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This chapter has a lot of talking, so it might be a little boring to some, but all the talking is necessary to set up for the finale.


I spent another two weeks in the hospital after the doctor told me of my miraculous recovery, two more weeks of rank food, boring days, and lonely nights in that room. The only upside besides visiting hours was that I had my phone, so I could video chat Rita every day. Ashley even came in after visiting hours on some days to keep me company, she most likely paid off the staff, but it was still a nice gesture that she made the effort to come see me. I went through countless tests, sleepless nights, and tons of other hospital stuff, but it was all worth it in the end, because the day finally came when I was able to go home.

Since I was leaving that day, the doc let everyone come in early to get me. I was up early and by time everyone got there I’d already showered (washed up in the sink), packed all my stuff up and cleaned the room of any evidence I was in there, the only thing I had left to do was sign the papers. Everyone showed up except mom, who was at home making me a big welcome home breakfast as I was told.

“Ok, everything is all go here, all the tests are done and submitted. Once you sign the release papers, I’ll release Randy with a clean bill of health,” Dr. Garrett said entering the room.

I couldn’t sign the papers fast enough. I grabbed a pen and signed everything as fast as he flipped the page around, but dad took his time in an attempt to mess with me. Once he finished Dr. Garrett looked it over, smiled, and shook mine and dads hand.

“He’s all yours, I wish you both the best of luck.”

“Thanks for all your help doc, I would say see you soon but you work in a hospital soo…”

“I know what you mean Randy, take care of yourself, and your sister.”

“Thanks doc, will do.”

Everyone helped me grab what little stuff I had and we walked through the hospital and out the front door. After being in a room with no windows for so long the sun seemed extra brighter than it usually was, but it was a good feeling having the sun touch my skin again.

“The same thing happened to me when I first left too,” Rita said.

“It feels like I’ve been gone for years, everything looks brighter,” I said.

“That’s what happens when you spend three months locked in a hospital,” Aunt Lisa joked.

“Yeah well believe me I don’t plan on doing that again.”

“Ok everyone let’s get home, your mother is just about finishing up your big breakfast right about now, and the Wilson’s are coming over for dinner,” dad said as we got to the car.

I put my stuff in the back and hopped in the back seat with Rita as we drove off from what has been my temporary home for the past three months. Everything we drove past seemed like it had just been built, or we were in another city, it all felt different. As I stared at everything out the window I felt Rita’s fingers interlock with mine as a turned just as she leaned her head on my shoulder. I leaned back into her and just soaked it in, happy that at least one thing didn’t change, that she still wanted me as much as I wanted her. As we neared our house we came up on the spot that almost changed our lives forever, the ice cream store. It didn’t frighten me or anything, but it did give me this eerie feeling, knowing everything that took place there.

“We don’t have to go back if you don’t want to,” Rita said.

“No its ok, I’ve had enough time to get over it, I will stick to going in the daytime though,” I said.

We pulled into the driveway and I got out of the car and soaked it in, I was home, I was finally home. I went in and immediately smelled breakfast cooking, and then mom came running around the corner and gave me another death grip hug.

“My baby’s home! My baby’s finally home!”

When I say death grip, I mean death grip. “Ok mom, if you don’t let me go you’re gonna send me right back to the hospital,” I coughed out as she choked me.

“Sorry honey, I’m just so happy you’re home. Well I know you wanna put your stuff up and get to your room and all but breakfast will be done shortly so don’t start anything just yet.”

“Ok, just yell up there when it’s ready and I’ll come down.”

She bounced back into the kitchen and I took my stuff upstairs and into our room for the first time in a very long time. It was spotless. It looked like a room on display. There was nothing out of place except for a blanket and pillow on the floor.

“I haven’t slept in the bed since Ashley’s party,” Rita said as she came up behind me.

“Haha, neither have I,” I laughed at the simple irony.

“Do you really think we’ll be able to trust her, I mean fully trust her?”

“She made a huge flip personality wise. Not even she is that good of an actor. With what she’s done so far and everything she promised to do I think eventually we can.”

“What about Becky, Carina, and Dana?”

“I can’t speak for them, I haven’t seen them since the party, but no doubt Ashley told them nilüfer escort what happened so they’re definitely aware of the situation.”

