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Amber drove home from school with a mix of excitement and anxiety. Her school’s winter break had just started and she was about to have two weeks of vacation with her dad and stepmom. The three of them were going to go up to her grandparents’ house in Hawaii and have a great time at the resort they owned with the rest of her dad’s side of the family. There would be almost a full week of sunbathing and sneaking drinks with her cousins.

What made her nervous on the other hand was her stepmom, Jean. It wasn’t that she hated her stepmom, she actually loved her just as much as her dad, she was just nervous about what plans for tasks and punishments Jean had for her. For the past six months, a little after she turned 19, Jean had been training her as a sub and she had recently become more creative with Amber’s sessions. Jean had been gloating about how she’d already selected Amber’s bathing suits and had to special order them from a site in Japan and she expected Amber to wear them unless she said otherwise. Jean had also hinted strongly that she had a couple friends in Hawaii who would love to have a show or even play with Amber if she misbehaved. Amber enjoyed being tested by Jean but her stepmom really liked pushing her comfort levels.

Amber pulled into her garage, went upstairs and stripped out of her clothes so she could get into something more comfortable. She slipped off her jeans and took off her panties, revealing a carefully shaved mound. She then pulled off her shirt and took off her bra, releasing her B32 breasts which pushed up proudly from her skinny, 5’2 frame. Amber carefully inspected herself in her full body mirror for any body hair before she slid on some pink booty shorts and a black tank-top that held tightly against her flat stomach. Even when Jean had just been her stepmom, she had tried to slip in more casual clothing into her wardrobe but now that she was her mistress, she expected Amber to dress a lot skimpier than normal when she wasn’t in school and had a strict no-underwear rule for her while she was home, even around her father.

Amber shivered as she walked to the thermostat and turned the heat up a little before going into her mom’s study. She wasn’t done with her tasks for the day. In addition to keeping shaved, Amber had to keep a diary and clean her step-mother’s strap on. She started with the dildo as she waited for Jean’s desktop to boot-up. The thing was a practically a black obelisk at ten-inches long and a circumference that Amber could just get her hands around. Jean had never actually used it on Amber, preferring to use smaller toys and her own “hands-on treatment,” but she had always shown her it during their sessions and told her that one day she would slide the whole thing into Amber’s tight little pussy and slap its rubber balls against her. Amber feared it but a part of her was always curious if it could actually fit: She knew that Jean liked to play with her dad’s ass and had shown her some of the toys she had used on him, which had included some surprisingly wide and long butt plugs.

Amber licked the head of the detachable dildo and carefully worked her mouth over it, taking the facsimile into her mouth. The dildo was designed to have a circumcised look to it so aside from its size and plastic taste, it was like the two guys Jean had made her suck. As Amber slid inch after inch of the mighty tool towards the back of her throat, she thought back to the night she had given her first blowjobs. Jean had made sure that Ted was out for the evening (while he knew that Jean and Amber had been engaged in some kind of bdsm play, he had no idea how far they had gone) and blindfolded Amber while she knelt in a thong and a push-up bra in the living room. Two men she didn’t know then entered and dropped their pants while they made small talk with Jean. They ignored Amber for the longest time, occasionally coming near enough that she could smell the sweat on their crotches. For a while, Amber had thought that Jean was just trying to embarrass her when all of a sudden Jean acted like she had just noticed her and told her that she should have said something. Jean then allowed the two men to spank Amber and slowly mouthfuck her one at a time while she laid across Jean’s lap. The men weren’t particularly big but the taste of their precum and the new experience of accepting cocks into her mouth made her nauseous and gag.

Jean had been patient though. She kept encouraging Amber and even chastised one of the men when they grew angry at Amber’s gagging. After they filled her mouth with cum several times and had been able to build a good speed and even hit the back of her throat with the head of their dicks without Amber gagging, Jean had placed Amber on the couch and escorted the spent men outside. She had then sat next to her step-daughter and let her play with her soaking pussy until Ted came home a few minutes later. Amber had desperately begged Jean to let her finish but Jean just playfully smacked her on the bursa üniversiteli escort ass and told her she would have to be faster at finishing her tasks if she wanted to pleasure herself. Amber then had to sneak upstairs, her mouth still tasting of spunk and her body aching for release. She felt so slutty but extremely excited. Still, Jean kept to her word and refused to let her cum until two days later. That was how her stepmother worked; being gentle when she was pushing Amber’s limits then keeping her horny so she couldn’t think of how embarrassing the task was she had just done.

