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Amanda Love

Thanks to everyone that has enjoyed this series and continues to encourage me to write. I will be taking a short break with an unrelated story then I will return with Control: Asha’s story. However after that I don’t know about ch. 5 so the gap may be even longer as I work on other stories while I figure out where I want the series to go.


Jessica opened her eyes and looked over at the clock and sighed, it was time to get up because she needed to get Amber to the airport. Jessica knew she couldn’t disentangle herself without waking Amber and so moved her lips to Amber’s ear.

“I don’t want you to go, but we need to get up now to make your flight.” Amber’s eyes slowly opened and she turned to meet Jessica’s lips with her own in a passionate kiss. The two disentangled themselves and showered before dressing. They ate a quick breakfast before heading to Jessica’s car. The airport was not far away and they were soon parked and heading inside the terminal. They embraced before Amber went through.

“I won’t say what, but I’ve made arrangements to ensure that you won’t miss me too much. I love you, Jessie.” They kissed and Jessica didn’t care what anyone thought.

“Bye, Amber. I can’t wait till you get back.” Jessica watched briefly before she turned to leave as she had to work. Jessica walked in to find Mary waiting for her as usual, but Jessica noticed Mary was wearing a necklace and her hair was different. Jessica stopped and shook her head as she realized she was staring. Mary looked up smiling.

“Hi, boss missing her?” Jessica nodded, struggling not to scream. “Not used to needing someone else so much I’ll bet. Don’t worry she’ll be back soon, but till then I’m sure you’ll find things to occupy yourself.” Jessica approached Mary’s desk as she spoke.

“What do you mean?” Mary laughed softly.

“I’m sworn to secrecy on the rest, but this Friday night I expect you for dinner and bring an overnight bag.” Jessica stared trying to not do so with her mouth open as well as trying to ignore the possible meanings of ‘you for dinner’ and the images they conjured up in light of recent events. Jessica merely nodded as she wasn’t in the mood to argue, especially as she loved Mary’s cooking.

She greeted Michael when he entered and a passing thought of how different things had looked a few weeks earlier. She quickly ignored it as she went to her office to start the work day. Jessica groaned when she saw the outlines of the proposal she had wanted to work on over the course of the weekend. She didn’t regret spending most of the weekend in Amber’s arms, but she knew she was going to need time after work to finish it. She tried to call Amber to tell her about the situation in order to get her to cancel whatever it was she had planned. However she stopped as she realized Amber’s phone would be off for the next hour until sometime after the flight. Sighing she focused on her work and was so focused on forgetting that this was the first time she would be without Amber since their relationship began and hoping that she would be able to make a start on the proposal before the end of the work day, when her phone rang. A glance at the caller ID told her it was Shura, which surprised her as she didn’t remember putting the number in her phone.

“Shura? What is it? This really isn’t a good time.” Shura’s tone was one of surprise as she responded.

“You don’t believe in lunch?” Jessica glanced at the clock and realized that it was time for lunch.

“Yes, I was just so caught up in work that I lost track of time.”

“Good I’m waiting out front. I’m taking you to lunch.” Jessica tried to object, but Shura had already hung up. Sighing Jessica realized that telling Shura off would be pointless as she would have to walk to the front, in almost the complete opposite direction of her car. As indicated Shura was waiting in a car that couldn’t have been more than two years old and may have only been about one. It was dark green and looked expensive enough to be parked at a fancy restaurant without comment, but still practical enough that people wouldn’t necessarily assume you had money. Jessica hesitated before sitting in the passenger seat. Shura leaned in and Jessica accepted the proffered kiss. Shura’s mouth opened and Jessica found herself growing hot. She was disappointed when Shura pulled back.

“Sorry Jessie, but if I go much longer we’ll never make it to lunch. Not that I would mind serving you lunch right here.” She laughed as she spread her legs meaningfully, although Jessica couldn’t see anything beneath her skirt. “Since I spent part of Saturday serving Mary, I want you serving me.” Jessica was already hot, but Shura’s words were bringing her to a boil, however she hesitated.

“Shura what is this about? I really don’t have time to play I have a proposal that I wanted to finish over the weekend, but…couldn’t.” Shura nodded as she shifted the car into drive.

