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Allison had gotten the key to the cabin before we left, and wouldn’t tell me where it was, just that it was away from everything, and it was. It was on the Northern California coast, in a cypress forest near the ocean. I could see what looked like a hiking trail leading away from the driveway that I suspected leaded towards the ocean, because I could smell the salty tang of the pacific.

Allison always packed for every eventuality, so I brought in all three of her bags and wondered what she had brought this time. Every time we met she brought at least one thing I wasn’t expecting, and her face lit up whenever she pulled out a toy and my eyes got wide. The fact that she really gets off watching me squirm and twist is probably why we keep getting together on weekends like this.

Once we had the supplies unpacked, she gave me a twisted smile. “Bath time,” she said, her eyes matching her lips.

The whole cabin was a huge room with a separate bathroom with a shower, and a small kitchen off to one side. In the middle of the room was a giant 5 person bath tub surrounded by slabs of smooth stone. I went right to it and started heating the water and filling the tub. I stripped and jumped in while she slowly undressed, folding her clothes and placing them on a chair. Usually she threw her clothes about at the drop of a hat, but the first time of the weekend she always did it slowly and carefully.

When the last of her garments were in their place, she walked to the side of the tub and took my hand as she stepped in. She settled down and reclined and said, “I brought some soap for you to wash me.”

This was always a ritual before we played, I would wash and shave her so she was perfectly smooth. She called it putting on her body, and I suspect it was to separate our normal plutonic friendship from these weekends, but honestly I couldn’t tell, maybe she just really liked being shaved. It didn’t matter to me so long as I got to run my finger tips over her smooth lips.

I grabbed the indicated bar of soap and sank up to my neck in the water to retrieve her foot. Holding it against my chest I slid the soap down her calf, massaging and washing in one motion. After I felt her muscles relax, my fingers slid up to her thigh and continued their work. I love the way her thighs feel under my fingertips, and the curve of her calf.

Every time my fingers approached her pussy I would feel her tense and a soft moan would escape her lips and I would become very still, and then slide away. Once my rhythmic motions were getting very close to her pussy I removed the bar of soap and washed off her leg with a spray of water, and grabbed her other foot, and repeated the washing and teasing. I so badly wanted to bury my face in her pussy, but I knew it wasn’t time yet, and that if I did, I would regret it.

Once her legs were clean and relaxed she came to stand in the middle of the tub. Steam was rising off her and she looked like a goddess with her pale skin bathed in light. I soaped up her arms starting with each of her hands and working inward, then into her breasts and back. I slowly continued downward, rubbing in the soap that smelled like it had been made from cannabis leaves, because that is exactly what it smelled like.

As my hands approached her mound I could feel her whole body tense and air suck into her mouth through clenched teeth. Her back arched as a single finger slid down her hip towards the Y formed by her legs.

By this point soap had slid down her belly and I felt suds beneath my fingertips as I washed her pussy. She picked up a leg onto the ledge and I slid the soap back to wash her ass as well. As my hand brushed her slit I felt her whole body quiver, then I ran a finger up her slit to her clit, circled it once and removed my finger.

She sighed and let her body slip under the water Kartal Yabancı Escort while I rinsed the suds off her with slow sweeps of my hand. Once clean she sat on the edge of the bath and spread her legs. Her beautiful slit was still closed, and about a quarter of an inch of hair had grown up on her mound and lips.

I picked up the shaving cream and smoothly rubbed it into her skin, avoiding her slit but covering her lips and mound then grabbed a small black case. I took the straight razor out and carefully unfolded it.

I felt Allison’s fingers grab my jaw and pull my eyes up to hers. Kneeling between her legs made the tone of her voice all the more impressive. “Gently now pet.” she said.

I placed one hand on her thigh, and began to very carefully shave her beautiful mound. I worked from her hips in towards her clit following the contour of her belly. I involuntarily moved my face towards that contour and stopped myself when I realized I had decided licking her would be a good idea. She saw my head nod and smirked down at me. I sheepishly smiled and went back to whisking her hairs away. I went very slowly, following each contour of her folds. Whenever my fingers brushed her inner lips she shuddered, but I quickly moved them away. It is intoxicating seeing her get more and more aroused, watching her body stretch for my touch.