Amber pulled the large dildo out of her mouth and finished by licking the parts of the phallus she hadn’t been able to deepthroat. She inspected her work and, believing her stepmother would be satisfied, started to type. There hadn’t been much going on at school today, she had just had three finals and left without talking to anyone. Amber had always been awkward around others, not helped by the fact that her mother had pulled her out of school for two years after she divorced her father and had failed to be much of a homeschool teacher. When Ted got custody of Amber back, she had to be put back two grade levels behind her former friends. While Ted, and later Jean, tried to get her to interact more, it was difficult for her to make friends and even now, in her senior year, she only had a couple classmates that she actually hung out with outside of school. It didn’t help that she was still bullied somewhat by people that thought her poor social skills and age meant she was retarded.

As Amber thought about that, she began to type out the sexual fantasies she had been having lately. Some were just thoughts about her sessions with Jean, while others were a bit more elaborate. Amber didn’t mind typing these out for the most part; they let her relive the fantasies, making her nice and wet, and Jean couldn’t possibly make some of the more embarrassing ones happen (at least, that’s what Amber thought). However, there was one fantasy Amber had been having that she was reluctant to type out.

The fantasy involved Chelsea, a girl from her class that had been one of her bullies. The girl was stunning, 5’8, tan skin, trim body, brown hair, green eyes, a luscious ass, and C-cups that drove the boys wild. While she did pick on Amber, Chelsea mostly ignored her as she was too busy with volleyball or her friends to take time for the awkward girl that ran track. The fantasy had started a couple weeks back when Chelsea and her had gotten done with their practices at roughly the same time. While seniors normally got the privilege of private showers, there were too many girls in the locker room at the same time, so Amber and Chelsea had found themselves under the same group shower head. It was then that Amber got to see Chelsea completely nude for the first time. Amber had barely been able to be discreet as her eyes wandered up and down Chelsea. Amber couldn’t help but get aroused as she watched Chelsea cover her breasts in suds and wash the small triangular patch of pubic hair she had above her pussy. She was so lost that she was almost caught staring and had to quickly try to cover up while Chelsea cast a suspicious glare.

Amber had tried to make small talk but Chelsea had just ignored her until suddenly the lights went out. The luscious volleyball player had let out a shriek and fell forward into Amber. Amber instinctively had wrapped her arms around Chelsea, pressing their bodies together. Neither one of them said anything, letting their stunned eyes look into each other and their panicked breaths blow on each others lips, until the lights came back on a minute later. When they did, Chelsea walked away without saying anything and Amber had stayed behind, washing herself. Amber had then waited till everyone had left and then went home and pleasured herself while thinking of the way Chelsea’s breasts felt. Jean had discovered her and went to town on her with a riding crop but Amber had just become even more aroused. The fantasy she had been having was her and Chelsea making love while Jean stood nude next to them, directing their actions and even joining them after Chelsea and Amber had kissed her feet and licked the stiletto heels that Jean loved to wear.

Amber typed out the fantasy, her breathing becoming deeper from a mix of arousal and nervousness. She knew it would raise a lot of questions from Jean. Her Stepmother would ask if she had been hiding this fantasy for long and likely punish her. Not to mention, while amber had known that she was bisexual since she was 14, she had never told anyone, even her own father. Jean might become uncomfortable and stop being her dominatrix. When they had started six months ago, Jean had been very hesitant and had tried to focus more on the control aspect of their relationship and rarely touched her. Now, Jean was more comfortable using toys and occasionally would rub her and even escort bayan had Amber eat her out on occasion, though she would always leave before climaxing. Jean had always been reassuring Amber that they were “experimenting” and that they weren’t really ever having sex with each other. Amber sighed as she saved the document and leaned back.

“Well, at least it will be out in the open.” Amber sighed as she leaned back.

“What’ll be out in the open, my little slut?” a sultry voice said from behind Amber.

