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I woke up in the morning with a chill on my butt. I glanced over and saw my gym shorts around my ankles. My arms were tired, so I waited for the muscles to get out of snooze mode and the pins and needles to end before reaching out and grabbing my spongy ass. It was a bit sticky in places. I removed my crop top and started stroking my pussy. My door was ajar and I heard footsteps but pretended not to notice. From the corner of my eye I could sense his hidden presence.

“So nice!” I moaned.

My wet pussy was throbbing and sending out waves of pleasure after wave. I knew he was there and it was turning me on so much. The fact that he was masturbating over my ass was special.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I groaned.

“Oh fuck my ass just like that!!”

As I climaxed my ass slumped down and I lay motionless. I took a half nap, closing my eyes but keeping my self partially awake. I heard the door creak slightly and imagined it was a mouse. The laminated floor boards squeaked briefly. I heard a flash and assumed it was him taking pictures of me. More unsuspecting footage of his mother for the world to see and masturbate over. I opened my legs a little and then heard another flash. I was so excited and did not want to spoil it by turning around and pouncing on him. Being wily was better than proving I was aware of him. Instead, I kept opening parting my legs so he could watch my pussy lips peel open ever so slowly. Then I would wait for him to take a few more pictures before I closed the gates again.

I let out a sleepy erotic moan to add to the atmosphere and hoped he had that big cock of his out in one hand. He could plug it in my ass if he wished, I really wanted that. I know how it was though when it came to these situations between mother and son incest stories. The son was trying to navigate his way through a tricky maze in her mind, where there were many pitfalls and dead ends. He was conflicted about his approach — which method would get me to feel seduced and most importantly, which method would work?

This was as close as he probably felt he could get. But maybe his plan was working and this was the latest push. If only he knew that I was keen on chugging his cock then it would make things easier for the both of us, but we were good at making being difficult I guess.

I felt something warm and ticklish meet the top of my butt cheek. It was his lips. He wanted to kiss my ass. It was a really sweet feeling. I pressed my ribs into the foam mattress ever so gently, as to accentuate my quivering ass. It was my attempt to ask for more. Kiss me again sweetheart I spoke internally. I tried to connect with his mind and post him a message giving him the password to my email account. I hoped he would be able to open my inbox. Read the unfinished message in the drafts folder, where I was in the process of composing something I hadn’t the guts to send:


He must have found that mental message because he laid his sticky lips on my other cheek and then he moaned. It was barely audible but I could hear it. I almost moaned with him. Not sure why, but I assumed this was because I wanted to interact more and to stop pretending. Maybe just turn around and grab him — tell him to stop fooling around and start fucking me.


I knew what the problem was though; I loved to play games just as much as he did. Even though it seemed like I was ahead on points, the last few days had turned out to be quite an eye opener. Kurt was quite a sly beast and an intelligent one to boot. The only weakness (we both shared) was our unresolvable lust for one another. At times, I felt as if we were two balls of different colored energy trying to latch onto each others tails, or like the feng shui symbol trying to chase each other around and around in circles with no end in sight.

Did that mean that if one of us caught each other, there would be an imbalance in our lives? Was it better to let things continue discretely?

As my son planted his lips along the line between my butt cheeks, I grinned because I knew the answer. I looked forward to the day when he would approach me while in the middle of a good book or TV programme, lift up my top up above my breasts and suckle on my nipple much like he did as a child. It would be something casual; an acceptable norm. The outside world wasn’t important because the real world was the one that existed between two intimate souls. If all I needed was incest, if that was the only thing that made me stir, then my thought process was only troubled if it involved someone getting hurt. We both skirted around the issue instead of being frank, and this I put down to us both being highly sensitive and therefore, the kind of personalities that were easy to break. Sure, I tried to think I was strong and presented a false impression at times, probably failing to fool myself more than anything. If I could not convince my self, how I would convince Kurt? Since we hardly engaged in social jousting it didn’t really matter. Not until now.

“Stupid gorukle escort bitch.” I heard him mutter under his breath.