“They were her sidekicks, they did everything Ashley did, they copied her behavior…”

“So maybe they had a change of heart like Ashley did, but if not, I don’t want anything to do with them. Enough of that, I wanna play one of these games the new Ashley got me.”

“Let’s play a co-op so I can play too, we haven’t played together in a while.”

I sifted through the games and found a good one. “Monster Hunter 3 it is then.”

“RANDY! RITA! BREAKFAST!” mom yelled up the stairs.

“Well so much for playing now, we can play after breakfast I guess, I’m starving anyway.”

“You said you didn’t plan on anything today anyway, so we can make today a relax and play video games all day while we get fat on junk food day,” Rita said.

“I like it, but let’s go get fat on breakfast first.”

We went downstairs and into the dining room to see mom and Aunt Lisa sitting in front of a humongous spread of breakfast that was big enough to feed a small platoon of soldiers.

“You think we have enough mom?” I joked.

“I told you I was gonna make you a huge breakfast, it doesn’t get any bigger than this!”

“Yeah really, even with as much as we eat that’s a lot of food between the four of us.”

“That means there’s plenty to go around, you’re gonna need your strength,” mom winked.

Before I could respond dad came into the dining room in his walk around the house clothes, and it was well past time for him to go to work.

“Dad aren’t you gonna be late?” Rita asked.

“Nope, the office called and gave me the day off while they get my new office and papers in order, so now I get to feast on this gigantic breakfast your mother so patiently slaved over.”

Almost immediately I saw both mom and Aunt Lisa frown. I couldn’t believe it, I haven’t even been in the house for an hour and those two nymphos were already thinking about sex. Clearly they didn’t count on dad staying home so whatever plans they had were now down the drain. Rita cracked a smile in her seat as she glanced at both mom and Aunt Lisa, pretty much gloating that their attempt failed, and I had to admit it was kinda funny, but if I knew them, and I did, neither mom nor Aunt Lisa would let it end like that, but with dad here I was pretty much safe, I just basically had to stay out of their rooms alone and I was good to go.

“Are we gonna look at the food or are we gonna eat it!” dad said as he piled up his plate.

We all took dads cue and dove into the massive breakfast mom laid out for us. She had bacon, sausage, that other kind of sausage, eggs, waffles, rice, and french toast, we all had to get a second plate just to get some of everything. I wasted no time eating as I was already starved from going to sleep hungry last night and not eating anything this morning, and I didn’t care how sloppy I looked eating, I had some real food, and I was taking advantage of it.

“So your promotion is official now dad?” Rita asked.

“Yep, as of today I’ve officially made partner. They’re setting me up at the office now.”

“So Ashley’s father bought the house after all?”

“Not just that one, he bought one next to the beach and a high rise downtown, he pretty much guaranteed me a spot in the big boy office.”

“Remember, new car, bigger TV, way bigger allowance among other things,” I said.

“With as big a raise as I’m gonna get that probably won’t even be a problem.”

“Then I want a raise in my allowance too,” mom said.

“To what, infinite and a half? You’d do nothing but shop all day.”

“Isn’t that what life is all about for a woman, getting the things she desires?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“To a certain extent, maybe I should cut you off for a month so I can…”

“Rita why don’t you let Tibbles back in the house,” mom said cutting dad off.

She laughed as she got up and went to the back door and let him in. he came barging into the dining room and crashed into Rita’s chair, then sat down and waited for a piece of food.

“He’s a lot bigger than the last time I seen him, well not a lot but it’s noticeable,” I said.

“Time goes a lot faster for a dog Randy, three months is like two years for him,” dad said.

“What else have I missed?”

“Nothing really, it’s been really quiet around here with you and Rita not here. That’s how it’s gonna be when you two finally decide to move out,” mom said sadly.

“Those were different circumstances honey, we had our minds occupied on Randy’s health, now that he’s fine, we don’t have to worry. When they move out, we party,” dad said.

“I didn’t know old people could still party,” Rita joked.

Mom gasped. “Don’t you ever use the O word in this house!”

“We’re barely twice your age, still in our early thirties,” Aunt Lisa said.