After the last flick of the razor I backed away while she slowly dipped her body into the water, and then turned around to face away from me. She climbed up onto the ledge of the bath and bent over, arching her back. Once she was settled with her ass in the air, I moved in and began to lick along the edges of her swollen lips.

I could tell she was really excited because her puffy inner lips were stuck together, even though her legs were spread under her. I teased the lips with the tip of my tongue. Running it lightly down her slit just barely making contact with her skin, her back arched further and her lips began to part.

I moved up and dragged my tongue up to her ass hole. I slowly slid around the outer rim and felt her whole body shudder as my tongue darted into her hole. I slowly kissed around and massaged her ass before moving down to her slowly opening pussy.

I could see fluid welled up inside her, just waiting to spill out. I slid my tongue into the separation of flesh, gently causing it to slip open just the tiniest bit further, and letting me taste her exquisite juices. Each swipe of my tongue opened her slit a bit farther until, with a gush of fluid, she parted completely and my face was covered in her.

I flattened my tongue and swiped upward from her clit to her asshole as I felt her shudder and moan. Her hands came back and found my head and ground me into her. My face was covered in cum and it tasted amazing.

“You are so fucking good at that,” she moaned as she mashed her swollen pussy into my face. Her hips rolled forward and my tongue speared her asshole as she ground into me. I felt her tight little hole relax and give way. My tongue slid into her as she screamed as she arched her back further. I ran my tongue around the rim of her hole and enjoyed the shiver that shook her whole body.

I dropped back to her clit, trailing my tongue down her slit and sucked her clit into my mouth as her orgasm washed over her. She rocked and moaned for several minutes as her orgasm ran its course and left her shaking and covered in sweat.

I nibbled her clit as she came down, and licked up her remaining juices as she leaned forward. Her pussy left my lips as she stood up, turned and smirked at me.

“Come up here after you dry off,” she said as she climbed into the large four poster bed.

I quickly dipped under the water and rinsed off the cum that was covering my face, and would no doubt be again. Allison Kartal Yeni Escort usually delighted in using me to get herself off. She would ride my face and cock until she was sated, and then would turn her mischievous attentions to extracting every whimper and cry from me she could get. She was continually coming up with new ways to shock me, and took particular delight when she could knock down my walls. I am normally a very dominant person in my day to day interactions, and Allison was one of the only people who knew what a whore I was at heart and how desperately I wanted to be used by her.

After toweling off I crawled onto the bed, lying down on my back in the very middle of the bed. Silk scarves were tied to my wrists carefully, so as to not cut off circulation, but tight enough that I could pull as much as I wanted and they wouldn’t come off. My legs were left free, but she slapped each thigh in turn causing me to push my legs together.

I had had a raging hard on since the bath, which was beginning to worry me until pain laced up my cock as she slapped it, letting out a little laugh. “I spiked your soda with Viagra,” she purred. “This cock is going to be mine until I am done with it.”

“I have a million fun things for us to do this weekend, but to be honest; I need you to pump my pussy full of cum baby. It has been so long since you blasted your way into me, and I am tired of waiting.”

She grabbed my balls gently and pulled them away from my body several inches. I sucked air through my teeth trying not to scream and looked up to see her smiling face. “Wow these balls are full; you are going to have a rough time cleaning my pussy once you shoot it full of this big load.”

At some point Allison had figured out I liked to eat cum (including my own) but would rarely do so unless forced. She just happened to like anything that involved forcing me into things, or things into me depending on her mood.

It also meant she was really horny, as we never had sex this quickly. She loved to draw it out, and usually by the time I came I was so physically and emotionally wrung out that I couldn’t tell my top from my bottom.

She must have seen the thought flicker across my face, because she got a wicked grin. “All the lovely sex will of course have to wait till after I get your balls ready.”

Though I had tried to explain to her on several occasions that my balls are ready to cum, and required no further attention, she insists they need preparation. Allison doesn’t like to fuck until my cock is gushing precum. I still can’t decide if I adore or despise her preparations, but I keep coming back for more.

“Flip over boyo, I wanna see that tight ass.” She whispered into my ear. I squeezed my eyes shut as hard as I could and flipped over. As soon as I was on my knees she grabbed the back of my head and drove it into the bed, then leaned on me to arch my back, bringing my ass straight up.

