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*** Week Seven ***

Reenie is a belly sleeper. One of the reasons I bring that up is the mass (mess) of red hair in the morning delights me to no end. It’s such a little thing but it’s so intimate and very us. I looked at the clock. Monday, a little before eight. If all went as planned I would be single in a few hours. And I would be Ginger Butler legally. I needed to check email before I left. I wasn’t going to bring the computer with me and I certainly didn’t want to leave it at the hotel. I smiled at the beauty to my left. I reached over and kissed her collarbone.

“Are you going to start us up all over again?” Damn, how does she do that?

“You don’t want me to?”

“Yeah of course I do but I’m hungry and need to use the bathroom.” We used the bathroom, had bagels, and made love. The making love part involved margarine liberally smeared over various body parts. It wasn’t exactly body art but it was delicious and sexy. The bagels were placed over nipples and various other places and were used as a form of target practice involving fingers and tongues. We were a giggly, sweaty, breathless, sexy mess — and then my glorious redhead finished by destroying me in the shower.

I weakly complained that I had to go to court. “Yeah and I want the moron who left you to see just who you’re in love with.” Oh, that would be sweet! “In fact I want to shake his hand and thank him.” Isn’t she a riot? “Then maybe give his girlfriend a kiss on the lips.” I was bent over laughing at the thought of Reenie kissing Bambi! I told her about the sweater thing. Her eyes glittered. I knew just what she was thinking. I love this woman!!

We dressed. I told her my thoughts. If she didn’t mind coming with me, we could take one car, stop, and then head to court. After, I wanted to go to work, put my computer in my desk, check email and say goodbye. Plus it would give me a chance to introduce Reenie to Tammy, Jodi and George. Then we would head back to the hotel. We should have a little bit of time to say goodbye. The blues glittered. Oh dear god. The airport was a quick cab ride. Reenie agreed with all of it but the cab ride. She thought that was the dumbest thing. She would take me. I could cab it back Sunday. Why argue?

We left just after eleven. We found coffee, then a store that sold men’s sweaters. We found the ugliest button down sweater, several sizes too small, and had it boxed. Would we like it gift wrapped? I had to turn away; I was laughing too hard to talk. Reenie dead panned, “That would be lovely, thank you.” She insisted on paying. I had to let her drive — I was still laughing. She wanted to get a ‘Thank You’ card. I pleaded with her to stop. I was close to wetting my panties as it was. She did; it was sappy and perfect. She signed it, “Thank you from both of us.” That did it. There was a Mickey D’s a few blocks up. I told her to pull in and rushed to the bathroom just in the nick of time.

I came outside to find chaos. Reenie had her gun drawn; a guy was on the ground with his fingers locked on his head, legs wide apart. As Reenie patted him down, she told me to call 911. “Two eleven, carjacking; give them the location — McDonald’s, Springboro Pike, south of the Dayton Mall.” With shaky hands I dialed and gave what I’d been told to the dispatcher. She asked my name. I gave it. I told her there was an officer on the scene with a suspect. She thanked me. I could hear the sirens already. Not two minutes later two squads pulled into the lot. One of the uniforms was out of the car in a sprint. Reenie flashed her badge. The young kid was cuffed and put in the back of the squad. I was shaking like a leaf. Reenie came up to me and said, “You better go. I have work to do. I’ll catch up with you and call when I’m done.” She squeezed my hand and smiled. “Go. Good luck. I love you.” Calm as can be, she turned and headed back to the scene and the others. I love you too.

I drove in a daze. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot of traffic. I knew she had her gun and badge. Jesus. My needing to use the bathroom saved a woman and child (or children), from untold trauma. What happened was bad enough. Holy shit, every day of Reenie’s life was like this. She was on patrol, riding in a car. And I’m worrying about getting my hair cut. Good lord! An hour ago we were making love. She had her gun out and turned a bad situation into a good one and I’m on my way to get divorced. My cop! Get used to it Ginger.

I parked and went into the courthouse, went through security and up to the second floor. I was nearly late for my own divorce. I found Kyle pacing in the hallway. “Where have you been? Good grief.” I tried to stay calm.

“My girlfriend is a Dayton cop. She interrupted a carjacking in progress. So shut the fuck up and let’s get this done.” He looked at me, completely knocked off his perch. One more person knows who the new Ginger bursa eskort is. “Are you ready to finish this today, Kyle? Did you make sure I could change my name?” He blinked; the lawyer was back.

