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I am a 33 year old married female and an avid fan of Literotica. While I have read the stories for several years, I just recently joined and began posting comments to some of the stories I have enjoyed. A majority of stories tend to be fictional or fantasies but occasionally a few claim to be based, at least in part, on some actual experience. I’m not much of a writer. Actually I’ve never written any story but I do have a vast and active personal sexual history on which to draw.

My husband and I are both bisexual and enjoy a very healthy sex life with each other and men and women who I often bring home. Dan, my husband, was not only heterosexual when we met, but was fairly inexperienced when it came to sex. By the time we married, I not only had him enjoying relations with other men, he was encouraging me to have sex with men and women alike, whether he participated or not.

Dan, after reading some of the stories on Literotica, encouraged me to write about my experiences. My name is Samantha, or “Sam” as many of my close friends and family call me. Many people have commented that I look similar to Charlize Theron although I think we’re a little different in the build. I’m 5’7″ and weigh 115 lbs with a 36C-25-37 body with light blonde hair down to my shoulders.

While I will not say that my family is wealthy, my father has been involved in the investment business and he has done quite well. I have one older brother Stephen who is six years older and we grew up in the Atlanta, Ga. While Stephen went to Georgia Tech, I opted for Clemson, a nearby University in South Carolina.

When I was 15, I attended a sleep over at a friend’s house up the street from us. Lori and I had been best friends since we moved to the neighborhood when I was in second grade. Lori had invited several girls, all of us close in age, from the neighborhood. Rhonda and Dawn were also best friends. I didn’t know much about Teri, a year older than me, who was closer to Lori than myself.

While nothing sexual occurred that night, there was chemistry between Teri and me. She was just fun to be around. We spent so much of the evening talking that Lori seemed to be quite jealous. Unfortunately, Teri’s family moved to another neighborhood not long after our sleep over and I wouldn’t see her again until I graduated high school. The next couple of years were filled with dates with boys and parties that were rather innocent in nature. Many of the boys that took me out for a movie or pizza were often content with a few kisses at the door or listening to the stereo or watching some TV together.

In 1995, our family moved into a pretty upscale neighborhood not far from where we had lived. Stephen, my brother, had graduated high school and was now attending Georgia Tech leaving just me and my parents at home. Our new home was a split level house with a downstairs den that led to a patio and a pool. There was a guest bedroom on the downstairs level that dad converted into a study. My parents and my bedrooms, along with a spare, were upstairs as well as an upstairs living area where we spent most of our family time watching TV.

It was after my senior year in high school, that I again hooked up with Teri. We had moved to a section of Atlanta that was near where she lived and I would often see her at clubs and parties I attended. She actually ran around with a different group of girls but I always exchanged pleasantries to her when I saw her. She was even prettier than the last time I had seen her as we both started to fill out quite a bit. Gone were the little skinny girls of our youth as we were beginning to enter womanhood.

Teri is perhaps a couple inches shorter than myself with brown dark hair past her shoulders. She also has a dark complexion and the prettiest brown eyes.

A great many of us girls took off that summer after our senior year for Jekell Island, a beach resort in Georgia. Jekyll was sort of an annual trip that many of the young people who had just graduated high school or finished college for the summer went on. Most of us had by that time turned 18, and while our age prevented us from, getting into many of the bars and nightclubs, it didn’t deter us from having a great time. We had talked our parents into an unchaperoned trip and we spent much of the week celebrating our next step in our life as we prepared for college. Many girls from our old high school were there, including Teri who had just wrapped up her freshmen year at Tech.

It was during this week that one of my girlfriends mentioned that Teri and some of the girls she hung out with were “lezzies.” As crazy as it sounds, I was not altogether sure what a lesbian was or more accurately … did! I was pretty sure it was girls who liked each other, but at the time I was still a virgin myself and not very experienced in the way of sex. Most of what I knew about sex came from movies or one of my girlfriends who likely embellished their story.

It really surprised me though because Teri was so bursa eskort pretty and I guess I had in my mind lesbians were much more athletic, mixed up or something. I realize I had not seen Teri in a while but I had heard she had dated some of the same guys we dated in high school.

