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My business trip to Hong Kong had gone really well and I was congratulating myself on clinching the deal so early. I wasn’t due back for at least a week, so I decided to treat myself to a short break before returning to work. Much as I enjoyed the excitement and bustle of Hong Kong, it couldn’t provide the sort of peace and quiet I was seeking, so I made a tour of the local travel agents and soon found what I was looking for. The next day found me at Chek Lap Kok, HK’s brand new airport, bound for the island of Bali.

Denpasa Airport was just as frenetic as Hong Kong and I wondered just what I had let myself in for, but when I arrived at my hotel I was pretty impressed. The Balinese must be the most charming people I have ever encountered in my travels; cheerful, friendly and helpful, they did everything to make my stay a pleasant one and I soon began to unwind and savour the Balinese leisurely pace of life.

If there was any downside, I suppose it was the extreme heat at midday, which even after my acclimatization in HK, I found a bit too much to bear. After a few ice-cold beers at the poolside bar, I decided to take a siesta in the air-conditioned comfort of my room. As I opened the door, there was a flurry of movement and two of the hotel staff stared at me in guilty surprise. The TV was showing a soccer match and I guessed it was tuned to the BBC World Service, for I recognized the familiar red shirts of Manchester United. The two lads made to leave, their eyes downcast and no doubt fearing for their jobs, but I gestured to them that it was OK. If they wanted to disappear for an hour or so to watch the match, it was no concern of mine -they seemed to work hard enough the rest of the time.

On the screen, the match had reached a crucial stage: It was close to time and was still at a draw. I beckoned the two lads back and all three of us watched the closing stages. I’m not a great soccer fan, but nobody can resist the drama of a penalty shot and we all cheered as Cole produced one of his magic kicks to decide the game. When it was all over, I took a closer look at my uninvited guests. Both were dressed in the hotel uniform of floral shirts and red sarongs with the inevitable flip-flop sandals, but they couldn’t have been more different: Satayh was a typical Balinese, slim; brown eyed and with a shock of jet-black hair, but his partner in crime, Chun Yai was Chinese and stocky, with a cheerful round face.

I seemed to be the only guest staying in the hotel on my own and I felt in need of some company, so when they made to leave, I opened the mini bar and offered them a drink. Satayh thanked me politely and checked his watch before nodding his agreement. Apparently they weren’t due back on duty for a while.

Satayh spoke excellent English, but Chun Yai was finding it difficult to follow our conversation and went out onto the balcony to drink his beer. I began to quiz Satayh about his life in Bali, but we could have only been chatting for a few minutes when a loud chortle from Chun Yai made us both look up. He put a finger to his lips theatrically and beckoned us out onto the balcony. We peeped cautiously over the edge and saw the reason for his mirth: Below us, a young couple was in the throes of some very passionate lovemaking. Whether they were too impatient to make it back to their room, or they found the idea of sex under the cloudless Balinese sky irresistible, I don’t know, but there was no doubting their enthusiasm. They had chosen their spot with care and were well hidden amongst the luxuriant bushes, but they obviously hadn’t given any thought to being overlooked!

The three of us watched enthralled as the girl slipped her skimpy bikini bottom down to her ankles and positioned herself carefully over her boyfriend’s rampant dick. She had already discarded her yellow top and her breasts bounced entrancingly as she began to lift and thrust her hips, in a slow, steady rhythm. We ducked back quickly when she threw her head back, but her eyes were so tightly closed in ecstasy that we soon realised that she was oblivious to everything around her. We could hear her gentle moaning, even over the noise from the pool, as she began to pound relentlessly onto her partner’s suntanned body.

