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“Are you one of them?” Jeremy asked.

I raised my gaze from his crotch to his face. I heard what Jeremy asked but I didn’t know what he meant.

It’s not like I knew Jeremy all that well. I had just started at the warehouse a few weeks before. My main job was packing orders on skids, but if there was a lull, I’d be sent to perform inventories or just sweep off the loading dock.

Jeremy on the other hand was a delivery truck driver. He was quiet, but he seemed to get along with everyone. When we met, he shook my hand in a powerful grip. I winced slightly and he let my hand go with a slight smile. We didn’t make small talk, but I found myself watching Jeremy as he walked across the dock to his truck. I felt something strange that I didn’t recognize, but before I could analyze it my supervisor told me to stop standing around. I felt distracted for a while but I got back to filling orders and concentrated on my task. I didn’t want my supervisor thinking I was a lazy time-waster my first day on the job.

The next day, I saw Jeremy again. We didn’t speak, but he saw me and mock saluted me. I returned the gesture. This became an ever-evolving ritual. I would be down in the stacks filling orders, but I would find ways to wander toward the loading dock, on watch for Jeremy. Sometimes I lingered near him on the loading dock, pushing a broom. As a driver, Jeremy often ate on the road, but from time to time he ate with us in the small staff room that doubled as a lunch room, and when he did, I did my best to sit near him; he nodded a greeting at me one time, and then ignored me. When I had occasions to be near him, he bloomed with a light sweaty smell; it was not an unpleasant odour at all and I found myself inhaling it consciously.

I became aware that I noticed Jeremy in a special way and I craved his notice of me. This was a bit of a stunning revelation to me, because until this time, my interest had always been reserved for women. At twenty-one, my preferences were for MILFs and BBWs especially, though my experience of them was mainly on Pornhub.

Jeremy was certainly not a woman, but he was older than me and he was big and beautiful. He was between thirty and thirty-five. He was tall, about six-foot-five. He had clipped, black hair, that fell in bangs over dark brown, guileless eyes. He shaved only twice a week, so he often sported a fine stubbly beard, visible on both his chins. His sloppy mode of dress screamed bachelor. His shirttails were often to be seen hanging out. His massive gut hung out in such a way that you couldn’t see if he was wearing a belt or not. He always had his work jacket on, as if he was trying to hide his mass. He may have been self-conscious of his weight, which I suspected was over three hundred pounds.

As the days passed, I found myself pursuing this new interest with fascination. It dominated my thoughts at work and invaded my dreams by night. I’d wake in the morning sporting more than my usual morning wood.

One day, at the end of my shift, I was heading to the locker room to shower and change. By complete chance, Jeremy had just finished his last run and we pushed through the locker room door together. He grunted a rough greeting at me. My heart was beating a mile a minute at being so close to the object of my interest. I wondered if he was coming to shower as well… I hurried to my locker, undressed and grabbed a towel to wrap around me as I walked to the shower. From there, I could see Jeremy at his locker. He seemed to be thinking pretty hard about something. He looked back and saw me looking at him. I blushed furiously, but before I averted my eyes and went about my business of running the shower, I saw him take a towel from his locker.

Yes, I thought, thanking the universe that this man was going to be shown to me in his natural glory. Jeremy was coming to the showers too! I tried to look involved with my shower, already lathering my scalp with shampoo by the time Jeremy arrived.

He had his back to me as he discarded görükle escort his towel and stepped under the water. I got an eyeful of his backside. His shoulders were wide and there were a couple of folds hanging off his lower back. His entire back was covered with fine hair; he had more hair on his back than I had on my chest. His ass, surprisingly, looked tight and fit and his legs were as muscular as an athlete’s.

Jeremy turned around and I quickly half-turned so it didn’t look like I was staring at him. Then a strange thing happened: he looked me over. It was a long and lingering look and he was very obvious about it, even though I was only watching him out of the corner of my eye. I blushed again and casually turned around so he could see all of me.

Let him look. I have a fast metabolism, so I am lean as a cadaver. I am fit enough but I would never pass for an athlete. My stringy arms hang from narrow shoulders. My chest is slightly sunken and my legs are spindles. My blond body hair is nearly invisible except for bushes between my legs and under my arms. My cock is a respectable six inches long. My ass is not wide and fleshy, but small and fairly bony. I have a long neck, a round head and a cap of short blond hair.

I continued rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. Then I lathered up with body wash and started scrubbing myself clean. After a few moments, I dared to look at Jeremy.