I ignored the comments and decided to embark on reigniting my friendship and pulled up a towel and laid out most of the week with her. We really hit it off together and pretty much picked up where we left off a few years before. I really enjoyed spending time with her.

Dad had purchased me a Mustang convertible for my eighteenth birthday and when we returned from the beach I began to call Teri about coming over to lay out by our pool or go on shopping excursions. I would often swing by and pick up Teri as we spent more and more time together. Just as often she dropped by herself and I really got very close to her again.

One day later in the summer, we had been laying out by my pool for the better part of the afternoon listening to music. Late that day, we went inside where we both took showers and wrapped up in fluffy white beach towels. Mom and dad were not home and we pretty much had the roam of the place. I’m not sure why neither of us had changed yet, but I recall we were both lying across my bed, wrapped up in the towels talking when out of the blue I asked her why my friends had called her a “lezzy”?

“Who said that?” Teri inquired.

“I don’t know. Sharon, … Cindy, one of the girls. Are you?” I pressed.

Teri looked down at the bed and was quiet for a few seconds as she collected her thoughts.

“Well,” she paused, then looking back at me with those big brown eyes, “You’ve dated quite a few boys over the last few years. And you and Tommy have been an item for most of the year right?”

“Yea, so what’s that got to do with it” I inquired.

“Well, I’ve been out on dates with boys too. But, I’m not real attracted to boys. I mean they’re okay and everything I suppose. But the thing is I found out that I really like being with girls,” Teri explained.

“Being with them how?” I pressed.

“Well, I met a woman, a few months ago,” she started.

“A woman,” I interrupted.

“Well she’s older than us, in her thirties. Jennifer — that’s her name. I met her out one night and we ended up at her place. I’m not sure why I went with her, but she seemed to put me at such ease. The next thing I know she was kissing me and I was feeling like I had never felt before. It was different than the way any guy had ever kissed me. Well, before I knew it, she was making love to me. Jennifer did things to me no one ever had.”

“You and her? I mean what did you do? I don’t understand,” I asked, real unsure of what she could have done that made her feel so good.

“Sam, I like kissing girls. I like being with girls,” she added with a little more emphasis. “Jennifer showed me something about myself I never knew and …”

“Being with them? How?” I interupted so innocent at the time.

“Do you trust me Sam?” Teri asked almost in a whisper. “You know I would never do anything you didn’t want to do. Do you trust me?”

“Sure” I shot back.

“I want you to lie down on your back. Lie down and let me take this off of you,” as she pulled at my towel.

I have never been very modest and I let the towel slip under me until I was naked lying beside my friend.

“Are you going to take yours off too?” I asked looking over at her as she beamed her bright smile.

“Yea, I’ll take mine off too,” she said still smiling down on me as she unwrapped her towel and casually dropped it to the floor.

I instantly took notice of her breasts which were larger than mine capped off by two hard and pointed nipples. Mine were slightly smaller and my nipples much pinker than her brown little nubs. I noticed too her bush was trimmed in a neat little triangle. I had trimmed mine for my bikini but her’s was much shorter.

“Lay down here,” Teri said as she patted the bed and I lay back down as I felt her warm hand on my arm as she slowly lay down beside me. “Can I kiss you?,” Teri asked as she stared into my eyes.

I thought about it as she hovered over me. Her eyes looked down softly at me as I slowly nodded my head.

Teri’s soft lips found mine, tasting sweet and warm. Her tongue traced my lips as it entered my mouth. I sucked on the tip inviting her in as she plunged her tongue deeper, more forcefully as our lips moved together. Her kiss was much softer than any boys as she took her time, moving ever so slowly, her tongue exploring my mouth.

Her hand gently wandered over my chest, across my breasts, as she gently rubbed, tickled my chest, before her hands cupped my breast. I had never had anyone touch my breasts before, as her warm hand held me, then taking her thumb and rolling it across my nipple causing my little nipple to harden under her touch. I gasped, and doing so she kissed me that much harder, bursa escort bayan deliberate, as I plunged my own tongue into her mouth.

She instantly knew I had surrendered to her. I put up no resistance as she moved up further on the bed and then straddled my body. Her leg sliding over mine as she sat across my lap. It looked funny to see our two bushes, her darker hair and my lighter blonde.

