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With well practiced skill, Elaine set her tray down and started unloading glasses. It didn’t take her long at all, a few seconds really, to finish. The empty glasses clattered as she tried to push the heavy rack up over the top to the dishwashers. Her hands were a little slippery, and she almost didn’t make it when another pair of hands came to the rescue. Stu was sidling up a little too close to Elaine than he needed to be, but he did manage to wrestle the heavy rack out of her way without breaking anything. She smiled by way of thanks, and tried to get around him, but he was blocking her way. “Hey, sweetie, aren’t you going to talk to me?” he asked.

“Stu, I’m busy,” was her retort. “What do you want, anyway?”

“Heard you got a new boy…and he’s young! What’s he in? High school?” teased Stu. Elaine gave him a playful smack on the arm.

“No, college, silly!” she giggled. “And where’d you hear about him anyway?”

“Oh, everyone knows, sweetie. Word travels fast. I think everyone also knows about your other little escapades too,” he teased. It was a well known fact throughout the restaurant that Elaine cuckolded her husband on a regular basis. A lot of the reasoning for that getting out was that she was a vicious flirt at work, and many of those flirtations had led to something more.

“Stu! Oh my God no!” Elaine shrieked in horror. She couldn’t let word of her little indiscretions get back to her husband. “Who else knows?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” he assured her. “Sure wish you’d stop by my place some night though,” he offered.

Elaine took the hint, and fired right back at him. “But Stu, I thought your focus wasn’t really on women.” It was no secret that Stu was bisexual, for he was quite open about it. Lately though, it seemed that he was more gay than anything else, but that didn’t really concern Elaine. Stu was a great guy to work with, whatever his orientation, and she knew that he was half kidding about her coming over. Once that was said, she worked her way around him and back out of the dish room, but not before he playfully squeezed her ass. She shot him an evil look and sped out of the room. He knew she was kidding.

“You can bring your little friend…I don’t bite!” she heard him calling out after her. At least Stu had managed to lighten her mood, but she knew that in the future she’d have to be more careful. After all, screwing around behind her husband’s back with a college student was one thing, being the sex toy for several of the guys she worked with was not. She still had fond memories of those times, and didn’t want anything to spoil them. Elaine knew that Stu had been sniffing after her ever since she started working, and the fact that he got to hear the other guys tell him how good a lay she was had to be driving him nuts. Well, with her new found lover, she was being more open, there might be a way to fix that, if only he’d be discreet. Besides, from what the other girls had told her, Stu was pretty good himself. She’d just have to see.

The rest of the night, whenever Stu had the chance, he’d corner Elaine and make his little ‘suggestions’, and she played right along with it. Just to test him to see how far he really wanted to take things, she backed into him in the storeroom, waiting to feel his hand caressing her butt again. He didn’t disappoint, and Elaine took it one step further. Taking his hand in hers, she quickly twirled around, letting him brush his fingers against her crotch. He curved his hand around her pussy through her panties, giving her a quick caress, and Elaine knew that he was interested. Leaning towards her ear, Stu asked her several rather intimate questions about Randy. How well hung was he? Did he have a nice ass? Was he cut? Somehow, Elaine managed to be evasive while answering, all the while creaming her panties at the thought of her young lover. Still, she wasn’t quite sure how to approach this. She thought about this after extracting herself from there, imagining all the wonderful possibilities. If somehow she could manage to slip away and sneak over to Stu’s place one night…and then there was Randy.

Her college boy stud was due back to school in a few days, and Elaine knew she had to be with him again. Over the summer she had somehow managed to sneak off and see him a few times, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her desires. During their fuck sessions, she had gotten him hot by telling him of her other exploits, he certainly didn’t seem to mind, in fact, it turned him on. As far as being with a guy who went both ways, Elaine knew Randy had no experience with that, but he was somewhat curious. She thought back to one fateful night when she’d been giving him a blow job, and her tongue had wandered down past his balls. His breath seemed to quicken when her tongue touched his ass hole, and although neither of them had done anything like it before, she was soon giving him a rim job while he stroked himself.