“Amber texted us, all of us I guess, but I was with Mary when we received ours. bursa escort She asked us to make sure you don’t spend the week alone. Don’t worry, this is just lunch…well maybe a little fun, but nothing too serious until after you get off work.” Jessica felt torn, on the one hand Shura excited her, not as much as Amber obviously, but still she got her quite hot, and on the other she had so much work to do. While she was debating with herself they arrived at a mid-level restaurant that she had been to before, but only for dinner. Jessica unbuckled and was just reaching to open the door when she found it opening. She looked up to see Shura holding out a hand.

“This way, Madame.” Somehow the combination of Shura’s usual accent with the faux French accent proved quite comical and Jessica burst out laughing as she accepted Shura’s hand.

“Well, I’m glad you dropped that sour look, you’d think I was kidnapping you or something.” Shura led Jessica into the restaurant and the waitress seated them. They ordered and Shura waited for Jessica’s attention and spoke.

“Raise your skirt and play with yourself, but don’t cum. I want to watch you squirm throughout this meal.” Shura grinned and Jessica stared at her in astonishment, but she looked around carefully before slowly raising her skirt and reached between her legs and found she was wet. Jessica moved her hand slowly as she more afraid of crying out in orgasm in a public place than she was of disobeying Shura. If she was being honest she was curious what punishment Shura would inflict on her. The thought was making it even more difficult not to cum. When the waitress arrived with their food Jessica struggled to maintain a straight face. Shura’s expression was amused and the waitress gave them both a quick glance, but didn’t say anything. Jessica was now having a difficult time eating with one hand. When she spoke Jessica knew she sounded somewhat petulant, but she didn’t care.

“Please Shura, may I stop and focus on my lunch, I need to get back to the office.” Shura looked up, but didn’t respond as she appeared to be mulling it over. Shura smiled when she saw the wide eyed almost pleading expression on Jessica’s face.

“Maybe, what will you do for me? Will you join me after you finish work and do everything I say?” Jessica knew she couldn’t hold out much longer and was more terrified of the public embarrassment than she was of whatever Shura had in mind.

“Anything, please?” Jessica not really sure what she was pleading for, permission to stop or permission to cum. Shura shrugged noncommittedly.

“I suppose you’re right. Alright, you may stop, however I want to see you clean off your fingers with your mouth, and do it slowly.” Once again Jessica looked around carefully before bringing her hand to her mouth where she slowly inserted her fingers, one at a time sucking each until all of her juices were off her fingers. Jessica didn’t dislike her taste, but she definitely preferred other women, especially Amber. Shura smiled but said nothing as they focused on their food. Once they finished Jessica was in too much of a haze to notice that Shura was settling the bill before leading her to the car. At the office Shura gave her a quick peck on the lips before pulling back and Jessica tried to follow.

“Come on, Jessica you need to go back to work. I’ll call later with instructions and where to meet.” Jessica stood watching stunned as Shura drove off. Shaking her head Jessica turned and walked back to her office. Michael and Mary looked up when she entered, but neither spoke as she returned to her office. She had barely sat down at her desk when Mary entered.

“The last time you were late from lunch it was Amber’s fault. Who’s to blame this time?” Jessica shook her head.

“Shura called me downstairs and took me to lunch. Now she wants me to meet her after we finish here.” Mary crossed her arms.

“Okay, missy what are you not saying?” Jessica sighed, she had known Mary for nearly eight years since she had joined the company right out of college. This meant that Mary knew better than anyone else, at least for now.

“She made me…god I can’t believe we’re having this conversation…play with myself while at the restaurant until I begged her to let me focus on my food.” Mary’s expression softened.

“Are you going to complain to Amber?” Jessica looked up before shrugging.

“I don’t know, it was exciting and I think she was trying to see where things stood. She submitted to Amber, then you and I don’t think she knew how to handle it.” Mary nodded before turning to the door, but hesitated and turned back.

“I will not forgive her if she hurts you.” Jessica sat down nodding.

“I may enjoy what she does to me, but I will call Amber before I allow her to make some demands.” Mary left seemingly satisfied. I can’t believe I had no idea just how much she cares about me. I don’t know whether to see her as a mother, or another dominant, caring lover. I can only imagine how she must feel. Jessica bursa escort returned to her work, but it soon became apparent that she would not be getting any work done on the proposal and had just made up her mind to cancel with Shura, when her phone rang and she saw that it was time to pack up for home. She saw that it was Shura.

