cut open my white blouse, so that it fell on the floor in strips. ‘Oh my god,’ I thought ‘ the knife is so sharp, he will probably cut me up just as he had cut the blouse.’ My body trembled and I was crying again, but I was also getting even wetter and hotter down there. The knife now cut the corsage away, so that my bare breasts were showing to all present. My nipples immediately became hard and erect to my humiliation. He let the knife playfully with the flat side flow over my tits; the cold metal of it making me even more aroused.

“That little slut likes it,” the man said mockingly, “just look at her hard nipples and the dripping pussy.” Approving laughter from the other men. I felt like a piece of meat ready for slaughter.

The knife now moved down over my belly to my skirt. Of course he cut that of me as well, and I now was nude except for the garter belt, stockings and boots. Again, approving laughter Kartal Rus Escort of them men as I hang there so revealed to them. Before I could think of anything, the knife now wandered playfully between my legs. ‘Oh please don’t cut me,’ I thought really frightened now. Playfully the knife moved over my hard and swollen clit, circling and rubbing there with its cold metal blade. My pussy juice flowing freely to my embarrassment. Again the men laughed.

“Take the gag out, I want to hear her moan,” one of the man said. So they did, and to my surprise, I did moan loudly as the blade continued to play on my clit, moving to my soft wet folds, playing there. He kept on playing with me in that manner, cheered on by the others, when all of a sudden and to my humiliation an orgasm swept over me. My body was shaking, my pussy was gushing juice, I was crying out loudly.

“That little slut came without being told so,” one of the man shouted in played anger. The other men shouted something like “that calls for punishment.” Again I was afraid, trembling with fear and the subsiding orgasm, whispering “please don’t, please let me go.”

“You don’t get off that easily, you slut,” said one of the men, who I perceived as the leader of the group. The men were laughing approvingly and I started to cry again softly, hushed, not wanting to anger them.

The men were now talking in hushed voices, probably discussing my punishment for cumming without being allowed to. Still hanging suspended and naked except for the garter belt, stockings and boots, I was thinking to myself ‘Damn, get it over with so I can get home.’

“Oh my pretty little slut, you are in our hands as long as we please, and we sure as hell gonna enjoy and punish you until we’re sick of using you. And don’t you worry your pretty little head of yours, you will get punished as soon as we get to our destination,” the leader said mockingly. Then he laughed a good laugh, the others joining in. After that, the knife was again put to use to cut away the boots, stockings and garter belt, so that I was now completely naked. Letting me hang there for another “eternity” they finally cut the ropes that suspended me, one man catching my fall with strong hands, only to throw me hard into a corner of the van. I winced out with pain loudly and rolled myself into a ball, shivering with fear. It was also getting a little cool in the van. They must have noticed me shivering, because they kindly and to my surprise threw a blanket over me. “Rest up little slut. You’ll need all the strength you got for your punishment to come.” Again laughter. With that I passed out with exhaustion of the stress those men had put me through.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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