It wasn’t a bad experience at all, and Randy came rather forcefully for her when she was doing that. They Çankaya Escort had experimented with that a few more times, eventually growing bold enough to allow Elaine to actually finger Randy’s ass. Coupled with their usually raunchy pillow talk, they’d let the best of their imaginations get to them. This culminated in Randy admitting he’d be willing, under the right circumstances, to try even more along these lines. What that all meant to Elaine was that if she could arrange the right situation, there were certain fantasies that they both might get to live out. The only trouble was, would Randy really go for it? She still had a few days to work on that one, even though this evening was consumed with lust filled thoughts about Stu. His ongoing flirtations didn’t make things easier for her, but they did strengthen her resolve to see this fantasy through.

Eventually, the evening ended, with only a few more lewd suggestions from Stu. Elaine had the next couple of days to figure out just how to get all the pieces to fit together. There was also her long awaited reunion with Randy, which turned out to be rather hot, as expected. During their steamy interlude, Elaine felt him out, fingering his ass again while she sucked him, and finding out how he fantasized about anal play. Specifically, she asked if he could see himself letting another man do what she was doing. Breathlessly, Randy replied that he’d not only enjoy it, but he wouldn’t mind helping the other guy get started either. That played right into Elaine’s hands, and she continued her exploration of his feelings by asking him how he’d take another man’s cum.

On this he hesitated a bit, but Elaine recovered quickly by presenting the situation as one where he’d be going down on her after she’d been fucked by another guy. As expected, that turned him on beyond belief, and he was all over her. Elaine coaxed him on while he fucked her, telling him to visualize how hot they could get if they added another guy to the mix. With all of that going on, Randy didn’t last very long, filling Elaine’s pussy with his cum. She finished things off that day by fingering her dripping cunt, and having Randy lick his own semen off her coated fingers. He seemed to enjoy it, and as they cleaned up afterwards, Elaine came up with an idea. She arranged to meet Randy for a bike ride in a couple of days, and she had just the route planned out for them.

The next couple of days seemed like they would take forever to pass. Luckily, Elaine was able to arrange for an afternoon off, not only for herself but also for Stu. She knew him well enough that in all likelihood, he’d be hanging around his place on an afternoon off in the middle of the week. Given the nice weather, she figured she had an even money chance of him being outside, which suited her perfectly. With that arranged, and the afternoon to herself, Elaine got herself dressed and hopped on her bike. She knew that she attracted the admiring stares of a mailman as she pedaled her way towards their rendezvous. Smiling to herself, she knew why he was staring. Elaine was wearing a tight sports bra, one barely able to contain her breasts. It had the advantage of pushing her breasts tightly together, forming a deep cleavage. Her midriff was bare, and a skin tight pair of black bike shorts was all else she wore. When she was hunched over her handlebars, she knew her ass was wiggling seductively to anyone behind her, and that was just the look she was going for.

After biking her way past several guys who gave her admiring looks (and a couple of toots on a car horn too), Elaine reached the agreed upon intersection. She had just enough time to take a sip of water before he came around the corner, pedaling hard. Elaine looked him over as he braked to a stop next to her. He had on a simple tank top which showed off his well defined shoulders nicely, and he was wearing spandex biking pants as well. She could see the bulge of his crotch in those form fitting black pants, and she licked her lips in anticipation. He came to a stop and they kissed, with Randy wondering what they’d be doing. As Elaine brought her lips away from his, flicking her tongue out onto his lips in parting, she smiled coyly at him and beckoned him to follow her.

They mounted their bikes and headed off down the road, Elaine in the lead and Randy following. She looked behind to make sure that he was following, and to entice him Elaine lifted her ass off her seat as she rode, wiggling her butt at him. Her bike shorts were skin tight and black, and Randy needed no further invitation to join her. They raced down a few more streets before Elaine turned into a development. Randy was right behind her as they weaved in and out of several side streets, finally coming to a cul-de-sac. Elaine skidded her bike to a stop outside of a townhouse, and waited for Randy to catch up. Sweaty and out of breath, she told him that she knew a friend who lived here, and wanted to stop in for something cold to drink. Randy was Keçiören Escort getting overheated as well, and he heartily agreed. Parking their bikes alongside each other, they headed for the door.