I could already feel my erection straining against the fabric of my stylish Nike shorts and without thinking, I slid my hand through the waistband to make myself more comfortable. It only took a moment to rearrange myself, but when I was done, I looked around guiltily at my two companions to see if they had noticed. Chun Yai was still intent on the scene below, but Satayh had been watching me with interest and there was no mistaking the prominent bulge in the front of his sarong. He made to turn away, but his embarrassed smile changed into a mischievous grin when I gave an exaggerated Demetevler Escort sigh of relief and nodded down at my own barely concealed hard on. I turned back and watched enviously as the two bodies writhed and bucked below me, unaware that Satayh had moved closer to me. Moments later, I jumped in surprise as I felt Satayh’s cool fingers creep stealthily up the leg of my shorts in search of my rigid dick. He must have taken my friendly nod for some kind of invitation

Whether it was weeks of abstinence or just the relaxed atmosphere of Bali, but instead of pulling away, I slid my hand down once more to free my cock from the inner lining of my shorts for him. Satayh glanced at his companion, but Chun Yai still hadn’t moved, and to judge from his heavy breathing, I guessed that he was far too busy seeing to his own comfort to bother about us. Satayh turned back and parted the folds of his sarong with an inviting smile. Whether by chance or design, he had positioned himself so that the overlapping fabric was on the side next to me, so I had no difficulty in slipping my hand inside. I could tell that he was wearing nothing underneath by the way his cock was sharply outlined against the thin fabric, but even so, a shiver of excitement went through my body as my hand slipped round his naked thigh to close on the soft, oily skin of his balls. For the next ten minutes or so, we fondled and stroked each other and it was only when we saw the young woman finally collapse onto her partner’s chest that we drew reluctantly apart. Sadly, the show was over for us, but that young woman would never know how much enjoyment she had provided her hidden audience.

We must have been on the balcony for longer than I thought, for when we returned to the coolness of my room, Chun Yai looked at his watch and made a startled grab for the pile of towels he had collected earlier on. As they were leaving, I managed to whisper to Satayh. “See you later?” But he only smiled shyly and slipped out of the room without a word.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering leisurely along the gorgeous beaches. Unlike many spots around the world, I wasn’t constantly pestered to buy the usual touristy souvenirs and I had plenty of time to think about my thrilling encounter on the balcony. The day was growing noticeably cooler and there were some distant rumblings of thunder in the mountains, so I decided to eat in the hotel restaurant and not venture out any more that evening. But the threatened storm didn’t materialize and I had all the time in the world to enjoy an exotic meal on the palm-fringed terrace. From where I sat, I could see the corner where we had spotted the young honeymooners earlier on and I grinned to myself -If they only knew!

* * *

The recollection of their uninhibited lovemaking made me feel quite horny and I toyed with the idea of taking a taxi ride into town, where I knew I would find plenty of bargirls only too keen to oblige me with a quick blowjob. Much as the idea appealed, I decided that I had drunk far too much wine to really enjoy it and I promised myself that I would save that excursion as a special treat for my last night. Instead, I bade a cheery goodnight to the restaurant staff and made my way unsteadily up to my room.

I had never been over fond of cold showers when I was at school, but after the heat of the day, this one was a real tonic and I soon began to sober up. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stand the force of the needle-like jets for more than a minute or two and I emerged into the air-conditioned coolness of my bedroom, wrapped in the bulky bathrobe that the hotel had thoughtfully provided. I sat on the bed, drying my hair and idly flicking through the stations on the TV, trying to find the porn channel, until I remembered that I was in a predominantly Moslem country. In any case, most of the other young guests seemed capable of making their own amusement in that quarter without the need of any further stimulation.

Despite the cold shower, I was still feeling incredibly horny and my mind began to tantalize me by recalling every detail of my secret workout with the slim young Balinese boy.

I hadn’t shared a mutual hand job since my schooldays, but the feel of Satayh’s cool fingers on my dick had brought back memories of many furtive sessions behind the library after school had finished for the day. Ah well! It was good while it lasted. I thought resignedly and reached for a pack of tissues from the nightstand.

I had hardly begun when there was a soft tap on the door. I hastily retied my robe and went to answer it, wondering who it could be at that late hour. The corridor was in near darkness and I felt a moment of panic as a slim figure slid through Otele gelen escort the narrow gap into my room. Satayh took a stealthy look along the passageway before closing the door carefully. He wasn’t allowed in the guest areas after midnight, he whispered breathlessly as he turned the lock.