“Hello Shura, I’m glad you called there’s something-” Jessica stopped suddenly as Shura spoke in a calm unhurried voice.

“Jessica, I want you wearing that black strapless number that Amber got you on Saturday, and meet me at the following address before we go out.” Jessica could feel herself blushing as she remembered trying on the dress for Amber’s appreciative gaze. This so filled her thoughts that before she realized that the address was not Amber and Shura’s dorm room, but she was not immediately sure where it was beyond a vague notion that it was a district known for high end apartments and most specifically not hotels. Jessica barely hesitated before acknowledging and trying to communicate her hesitancy at wearing the dress only to find that Shura had already hung up. Jessica shook her head and finished packing the materials she would need to complete the proposal. Once finished she headed out and met Mary who was also looking to leave. Jessica glanced around noting that Michael had left already and turned to walk with Mary to the parking garage.

“Have fun Jessica, I hope you are looking forward to Friday as much as I am.” Jessica nodded slowly as they walked.

“I don’t know Mary, I haven’t had a chance to work on the proposal at all.” Mary laughed softly as she shook her head.

“Let me guess, you were the girl in college who spent the night cramming for exams, even though you probably knew the material better than the professor? At least that’s what I see the way you spend so much rereading material on potential clients, regardless of how well you know it.” Jessica smiled as she once again thought about how well Mary knew her. They separated as each went to her own car. Jessica entered her apartment and sat down on the couch. On the one hand she had her proposal to finish and on the other Shura wanted her to meet her as soon as possible. Jessica stood and walked to her bedroom and retrieved the dress from her closet. She laid it out on the bed and quickly removed her work clothes. Jessica was uncertain as she stood naked, staring at the dress. Sighing she decided that while Shura was pushing her, she still trusted her. So deciding this she donned the dress, although she was still nervous about wearing a dress that would expose her if she did not move with care. Jessica called Shura.

“Hello, Jessica are you on your way?”

“Yes, but Shura please…” She trailed off as she realized that Shura had hung up. Jessica quickly moved to her car, although she was looking around as she did not wish for anyone to see her in the dress. Jessica considered calling Amber, but knew that she was too excited to end the evening. When she arrived at the address she looked and saw that as she had thought it was an area with high end apartments with an absence of hotels. She parked her car and approached the building with caution as she worried that her dress might suggest she was a prostitute. She checked the information she had written down and realized that what she had initially taken for a room number was in fact an apartment number. She saw that the front door was locked and pressed the intercom to the apartment that Shura had indicated.

“Shura?” Shura took a moment to answer.

“Come on up.” Jessica opened the front door and realizing the apartment was two floors up she went to the elevator. Jessica stepped out onto the third floor and saw that there were only two apartments on the floor and she approached the door that was indicated and pressed the chime. The door seemed to open instantly and Shura stood in the doorway wearing a bathrobe and her hair was wet. Shura welcomed her inside and gestured for Jessica sit on the couch. Jessica sat hesitantly as the dress rode up completely exposing her legs, but stopped just short of uncovering anything else.

“So, what is this why aren’t we meeting at your dorm?” Shura’s response was interrupted as the intercom chimed. Jessica couldn’t understand what the man said before she pushed the button allowing him entrance. He came to the door a short time later and when Shura opened it Jessica realized he was delivering Chinese food. Shura paid the delivery man and carried the bag to the kitchen table and Jessica slowly approached.

“What’s this?” Shura smiled as she gestured to the chair opposite her.


“Yes, but I thought we we’re going out.” Shura laughed although with humor.

“I just wanted to see if you would wear that dress if we we’re going out. Although you look really hot. As for your earlier question the apartment belongs to a friend who’s out of town until tomorrow, so I thought it would be perfect for us.” Jessica nodded as she started bursa eskort eating, unsure of what to say. Shura finished eating and put the leftovers in the fridge while she waited for Jessica to finish. Shura didn’t have long to wait and she put Jessica’s leftovers in the fridge next to hers.