A few quick prods to my back convinced him further that I was very much asleep. He knew I was a deep sleeper and it was possible he had been paying me visits long before he got the idea to upload pictures of me online. It was around that time in the morning just after sunrise when the birds were up and making all sorts of noise; mostly to protect their nests against invading predators and to reluctantly juggle the dashing out to find meal worms. Normally, I was a late waker, and was due to begin stirring around 9am, but today I was a few hours short of that. Lucky that!

Still, I pretended to be near comatose just so I could see how far Kurt was intending to go. My lack of reaction allowed his confidence to grow and his sneaky ‘Operation: incest’ to continue. This was the time he liked to visit and I made a note of that. I’m sure he was aware that without my consent he was effectively abusing me. I was evidently his fuck toy. Well, if he was indeed penetrating me then I guess it was technically rape. He was fortunate then, that although I was partially dismayed that he was actually going ahead with his fantasies, it was not something he was going to go to jail for. I had wanted him to do it to me for a while now, but that was only during the height of my climax. After my self love sessions, I would regain my sense of principle again, like it had only parted with me briefly. Now he was muttering bad things about me under his ragged breath and I was really excited.

I just wanted him to press his mouth to my ears, rest his lower lip upon my sensitive lobe and feed me his lustful dreams, like an intangible drip that entered my ear and filled every chamber in my body with some tingling breeze. I wanted to shudder at every word and convulse at every kiss. I was certain my patience would soon be rewarded in kind.

“God. Red Sonja’s sister.” He said.

I wasn’t as keen a film buff as him, but I knew that movie. Apparently (and this is true), Red Sonja’s family were slaughtered at the beginning because she spurned the advances of the female villain. This is not revealed in the movie itself however. Instead, there is a scene of her house in flames, horses neighing and a soldier raping Red Sonja. It lasts for about a split second or so. Kurt loved the lesbian aspects of the movie and probably dreamed I played some role in it myself, from what I could gather from his utterances.

I liked dressing up and I could wear those fantasy togs if he asked. Hopefully we could go to the seedy markets and get some bondage gear on the side. I wanted a gag for myself and a leash maybe.

“Can you hear me mum?” He said.

I almost thought for a second that he had caught me out and I was about to put my hands up and surrender, but he was just testing me; seeing if it was okay to get closer. I bet he had planned many little tests to get to this stage. All of his plans were probably written up somewhere on paper or on a computer. I bought the camera for him last Christmas, now he was using it on me. it was freaky and weird and I disagreed with it but it didn’t half turn me on! I suspected he must have had 100’s of images of me in different positions and compromising situations. My faces on the fakes must have come out of the family album. This was perhaps the closest to me he had ever been. My naughty Kurt.

I felt him breathing down my ear. He licked my lobes and then kissed my whole ear.

“I’m gonna fuck you, do you know that?” He muttered. “Wake up, so I can rape you.”

If I did wake up I suspect he would shit himself; fall on his back and leg it back to his room. I was a bit afraid of the way he was speaking because I wasn’t used to hearing his voice but I also reminded myself this was a classic symptom of what was known as incest fever. Anyone was capable of it as long as they met the right conditions and Kurt reeked of it. Saying such mean things were designed to enhance the experience by implying intent but not acting on it. It was entirely possible to lose yourself completely and lose sight of barriers that were once visible. If he wanted to, he could convince himself that it was okay to rape me and then his mind would present him with some sort of justification to help alleviate his guilt. Nonetheless, I would remain still and experience the rest of the show.

“I’m so glad you are such a deep sleeping whore.” I heard a slapping sound. Must have been his dick.

“I can’t wait to see other guys jerk off to you mum. I really can’t. Hope they cum all over your pictures. God! your ass is SO sweet.”

He took a few more pictures for his collection and was stroking faster and faster. I wanted to sneak a peek of his hot dick but I didn’t want t scare him. He planted two hands on each butt cheek and wobbled them about. Then he peeled them apart. That’s right Kurt I thought. That’s where you insert your cock buddy.

