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I kissed her neck and lay my head on the pillow. I must’ve been more tired than I thought, because when I next opened my eyes there was light streaming in the window and Elle and I hadn’t moved. Elle was still holding my hand tightly. The only apparent difference was that my dick was no longer encased by Elle’s butt cheeks. I leaned forward and kissed Elle on the back, between her shoulder blades.

“Mmmmm,” I heard Elle, “Good morning, that’s a very nice way to wake up.”

I kissed her again and she rolled over. “Hi.”

I kissed her on the nose and she giggled and said, “Hi, yourself.” Then she scooted backwards off the bed. “Hey, where’re you goin’?”

She smiled and said, “Bathroom.” She slipped into the bathroom so I got up and went into the other one. I did my business, including brushing my teeth and went back to a still empty bed. I lay down and pulled the sheet and blanket back over myself. She was gone longer than I thought and then she startled me by coming in from a different direction.

Elle came out from the great room and walked toward me, naked. I hadn’t seen her like this and just stared. I couldn’t believe that I was so lucky as to have this gorgeous creature as my own. Her breasts were perfect, her hips, legs and butt, mouth-watering.

She stopped and looked down at herself. “What?”

“I can’t believe that you said ‘Yes’.” I said, “You’re beautiful, your body is perfect and you’re all mine.”

She giggled, embarrassed and blushed red from head to toe. “You know,” she said softly, “flattery will get you anywhere you want to go.” She slipped under the covers and snuggled up next to me. “Did you see that it snowed some more last night? Not a lot, just enough to cover all of our tracks from yesterday. It looks like we’re in our very own wonderland. If it would stay like this, I could stay here forever with you.”

She craned her neck up to kiss me and I moved to make it easier. We melted into one another, kissing and touching and holding and caressing each other. The heat and intensity from last night was gone and was replaced by gentle, soft loving. We kissed for long time, not pressing one another for more. Slowly, gradually, I became aware that Elle’s hips were rocking against me, her hands were on my butt and she was pulling my hips into her. I abandoned her lips and started sliding down her silky smooth body.

“Hey,” Elle whined, “where ya goin’?”

I smiled as I kissed my way around her breasts with the perfect pale pink nipples. “I’m gonna love you and make you feel good.”

“You don’t have to do that every time, ya know?” Elle said softly.

“You’re not gonna let me?” I asked, looking up at her, disappointed.

“You want to?” She sounded surprised. “I didn’t think guys liked that.”

“I don’t know about guys, but,” I grinned, “It’s my second favorite thing to do.”

She smiled, “What’s the first?”

“I’ll show you as soon as I’m done doing this one.” I said, sliding my way past her navel on the way to her pussy.

“Promises, promisessssss,” she hissed as I curled my tongue around her clit.

Continuing to tease her clit with the tip of my tongue, I slipped my finger into her oily pussy. I loved the way she felt on my finger, soft and warm and slippery. She was so tight that I had a hard time pushing in and was a little concerned that I would hurt her. I needn’t have been.

“Ooooohhhh, Aidan,” she cooed, “that feels ssssooo goooddd.”

Increasing the pressure with my tongue, I pulled my finger out and dipped into her warm, wet cavern and wriggled my tongue around and I slid my finger down and traced around her little pink pucker.

Her butt cheeks clenched and she squealed, “Aidan! Are you going to do that every time?”

“Maybe. “I murmured.” “You liked it last night, didn’t you?”

I felt the tension start to drain from her body as she started to relax. “Yeah, I guess…”

Resuming my laving of her pussy and teasing of her clit, I slipped my finger into her pussy, to get it good and wet. I rolled it around, grazing her g-spot and Elle’s hips lurched. She moaned again. I let my finger slip from her folds and down to her little bottom. I curled my tongue around her clit, flipping back the hood and began gently rubbing a tight circle around her wrinkle. Almost as though she were fighting it, her hips began to almost imperceptibly rock in rhythm with my caressing finger. As my ministrations increased in pressure her hips rose to meet my finger. When she was really into it I gently scraped her clit with my teeth and let my fingertip pop through the tight ring.

I was rewarded with a gush and, “Ohhhh Aiiiiidan, I’m, I’, ohhhh, I’m cominggggg…”

I didn’t push any deeper with my finger, but I sucked her clit into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue over and over again. Her hips were bucking wildly and I was having a difficult time keeping my mouth on her pussy.