“I’m just kidding guys, you actually look better than a lot of people our age.”

You’d better be kidding. görükle escort So Randy you have any plans your first day back?”

“Yeah, I plan to do absolutely nothing, I don’t want any stress today.”

“That’s exactly what I plan on doing, nothing. Might clean out the garage maybe,” dad said.

“I need to go check on my house, the inspector wants to meet with me later,” Aunt Lisa said.

“I’ll figure out something, there’s no need in all of us sitting around the house,” mom said.

We ate as much food as we could but as expected there was no way we were gonna finish everything she made. We were all so fat that we didn’t even bother with the dishes, we just went to our room and plopped down on our beds and hope our stomach didn’t burst open. It was the first time in a long time I actually laid on my bed, and it felt so comfortable at that moment. Rita came in and plopped down right next to me, having eaten just as much as I did, if not more, she always did have a bigger appetite than me.

“I can’t move, I can’t even sit up to see my feet,” I groaned.

“Fatty,” she said as Tibbles came into the room and lay at the foot of the bed.

“You’re just as fat as me, you can’t move either.”

“Hospital food, it’s not the best. After almost two weeks of it anything else would taste good.”

“Hey you got to leave two weeks ago, that’s not gonna fly, you didn’t get to try the new Salisbury steak deluxe meal. But yeah, if breakfast was like that, can you imagine dinner?”

“Especially since Stephanie and them are coming over. What game were we gonna play again?”

“Monster Hunter 3, it’s supposed to be badass or something like that.”

“Well assuming you can get off the bed to turn the xbox on…”

“I’m working on it, there’s no rush, I have all day to get up from this spot.”

Tibbles made his way between us and begged to be petted. He turned on his back and cried out in joy whenever Rita or I ruffled his ears or rubbed his stomach, spoiled dog.

“Maybe we should take him for a walk first, it’s been a while since we last took him.”

“Ok, but let me lay here a little longer, I’m not quite ready to move just yet.”

“You’re such a fatty, but you’re my fatty, and you’re the only fatty I wanna be fat with.”

“Umm, I don’t know how to respond to that, so I’m just gonna say ok.”

I laid there until I was able to sit up without problem and then got up and grabbed Tibbles’ leash and we were out the door. We took the route I would always see Rita either taking or coming back from, but we mostly let Tibbles lead the way. He led us pretty much through our whole neighborhood and tried to break free from us when he saw the park across the way from where we were at. We took the hint and walked to the park where there were other people there with their dogs who were chasing each other while their owners watched them from park benches. All the other dogs were off their leashes so we figured why not and let Tibbles off his. He took off into the pack of other dogs and they did their sniff thing with him and before long they were all running around again, looking like they were having the best day of their life.

“I don’t remember the last time we came to this park,” I said.

“It was a while ago, one of our first dates, after we left the movies, remember?”

“Oh yeah, we sat on top of the hill at the other end when the sun was going down. It wasn’t that long ago was it?”

“It was a while back, six months at least.”

“Our birthday is about to roll back around in no time, man time flies.”

“Well at least we’re having fun,” she said as she put her hand on top of mine.

“Awww you two make a cute couple, holding hands in the park, that’s so sweet,” an older lady said as she walked by with who was probably her husband.

“Actually, we’re…”

“Thank you, he’s my better half,” Rita cut me off and then kissed me.

“Aww that’s sweet! It’s good to see young couples in love,” the lady said as they walked away. “How come you don’t hold my hand and say stuff like that to me?” I heard her say as they left.

I turned my attention back to Rita, a little shocked by what she did. “What was that?”

“You were in a coma for nearly three months, I haven’t kissed you for even longer than that, and then she came and said what she said, I just, reacted. Are you mad at me?”

“No I’m not mad at you, not even a little bit, it just caught me off guard that’s all.”

“I wish we could be like that more often, out in public, where everyone could see us.”

“It did feel nice so someone to actually think we made a cute couple.”

She paused for a second and looked at the ground. “You ever thought about moving.”

“Moving? You mean like across town or another city?”

“I mean to another state, or even another country.”

“It’s never crossed my mind, we’ve been here our whole lives.”

“Exactly, we don’t know anywhere else but here, don’t you think it’s time for a change?”