She grabbed my hands and interlocked our fingers as she slid our arms along the bed over my head, tightly grasping my fingers. Her breast hung down and every so often the tip of her nipple moved against mine as she hovered inches from my face, looking deep into my eyes.

“Have you ever cum baby? You ever got off?” she moaned into my ear, as her head dipped into my neck, sucking, licking, before moving back to kiss me again. Her lips so softly, moving against mine. I loved her kiss. I anxiously pursued her lips when they moved away to my neck before she slid them back again.

I wasn’t even sure what she meant by that. Cum?

She obviously took my silence as a no as she slipped her body off me, coming to rest at my side, as she lowered her hand, gliding over my stomach. Her hand grazed my stomach, tickling, ever so softly, before coming to a soft stop over my mound. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling but I knew I didn’t want it to stop as she gently touched my lips, her fingers playing in my soft pubic hair.

“Spread your legs. I’m going to make you feel like you’ve never, ever felt before,” Teri moaned as she licked and sucked on my neck. I moved my head where we were facing each other as her lips again found mine. Meantime her small finger, which had been tracing lines along my slit, slipped in between my folds.

I gasped when her finger easily slid between my lips. The first time anyone had ever touched me there. I had often looked at myself in the mirror. Touched myself, but until that afternoon, I had never known the pleasures she would show me.

“Baby, you’re so wet. You’re so excited down there,” she purred as she continued to run her finger in my pussy, stopping every so often to push into my hole. I had never felt anything like it as she slid her head down and began licking, tonguing my breast. Drawing my pink little nipple into her hot mouth.

She sucked, then gently bit as she pulled the nipple causing sensations I had never felt before. My body arched in the bed and I literally felt tingling in my feet as she worked her magic on my body.

“I’m gonna make you cum. You’re gonna’ feel like you’ve never felt before. You like that? You like me rubbing your pussy, playing with your pussy like that?”

I couldn’t believe she was talking like that to me but then again I couldn’t believe the way I was feeling. I had certainly heard the word many times, but never used it before and certainly never heard another girl say “pussy”. Her talking, her language was raw, and it made me that much hotter.

“Oh God yes, that feels so good. Please don’t stop,” I begged as she kept up her assault.

Then I felt her rub the top of my “pussy”. “This is your clit baby. You like it when I play with it, don’t cha’ sweetie?” she asked as she rubbed it viciously.

I thought I was going to come apart as wave after wave hit me. I had never felt anything like it before. Her tongue continuing to flick my nipple, moving from breast to breast. Her fingers pushing into my pussy, and her thumb rubbing my clit, which until that moment I had never thought about.

“Oh shit,” I yelled as my body convulsed until I lay almost limp on the bed, beads of sweat on my forehead.

Teri slid up and lay on top of me. Our naked bodies meshed together again as I felt her hard nipples in my chest. We kissed, as passionately as I have ever kissed anyone before. I rubbed her back, running my hands across her smooth ass and then up her shoulders as the sweat dripped down my side. Her leg slid between mine as our pussies rubbed together.

“Did you like that? Did you like that baby?” Teri asked, smiling, as she gazed into my eyes.

“I’ve never felt like that before,” I countered as I sunk my head into her shoulder, kissing her shoulder, her neck.

“I can make you feel even better,” she replied. “I’m going to lick you there. Lick your little pussy. Okay? Will you let me do that?”

I couldn’t imagine anything could top what I had just been through, but nodded in silent acknowledgement as she started sliding down my body. Teri placed soft kisses across my belly, my navel, and then the top of my thigh.

I thought I was going to die when I felt her hot breath on my pussy, still wet from the orgasm I had moments before. She placed kisses on my mound, and then parting my bush and spreading my lips, dipped her tongue between my folds. From the first moment I felt her tongue, I knew how much I loved it. I looked down as she peered back up to me with her wide smile and sparkling eyes.

I görükle escort rubbed her head as she slipped her tongue in my pussy and lapped up my juices, sucking on my clit and then probing deep into my canal with her tongue. She used her fingers to spread me open so she could bury as much of her face into me as possible. I had never felt anything like it.