At this point I couldn’t see her so was not expecting the swat to my balls. Bright light hit my eyes while my body tried to shrink inside itself. It isn’t that the swat hurt, I had been hit much harder playing sports, it was the surprise. There is something about having your balls hit unexpectedly that will make the most macho man drop to his knees.

Since I was already on my knees, I just yelled, “Oh Fuuu…..” before I managed to get my mouth shut.

This elicited a giggle from Allison, as she grabbed my balls and dragged them up towards my asshole and with the other hand grabbed my cock and pulled it back towards her. The first time she had kneeled behind me and pulled my cock back so that it pointed straight towards her, I almost died. I didn’t realize cocks could do that, but I can assure you; they do.

Leaning over, she grabbed a can of oil which she poured onto Kartal Masaj Salonu my asshole and then rubbed into my cock and balls. Once I was covered in oil she took turns aggressively massaging my balls and stroking my cock. This process lasted somewhere between an eternity and forever, with her fingers never stopping.

As she worked me back and forth it became more and more difficult to not cum. She smeared the precum dripping out of my cock around the head, then brought her fingers up to my mouth and shoved two down my throat. I could taste my cum covering her fingers as she fucked my mouth.

“Mmmmm, that’s what I am talking about.” Allison said as she pushed me over and motioned for me to get into the middle of the bed. As I settled myself over she straddled my face and sat down with her pussy on my tongue. “That’s right baby, get my pussy nice and ready.”

She was obviously being facetious as she was dripping wet. I felt her juices running down my cheeks as she leaned forward and backwards, smearing herself all over my face. I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into her pussy when she quickly stood up, scooted down and slid her pussy down on my cock.

The fact that I didn’t explode when she did this should be noted as heroic. Seeing the strain on my face she sat on my cock for a second before starting up a slow and steady rhythm. I could tell she was just as close as I was as her pussy was squeezing me then relaxing over and over. This combined with her hip swaying so that I felt like my cock was being milked. I could feel the cum in my balls boiling up as she slowed down, drawing out the moment. I squirmed and grimaced, trying desperately not to cum when she smiled.

“I think it’s time for some cum, how about you baby?” She climbed up onto her feet and balanced on my cock, then grabbed my hands and threw them above me while grabbing my throat with her other hand and sitting down hard on my cock. I could feel her fingers biting into my throat and cutting off my air and she fucked my cock. There was no more teasing and playing, I could tell she wanted to get off, and right when I thought I couldn’t hold it any more she let out a moan and her whole body started to shake.

Her orgasm forced her pussy down on my cock with so much pressure that I came immediately, drenching her pussy in cum. We screamed in unison as I shot her pussy full of hot sticky cream, which filled her and rapidly spilled over, leaving us both covered in our juices.

I could hear her screaming, or maybe it was me screaming, regardless, my head went numb and several nuclear bombs set themselves off behind my eyelids, so it was shocking when I suddenly felt her weight shift off my cock and bring me back to the moment.

I occasionally have really intense orgasms. The kind where your head goes numb, your whole body shakes and you lose the ability to move your limbs. Most people, when they wake up from this sort of thing, are greeted with a cuddling partner telling you, “You are awesome baby.” Alas, that is not what greeted me.

“Don’t worry baby, I know just what you need.” I heard her say as she lowered her cum filled pussy onto my mouth. I am lucky in that my cum actually tastes good, and when mixed with her juices, is the most intense substance I have ever encountered.

At first I kept my mouth closed as she ground down on my face, smearing cum everywhere. I could feel it dripping down my face when I opened my mouth and latched my lips around her clit. I sucked it into my mouth hard as her whole body convulsed and she came on my face. She writhed back and forth, fucking my face and smearing our juices everywhere. I met her eyes as I sucked the orgasm out of her and I watched as her eyes glazed over and she fell forward moaning.

As she started to settle down she looked back at me with a wicked grin. “God damn I love you, you sick amazing fuck.” She crawled off me and giggled as she said, “we need a shower lover. Oh, and by the way, I think I am going to start bleeding here soon, but don’t think that changes anything if I do, your still my whore.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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