“Aidan,” she panted, “I need you in me, I need you in me now.” Her hands were scrabbling at my shoulders bursa eskort bayan trying to pull me up. I kissed her pussy one last time and slipped up and smoothly into her with one stroke.

“Ahhhhh,” she moaned, “that feeelsss goooodddd…”

I propped myself up on my arms to watch her while I made love to her. Slowly, I stroked in and out of her while watching her head thrash from side to side.

“Harder,” she gasped, “harder and faster, Aidan, fuck meeeee…”

I did as she asked pumping as fast as I could. Her head was bouncing with the jarring motion of our frenetic lovemaking. “Faster, Aidan, faster.” She wheezed. I tried, but kept losing rhythm. I slowed, but tried to increase the force and that seemed to satisfy her, “Oooooohhhh Aidan, I, I, I’m c-c-c-coming again…” Her body arched and almost threw me off and I had the fleeting thought, ‘Damn she’s stronger than she looks’, which kind of made me laugh. Suddenly she just collapsed to the bed. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes were closed. I slowed my thrusting and was gently pushing in and out of her, watching her breathing slow and a warm, gentle smile form on her face.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, “Wow,” she giggled, “that was pretty good.”

I kept up my gentle momentum and acted hurt, “Only pretty good? What does a guy have to do to get ‘great’ or ‘awesome’? You’ve got some pretty high standards there, lady.”

She pulled me down into a kiss, “It’s only our second time, buddy. I don’t want to set the bar too high for you.”

“Yeah?” I snorted, “But if you did, you could keep saying that I was better the first and second times and keep pushing for better results.”

She shrugged, “I can do that anyway.”

“Wow,” I said, “tough crowd.”

She giggled and then wigged her hips and frowned. “You didn’t come again?”

I kept up my gentle probing with my throbbing dick. “Nah, it’s OK.”

She startled me by flipping us over, “Oh no, it’s not.”

She kissed me and turned around to a reverse cowgirl. “I’m going to get us both off again. I love this and I think you will too, cowboy.”

She settled her warm, wet pussy on my dick and sat still for a few moments. I felt her fingers rubbing her pussy, but she was also rubbing the underside of my cock. As she rubbed us, the slipperiness coming from deep inside of her made everything down there extremely warm and wet and her fingers on me and her felt different than anything I’d ever felt before, but it was awesome. I put my hands on her hips and rubbed gently and then let my thumbs slide down to her little bottom.

“Oh, Aidan,” she cooed, “rub right there,” as I thumbed her tight pink ring. As she raised and lowered herself, the tip of my thumb would penetrate her tight bottom. Each time, her bottom would squeeze my thumb, as though it was welcoming the intrusion.

She continued raising and lowering herself on my stiff dick, all the time letting her wet fingers trail along the slippery bottom of my dick. The feeling was exquisite as the motion made it feel as though my dick were a foot long and deeply embedded in her pussy. Her movement, coupled with the pressure along the entire length of my dick felt as though I was in the deepest pussy with the longest dick and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. The tingling that I normally started to feel at the base of my dick, started in my belly this time and diffused through my hips, then my balls and finally into my dick. Soon, it started down my legs and up into my chest it and crested with a roaring in my head until the orgasm that burst forth from the end of my dick felt like it was coming from my soul. I screamed and I felt Elle’s body respond to my release with her own orgasm, her pussy clamping down almost painfully on my dick. I realized that I had tensed to the point that the only part of me that was on the bed was the bottoms of my feet and the top of my head. I relaxed and dropped to the bed. Elle slipped off of me, turned around and snuggled up next to me.

“That was awesome, Elle,” I said as I kissed the top of her head.

I could feel her grin on my chest, “I thought so.”

We lay there cuddling and pretty soon I felt her stomach rumble. “Hungry, are we?” I chuckled.

“Yes, I am.” She said and smacked me on the stomach. “I’ll bet you are, too.”

“Well, yeah.” I said.

“Dick.” She said as she climbed out of bed.

“Where’re ya goin’?” I asked, lying on the bed.

“I was gonna fix us breakfast,” she said, “But now I’m not so sure about the us part.”

“Awwww, don’t be like that.” I said, grinning, watching that fine ass walking out of the bedroom.

She spun around, catching me. “Just what are you lookin’ at?”

I grinned again, “The finest ass I have ever seen.”

She hesitated, not sure if I was just fucking with her. After studying my face she said, “You’re serious aren’t you?”

I smiled, “Yes I am. You have the nicest ass I have ever seen.”