“Good, now we can start.” Shura sat down on the couch revealing that she was naked under her bathrobe. “Mm, undress quickly, I’m wet.” Jessica removed the dress and dropped to her knees before crawling to Shura, who smiled. “Dive in, baby.” Jessica lowered her head between Shura’s legs and felt two hands on her. Jessica licked up both lips, one then the other, before taking one in her mouth. Jessica sucked hard for several moments before moving to do the same with the other. Jessica was about to shift her tongue to swirling over the lips when Shura’s grip tightened.

“None of that I need to cum.” Jessica shifted to sucking on Shura’s clit and began thrusting two fingers into Shura’s wet pussy. Shura’s grip tightened and her moaning grew louder. Soon Jessica felt Shura’s cunt tighten around her fingers as Shura’s juices flood around them. Shura held onto Jessica’s head for several moments before her orgasm finished and she collapsed back into the couch. Jessica waited patiently while Shura’s breathing slowed. Shura looked down smiling.

“You’ve gotten better and you were good before. Now I have plans for you.” Shura pulled out a leash and attached it to Jessica’s collar. “Come.” Shura led her to the bedroom where Jessica saw that it had been prepared for such games as Shura no doubt had in mind.

“You’re probably imagining what games could be played, well I didn’t do anything in here. My friend had this place prepared for her own games. I merely decided to take advantage of this.” Jessica followed Shura’s gesture to climb up on the bed where Shura tied her limbs with her on all fours. Shura spanked Jessica with a paddle that was lying on a table with a variety of toys. Jessica moaned and even squealed excitedly on occasion as Shura could tell Jessica was enjoying her treatment. Shura stopped after several minutes as she was feeling a touch winded. Shura put the paddle back on the table and picked up a plug which she soaked in Jessica’s sopping pussy before putting it to Jessica’s ass. Jessica moaned as the plug was all the way in. Satisfied Shura ran her hand over Jessica’s lips eliciting further moans and she twisted the plug causing Jessica to whimper in frustration as her pussy continued to produce precum.

“Please, I’m sorry for not getting you off right away, now may I cum, Shura?” Shura hooked two fingers and drove them hard into Jessica’s pussy eliciting whimpers of frustration.

“I enjoy playing with you and just think by the time I do let you cum, it will be likely the most intense you’ve ever had.” Shura however ceased teasing Jessica and turned to retrieve a strapon from the toys on the table and quickly slid it over her hips. Moving quickly Shura climbed onto the bed behind Jessica and pulled out the plug. Jessica barely had time to react with a gasp when she felt the head of the dildo in place to fill the space. Jessica focused on relaxing as Shura wasted no time in thrusting all the way inside. Jessica felt as an orgasm hit almost immediately and it felt like a bomb going off. Jessica felt her whole body shuddering uncontrollably even as Shura continued to pound away. Jessica didn’t get a chance to catch her breath as Shura continued thrusting seemingly heedless of the state Jessica was in. The orgasms seem to blur together and Jessica could no longer distinguish between them as they now felt like one long cum. Jessica felt her mind completely submerge in the pleasure before she lost consciousness and collapsed with her head on the bed and her ass still in Shura’s hands.

Jessica returned to consciousness slowly and as she did so she realized that she was no longer restrained, but she was still in the same position. When she raised her head she saw Shura sitting in front of her, legs spread. She smiled when she saw Jessica raise her head.

“Wakey, wakey girl. I want you to use your tongue and this time, no need to hurry.” Jessica smiled as she shifted her tongue into place and began to explore Shura with tongue and fingers. Jessica pulled lightly on Shura’s lips and spread them to allow her tongue to penetrate between them. Jessica’s tongue moved quickly and her fingers began roaming over the area between Shura’s legs, including running a finger over her anus. Shura moaned as she ran her fingers through Jessica’s hair. Jessica’s probing fingers found Shura’s clit and pinched lightly as her tongue moved over Shura’s anus. Jessica pushed her tongue into Shura’s ass and moved two fingers into her cunt. Shura’s moaning grew louder and now both hands reached for Jessica’s head. Jessica soon felt Shura’s ass close on her tongue and her pussy closing on the two penetrating fingers. Shura gripped hard and moaned the last of her orgasm. Jessica raised her head once Shura had released her and moved into kiss Shura. Shura’s kiss was more an instinctive response as she was still recovering. After several moments Jessica sat back and waited for Shura to recover. Soon Shura made eye contact as she spoke.

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