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You have never looked this beautiful.

You can only feel what is about to happen.

Because there is a silk blindfold draped across your eyes.

It is late at night. Mostly everyone else has left the office.

The thrilling danger of being caught makes this even more exciting.

You have always wanted to be ravished inside of your office.

You did not plan this.

But today is the day.

You look so sultry slightly bent over your desk.

The first thing you feel is your skirt being lifted.

You try not to quiver with anticipation.

Kneeling behind you he blows all around the edges of your outer lips.

You feel your panties continue to moisten.

You cannot stop pushing your sexy backside back and forth against him.

He notices this.

At first you try to deny your arousal.

It is too late. Your starved body is already betraying you.

He notices everything.

It’s as if he knows exactly what you need. No words are even needed.

The next thing you feel is his mouth connecting with the top of your panties.

Your panties are dragged down your legs by the edge of his lips.

You have never had your panties taken off of you like this.

His lips and teeth are relentless in their teasing.

The teasing aspect of this oral assault is arousing you even more.

You burn at the thought of being so exposed in such a vulnerable position.

At any moment you might be discovered.

And you can almost feel the tip of your clit rub back and forth against the edge of your desk.

You start to build up the friction even more. You feel yourself desperate to cum.

He lets you get in a few thrusts against the desk. It arouses him to see you like this.

He is ready to take control again.

You are not going to be allowed to release yourself just yet.

Something cold suddenly hovers just above you.

You cannot help but wonder if this is a small ice cube.

A few trickles of water slide down on to the top of your exposed clit tip.

You feel how cold the tingling sensation is against such a sensitive part of your outer pussy lips.

Not being able to see makes it all even more acute.

This sudden jolt has your pleasure pearl on full alert.

He proceeds to blow right against the same exact point.

So that the tip of your clitoris continues to expand outward and upward.

You feel the pleasure of the icy coldness followed by the fiery heat.

The tip of his lazy tongue licks all around the middle of your sexy clit tip.

The touch is light and fleeting. You are not able to find the exact rhythm that you need.

Slowly you feel his lips lapping up all of the moisture from the ice water.

You feel this start to mix with your swollen honey.

Your juices pool around the outer lips of your heavily congested vulva.

You desperately push back against him even more.

Your trembling clit pulsates back and forth in between your sexy legs.

It’s throbbing and aching for a more direct touch that will make it explode into flashes of the most intense light.

Delicate and precise clitoral stimulation has always been the trigger to your inner heat.

And the liquid lava that burns inside of you is starting to trickle outward from your sultry insides.

He notices.

You are nothing more than a lake of lust right now.

He aches and thirsts to taste more of you.



The first session had ended yesterday rather abruptly.

Just before you were able to convulse into a full blown climax.

Today he needs to Bayan Escort Gaziantep feel more of you against his lips, mouth and tongue.

You are now on your office couch. There is a blindfold over your eyes, and your legs are over the top of his shoulders. There are soft pillows under you.

You could not be any more open and vulnerable. This continues to excite you.

Your skirt has just been uplifted. Your panties have been shoved to the side.

You can already feel the slight breeze sliding up your inner thighs.

Reaching around you he takes hold of the bottom swells and curves of your sexy cheeks and proceeds to uplift you even more.

So that there is little space between this open and eager and oral pursuit and your flooding juices.

Last night he dreamed and fantasized about how swollen and how soaking wet you actually get.

How he would give anything in the world to one day just have the chance of taking even just the slightest taste of you.

Today is his lucky day.

You can feel his two fingers thrusting in and out of your soaking wetness. Pressing inward and upward so as to get a good grip against your throbbing g-spot.

You are shocked by the sudden intensity.

You feel the tip of his tongue slide up and down your clitoral hood. This makes the end of the bulb even more pronounced.

He pulls the tip of your aching clitoris inside of his mouth and traps it in between his lips.

There is just enough pressure to feel the sexy sting. But not enough of the rhythm that you so desperately crave.

The juices are pouring out of you. He feels them drip down his chin. He can feel the wetness surround the tip of each finger.

Your soft moans fill the room.

He cannot hold off any longer.

Suddenly he takes the shaft of his throbbing dick in between the tips of his fingers and starts to trail the edges of the head all around the outer most edges of your trembling clit tip. Totally avoiding the tip of it so as to make it swell and stretch outward even more.

This increases the intensity of your moans.

Then you feel the head bear down right against the top of your swollen clit shaft.

So that the tip of your clit tip peeks out so sexily just above the top of his throbbing head.

He holds it totally still so as to enjoy your sexy, wet, and sweet honey coat the head of his pounding member.

Then the head starts to slowly glide up and down every single inch of your pulsating clit. All the way from the very top of the tip and all the way downward to the very bottom of the sexy shaft.

You feel it briefly against the underside of your clit and this makes you cringe with sensual agony.

So that your clit and the head of his throbbing dick are almost one and the same.

Giving your clit an all over massage with the slow and soft up and down motion that trails so lightly and so slowly.

You cannot help that you start to unconsciously and slowly lift upward with your sexy pelvis just to feel the edge of it all of the way against you.

No words are even needed at this point. He knows exactly what you need.

And as you come all the way upward you feel the head slide now just inside of the opening of your swelling inner lips.

He holds still so as to feel you squeeze and trickle all around him.

He pulls it slowly all the way out. Dragging it out of you so that he can hear the wetness that is collecting against the opening of your sexy inner walls.

You then feel a light tap against the top of your extended clit tip. Realizing this is the head of his dick makes you shriek.

This makes the head twitch back and forth against you. He is excited by your growing arousal.