“Yes, this is going to happen today and I’ve written language for the name change. I’ve already checked in with the clerk. Let’s get inside.” I found Bill — no Bambi. Shit, that would have been too much fun. I found a seat and sat down. I saw Bill look at Kyle and look around for me. I kept my head down. I was smiling thinking about Reenie’s plans.

At just past one the Judge came in and the afternoon started. I’ll skip the details. Our case got called. I spoke twice, briefly. The lawyers and the Judge did nearly all of the talking. It didn’t take long. I didn’t even look at Bill. In fact, to use the phrase from the famous musical ‘Chorus Line’ … ‘and I felt nothing.’ Kyle pulled me to the side to sign some papers. Four signatures; he took them to the other lawyer. I saw Bill with a pen. Kyle handed one set to the clerk, kept one and gave me one. It was over.

I asked Kyle if he had the forms for the name change. The look in my eye made it clear I didn’t want any crap from him. I knew the tone of my voice and what I’d said in the corridor had shaken him. After signing those papers, I shook his hand and said goodbye. He had his money, I had my divorce. I didn’t want to talk to Bill. I didn’t want to be in the same elevator with him. I didn’t want to be in the same city. I got on an elevator just as it was closing.

I hurried to the car. The box with the sweater was on the front seat. My brave cop goes from lover to saving someone in an instant and comes out of it calm and collected. I was in awe. I was proud. And I was crying. The court proceeding took a little over an hour. Reenie was the arresting officer. I’m sure they had to interview the car owner. I’m sure the suspect was being questioned. I didn’t think it was likely that was her station. So I did the only logical thing I could think of. I went back to the McDonald’s. I got some food and sat in the car and waited for Reenie to call me. She did, though it took a while.

“Hi there, you’re talking, legally, to Ginger Butler.” She giggled. “I’m so damn proud of you, Reenie. Where are you?”

“Where are you?”

“I’m at the scene of the crime – literally.” I could hear her laughing.

I’ll have someone from the squad give me a ride. Stay there, I’ll be there in five.” She said softly, “I love you.” I smiled.

Five minutes later a white squad rolled up. The brunette driver and Reenie both got out. I did as well. Reenie introduced me, “This is Tess McDonald. Tess, this is Ginger Butler. She called it in this morning.”

Tess was a nice looking woman. She sized me up with her very dark brown eyes as she shook my hand. “It’s nice to meet you Ginger. Yeah, you did yourself very well this morning.” I caught Reenie out of the corner of my eye; she was nodding. Oh? She’s one of us.

“Thank you. It was a bathroom emergency that brought us here — the slimmest of threads.” They both nodded.

“Mo did what she’s supposed to; her quick thinking and actions saved that family from a world of hurt. I’d better get back to work. Mo tells me you have a flight to catch. Nice meeting you Ms. Butler; enjoy your trip.”

In the car, Reenie said, “The box is still here! You didn’t give it to him?”

“The chicken shit didn’t bring Bambi. You weren’t there. I didn’t want to talk to that jerk. I just wanted to get the hell out of there and come find you. I’m so goddamn proud of you Reenie. That was amazing.”

She shrugged. “Stupid ass kid wanted to go shopping for his girlfriend after he cut school. He doesn’t have a car so he decided to steal one. He was sitting in the McDonalds, saw the woman and her two little kids and thought he had an easy mark. He didn’t even have a weapon. He’ll be charged as a juvie and probably will get probation. The woman was shaken but is okay. She gave a statement. She didn’t even know he was there till she heard him behind her. By then I was out of the car with my weapon drawn. I snuck up behind him unseen. He shit his pants.” I stared wide-eyed. She nodded, smiling. We laughed all the way back to the motel.

When we got to the room, Reenie closed the door, then pushed me against it. I told her I just wanted to make out and enjoy a few hours together with her. She nodded and had me naked in a flash. We were both in bed in near record time. She was frenzied. I let her take me. She did. She is strong and she proved it. She held my wrists over my head, feeding on my breasts, while her other hand tore my pussy up. I was writhing beneath her, glorying in the feelings of my beauty feasting on me. She bit me to leave a mark. Before this was over there would be lots of little red bite marks all bursa merkez escort over me. I cried with joy. Her fervor drove me straight over the edge into the blinding fury of an orgasm. I lifted high off the bed; her hand holding me still, her palm massaging the pulsing pearl. The bliss never stopped; she made sure of it. First one breast then the other, nips, bites, suckling on my nipple — she was fabulous. Her fingers drove in and out of me, my legs open for her. I begged her not to stop.