Inside, Stu was enjoying his day off, not really getting involved in anything, rather he was just relaxing when a knock came at the door. Grumbling a bit to himself, he got up and to his surprise, found a very sexy looking Elaine waiting for him. The well muscled young stud in tow must be her boyfriend, he thought, and Stu graciously invited them in. They took him up on his offer, and made themselves comfortable on the couch while he went to go get them some water. He returned, and his guests drank their water quickly, for they were hot. Now seated and refreshed, Elaine made the customary introductions while keeping a close eye on both of the guys.

They seemed to be getting along well enough, and she caught enough stolen glances in her direction that she knew she was in charge. Particularly Randy seemed a bit puzzled why they were here talking instead of being off somewhere together, but that was all a part of her plan. Elaine also noted that on occasion, either Randy or Stu would be sneaking a glance at each other, no doubt Stu was admiring her young lover’s physique. As for Randy, Elaine imagined that he too was eyeing up Stu. After all, her coworker was nicely built himself, a little on the slim side but well toned. His lounging around outfit consisted of a faded cotton tank top and a pair of smallish running shorts. She saw enough to understand why those girls she worked with raved about him, and why the rumors of his escapades with some of the guys abounded. He didn’t seem at all uncomfortable, and in fact it appeared that he had an interest in both of them. Elaine decided that this would be the time for her to find out just how far they could take things.

Making a pretense of being overheated, Elaine interrupted their general conversation by asking Stu if she could use his shower. Stating that she was too hot and sweaty to be comfortable, she surprised everyone with her unusual request, but Stu didn’t have a problem with it. He pointed Elaine in the right direction, and she headed down the hall. Both men watched as she made her way down the hall, and she knew it. It took her only a moment, but with both guys watching her intently, Elaine stripped off her bra before turning into the bathroom doorway. It was only a momentary eyeful, but it was a start. Elaine had her shorts off and was in the shower quickly, leaving Stu and Randy to themselves. After her little impromptu show, neither one of them was quite sure what to expect.

They continued getting to know each other, and sharing a few personal insights about Elaine as well. The conversation was just getting to some of the hotter aspects of Elaine’s life when she emerged from the bathroom. Instead of her sport bra and biking shorts, she was now wearing one of Stu’s oversized T-shirts. At least it was oversized enough to give the barest coverage below her waist, which was exactly what she wanted. Her hair was wet and clinging to her, for she hadn’t had sufficient time to dry herself. That meant that the white cotton shirt was clinging as well, nearly transparent in some places, like where her nipples are aureole were showing through. Neither man was able to speak when she entered the room, and casually took a seat on the couch. Her tits were poking out of that T-shirt, and with the way she was sitting, both guys could see her pussy as well. If ever there was an open invitation, that was it. Both guys were openly staring at her when she coyly asked what they had been talking about. Stu was the first to reply.

“Actually, we were talking about you.”

“Oh, really? Anything good?” she asked, with a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

“Well, yeah,” was Stu’s reply. “I was telling Randy here all about how much fun you are at work,” he said, knowingly. His eyes didn’t wander from her crotch, and Elaine played things up by sitting with her legs spread just a bit farther apart when she noticed.

“Is that all you guys were talking about?”

“No,” came the answer from Randy. He was already aroused by his girlfriend’s state of undress and the seductive pose she was in. “We were also talking about how hot you can be.”

“I’ll bet,” said Elaine, winking at her lover. “But I think you boys have done enough talking. I think maybe you want me to show you instead.” With that, Elaine hopped up out of her seat, taking both men by the hand. She led them down the hallway towards Stu’s bedroom, and they eagerly followed. Her wet shirt clung to her back, exposing her ass while she walked, and both Randy and Stu kept their eyes riveted on her posterior. Upon entering the room, she made a few strides towards the bed, but before she got there, Elaine turned, pulling off her shirt in the process.

Stu’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her breasts. After hearing all the lurid Etimesgut Escort stories that were circulating around work, he had finally gotten to see her incredible body. Elaine definitely kept herself in shape, and what a shape it was! Her body was graced with heavenly curves, and they were now catching both Stu and Randy’s attention. While Randy was quite accustomed to her charms, Stu could barely believe his eyes. All those tales of her sexual exploits at work did include rather detailed descriptions of Elaine sans clothing, but this was better than he ever expected. His eyes were still locked on her breasts as she approached him, then without warning, Elaine was on her knees before him. A quick tug at his shorts pulled them down to the floor, freeing his semi-erect cock, which found its way into her mouth.