“You’ll have to stay here until morning, then.” I said jokingly as I led him into the bedroom.

“O.K.” He said simply, with just the trace of a smile.

I sat down on the bed and looked up at him uncertainly. For once in my life, I wasn’t sure what to do next. During my many trips abroad, I had often sampled the local culture, so to speak, but those girls had all known what they were there for and got down to business right away. I somehow knew that this was different, for when I looked up at Satayh, I was surprised to see a look of genuine eagerness in his long-lashed brown eyes. He hadn’t risked his job just to earn a good tip, I was sure of that.

He must have sensed my indecision, for he gave me one of his shy smiles and began to unbutton his shirt. My fingers trembled with excitement as I fumbled to untie my bathrobe and soon it contrasted sharply with the bright red of Satayh’s sarong as they fell together onto the tiled floor.

I gazed at Satayh’s lithe, brown body with something akin to awe. God, he was beautiful! His golden skin was smooth and hairless, except for a nest of straight black hair surrounding his genitals and a small “V” shaped tuft between his dark brown nipples. I had already got some idea of the size and shape of his prick that afternoon, but I couldn’t hold back an admiring gasp as I saw it for exposed to view for the first time. It jutted out, stiff and proud, with just a trace of pink showing at the tip, where his shiny cock head peeked out from its protecting sheath. In contrast to the rest of his body, the skin of his genitals was almost black, so that his hairless testicles hung down like two ripe plums beneath his upright dick, swinging gently as he moved towards me.

I would have liked to explore him longer, but I had seen the look of wonder on his face as he stared down at my own rapidly growing prick: It had earned me the nickname of ‘Donkey Dick’ from some of my more intimate friends at school and it had been the source of much teasing from them. Secretly I had basked in the title and every partner I had known since then had taken a delight in its size. Satayh was no exception: He uttered a little cry of excitement and knelt between my widespread legs to take me into his mouth. I was so aroused that I nearly came there and then, and it took a real effort of will to gently lift his head away. He looked at me in surprise, but when I drew him towards me, he understood and lay down on the bed by my side. We hugged each other tightly while my hands began to wander unrestrained all over his golden body.

After a while, he knelt up and turned towards the foot of the bed, lifting his leg over my chest so that he was kneeling astride me. He shuffled back towards the pillow until his cock dangled enticingly above my mouth. I was a mere novice at giving head, but I had been worked on by experts and for the next few minutes I employed every trick I had learnt in the grubby backrooms of Singapore and Bangkok until the young Balinese began to whimper and wriggle with pleasure. Meanwhile, his lips had engulfed the broad head of my cock, sucking and releasing it in an irresistible rhythm until my overloaded senses could take it no longer. I gave a loud grunt and my hips thrust upward uncontrollably as I pulsed jet after jet into the warmth of his eager mouth. He gave a deep hum of pleasure and his hips began to buck rapidly over my head, so that his long, skinny ball sac bounced against my nose at each stroke. With every plunge I could feel the soft dome of his cock head slip further out of its sheath until it suddenly expanded with a soft ‘plop’ and his hot sperm spurted fiercely onto my tongue.

Satayh’s thighs were nestled around my head and I felt them tremble uncontrollably as more pulsing jets followed. He continued to thrust frantically into my aching mouth until I coughed at the onslaught, splashing little tendrils of his cum over his belly. Suddenly it was all over, and with a final, shuddering gasp, Satayh collapsed on top of me, utterly spent. He lay like a limp rag doll for some time until my muffled protests made him aware that I was almost smothering beneath him. His softened cock slipped wetly from my lips as he rolled off me and after much scrambling, his head appeared on the pillow beside me. He flicked his shock of black hair back from his face and gave me a mischievous smile, as if to say ‘was that good?’ I smiled in agreement and slid my arm round his shoulders Balgat Escort to draw him close to me once more. I lay back and watched the ceiling fan turning lazily above me, listening to the boy’s gentle breathing as we recovered from the uninhibited frenzy of the last few minutes.