“OK, you’ve redeemed yourself.” bursa merkez escort She smiled, before crawling back on the bed and kissing me. “I’m gonna go make breakfast now.”

I grabbed her arm before she could get up. “One more kiss, OK?”

She leaned back in, laying her body across mine softly kissing me. It had been long enough that my dick twitched against her stomach and she pulled away from the kiss, eyeing me. “Hey,” I said, “I can’t help it that you do that to me.”

“Uh-huh,” She said and then kissed me again. “You just keep twitching…”

She jumped up, “I’m gonna make breakfast, now.” She went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I went in and showered and when I came out, I could smell the cinnamon from the French toast and the tantalizing aroma of bacon. I went out into the kitchen and Elle was still naked, except for the apron. Her hair was damp, so she had taken the world’s fastest shower. Walking up behind her, I kissed her neck and wrapped my arms around her waist, slipping under the apron.

“Wow, everything looks and smells great.” I said, kissing her neck again. “Especially you.”

“Thank you,” She said, sliding around in my arms, after she made me withdraw from the apron. She kissed me and then said, “Sit down and have a cup of coffee, I’ll be right back.”

She was back in a couple of minutes, catching me with bacon in my mouth. “Hey,” she exclaimed, “I said wait!”

“Mmmmpphhh,” I mumbled; my mouth full. I swallowed, and said, “It was only one piece.”

“Uh-huh.” She said, “Watch it.”

“OK.” We sat down and started to eat. The French toast was amazing and I told Elle as much. “This is the best French toast I’ve ever had.” Then I realized what I had said. “Don’t tell my mom, OK?”

She started laughing. “Afraid of Mommy, are we?”

I didn’t smile, “You bet your ass I am.”

She laughed even harder. “Chickenshit.”

“You will not get any argument from me.” I said. “She’s scary when she’s pissed.”

“Your mom? Please,” she giggled.

“OK,” I said, “I hope you never have to see it. But, in the meantime, promise me that you’ll never tell her that I said that about the French toast, because, I don’t want to see it.”

She laughed, “OK, OK, OK.”

“Anyway, that French toast is awesome.” I said, “Are you planning to serve breakfast in the restaurant?”

“Actually, Ralph already has a Sunday brunch that I’d like to modify and continue.” She smiled. “I don’t want to do it every day, but I think if we tie it to the early NFL games on Sunday, we might get a bump from some families coming with dad to see the game.”

I smiled at her, “That’s a really good idea.”

She smiled back, “Thanks.”

We finished up with breakfast and wet outside for a couple of hours. Elle started to get tired, well actually, we both did and decided to call it a day. Elle helped me get everything cleaned up and put away and packed into the truck and we were ready to go by three. On the way home, Elle sat snuggled up under my arm and held my hand tightly.

“Do you want me to stay?” I asked as we pulled Elle’s stuff out of the truck.

“No,” I think I’m beat and I want to crash,” she said. We carried her stuff into her apartment.

I smiled, “OK, how about I pick you up tomorrow at lunch and we go to the jewelry store. That way we can get it adjusted as soon as possible.”

She kissed me, “OK. When are we going to tell Katie?”

“She’s gonna want to see the ring.” I said, “So why don’t we wait until after we get it back to tell her. I’ll call Mom and ask her not to say anything until we can. OK?”

She kissed me again, “OK, I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I love you, too.” I said before hearing the dead bolt and going back out to my truck.

I called Mom on the way home and she agreed to hold off talking to Katie. I dragged my shit up to my apartment and dumped it and crashed on my bed.

The next thing I knew, my alarm was going off and I realized that it was Monday morning. I went to the office and worked on the computer all morning and then picked up Elle for lunch. We went to the jewelry store and found out that if I paid a premium we could have the ring back Tuesday at lunchtime. I couldn’t resist the look on Elle’s face and paid the premium.

On Tuesday, we picked up the ring and after we got in the Lincoln, I sent Katie a text asking her to dinner with us. We agreed on pizza and Elle suggested Osteria Marco. That was OK with Katie and we arranged to meet at seven o’clock.

Now that it was set up Elle started to get nervous. “What if she really doesn’t like me? You guys are so close and I’m afraid she’ll think that I’m stealing you away from her.” She looked as though she was close to tears.

I drew her into my arms. “Elle, she already knows you a little, there is no doubt in my mind that she’ll love you as much as I do.”

Elle sniffed, “Are you sure? What about…” She hesitated.

I smiled, bursa sınırsız escort bayan “What about Katie and I sleeping together?”

Elle just nodded.

