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This story, and all my stories, contain real and fictional characters from long ago memories and from recent events in my life.

My stories are memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by nature in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex. If you like kinky mature bi women I hope you will like my stories and please comment, tell me what you liked and didn’t like, to help me improve.

From Doctor Catherine Part 2

I found her when we first moved to Florida from North Carolina and she had been our Gynecologist for five years. I trusted her completely and so did my wife Beth. Catherine Saul was not only our doctor but very a trusted advisor and confidant. We had no secrets from her and to the best of my knowledge she never betrayed our trust.

For the first time I actually looked at the list. Three pages, almost 40 names, it’s longer than I expected but I had questions. I called Anne and asked her what it all meant. I think she was disappointed that I was not a calling to get together with her but that would come later, I had plans for my sweet Annie.

She explained… First is obviously the woman’s name, first name only. Next is her phone number. Next is a code for the city she lives in. WH is Winter Haven, VB is Venice Beach, DB is Daytona Beach etc. Next is race, a simple W, B, A, or M. Next is her age. Next is her weight. (She laughed and said that was fat shaming.) Next was an important piece of information, a status code. L or B is simple, a lesbian or bi-sexual. Next character S or P, single or partnered (possibly married). Next character O or C, open (partner if there is one knows), closed (partner if there is one does NOT know.)

Anne commented, “It’s just me but if that last letter is C, I avoid them.”

I thanked Anne, again thinking (hoping?) she was disappointed and went back to the list.

I think I have good intuition about women and sexual relationships. I felt from the moment I met her that Nishi wanted more than just a physical relationship she wanted an almost spiritual link. She found that link with me when she taught me on the beach to listen to my heart. The sex that followed was so much more satisfying and intense with a personal link established beyond the physical. (Read Part 2.)

Anne is a bit of an unknown. I like that. I have a feeling, no I’m hoping, that my relationship with Anne will be more, much more, than just sex.

Doctor Catherine Part 3

Lynda, xxx-xxx-xxxx, VB, (Venice Beach) W, 57, 100, BMO (bi, married, open)

Lynda is a bit less of an unknown than others on the list. Anne has been with Lynda and told me enough about her so I know we have at least some interests in common. She is submissive and enjoys being physically restrained, (spanking? Yumm.) Lynda plays tennis. She writes occasionally for an erotic story internet site and she is a beach fanatic. The Four out of four is a good start.

I invite Lynda to meet me at a local shop for coffee or tea and a chance to chat. No big deal, just a chance to meet, talk and see if we would like to go further. An interesting telephone conversation follows and it’s obvious that Lynda has some constraints on her time that I don’t. She has to check some family schedules before she can commit. We agree that we will confirm tomorrow.

Lynda calls me that very evening and confirms Thursday at lunch.

Tick tock …

I get to the coffee shop early and get a booth in the back against a wall for at least some privacy. When Lynda arrives I am not pleased or disappointed by her appearance. She is, well, average in every way. About 5’6″, perhaps just a little chubby, medium length dirty reddish blond hair, not really styled but nice. She is wearing a white top and tall heels with jeans. Her top is a little (deliberately?) snug revealing possibly her most interesting physical attribute. She is braless and small, perhaps an “A”, perfect. Her nipples poke at bursa otele gelen escort the fabric. Is she really 57?

After an initial hello, as she is sitting down in the booth opposite me, she accidentally drops her keys on the floor. She bends and squats to pick them up and as her top rides up her back I notice that she has a wide floral tattoo on her low back just above her butt. Her back skin is very pale.

Lynda looks at me and smiles as she sits down and tells me she is very very nervous about this meeting. I tell her I am nervous too. (A little fib on my part because I’m eager and excited, not nervous).

I mention that Mary actually suggested I call her and had only good things to say about their time together. Lynda has a puzzled look on her face and says that she only met Mary once and that was at Doctor Catherine’s house. “I liked Mary ok, I guess, but that party wasn’t really what I thought it would be.” “Robin, can we go somewhere else where we can talk more privately?”

I told her my home was nearby and near the beach. “We can walk the beach and talk, no one will hear us.” She agrees and we head out to our cars. It happens that she parked in the spot near mine. She is driving an older Toyota minivan.

As I click my car open she looks at my car and says, “Damn, I wish George would let me get a car like yours. I feel so much like a soccer mom driving this van.” I find it interesting that she thinks she needs her husbands permission to buy a car.