The head slides back inside of you. You feel it spin around and around like an out of control roller coaster. The sensation is most acute along the outer edges of your over heating inner walls.

Your wetness causes the head to expand inside of you even more. You cannot see anything because of the blindfold. But you can feel that he is very well endowed.

Suddenly the head is thrust outward yet again. He is not letting you sustain any kind of rhythm.

You feel a sudden slap against the middle of your trembling clit tip. This makes you scream even louder. You have always fantasized in private about having your clit spanked like this.

You can literally feel the tip of your swollen clitoris stretch and pull all the way outward from its protective hood. It feels ready to burst at the seams.

If he continues to slap your pleasure point so teasingly you worry that your juices may spray all over the couch. You already feel a small puddle starting to form underneath you.

You start to wonder if he will actually get you to the point in which you cannot help but beg.



Again this morning he has stopped just before the moment of climax.

It is almost as if he is testing your willpower with all of this teasing and constant stopping.

You know that you could have gone home last night and fingered yourself furiously.

The thought crossed your mind earlier to even go home for a quick lunch break.

The past two days have given you weeks of fantasy material.

But the release would have been all too quick. Even as satisfying as it may have been at the time.

All you know at this point is that you have never been on edge for such a prolonged period of time like this.

So you continue to allow yourself to just let go.

You vow to let him continue to control you.

He demands another session with you as the afternoon arrives. He liked how vulnerable you were on your leather office couch. He liked the blindfold over your eyes. He liked the proximity of co-workers right outside your door.

More pillows are thrust underneath you so as to elevate your wetness even more.

The first thing you feel this afternoon is just the edge of his dick.

The head pushes back upward inside of you. You almost hope it will never pull it out.

Again you feel yourself start to fall underneath this sensual spell.

He starts to slide in a sizzling like path all the way across the opening of your sexy tulip. The motion is slow and rather unsteady.

You come upward from the pillows now. You grind your sexy hips around and around so as to feel an even more firm and direct touch.

He can feel you gripping all around his dick. You are intent to trap him even more deeply inside of your yearning yoni.

You bear down with your inner swells. This makes him totally jerk inside of you. He feels you surround his dick in such a delicious and luscious way.

He feels the need to turn you inside out with every single inch of his dick until you can no longer even stand up any longer.

Your sexy and swollen insides are like a silk velvet glove all around him. The gripping vice like effect is threatening to become overwhelmingly intense.

You are desperate for him to remember you. You squeeze as tightly as you can so as to maximize his pleasure.

Hearing you moan and scream out loud is just driving him crazy.

Feeling your juices is forcing him to have to struggle along with you. This makes you feel even more connected.

Finally you feel a few inches of the shaft slide upward inside of you along with the edges of the head.

He is moving the swollen head of his dick in a delicate up and down like motion inside of you that is as delicate as a butterfly’s wing. The shaft follows along in the same slow and soft vertical like movement.

“Feed me that sexy, wet, swollen juice that I cannot get enough of. Ah god, just like that. Pound it up and down against me. I need to feel exactly how eager you are. I am going to fill your sexy insides all of the way up with every single inch of my throbbing dick,” he exclaims.

“Oh god!” you shout.

And as you feel him down thrust even more you push and tilt your sexy pelvis upward so that he can slide even deeper up inside of you now.

You meet one another in the middle.

He senses you need something a little more firm and direct.

In one deep, firm, pounding like thrust you feel the head of his over heated lance slide all of the way upward inside of your scorching hot and sultry insides.

And as open and swollen as you are you are able to feel the head tickle the very back of your inner pussy walls.

He holds it still and feels you squeeze and soak all around the head.

The swollen sides of the shaft stretch you outward on either side of your swollen folds.

So that you can feel all of his thickness filling you up.

His dick seems to be so wide that you feel yourself struggle to try to envelope the entire shaft. The pull against your inner walls is excruciatingly delicious.

When the crown is buried all of the way inside, he flexes upward with the slightly curved head. You feel him start to curl and hook it all of the way upward.

Both ends of the shaft continues to grip you.

Finding the outer most edges of your swelling g-spot he holds completely still so as to feel the wetness flow down the head of his aching dick.

You feel him start to massage the back inner walls of your kitty in a back and forth up and down like motion.

The sharp and sudden thrusts feel like push up motions. In fact if you could see you would see his fists clenched on either side of you so as to make the angle of penetration even deeper.

He makes sure that the swells of the head continue to flex inward and upward so as to help maximize the friction against your pounding g-spot.

You start to lift and pull all of the way upward. You are helpless but to offer every single inch of your wetness for him to use.

The result is that he starts to push all of the way downward. Again he seems to sense exactly what you need.

Both his overheated dick and your scorching kitty are completely and totally connected.

Hearing him moan and the hearing the slapping of your skin against one another is starting to drive you up the wall.

Still this is not quite enough.

So you feel him reach around and take hold of the bottom swells of your outer cheeks so as to pull you even more upward against his pelvis.

He now can use your sexy derriere as more leverage.

The next thing you feel threatens to take your breath away.

He now starts to pile drive the entire length of his achingly swollen dick in and out of your sizzling, soaking wet insides. It is touching places inside of you that you never even knew existed.

This movement is so hard and so deep and so fast that you feel the edges of his swelling balls slapping against the outer edges of your glistening lips.

“Oh my GOD!” you start to scream. This makes his dick twitch even more.

You start to wonder exactly how long he can last. You have always fantasized about being pounded without mercy for a relentless amount of time.

You start to wonder if he can last all night long.

He literally aches to bury himself inside of you and to turn you inside out for hours and hours.

But this lightning quick motion is too intense and he wants to make the anticipation and build up make you burn even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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