“It’s over,” I said softly, “I told you that we agreed that we each need to find someone. She’ll be happy for me…for us.”

Elle repeated, “Are you sure?”

“I’m positive.” I said, kissing her on the cheek. I released her and she held onto my hand.

I drove her to Hayter’s. She was going to show the girls her ring and give notice. She kissed me and hesitated before opening the door. “I’m nervous about this. What if Bobby gets pissed that I’m leaving? What if he fires me?”

I chuckled, “Are you afraid your next boss won’t let you have your job if you’ve been fired?”

She sat and blinked and then giggled. “I guess. Thanks, Aidan, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I said, smiling, “I’ll pick you up at your place at about six fifteen, OK?” She nodded and closed the door, walking confidently inside.

I spent the rest of the workday on the phone, texting or emailing my guys. I was trying to get appointments set up for the next couple of weeks. Now that winter was fully upon us, my duties as “designated golfer” had to change. I had to figure out which of our clients were hockey fans, college basketball fans and/or pro basketball fans. While I didn’t hide my Chicago loyalties, that didn’t mean I couldn’t take the clients to see their favorite teams. I scheduled a couple of games and asked my assistant to line up the best tickets that she could. At times like this Melissa was a life saver. She knew all of the places to go to get good seats. I was glad I had a decent expense account for these things because the tickets could get expensive. Melissa came in later and asked if I needed anything before she left. I looked at the clock for the first time in a while and it was nearly five thirty.

“Mel,” I said, “It’s late, why are you still here?”

“I had some things to do and you were still here.” She said softly.

“OK,” I admonished her gently, “but I’ve told you that just because I’m here; it doesn’t mean that you must be here. Besides, isn’t Josh waiting for you?”

She blushed, “We have a date later and I was kinda waiting downtown until he gets off work. He’s working late.”

“OK,” I said, “But I’m going to go pick up Elle now, we’re going to tell Katie that we’re engaged.”

Her eyes got big and she squealed, “You’re engaged?!?! Congratulations!” She ran around my desk and hugged me and then pulled back blushing. “I’m sorry, that was inappropriate.”

I laughed, “No, it’s OK and thank you. We’ve only told Elle’s mom and my parents. We didn’t want to tell anyone else until we told Katie. But, since we’re gonna tell her in about an hour, I think it’s OK to tell you.”

“Oh, Aidan,” she gushed, “I’m so happy for you. Have you set a date?”

I smiled, “No, this only happened on Saturday. Even though I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I’m not sure that the reality of it has settled in for either of us.”

She hugged me again and said, “Well congratulations, Elle is such a nice girl, I’m sure you guys will be happy. She looked at the clock and said. “Oops, now I’m late, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you,” I said, “See ya tomorrow.”

I drove to Elle’s apartment and called her on the way. “How’d it go with Bobby?”

“About as well as I expected,” She said, sounding a little down. “He was pissed. His first instinct was to fire me and then he reconsidered, realizing he would be hurting himself and not me. I gave him two weeks and told him I’d be happy to train anybody before I leave. I even told him that if he needs help after I leave to call me and if my schedule allows it that I would help him.”

I chuckled, “That’s very nice, but I think you’re a little nuts for offering to come back and help. Hey, I just pulled up in front. I’ll be at the door in a minute.”

“Don’t bother,” Elle said, “I’ll be out.” Then she hung up.

The front door opened and my heart raced like it does every time I see her. She had on skin tight white jeans with a short, white silky, shiny camisole under a purple, long sleeved light denim shirt.

She slid into the car and over to kiss me. “I know it’s only been three or four hours, but it seems like longer,” she said. “I missed you.”

I kissed her again, “I missed you, too.”

She slipped her hand into mine as I drove to the restaurant.

“What did the girls think?” I asked.

She giggled, “They were excited for me, but they wanted to know if you realized that you were going to marry your stalker.”

I laughed, “What did you tell them?”

“I told them that I came clean and they didn’t fully believe me.” She answered. “They couldn’t believe that you were so accepting of my stalking you.”

I just laughed, “Do I need to tell them?”

She smiled, “Nahhh, let ’em think what they want to think.”

“OK.” I said as I pulled up in front of the restaurant.

We walked in and saw Katie seated at a booth and she waved us over. “Hey, stud.” She said to me, smiling and then turned to Elle. “Hey Sis.”

Elle looked startled. “Wh-what do you mean, Sis?”

Katie stood up and hugged her. “I think the space station can see the sparkle from that rock. Congratulations, Sis.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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