I suggest that if she wants she can leave her van here and I’ll put the top down and drive to the beach and return her here later. Lynda smiles and says. “I’d like that and we can talk on the way too.” “I do have to be back by 4:00 though, ok?”

On the way to my house Lynda filled me in some on the time with Mary at Doctor Cats house. It was not exactly what I had heard from Anne. I drove to my house and parked. We walked to the beach and Lynda opened up.

She started with a flurry of questions. How did I end up in the group? How many in the group have I been with? Did I think Doctor Cat was a bit over the top? I answered her as honestly as possible.

As we walked she is trying to explain what she said in the coffee shop. “I know that we are not supposed to talk about what goes on in the group. That is one reason why I wanted to leave the coffee shop.” She continues, “Anne was really very nice to me at Doctor Catherine’s house. In fact I think but I’m not sure that Anne and I were both uncomfortable with the number of people involved at the same time.” Lynda added, “My husband, George, does not want me involved in any group.”

“Anne and I were in one of the bedrooms, just the two of us, just sitting on the edge of the bed talking, and just starting to kiss and hug and all that…when Doctor Cat and another woman came in and joined us.” Seemingly upset Lynda added, “Robin, I never thought this was going to be group sex when I accepted the invitation and I was kind of embarrassed that the others were all so willingly touching, kissing and some even going down on each other with other women watching. I hope you understand, group sex is just not what excites me.”

I stopped her and explained, “I have no expectations. Like you I prefer one on one. For now I just want to get to know you and see where it goes.”

She said, “OK, I understand, I’m sorry I made such a big deal out of it.”

I looked over at her and said, “Lynda, you are just going to have to stop saying you are sorry.”

She looked at me and smiled. (Beautiful steel blue eyes, I had not noticed) I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. “Why don’t you tell me how you ended up in the group and on the list.”

“Well, it’s a little complicated. I had a problem, a problem with sex, that I went to see Doctor Catherine about. Sex had become a little painful and my husband likes sex, a lot.”

I couldn’t resist, “Lynda, bursa eve gelen eskort you’re 57 years old, I assume your husband is the same age so how much sex is a lot?”

She hesitated, “Oh, it was worse when we were younger.” She adds, “I really didn’t mean worse, I love sex and I guess I meant more often.” Lynda continues, “He still likes to have sex almost every day. I used to get a break when I was younger and I had my ‘monthly visitor’ but now it’s all the time.” “Look, I’m not complaining, I like sex but he is big and it started to hurt a little.”

Lynda continued, “I thought I was just getting dry and I tried various products but they did not help.”

As Lynda told me more, it turned out that as Doctor Cat examined her she found some adhesions under the hood of her clit so that as her clit expanded it caused some discomfort when he was in her moving.

What bothered her a little were the very specific questions Doctor Cat was asking about their sex life. She wanted to know how big George is, what positions we use and if we ever had anal sex or group sex. Some answers were simple. Size was simple, positions was simple. Anal was more complicated. Lynda explained she said that when they were younger they tried anal sex. He loved it, she tolerated it but he was so big Lynda only did it because her husband wanted it.

Now the group sex issue was a real problem because Lynda discovered in college that she was bisexual and had had same sex friends over the years and the only way to honestly continue that and be married was if her husband knew. Lynda told him everything and eventually her friend Julie ended up in bed with both her and her husband. That worked for over a year because Julie loved anal sex and that satisfied Lynda’s husband. It all ended when Julie moved away. She told Doctor Cat that she had tried to connect with other women but it was always too complicated.

Doctor Cat suggested that she might be able to solve that problem for Lynda and at first Lynda misunderstood and thought that Doctor Cat was coming on to her. The confusion was quickly cleared up and Lynda was in the group.

Then there was the problem of the adhesions. Doctor Cat scheduled what she called a very simple in office procedure and assured Lynda she would be as good as new.

Two weeks later Lynda arrived for a late in the day appointment. The receptionist brought her in to the exam room, gave her one of those really stupid paper gowns, a bag for her clothes and told her everything needed to come off. Naked but for the thin paper gown she sat in the exam room. When Doctor Catherine entered she was her usual happy, smiling self and Lynda felt better. Doctor Cat sat beside her and explained what would happen. Just a very mild sedative anesthesia and before she knew it she would be as good as new.