She slid her fingers from me, climbed on top of me, pressed her sex to mine and looked me in the eyes. “Come home to me Ginger.” I nodded. I saw her eyes cloud and get wet. I promised her I would come back for her. She let my hands loose; I held her close while we kissed. We were both crying as we made love. My legs held her hips as she fucked me. I’m not nearly as strong but I used every ounce of energy in my hand to help press her to me while the other held her chest to mine. She broke the kiss as we both gasped for air. Her eyes and mine were locked on each other through our tears.

It was good for me to go and I hated leaving her. I felt it building in me; she saw it in my eyes. I felt my body tense. All the emotion of the day and the moment were going to come to a head in what I knew would be an explosion. I cried out as it bubbled. Her eyes had gone to glass; we each were so close, the tipping point was coming quickly. She screamed as it hit her, her back arched, her head thrown back, her pussy grinding furiously, mine pressing to her in the wondrous way we love. It rolled and screamed and tore through me. She growled, low and hard, one last time, and we both moaned as it slipped from us. When it leaves you’re sated, breathless, limp, and empty.

I wanted more but a plane beckoned. We lay together cuddling, close, intimate. Reenie knew I had to go too. After a while we showered together. I washed her hair, she washed mine. Soft hands ran over familiar curves and dips. Soft kisses, weak smiles as the end approached. We toweled dry. Reenie left her hair damp and gorgeous. I dried mine. We dressed. I put the suitcase on the bed. It was packed quickly. Reenie made sure I had toiletries, cosmetics, and the rest. She helped me with tops, intimates, and the like. Shoes were picked and packed. Most of the clothing was casual, save for the new dress. She found room for all the bathing suits. She reminded me it was California and she wanted me to flash my gorgeous body. She pinched a nipple when I rolled my eyes. They were fabulously sore. I thanked her for that. Her kiss was hot and demanding. I would miss that kiss and I told her so.

I had all my travel documents in an oversized purse, along with a book for the flight. The regular purse was in the luggage. I hadn’t had time to get to work. I asked Reenie to take my computer. One last check; I was pretty sure I had everything. If I asked for an extra key would Reenie come get what I’d forgotten and mail it to me? She asked me if the earth was round. It was 5:30 pm. There was a moment of quiet. The kisses were soft, loving, and spoke silently of our sadness at missing a lover. It dawned on me what was missing: pictures. We’d never taken pictures of each other or us together. I snapped a couple of her on my phone. She did the same. We both took pictures of the two of us.

She was the working chick. Would she call? She slugged me. We had to go. I got the extra card at the front desk and told them I’d return Sunday night. They put me on their ‘Stow she was already in the car. My cop! God I love that woman.

I checked my bag, got my boarding pass, cleared security, got a bottle of water and some snacks and headed to the gate. The plane boarded, I was seated, the doors closed, the plane pushed away, and I was finally on vacation.

*** Ginger’s Travelogue ***

Sunday, SFO, San Francisco airport — The car has been dropped off, baggage checked, security cleared, the plane boarded, and we’re headed to Chicago. It had been five glorious days of sun, wonderful adventures, and fabulous memories. I smiled as I thought of all that had happened. I’ll write about some of it.

The trip north to Napa Tuesday was wonderful. The wineries — I love wine and I learned so much. The drive back south and down the coast was spectacular. The Golden Gate Bridge; I’ve seen it and the GW (the George Washington Bridge) in New Jersey. One on each side of the country; each is spectacular. As I sipped my wine on the plane I knew I had to come back. It was just wonderful.

I spent some of Tuesday with Reenie. She was back at work, I was at lunch. Her eye was nearly back to normal. The soreness was almost completely gone. She missed me. Dear god, there aren’t words. I called Jen Tuesday evening her time from the Country Inn just outside Half Moon Bay. bursa sınırsız escort She was a mess. She still hadn’t heard from Janice. The better part of Wednesday would be spent in San Mateo and Half Moon Bay before driving to Monterey.