He pushed a finger against the rim of my ass hole and my muscles involuntarily clenched. As my cheeks engulfed altıparmak eskort bayan his hand he pressed down harder and got past the sphincter and inside my dark forbidden hole. I wonder which hole he liked the most and imagined he conducted a poll with his internet buddies. His finger was brave and ventured all the way in, or at least as far as it could go. I was certain he had not figured it out yet; that I was very much awake, but it didn’t matter. One of us was going to seduce the other eventually, it was just a matter of time. It was ridiculous to assume that family members could not fall in love with each other, because it had been happening in this apartment for a long time. First the disconnection between two sexes; then avoidance. Last but not least, the collision. Like a big bang. Two forces with the same properties heading towards each other at an optimum impact trajectory; the outcome was inevitable. If the preceding explosion did not tear them apart, it would bring them together. Much like the way planets formed. All of the unwanted clutter and debris was ejected. In my mind, I was on course and I had to make sure we clashed. The benefits far outweighed the decision to remain inactive; to be ordinary.

“I want to fuck your ass mum.” He muttered under his highly irregular tone.

He was pulling at his dick and it was throbbing and pulsating and then he squirted his sperm all over my ass.

“AAAAHHhhh! Fuck!!” He groaned,

I could feel beautiful reams of jizz decorating my bum and it running down the small of my back, forming into a collective pool. His breathing went from rapid to slow and then he lifted my gym shorts up and put them back on me, with his cum still on my ass. Then he tiptoed away.

When he was gone, I sat up, crossed my arms over my knees and felt unsatisfied. I was just getting started and my cunt was only just blushing with envy and salivating at the prospect of more. But Kurt had gotten what he came for and then left. I knew I was quite the demanding nymph; always wanting more and not hoping to accept anything less. I could not expect my son to know that I wanted him to lie down beside my afterwards and talk dirty in to my ear while an unsuspecting hand lifted up my nightie and massaged my dripping pussy. How was he supposed to know unless I told him?

I turned on my laptop and messaged Roosevelt.

“Hon, are you around?”

I was so agitated I kept pressing the refresh button on my profile, begging for there to be a new PM in my inbox. I paced up and down the room until finally he replied.

“Yes Sexyqueen.”

“What are you wearing right now?”

“Just some jeans and a vest. Oh, yeah and my mum’s hottest panties! xxx”

“Wow. Got any new pics to share?”

“Sure. There will be a new gallery up in a while.”

“Can’t wait!”

“Me neither.”

I sent him a final message and then logged out. I was so horny I had to distract myself or start scratching the floor board like some demented possessed witch trying to drive out her demons. I got up and looked at the state of my room — it was a mess! I would clean it up after I cleaned myself first. If he had a hidden camera in the bathroom, he would be able to catch me masturbating in the tub with my legs spread eagled over the top. It would have been quite a steamy video to share with the world. I could only dream about such things and it was so frustrating to not be able to share them with other like minded people.


I felt so dirty stripping off in the bathroom and smelly, as my sons cum was all dried up around my butt. I rubbed my ass cheeks and spanked them and then covered my mouth in embarrassment thinking it was quite a loud slap. A bath would have been ideal but I ended up under the shower hose instead. I soaped my self down and closed my eyes waiting for my son to sneak up behind me and finish the job he started. After all, it wasn’t fair that he should only get to cum. I had left the door unlocked in case he had any aspiration to present himself in a bathrobe, which he could then let drop to the floor to reveal a imposing sucking tool for me to gorge on.

I had to rub my horny pussy and close my legs for the most part because the soap had made my body slippery and the lack of friction was encouraging me to massage my naughty bits. The water absorption on my skin seemed to make my ass bigger and as a consequence, attracted the attention of my roaming hands, which helped themselves to a good rubbing and squeezing session. I pulled both cheeks open and yearned for my son’s cock to invade me. I wanted him to assault me and up end me with an unhealthy brutality that I was not accustomed to. Then he would grip my ankles like a powerful vice and drag me all the way to his lair, where he would have me all to himself and for as long as he wanted. I tried to lick my lips at the prospect but just ended up swallowing shower spray instead.

When I was finished, I squeezed the water out of my hair and wrapped it up into a turban with one towel and then dried my body down with another. My cunt got a good nilüfer eskort bayan mono-tug-of-war scrub with the towel between the legs. There was no sign of a break in, so I was disappointed with that. I was his showgirl after all.

I sat on the bathroom floor and shaved my pussy so it was smooth and then applied moisturizer to my whole body. If Kurt walked in he would be in for a treat.

