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I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or the cold raising the goosebumps up my arms and legs. I mean I was kneeling naked outside your office door but I was also flooded with anxiety. Either way, I thought of bailing as the seconds ticked by. I had asked for this. I wanted this, but would it be like I imagined? As I made my mind up that I should just call it off, I saw your shadow move through the crack in the door. Footsteps and then the door creaked open, setting my heart beating at a gallop. What must you think of me kneeling on the floor in my cuffs and collar? My eyes must have been wide as saucers pleading up at you.

Whatever you thought, it didn’t show. I could smell you as you leaned forward to clip a leash to my collar and gave a small tug.

“Good girl. Come on.” I followed after a short distance on my hands and knees.

“Stay here.” I stayed kneeling by the armchair and watched as you poured a small amount of whiskey into a glass and came back to sit in the chair.

What I had asked for was right in front of me. When I had suggested we try some kinky stuff in the bedroom months ago I thought you might be mortified, but you seemed… excited. Starting with simple ties and spankings, you always surprised me by taking it one step further, pushing me. I loved it and as I realized you actually enjoyed it and weren’t just doing it for me, I became more comfortable. There were so many more desires under the surface, things I couldn’t say to myself, let alone someone I needed to love me. It took a long time to admit what I wanted, but you kept poking and prodding that sensitive Pendik Yabancı Escort area until it came blushing and stammering out of me. You’re good at that.

Now, here we were. You always look good, but today you looked like a god in your casual button up and slacks. It only made me that much more small and vulnerable, naked below you. On your feet were the new black dress boots I’d bought for your birthday. I stared down at them, unable to look you in the eyes. Shame battled intense arousal as I thought about what I had told you until you hooked a finger under my chin, forcing me to look at you. Your eyes were fiery as you looked me up and down, the flames eating me up.

“I want you to… well I just want you,” you said with a smirk, “but first you have a job to do. I want you to bend down and clean my boots with your tongue. You will be thorough and if you miss a single spot I will punish you. Do you understand?”

I couldn’t speak, only nod, my vision blurred by lust. I couldn’t think. On autopilot, I lowered myself to the floor and you let some slack out on the leash. My head was down and my naked ass in the air. The cool air of the room caressed the my wetness. My nipples tingled from rubbing against the carpet. I stuck my long pink tongue out and licked. Starting from the toe and meticulously working my way back. I licked the shiny surface like it was your cock. Heat gathered in my center and my pussy clenched, dripping out its contents onto my inner thighs. I had never been so wet. Totally lost in the feeling of submission, I had to stifle a moan. You Pendik Yeni Escort didn’t make a sound and only moved to allow me better access until I had cleaned every square inch.

All too soon it was over. The euphoria rushed away and the feelings of dread and shame came back as you gave a sharp tug on the leash. How could you still respect me as a person when I was willing to do this? Why would you want to be with a woman who didn’t respect herself? Is this what a feminist looks like? Thoughts of what could only be disgust from you swam through my head.

Slowly I came up and was greeted by the sight of your hand stroking your hard cock through the fabric of your pants. A little of the dread dropped away as a saw your obvious arousal and your eyes half lidded, unfocused.

“Turn around. Ass in the air. Spread yourself open,” you growled. I had never heard your voice like that before, deep but breathless like you’d been running. Horny as hell and still red with shame, I was happy to bury my face in the carpet and point my sex at you. I spread my ass and pussy open with my hands to show what you’d done to me.

“Fuck, look how soaked you are,” you said and put one finger inside me, so wet I barely felt it. I whined and pushed against you, wanting more.

“You love licking my boots. That’s why you’re so wet right?” you continued finger fucking me in that torturously slow way. “Right?” you demanded.

“Yes,” I finally squeaked.

“It made my cock hard watching you use your mouth. I bet you want your sloppy, wet hole stuffed with it right now don’t Pendik Masaj Salonu you?”

“Yes! Fuck me!” I cried out. Thankfully, you were too worked up to tease me anymore and grabbed me by the hips. It only took one stroke to bury yourself in my upturned slit. The way you groaned when my wetness allowed you to plunge in to the hilt was intoxicating. I had to brace my arms against the floor so I wouldn’t fall over as you started fucking me faster. Fucking me like you owned me. Neither of us was going to last long, especially myself when you reached under me to run your fingers over my swollen clit.

The release was tremendous. Normally I like to think I give as good as I get but the force of it had my entire body clenching and useless as I screamed out my orgasm. You must have been holding it in for me because I wasn’t done cumming before your cock expanded and spurted inside me, making me cum even harder. Your fingers bit into my hips so hard I thought there may be a bruise later.

You collapsed in a heap on the floor and brought me with you, holding me close.

“Well, that was new,” you said, stroking my hair. I wasn’t sure what to say. All I knew was that I clung to you harder.

“You OK? Tell me what you’re thinking.”

I let out a long sigh.

“I’m thinking it’s too much. I’m thinking you’re ashamed of me and you won’t love me anymore,” I heard myself say. The words came rushing out.

“How on earth could I be ashamed of someone who can make me bust a nut that quick?”

I snorted out a laugh. You meant it as a joke but if you had enjoyed this as much as me…

“Sometimes I wonder what kind of man I am for enjoying the things we do together. All I know is that I love you and I hope you can accept me for the way I am too.”

I held you very close then, absolutely flabbergasted at how I had managed to find someone like you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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