Amber yelped as she heard her stepmother speak and felt her hands clasp her slender shoulders. She looked back and saw Jean grinning slyly at her. At thirty years-old, Jean looked drop-dead gorgeous. Even though she was wearing a sweater and some jeans at the moment, Amber couldn’t help but admire her stepmother’s fit body and large D-cup breasts that she knew almost every man in their housing division had lusted after. Jean leaned down and lightly kissed her stepdaughter on the forehead, letting her long blonde hair fall over the two of them like a veil. She smiled, her azure eyes beaming as she looked over her stepdaughter.

Without warning, Jean painfully squeezed Amber’s nipples. Amber cried out with a pathetic yelp but didn’t try to resist. She kept her arms down and tried to ignore Jean messing with her already-hard nipples.

“You know, my little slut, you are supposed to help me whenever I have something to carry in.” Jean said coldly as she slipped her hands under Amber’s tanktop and started to pull on her light pink nipples.

“Aaah!” Amber cried out, “I’m sorry mommy! I didn’t hear you drive up.” Amber blurted out. She was already transitioning to her submissive state; whenever one of their sessions started, Amber was only allowed to call Jean “mistress” or “mommy.”

Jean leaned in next to Amber and whispered, “Oh, that’s okay my little candy drop, I didn’t know you would get done early” she twisted Amber’s already stretched nipples, drawing an agonized moan from her stepdaughter, “but that’s not why I have to punish you. Now, can you tell me why I have to hurt your cute little nipples?”

Amber tried to think what transgression she could have made to anger her stepmom but it was hard to concentrate while her nipples were being tortured. After what seemed like hours of having her precious little titties getting pinched and twisted, a revelation hit her:

“Is it…is it cause I forgot to call you when I got home?”

Jean kissed her on the neck but pulled as hard as she could on Amber’s nipples.

“That’s right, my little slut. You’re always supposed to call me when you get home. I want to know that my precious slave is safe and sound. Not to mention,” Jean motioned towards a bag she had left in the doorway, “I don’t want you seeing any of the fun little toys that Santa is bringing you for Christmas.”

“I’m sorry mommy, I was just really excited that finals were over and I forgot!” Amber cried out as tears started to form from the pain.

Jean released Amber, letting the younger woman breathe a sigh of relief before she ordered her to take off her tank-top. Amber quickly complied and ripped the little thing off of her body without a moment’s hesitation; she wasn’t afraid of being nude around her stepmother and her abused tits were being irritated by the cloth. Jean then ordered her to stand up and take her shorts off so she could be inspected. Amber once again did so but grew nervous when Jean withdrew her riding crop, which consisted of a small rectangular patch of leather attached to a flexible, black metal wand. Amber knew what Jean could do with that little instrument and shuddered a bit as her stepmother slapped its tip against the desk to test its durability. As Jean took a seat in the chair that Amber had been using, Amber noticed that Jean hid a couple of objects behind her back. Still, Amber knew she wasn’t supposed to ask questions while she was being inspected so she stood in front of her stepmother and held her arms behind her back while her stepmother looked her over.

Jean carefully examined every inch of her stepdaughter’s naked front, trailing the riding crop’s leather tip across Amber’s pale flesh. She started with her feet, making sure that Amber had kept her toenails clipped and painted a light pink. Satisfied, Jean guided the crop between Amber’s legs and ran the length of each leg up to her shaved mound, searching for any hair; she smiled a wicked grin when Amber shivered from the crop being placed near her privates and delivered a light smack to the young girl’s left inner thigh.

“Don’t move pet. It makes it harder to see if you’ve been my good little toy or not.” Jean ordered as she saw Amber try to suppress a squeal of pain.

Jean spent some time rubbing Amber’s mound, even taking some time to part her swollen labia and patting her engorged clitoris with the riding crop. She observed the wetness of Amber’s pussy and kept escort bursa a curious gaze on her face as she once again looked up at her stepdaughter’s face.

“So I guess today’s entry is particularly steamy?” Jean pulled Amber’s right arm from behind her back and began sniffing and licking her fingertips, searching for Amber’s scent, “Or have you been playing with yourself without permission again?”