“Come in and fuck your mother.” I blurted. But he never came.

I put on a new pair of white gym shorts and crop top, dabbing a perfume to my neck. I posed in front of the mirror and pouted my ass. I looked like one hot mama!


When I knocked on his door he let me in and asked me to close the door behind me. I did so, and coughed at all the smoke floating around. Had his laptop gone on the fritz? “Sorry mum, I was just having one of these.” He said waving a cigarette. Every time I entered his room I felt like a guest, and one who was always ignored. I never knew him to smoke so this must have been part of the process concerning his leap to the dark side. Somehow though, I didn’t think he was taking orders from senator Palpatine. I guess after shooting his load all over his mothers ass, a cigarette was relevant. But, I got the impression he had quite a few.

“I didn’t know you smoked.” I told him.

“Sometimes.” He replied. “Here.” He said offering me a puff. I advanced forward like a contestant in a game program waiting in a line up during the elimination round; accepted his offer. I wasn’t sure how to hold it exactly, but I had two fingers and a thumb on it. I gave it a puff and then coughed before handing it back. Kurt did not ask me how I was or anything, he didn’t seem bothered by my presence. But then I had to break him in or at least see if that was possible.

“Nice top.” He complimented about my naughty crop top. Something must have compelled him to make such a frank observation, something inside his pants. “Thanks.” I said twirling around for him even though he had not asked.

“Is that your camera?” I said curiously about the slim gadget by his side.


“Has it seen any action lately?”

“No.” He lied.

“Our photo album needs a serious update.” I joked but he never reacted.

But it was certainly true — Our photo album was full of wedding photos and baby pictures of Kurt. Apart from that, it was pretty much devoid of anything else. I picked at the gym pant fabric riding up my back side and ending up giving myself a camel toe. How could I make an impact on this boy?

“Hey, do you wanna take some pictures of me? For the album?” I asked.

He paused for a moment to check out my figure and then picked up his camera.

“What, now?” He asked.

“I’m a little under dressed I know. Maybe we can do a photo shoot. All sorts of poses.” I was getting suggestive now and there was no turning back, but I didn’t give a flying fuck.

Kurt stubbed his cigarette out in the eye of a cover girl in one of those glossy fashion magazines and powered on his camera.

“Okay. Er. Do you want to do it in here?”

“Yes.” I replied.

I stood up and put my hands on my hips. He took a few snaps and showed them to me but they looked a bit stiff, so I proposed something more sexier. I showed him a side pose with my hands hooked on the waist band of my gym pants. He scratched his head and took a few snaps.

“These are just showing the top half of me.” I said.

“Ok, well, let me delete these.”

“Lets try again.”

He stood up and touched my abdomen – I moved in and my ass moved out. He took hold of my hands and pushed them in deeper so it looked like I really was about to peel them off. He stood back against his bed and took several shots.

“Good. Now pout your lips.”

“Like this?” I asked cocking my head a little.


The pictures were impressive; capturing my curves and maybe he would put those online tonight. I was initially not overly pleased with him humiliating me like this — letting strangers jerk off to me around the world. But when he gave me instruction I felt compelled to follow, and who was I kidding anyway, letting strangers beat off to me was a good move and I loved it.

“What else do you wanna do?” He asked.

I could think of a few things! I stood in that pose for a while before tugging my gym pants down to a new low; quite far down below the hips. If he walked around to face me, he would get to see the top of my vulva. He kept me on a the side pose and took a few more snaps.

I kept denying my interest in him but I could not resist forever. For as long as I had a wet pussy and one man in my life, there was only going to be one outcome. Eventually my son was going to fuck the shit out of me like he promised.

“Thats good.” He said.


I wedged up my pants and sat next to him to view them. He said they were great and that I had a good figure. I smiled and watched him transfer the images to his computer. I found I was able to look at his face now but still struggled with eye contact. He watched as I hesitated to budge up closer against him. He gave me a blank stare. Sometimes when I spoke to him I could not help but gulp now and again, so he must have picked up on that. But it didn’t last that long. His eyes were fixed on my camel toe and it was making me excited. I opened out my legs so he could get a better look.

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