Elaine’s soft lips caressed Stu’s cock as she slowly sucked him into her mouth. She used her hands to brush her hair back as she bobbed her head up and down along the length of his stiffening shaft. It didn’t take long for him to get hard with that soft wet mouth caressing every inch of his dick. Stu reached his hand down to fondle her tits while she sucked him, well aware that Randy was looking on. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Randy to contain his own hard on while he watched Elaine blowing Stu. Her saliva coated his cock as she pumped that glistening rod in and out of her mouth. Elaine had her hand stroking Stu’s shaft now as well, but the best sensations he was getting was from her lips and tongue as she continued to suck him. Her nipples hardened between his fingers as he pinched them ever so gently, and she moaned softly as the firmness of his touch increased.

Stu was bucking his hips back and forth now, thrusting his cock gently into her mouth while she sucked, fucking her mouth in time to her strokes. Elaine motioned her boyfriend to move next to Stu, which he did, and he hastily stripped off his own pants, waving his cock in her face. She gave him a few quick sucks as well, then gestured both guys over to take a seat on the edge of the bed. Once they were positioned there, Elaine started sucking again, going down on Stu first, then Randy in rapid succession. Both men leaned back to enjoy this treatment as her mouth enveloped first one then the other hard cock. Elaine couldn’t keep up stroking both guys with her hands, but they soon caught on and managed to do so themselves. In turn, she used her free hand to finger her own pussy, which was getting pretty wet. As her slender fingers touched and rubbed her swollen pussy lips, Elaine started to writhe but she never broke her rhythm of sucking both guys. Just when she could taste the first drops of pre cum on both of their cocks, she climbed up on the bed with them. The scrambled back out of the way, allowing her to lead. She brought Randy up to her mouth again, feeling his hands caressing her breasts. Once again, she parted her full lips to let his cock slide in as he straddled her face. For Stu, Elaine spread her legs, revealing her luscious wet pussy to him, inviting him to do whatever it was that he wanted while Randy was fucking her face.

Stu’s eyes locked in on that soft pink prize in front of him. He knew that she had played coy for so long at work, yet he had been told how many cocks had gone through that delicious looking pussy as well. Elaine’s brown bush framed that lovely cunt, and Stu knelt down to taste it. Her whole body shuddered as she felt his tongue flicking out at her, gently teasing her pussy with it. The tip of his tongue barely touched against the wet outer lips of her pussy, and Stu slowly traced the outline of her sex before flicking his tongue over her clit. That brought a gasp from her, and he darted his tongue out at her once again. This time, he let more of his tongue caress her pussy, teasing her clit even more before dipping it between those gorgeous pussy lips. Stu savored her taste on his tongue, then went back for more, licking her all over, licking her deeper with each stroke.

His playful little licks grew deeper and deeper, touching Elaine with more and more of his tongue with each successive stroke. Her juices coated his tongue as it explored its way deep inside her pussy, and the musky aroma of her cunt filled his nostrils. With great skill, Stu managed to keep his mouth and tongue over Elaine’s puss even as she wriggled her hips from side to side. Now that she was wet, Stu gently eased a pair of fingers inside her, and that got a tremendous moan out of her. His fingers disappeared inside her hot little twat, enveloped in her velvety smoothness. Elaine’s juices lubricated the way, and Stu could feel his hard cock yearning to take her, but he was patient. Instead, he continued to finger fuck Elaine, giving her a taste of what was to come. As he slowly sawed his fingers in and out of her, Stu kept his tongue concentrating on Elaine’s hardening clit. The hard little bud tasted so sweet on his tongue, even Stu knew he couldn’t resist much longer. Sudden movement from Randy startled him for a second, then he realized that Elaine had gotten her younger lover to take his cock from her mouth and fuck her tits instead. He seemed to be enjoying thrusting his cock between those gorgeous mounds, and Elaine was still taking the head of his dick in her mouth every few thrusts. Stu watched this for a few seconds, then he made his move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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