Teri licked and sucked at my pussy like a pro. There was little doubt she was no novice at this as she again brought me to another mind wrenching orgasm even more powerful than my previous one.

Teri sat between my oustretched legs and pulled me onto her lap. We stared into each other’s eyes and then came together again. I tasted my own wetness on her lips. That was what I tasted like as her tongue pushed into my mouth as we kissed, our breast rubbing against each other.

I could literally feel beads of sweat running down between our bodies, tickling, as it trailed down to our pussies. I’m not sure how long we kissed. Each time we stopped and looked back at each other, we closed again, and embraced and kissed as passionately as the time before. Eventually I lowered my head into her chest, my face resting on her breast. Her little nipple touching my lips as she ran her fingers through my hair, kissing my head.

I’ll never forget what came next as I asked her softly, “Can I do you now? Can I taste you? Make you feel like you made me? As I raised my head off her chest and looked back into Teri’s smiling face.

“You don’t have to,” she responded. “I just wanted to show you. Show you what I liked, what I was into,” she said.

“Please, I want to,” I pleaded. “I want to make you feel good too. The way you did me!”

Teri saw how anxious I was as she lay back down on the bed, slipping her legs out from under her so now it was my time to straddle my naked friend. I scooted down as she had done and caressed her breasts. I rubbed her soft breast, gently rubbing it as she had done mine, before taking her little nipple in my mouth. I loved the texture of her skin, the way it felt in my mouth as I sucked and bit at the little nub eliciting soft moans from Teri. It tasted salty and at the same time sweet as it hardened and crinkled up in my mouth.

I could have sucked on her titties forever, but I wanted to sample the main prize. To make her cum as she had done to me. I could taste the salt on her skin as I slid down her stomach and plunged my tongue into her cute belly button.

She grabbed onto my head and wrapped her fingers in my hair as I slid down further coming face to face with my first pussy. I lightly kissed her soft fur as I planted kisses on her moist box. Teri reached down and spread her own lips encouraging me to lick her.

“Eat me baby. Lick my pussy. God how I’ve thought about this moment,” she cried as I ran my tongue in her juicy slit. I loved her taste. She had such a pretty little pussy and I loved the scent and taste which enveloped me. I knew I could lick her forever as she spread her legs, raising them off the bed with the soles of her feet flat on the bed giving me full access to her womanhood.

“Fuck me with your fingers baby. Use your fingers on me,” she groaned as she grabbed on to my head pulling me deep into her hot hole. Her hips bounced off the bed as I ran my face up and down her slit, licking up the juices.

“Lick my cunt you little lezzy,” Teri hissed using the very term I had inquired about. I wasn’t sure whether she was caught up in the moment or making fun of me with the word but I liked it. I licked harder as she ground her wet pussy into my face.

In all the weeks we had been together she had never used words like pussy and cunt, but in her excitement she held nothing back and the dirtier she got the more excited I became.

“Yea, you like that pussy, don’t cha’? You like eating my pussy. You know, now you’re a little lezzy like me. Like my friends all your little girlfriends talked about. You’re one of us now. A little lesbian cunt licker. Aren’t cha’? Aren’t cha’ a little lesbian?” Teri chanted as I worked her pussy over. I seemed to get hotter and hotter, more and more turned on, as she taunted me.

I had to admit, I did love her kisses. I loved it when she went down on me and now I loved eating her pussy. It tasted so good, so delicious. It felt so natural, so wonderful. If this was what a lesbian liked, I guess she was right – I was a lesbian!

Raising my mouth off for her juicy box for a moment I replied back, “Yea, you made me one. You made me into a lesbian. A lesbian just like you. That’s what I am now.”

Teri sighed as I went back to my oral assault with her rubbing her fingers through my silky hair. Then I felt her pulling harder at my locks as she ground her pussy, wet with her juices, into my face. Launching one convulsion after another, cuming hard into my face. Then collapsing on the bed as weak as I had been earlier.

I crawled up and lay atop her now as I kissed her lightly. She smiled as she licked her own juices from my face as we both laughed.

We lay together, naked, arm in arm, with our legs wrapped tightly around each other. I had never felt closer to anyone in my life as I felt with Teri at that moment.

“So now you know why I’m a lesbian,” she smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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