He was no longer checking me out. He was washing himself too. He pretended not to notice me, but even though I thought he was pretending, I couldn’t stop my staring.

He raised his arms to wash his hairy armpits one by one, slowly. He scrubbed his way down his arms. He lathered up his hairy chest, rotating both hands over his man-breasts in a way that I found a little provocative. I felt a twitch in my cock. Then he spread the wash across his belly, the suds running off his rotund abdomen down toward his crotch. And there it was, Jeremy’s penis.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but the cock I stared at was quite small, perhaps two inches soft. He was cut and the glans of his little penis stood out like a big clit on a woman and just as inviting. It nestled between a disproportionately large ball sac and was almost hidden by Jeremy’s pubic bush.

Many people would not have found this fat man with his hairy body and short cock attractive. I didn’t fully understand why I did find him attractive, a fact for which there was physical evidence.

My erection was at full mast when Jeremy looked my way again as he was washing his cock and balls. He saw my boner and glared at me for a few seconds. Then he turned off the water on his shower and picked up his towel to dry off. I stayed in the shower while Jeremy dressed and left.

Stupid, I told myself when I finally had the courage to come out of the shower. If ever there was a chance blown, that was it. I didn’t know if he was straight or not, but then a few days ago I would have said I was straight. I should have asked him out for coffee or something; not like a date, just a chance to make friends.

Okay, maybe a date. The memory of Jeremy’s exposed nakedness was still fresh in my mind. My cock was still hard as I dried off and dressed.

That night, I dreamed of Jeremy again. He was naked but he was not in the shower. He was in an enormous bed and he was pulling my hand toward him… to join him…

The following morning, I had nerves before work. I would almost certainly see Jeremy that day, and if not, it would happen the next day or the next. I couldn’t avoid it. What would come of the strange intimacy we had shared in the showers of the locker room? Nothing had actually happened after all, but would Jeremy be pissed at him? He did leave rather suddenly. Would he make a complaint to management about lewd behaviour in the showers?

So I fretted, but I went to work. The morning passed by quickly enough, and I never saw Jeremy until after lunch. By that time, I had worked karacabey escort up a real case of anxiety. So when Jeremy called over from his truck, I was all attention. He asked my supervisor if he could get some help with unloading this delivery.

And he pointed to me.

My supervisor shrugged and said, “Take him!”

Jeremy had gone out of his way to ask for me. Did that mean he wasn’t angry, or was, but wanted to get me alone? I would be very alone with him in that truck if he was angry.

I had frozen to my spot.

Jeremy called to me. “C’mon, let’s go.”

I took the stairs down from the loading dock to the truck bays. I made my way to Jeremy’s truck. My knees were knocking, so I didn’t know if I could climb up into the truck. Eventually, I did it. Jeremy had to get some last-minute paperwork, so I sat in the truck waiting to go for five minutes. I was drawn tight as a drum, alone with my thoughts and dreads. My erotic dream of the night before was quite forgotten in the face of my worries.

Eventually, Jeremy did buckle into the driver’s seat, and told me to buckle up too. We drove out of the bay, down the lane and away from the warehouse. We sat in silence for ten minutes. I took furtive glances at him.

“Are you one of them?”

I didn’t know what he meant. I raised my gaze from his crotch and made brief eye contact. He had to keep his eyes on the road.

“One of whom?”

“A chubby chaser,” Jeremy said self-consciously.

“A… what?”

“You heard me. I have met people like you before. Men who chase after large men.”

It all clicked. Suddenly, I knew who I was and that what I was actually was a thing. I had been watching Jeremy from afar with fascination. His every move interested me. Even his smell captivated me. Societal norms of attractiveness did not apply for me. I was a chubby chaser.

“I never have been before,” I said. “I’ve never felt an attraction like what I feel for you.”

That hung in the air for a few minutes. The drive was going to be a long one; there was time for a few pauses in the conversation.

“Like I said, I’ve met people like you before,” Jeremy said. “In the city, I got offers all the time from chubby chasers. Back here in this town, I’m just the fat guy. I can’t get lucky with a girl here to save my life.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. He continued.

“I am not gay. You need to understand that now.”

“I understand.” I was crestfallen, even though I hadn’t really adjusted to the idea that I was gay or bi myself.

“But I have an open mind.”

I looked at him with interest.

“I will let you suck me and I will fuck you. I will never reciprocate anything, because that would be gay.”

“Are you saying–?”

“You had a boner yesterday just looking at my pecker in the shower. Do you have one now?”

