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Liz had been waiting for this day for a couple of months. When Michael called and told her he was coming into town on business, she had started to make some plans on how she was going to entertain this young man in his spare time.

The day he arrived, they just had a light meal, a few drinks and sat and talked in general. As he had driven most of the day, they decided to have an early night.

The next day Michael asked her what she would like to do that night. He would be in meetings all day but should be finished about four o’clock and home by about five o’clock.

Liz told him that she wanted to take him out to dinner and a show. He told her to leave it to him and he would arrange everything but the night would be on him.

He got home about 4.30pm and found Liz preparing some drinks. He told her that he had organized a restaurant and booked a Hotel suite for them also, so that they could really enjoy their night out.

They both went up to shower and dress. Liz just put on a pale green trouser suit and high heels. She packed a small overnight case and slipped a party dress into a cover.

Michael also dressed casually and with an overnight case of his own and a suit hanger in a cover, met her downstairs.

By this time it was getting on to six o’clock. He had organized a taxi to collect them at 6pm.

They arrived at the Hotel and booked in, and were shown their suite. Liz gazed at it. Both the lounge and bedrooms were decorated in muted tones, and the windows in the lounge room looked out over the city and harbour.

“This is beautiful Michael.”

“I specifically asked for this suite, as I knew you would love it.”

He went to the bar fridge and bought out another surprise. A bottle of Champagne and two glasses.

“This is to toast the loveliest woman I know and to us both enjoying a wonderful night tonight.”

They freshened up and changed their clothes. Liz walked into the lounge where Michael was waiting, wearing a pair of black trousers with a Tuxedo and a string tie.

She was wearing a crimson dress with a cowl neckline, one side draped seductively off her shoulder. She had on black stockings and high heeled black patent leather shoes. She also wore a diamond necklace and earrings to compliment this.

“Wow, what bursa escort do we have here. You look absolutely beautiful.”

They arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed a fabulous meal of Prawn cocktails, Chateaubriand accompanied by a wonderful red wine, followed by Cheese and biscuits and Irish Coffee.

They then continued onto a Jazz Club that Michael had heard of and sat and drank a little more and listened to the music for a couple more hours.

By this time, Liz was starting to feel a little tired and told Michael that she would get a taxi back to the Hotel and he could stay for a while longer. He was having none of that so they both returned to the Hotel.

Once they were ensconced in their suite, Liz brightened up a little and suggested a nightcap. They sat for a while on the lounge, just gazing out through the wide windows at the scenic view of the city.

Liz turned and sidled up to Michael and kissed him gently on the cheek.

“That’s to say thank you for such a wonderful night I have had with you.”

He grasped her face and turned her towards him, and lowered his lips to her mouth, and delved into a French kiss that took her into a spiral vortex. She was breathless when he lifted his lips from hers.

“That’s to say thank you for being with me tonight. You don’t know how much I have looked forward to being with you. Just to warn you though, the night isn’t over yet.”

Michael then picked her up in his arms and carried her from the living area of the suite to the bedroom, where he placed her on the king size bed. He lay down beside her and kissed her again, then showered her shoulders with searing tongue strokes that left her shaking.

He found the zipper of the crimson dress and slid it down. Where the material parted, light kisses followed. She suddenly realized that the dress was gone. He stopped and stared at her, with sharply drawn breath before he touched her. Her lacy strapless bra was a shell pink, as were her panties and garter belt. He had only seen her in bikinis before this. He slipped her shoes from her feet and tossed them aside, but then proceeded to rub and tease her foot and leg through her stockings, massaging and kissing her arch and ankle, the length of her calf and the back of her knee, then along her thigh, bursa escort bayan before stripping the stocking away. He then continued to repeat the process on the other leg, causing her to shiver although her skin felt aflame.

He thought he had better shed his own clothing before he went any further and stripped down to his boxers.

He kissed to her panty line, stuck out his tongue and licked up her centre core. Her back arched, her muscles tensed and she screamed. He laughed and licked her again, but this time, he stopped and lapped at her swollen clit. His fingers moved into the action and started rubbing just under her swollen bud.

She felt his tongue and Liz’s brain felt like it was going to explode. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my … fucking … God!” she screamed as Michael’s tongue lapped at her aching pussy, sending feelings through her that she never knew and was enjoying for the first time in her life. Her loving son was showing her a wonderful new world of love and sex. She was Michael’s now.

Michael continued to lap at her panties and Mom’s little clit, but he needed more and he jerked down her panties. and removed her bra. “There we go!” he moaned, stuck his tongue out and very lightly, licked Mom’s bud. Her salty taste covered his tongue and he licked deeper. She jumped and her hips pushed towards him. “You darling … you’ll never be lonely or horny again,” he whispered, tenderly sucking Liz’s excited lips and swollen clit.

He couldn’t believe the sensations, the way his skin was vibrating as he lowered his head and dragged his tongue across Liz’s mound. He circled her hard little clit with the tip of his tongue and then ploughed through her lips until he reached the bottom of her slick love tunnel. As he started the slow return trip, he became aware of a new, different feeling; better than anything he had ever felt before…

Liz was losing her mind! Michael’s tongue was magic – the way he was eating her…….so natural, every touch just as she wanted it, needed it. Taking what she knew would be the final plunge into his nasty, lust-filled seduction. Liz turned and used one hand to guide Michael’s thick eight inches past her lips and into her wet and waiting mouth. She let his cock slide over her tongue and deep into her bursa escort kız throat. Her lips slowly allowed Michael’s massive man meat entrance to her warm accepting mouth; her lips and tongue sensed his oversized cock head. As she worked her own tongue around the crown of his cock, he started moaning into her crotch. “No, Mommy…stop…I can’t…oh, God…please, Mom…I’m gonna cum…”

She heard his moaning grow louder as she ‘swallowed’ around the thick shaft, using her throat muscles to massage his glorious erection. Liz moaned and groaned, licked his steely man meat furiously as she shut down breathing from her mouth and only took in air through her now dilated nostrils. She was sucking in air as well as the musky aroma that now hung heavily in this room, the place of her greatest sin. Her own arousal was now dramatically evident by her drenched love tunnel.

She was vaguely aware of his muffled scream as he lost control, emptying his swollen balls, shooting thick, hot ropes of semen down her throat. Four, five, six times she felt the hot jets spurting from her boy’s rock-hard penis…she tried furiously to swallow it all for him.

He rolled to her side.

Liz gazed at him for a few moments. She thought that she knew this man, and realized that she had a lot more to learn about him. She hadn’t know how passionate and caring he was. She hadn’t know how huge he was, throbbing and resting against her warm flesh. But she did know his voice. Heated. Intense. Telling her to ‘touch him.”

She did. He waited patiently for her to tell him what she wanted. As she fondled him, the fires burned ferociously and she at last whispered in his ear.

“Michael, I want you.”

This was all he had been waiting for, and slowly and reverently he entered the sanctum of sanctums. He had been waiting so long for this. He took her to a great height, soaring upwards, climbing higher and higher, until she had reached the zenith of feelings; she then exploded, feeling as though she was melting. With such feelings of love for this, her darling son. She knew that she had not reached this peak alone, when she looked into Michael’s eyes, she saw so much love there and it was all directed at her.

Michael lay beside his Mom, running his fingers lightly over her skin.

“You realize Mom, that you now belong to me.”

“Yes Michael, you will never be rid of me again. I love you too much.”

This is a one-off tale – just read and enjoy Liz and Michael’s journey and please don’t ask for a continuation – thanks – jena121

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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