On my many travels abroad, my sexual encounters had all been of the strictly hetero. variety, intended to release me from the stresses of doing business in a strange land. One grateful Japanese client even provided me with ‘comfort girls’ whenever I visited him -a business ‘perk’ I never divulged to the taxman! Much as I had enjoyed every new experience, few of them had given me such intense satisfaction as the slim Balinese youth asleep by my side. Satayh was the first all-male encounter I had experienced since leaving my boarding school and I had found it alarmingly thrilling.

I must have dozed off, for the next thing I remembered was the feel of Satayh’s cock pressing against mine, and a pleasant tingling sensation, as they were gently rubbed against each other. I hadn’t fully recovered yet, so that when I looked down, I could see that our two soft cock heads were squeezed close together, one bright purple, the other a shiny chestnut brown. I smiled at the sight: You couldn’t get much closer race relations than that! I grinned up at Satayh, but even as I watched, his large brown eyes lost their gentle expression and his hand began to move faster. I could feel the blood beginning to throb down the length of his shaft, swelling it until its turgid length became unyielding and heavy once more. Satayh’s busy stroking was making our testicles bounce painfully against each other and I reached down to hold them still. As I did so, the two hard lumps in Satayh’s pouch suddenly contracted and I felt a series of warm spurts cascading over my body, gathering in pearly drops on my chest hair and trickling down my ribs.

Shortly after, my own cock responded, but it lacked the youthful zest of my companion and merely erupted a series of thick, white blobs which trickled lazily down from my cock head onto his brown hand. Satayh released his grip and licked the sticky mess off his fingers with obvious relish, before sliding down the bed to lick me clean. The roughness of his tongue sliding over my sensitive cock head made me quiver with pleasure and I flopped back on the pillow with a contented groan.

I needed time to recover, but the slim lad beside me continued to fondle and suck on me until I could take no more. I gently lifted his head away and, as he knelt up, I noticed a strange, pleading look come into his eyes. “Please, tuan.” He whispered urgently and looked down at the dark valley between his legs. I followed his gaze and in the gloom of the bedside light I saw that his slender prick was still pointing stiffly upwards -It was as if his recent climax had never happened! He clutched at his balls and gave an agonized groan and there was a desperate note in his voice as he repeated his plea. “Oh Please, tuan.” He must have become so aroused that he was almost insatiable and I knew that I had to do something to ease the poor lad’s pain.

I pushed him backwards onto the bed and began to wank him as hard as I could, squeezing his balls tightly as if I could force the elusive cum from them. Satayh squirmed with effort beneath me, every muscle tense as his tormented body strained to find the relief it craved. He started to utter strange, little high-pitched yelps and when I looked up I could see that his eyes were full of tears of frustration. I gave him a sympathetic smile and renewed my efforts, feeling the sweat forming on my naked back, until eventually I felt his cock twitch rapidly and yield a few drops of clear liquid, which flew off into the darkness. Thinking that was the end, I eased up on my frantic stroking, but Satayh’s brown cock remained rock hard in my grasp.

In the next few minutes, Satayh’s poor mistreated cock went through its orgasmic-like spasms twice more without any noticeable effect. Over the sound of my own panting breath, I could hear him whispering urgently, begging me not to stop. My wrist had started to ache and I was just about to give up when Satayh stifled a scream and his whole body convulsed in ecstasy. From somewhere in their depths his two balls managed to produce a torrent of thick, creamy white gobbets, which jetted up in a low arc to land heavily onto his heaving chest. His spectacular climax seemed to go on forever, and I watched in amazement as he writhed and yelled, lost in the supreme rapture of being young and male and fulfilled.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I have some photographs that I took during our incredible time together and as I write this, Satayh’s smiling face is propped on the keyboard in front of me. He once told me that he would like to travel, but would probably never get the chance. Nevertheless, his picture has traveled the World with me since then, tucked safely inside my traveling bag. Sometimes, as I relax in yet another anonymous hotel room, images of his naked, brown body lie beside me on the bed as I try to recapture the memory of those magical Balinese nights we shared together.

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