Then Doctor Cat mentioned that her husband Seth was also a gynecologist and would very much like to observe the procedure if she didn’t mind. No obligation of course. Lynda agreed. While Doctor Cat left to get Seth Lynda overheard the receptionist tell the doctor she would lock up on her way out. It was late in the day and Lynda thought nothing of it.

Doctor Cat and her husband Doctor Seth entered the room and before she knew it Lynda was in the exam chair and Doctor Seth hooked up an IV. Then she told me things got very fuzzy. She remembers them leaning the chair back and strapping her legs and arms to it. Then she thought she felt cold (liquid?) and pressure on her vagina.

But then there was the feeling of someone fondling her breasts, her nipples being pinched. Then she thought she saw him standing between her legs with his cock in her stroking in and out, in and out. She felt the stimulation and a orgasm growing. Then it washed over her sweeping her away.

When she awoke Doctor Seth was gone and Doctor Cat told her everything went just fine and in only a few days she bayan escort bursa would be better than new. Then Doctor Cat asked if Lynda felt as if she had an orgasm during the procedure because both she and Dr. Seth observed that she might have due to the stimulation. Lynda admitted to having felt it in sort of a dream. That night she found what she thought was semen in her pantyliner.

The important information came when Lynda confessed that although she didn’t like group sex she did like it when her husband watched her with another woman, he loved to watch and was so “masterful” with her afterwards. Probably not the best choice of words to use with me, a Black woman. I just smiled. Lynda seemed to relax a little and asked me if would consider letting him watch and only if I was really ok with it. I simply told her the three of us should meet and see where it goes.

So now, Lynda having “confessed” all this, it was time for me to talk. I told her about how I ended up in the group and my experience on the beach with one member. I explained that although I had been with a few couples in my life, I too had a preference for one on one and that in fact I really hoped I could meet one person in the group for a long term relationship.

I thought for a moment about the word relationship. With many people in my life I had sex and perhaps made love but a real relationship? I had such a treasure only with Beth, I loved her with all my being, and perhaps with one man, Greg, years ago. I believe I loved them both more than myself, more than life itself. I want that again.

I asked if she would like to meet again when we have more time and maybe later once we know each other with her husband. She said, “Yes Robin, I would like that, very much.”

We left it that she would call me when she could check for free time in her schedule. This was already getting too complicated for me. “Free time in her schedule” was, I think, code for let me check with hubby. Not a good sign.

Tick tock…

Three days pass with not a word from Lynda. I assumed it was going nowhere and honestly I was “OK” with that.

Then a call and a date was set. I agree to meet at my home.

In the kitchen I turn toward the counter and ask if I can get her something to drink. When I turn to face her she is standing directly in front of me. Lynda says, “Robin, if you don’t mind, I have been waiting for today for three days.” She leans in and kisses me. A gentle slow hot kiss with her tongue just between my lips. Her hands are on my face moving down to my breasts and cupping them through my top. I use my arms to push her hands away and put my hands on each side of her face and return her kiss. As my tongue explores her mouth I realize she tastes wonderful.

Her hands having pulled my shirt out of my shorts are trying to unhook my bra. I have on a sports bra. There are no hooks. I again push her arms and hands aside and tell her she is being very naughty. She looks at me and tells me, “George punishes me when if naughty.” Robin, if you want to punish me I would like that a lot. Anne was right!

She pulls away a little and says, “Robin, if you don’t mind I would like a tour of your beautiful home.” I start to say Ok when she interrupts me, “starting with your bedroom.”

Lynda is no longer at all timid. As I pulled her top up over her head I saw that she did indeed have perfectly round small breasts with barely penny size almost copper colored areola and long slender nipples. Her entire chest and shoulders are covered with freckles.

Lynda’s hands were pushing my legs apart as she kissed my inner thighs with something more delicious obviously on her mind. She looked up at me and said, “it’s been a long time so be gentle ok?” I just smiled at her obvious lie.

We are naked on my bed and I am fascinated by her small firm breast. Her nipples are very long and I gently pinch one. Lynda asks me to pinch it harder. I take both of her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pinch them a little harder. She is still not satisfied and says what I feared was coming. “Robin, pinch them harder, much harder, hurt me!”

It was clear that Lynda was very much into “rough sex” and wanted me to hurt her. That is just not attractive to me. I explained, we dressed and it was over.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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