Amber tried to keep a straight face as she answered but Jean kept stimulating her nether regions with the cold riding crop and Amber was already so aroused.

“No mistress Jean, I just wrote what you wanted me to and…oh, please don’t make me answer while you’re doing that.” A hard slap on her right thigh made Amber shriek with surprise. Catching herself, she finished:

“And I just got really aroused.”

Jean took the crop and used it to push up each of her step daughter’s proud little breasts. Satisfied that Amber managed to keep a straight-face, Jean led the crop up the young-woman’s chest and put the leather tip in front of her mouth. Amber sucked on the tip, tasting her own wetness until Jean pulled it out.

Jean smiled, “If you’re soaking from just writing, I can’t wait for you to read it aloud to me and my friends.”

Amber gasped, horrified that she would not only have to reveal her sexual preferences to her stepmom but she would also have to do it while Jean’s online friends watched. Jean’s friends were a kink group that met online to share stories of their conquests and occasionally have meet-ups with each other. Jean had recently started a private channel for them where they could watch her carry out her sessions with Ted or Amber. They only responded through text but they loved watching Amber be embarrassed in front of the camera. Sometimes, when she was too busy, Jean would even let them direct the session and Amber would have to take all their requests.

Seeing her stepdaughter’s frightened face, Jean just rolled her office chair over to the door and retrieved a couple of objects, a candy cane and a set of nipple clamps. from the bag while she put on a sadistic smile.

“Present yourself, slut.” Jean said as she unwrapped the candy cane. The thing wasn’t really a cane so much as it was a thick pole of sugar with a candy-cane stripe.

Amber nodded and obeyed, albeit reluctantly. She turned to face the computer monitor and bent over so her face was only a few inches away from the screen and her butt was proudly pushed out towards Jean. She then spread her legs wide so Jean would have an easy time examining her ass.

“That’s really good, pet. Here’s a treat for you, be sure to make it nice and wet.” Jean said as she pushed the candy cane into Amber’s mouth. Amber sucked on it hungrily, using her right hand to steady the piece of candy once Jean released it; she had a good idea what it would be used for and wanted to make sure she narrowed the thick thing down as best as she could.

Jean then attached the clamps. Amber let out a soft cry; she wasn’t used to nipple clamps, having only had them used on her a couple of times, but they felt better than the previous abuse Jean had given her poor little nipples a few minutes ago. As she tried to get used to the pain, Amber heard a slight jingle of bells. She took a quick look down and saw that, attached to the ends of the little strips of metals that hung from the silver clamps were small bells. Amber tried to focus on whittling the candy cane down with her mouth but started to blush as she felt Jean slip a red Santa hat over her forehead; Jean loved dressing Amber up when she wasn’t in school and it was clear what type of cosplay she was going to make Amber wear. Jean confirmed her fears by buttoning an extremely small skirt around her waist. The little skirt was a felt Santa red miniskirt with a bit of white faux fur running around its bottom. Amber could feel her ass hanging out and figured that the miniskirt barely covered anything. Amber’s embarrassment wasn’t over though, as she hear Jean pull on some latex gloves with a chilling snap.

Jean just chuckled as her slave shivered in fear:

“Just keep enjoying your little treat, my little slut. Mommy is going to make sure you’re nice and presentable for her friends.” Jean said as she squeezed Amber’s butt cheeks and pulled them apart, searching for any little hairs.

Amber kept focusing on the long stick of candy in her mouth, which she had worn down to a narrow point on one end. Her mouth was almost dry from all the sugar and her tongue was almost worn out from all of the sucking and licking. She was about to stop and move down the pole when she heard Jean start to click her tongue. Knowing what was coming, Amber took the candy out of her mouth and bit down on her lip.

“Oh my, little slut, you seemed to have missed a few hairs.” Jean said, pulling open a drawer and retrieving a pair of long metal tweezers. Jean had to look hard for them but she had found a five small hairs right outside of her young submissive’s asshole.

“Don’t you worry though, your mistress is going to fix this right up for you.” Jean plucked one of the hairs, taking her time to uncurl it and stretch it out before ripping it from its dark little follicle. She grinned as the act drew a squeal of pain from Amber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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