My pants felt a little too tight in the groin. “I do.”

He nodded, turning off into a rest stop area. We parked up and took off our seatbelts.

“Do you need the rest room, kid?”

It was the first time Jeremy had called me anything. To this day I don’t think he has called me by my name.

“No, I’m okay.”

“Me too, except for this.”

Jeremy slid over to the truck’s middle seat, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly.

And I? I didn’t even have the pride to play hard to get. I leaned in and pressed my head toward his groin. It wasn’t easy because his gut poured over his crotch area. To get to the prize, I had to lift his gut with one hand and hold it there, while reaching down to pull his cock out of his pants. His small penis could only be liberated so far, but it was enough. I fell on him with all the hunger that had been growing in me over the past few weeks. Shameless of me.

It was like sucking on a strawberry, soft and hard at the same time and full of flavour. I rolled my tongue around Jeremy’s dick, savouring the salty flavour. And mudanya escort with every inhale, I breathed the essence of his manliness. I swirled my tongue in his pubic hair. I licked and sucked on the tiny organ feverishly. My cock was an arrow in my pants.

When Jeremy came, he convulsed with his whole body and my head was caught in the pincer of his abdomen and his upper thighs. My mouth was flooded with semen, blast after blast, as if he had been saving it in those huge balls for months. It was sweet and unfamiliar, but everything I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to blow my chance for a repeat of this experience, so I was careful to suck up all that sperm and not let any of it fall on Jeremy’s clothing.

Sitting up, I was none the worse for wear after giving my first blowjob except only that I was overheated and short of breath. I was erect and desperately horny. I looked at Jeremy, who was still coming down, and said, “I fucking want every piece of you in my mouth. I want to eat you alive.”

Jeremy smiled briefly, then closed up his pants and slid back to the driver’s side. No thank you or well done, but I knew that I had given good head and I was proud of it. The proof came when Jeremy asked for my phone number to add to his contacts.

“You understand that if we continue this, it’s by my rules.”


“And that’s another thing. When you talk to me, call me ‘sir’.”

My cock was wiggling in my pants again. “Yes, sir.”

“What we do is secret. I scare away the girls now; I don’t need it getting out that I use a fag to get off.”

“I’ll keep this all a secret, sir.” I hadn’t thought that far ahead. For weeks, this had just been a growing fantasy. Now the practicalities of a fantasy-based reality were being laid out. I probably wanted to keep my obsession with chubby men a secret too; I didn’t think my parents were ready for that one.

I took offence to being called a fag for a moment, but it’s hard to get high-handed about it right after you’ve just sucked a man’s cock.

“When I text you, you meet me where I say, when I say. Are you single?”

“I’m single, sir. I live alone.”

“Good, so you have no distractions to keep you from meeting me when I say.”

“No, sir.”

“You know what happens if once you don’t answer my call?”

“No, sir.”

“Nothing happens… from then on.”

“I’ll do as you say, sir.”

“Are you sure? What if I say I’m in the mood for taking a quick piece of ass?”

“My ass is yours, sir.” I felt a quiver in my bowels as I offered them to Jeremy. I was an anal virgin but the prospect of being penetrated by a cock as small as Jeremy’s wasn’t too daunting. It was exciting.

“Good. And there won’t be any kissing. Well, except sometimes I like someone to kiss my feet or eat my ass.”

“I’m your man, sir.”

“I may call you names sometimes, like faggot or sissy or gay boy.”

“I can handle it, sir.”

“Alright. We’ll give this a whirl.”

We completed our delivery run and turned back toward our warehouse. It was well past closing time when Jeremy parked the truck for the night. Everyone had gone home for the night except the manager, who was working alone in the office.

Jeremy and I showered in the locker room and it was barely a full minute before I dropped down before his enormous naked body and sucked him off again. This was my first time giving a blowjob on my knees. It turned me on to kneel in submission before my chub. He was horny too and it only took him two minutes to come. Once more my mouth was filled with his cream. I rolled it around on my tongue, getting used to the flavour. My own dick was still needy and unloved, but I knew there was no chance of even a tug or two from my lover.

Later, we left the building together, got into our own cars and went our separate ways for the night.

As soon as I got home, I rubbed myself nearly raw and came three times in rapid succession. I lay on my bed, splattered in my own copious cum when I heard the text alert on my phone. My unabated erection twitched in anticipation. There was an address and a time. To make it on time, I’d have to shower quickly and be out the door in ten minutes. I had no intention of risking this liaison by being late.

I chase where my chubby beckons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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