“I bursa escort never thought about moving, but now that you mention it, it does sound like a good idea.”

“That, and we could be like this all the time, out in the open, without looking over our shoulder or worrying if someone we know is gonna see us, we could actually be real.”

“But where would we go? We don’t have nearly enough money to just pick up and leave…”

“We could go anywhere we wanted to, mom and dad would help us get started, dads a realtor for christs sake, and Ashley’s dad said if you needed anything just let him know, and once we got wherever we wanted to go we could get jobs, or apply to college.”

“That’s another thing, what about mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa, and what about the Wilsons? If we leave we won’t see them except on skype, you know they won’t be happy about it, and dads not gonna wanna leave after he just got promoted.”

“I know, I won’t wanna leave them either, but we deserve to be happy. We’ll still come back and visit, and they’ll come visit us wherever we are, so it’s not all bad. Stephanie and Chris could even come with us, it would save a lot on getting a place.”

“You have it all figured out don’t you?” I laughed.

“I thought about a lot of things while you were sleep, our future being the main thing.”

“Well we don’t have to decide anything now, we can wait a little while and think it over, and then let everyone in on what we plan to do, and go from there.”

“I think it’s a good plan, once we get all the pieces together we can do it.”

“It is a good plan, but are you ready to leave this place behind? This is our whole life.”

“I thought about that too, I don’t know, but I don’t see how we can be a true couple here, like you said, our whole life is here, there’s people that know who we are.”

“Not to mention Facebook and all that, we’d have to make all new profiles.”

“That’s the easy part, the only people I really know on there is everyone is our circle, everybody else is from one of the games on there.”

I paused for a second, actually taking the time to think about if we moved out of the city. “Did you have somewhere already picked out, or is it whatever pops in our head?”

“I had a few ideas, like if we stay in state we can go to San Diego, if we don’t we can go to Seattle, or somewhere on the other side of the country with snow like Cleveland or Chicago, or if we go out of country, we could go to England, I hear it’s nice over there.”

“So we have five options then…”

“Six, if we choose to stay.”

“How long before we make a decision?”

“I wanna at least know what we’re doing by our next birthday, whether we stay or not.”

“So we have a little over three months. Let’s not worry too much about it right this moment, it may end up working itself out. It’s nice out, everybody is occupied with their own thing, we have our time together, hell even Tibbles is happy, lets enjoy it.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder as we watched Tibbles and his new friends chase each other around trees and dogpile on each other, it was actually a relaxing sight to watch. We had sat there for close to an hour when we finally decided to leave, and even though we didn’t want to, we put Tibbles back on his leash and walked him back the other direction away from his new crew, he was pouting for a while, but once we got back around all the buildings and other people he perked back up. Rita brushed my hand a few times while we were walking but she never grabbed it, it was too risky. Things like that made me really consider what she said, we could be ourselves and not have to worry about who was watching, that right there would be reason enough to leave, but was it what we wanted? Decisions like that needed to be thought out over time, we couldn’t rush something that important, we both knew it, but all the waiting wasn’t gonna make anything easier.

I put it out of my mind when we got back to the house and unhooked Tibbles off his leash. He ran to the backyard so fast you would’ve thought he was getting chased by something. We let him do his thing and we went back upstairs to get in some Monster Hunter 3 before Chris and everyone came over, I was suffering from some serious video game withdrawal.


“Don’t start it, I’ll be right back,” I said as I got up and went to moms room.

I opened the door and was about to ask her what she needed when I saw a bunch of boxes on their bed with a bunch of her old clothes in it. “What’s all this?”

“Clothes I can’t fit or don’t wear anymore, I need you to help me take them out to the garage, your father is gonna run them up to the goodwill with some of his stuff later.”

I sifted through the clothes she packed, there were twelve boxes, and they were all full top the top. “Where did all this stuff come from, your closet isn’t anywhere near that big!”

“Up in the attic, it’s like my second closet. I decided to do some spring cleaning.”

“I forgot we even had an attic, I don’t think I’ve ever been up there.”

“You probably haven’t, you wouldn’t even know it’s there unless we pointed it out to you, your father is the only one who really goes up there, and that’s only to put my stuff up there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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