I had checked email Wednesday before I left the hotel. There was a reminder from my Ob/Gyn for my exam. I called and scheduled for late April. Nit pickers aren’t we? Thursday the 26th. Me: sticking my tongue out. Tammy’s email hoped I was having fun. I called her at work. I was fine. Tonight was date night. Was she ribboned? Her giggle was my answer. I told her to enjoy, asked her to say hi to everyone and said I would see her on Monday. Half Moon Bay was just amazing — quaint little shops, lovely little stores, people smiling. The real estate prices, even now, would turn my hair grey. The view! Dear lord, it’s why people pay what they do. When I’d had my fill I headed down the coast. Every little hamlet got a stop and a wander. I smiled at the memories. A light lunch at a little place overlooking the ocean was heavenly.

I arrived in Monterey at the end of the work day. I checked in, threw my bags on the bed and headed to the balcony to watch the sun and water. This I can do. The room was beyond spectacular. Crystal had outdone herself. I snickered to myself as the thought bubbled: I would find a way to repay her for her help. Nuh uh, not that way. Reenie? Her call was a reminder where my heart was.

I wandered the wharf and found a sea food place. I saw food and ate it. Lame? It’s my vacation. There were whale tours … I’m not sure if that’s exactly right. But it felt touristy and I liked it so I’d check it out tomorrow. There were a whole host of bars, shops, restaurants and stores in one section called the Lighthouse District. I stopped in several of them for a glass of wine. Curious eyes (hers and mine) in several of them. I asked at the hotel about a massage. They gave me a brochure with the spa services. My goodness, a host of things were available. I called Reenie from the room, crying, late, just to say goodnight and to ward off the temptation. She still loved me. This I knew. I slept well.

I smiled thinking about Thursday. The whales were out in full force. It was wonderful. Several on the boat weren’t good sea farers; I was fine. I drove to Carmel. It’s so beautiful. Opulent was desperately inadequate. I wandered on foot here and there. Shops, knick knacks, specialty stores … as I lay my head on the head rest I thought – I could not imagine living in a place like that. It spoke of outlandish extravagance and entitlement. I’m from the Midwest. Lovely? Oh my yes, but not my cup of tea. My red headed beauty surprised me with an early call. She missed me. My eyes filled and I choked out a response. Yes lover, everything is wonderful. I miss you terribly. She asked; no, not a single call from Lily.

In the plane, at 41,000 feet, I shook my head, wondering what the hell was up with Lily. And I wasn’t sure it mattered. That was one of many things I’d thought about. Jenny worried me; I needed to get back there and soon. If that property Lily showed me was still available I would have her write a contract that allowed me to rent with an option to buy. I wanted at least six months to see where Reenie and I might go. There’s a method to the madness. For some odd reason seeing what I saw Monday cleared my mind. My Reenie is a cop. I would learn to deal with it. We would find resources to help me understand and cope. We would do our own version of date night. Yeah, we would have to work around her schedule, days off and the like. That was okay. We could figure it out and I knew we would.

Every morning when I woke I did my bathroom routine, went to a dining room and had breakfast. Back at the room, I put on a bathing suit and swam. I missed the exercise. I love swimming. I would dry off, put on sun screen and shades and lay in the sun. I did this early so as not to get burned — well, not too badly. Sunday morning, after my shower, I looked. I giggled at the thought of Reenie having fun with the tan lines. I had made another decision. I would call Kathy and get back into the routine with her. Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, I had to get past that and get back with her. She was too good at what she did. Maybe she wouldn’t want to take me back. If that was the case I would ask for a referral.

By Friday I wanted to go home. She had only been a part of my life for a short time but I missed Reenie. But, I was on vacation and I would enjoy it. There is an interesting item I saw on the map. I’d seen it in Carmel while driving. It’s a stretch of road called Seventeen Mile Drive. Some of it is near the water; more of it circles around some of the world’s most famous golf courses — Spyglass, Cyprus Point, Pebble Beach. It doesn’t go through Carmel proper. It circles around Monterey and Pacific Grove. It made for a wonderful drive and sight seeing journey. I wandered aimlessly through Seaside and Del Ray Oaks – lovely little towns with numerous stores and things to buy. I did – tee shirts, trinkets, something special for Reenie and a few things for me. I tried to find something for everyone.

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