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Caitlin and I were roommates in college. We shared a dorm room and small bathroom for two years. Caitlin’s about 170 cm tall, brown hair and eyes, and her weight of 10 stone was well distributed to her ample D cup breasts, full hips and shapely legs. Many people referred to her as “Rubinesque”. Me, I’m shorter, thinner, smaller and mousier. No one was knocking our door down for dates, though Caitlin had quite a few more than me. Alright then, a lot more.

About half way through our first term, when she was dating some footbal hunk named Eamon, she brought him back to our room. This was not something that either of us normally did. They tried to be quiet, well Caitlin tried to be quiet, but that didn’t really work for long. It was late and I’d already gone to bed. But I didn’t want to spoil their fun, so I just pretended not to hear them snogging and giggling on her bed in the dark, barely lit in the moonlight through the window. It didn’t take long before the snogging and giggling turned to snogging and moaning. I wasn’t a virgin when I started college, and I certainly was no prude. I knew where they were going and I was getting almost as worked up as them. I just didn’t want them to know.

I slowly turned onto my side so I could see Caitlin’s bed a little better just as Caitlin pulled her top up over her head while she was sitting on Eamon’s midsection. He was lying on his back on her bed. I felt myself unconsciously lick my lips as she reached back and unclasped her bra, setting her breasts free. With a look of joy on his face, Eamon reached up and cupped them in his hands. They both moaned in pleasure. I think I did, too. At that very moment, I heard Caitlin whisper to Eamon to be quiet, that she didn’t want to wake me.

I was suddenly afraid that they would catch me spying on them. Caitlin and I were pretty good friends, but we’d never even talked about anything sexual, let alone knowingly fuck in front of each other. I moaned loudly and turned over in my bed so my back was to them. I felt my t-shirt get caught up in my sheets as I rolled. And I discovered that my panties were very, very damp. So now I was even more uncomfortable and I couldn’t bring myself to just start masturbating, or to just get up and go in to the bathroom.

A few moments later, Caitlin and Eamon started moaning again as the sound of Caitlin’s bed rocking in a slow rhythm lightly filled the otherwise silent room. I was hoping Eamon would hurry up and cum and go so I could get up and go to the bathroom and diddle myself. They may have wanted to fuck in front of me, but I didn’t want to masturbate in front of them, even though it was getting more and more tempting. It wasn’t long before I heard Eamon give a single loud grunt and the rhythm stopped. A few minutes later, he was out the door. Caitlin got up and went to the bathroom. I got up when I heard the toilet flush.

Caitlin turned off the light, opened the bathroom door and stepped out. The moonlight through the window showed me that she was still naked. So beautiful. We literally ran into each other. Alright, yes, in truth, I purposely ran into her, but it looked good. I felt her hard nipples push against my t-shirt as I slipped by her.

“I’m sorry, honey!” she whispered. “I didn’t see you there.” She hugged me. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“No…” I mumbled, trying not to sound too awake. “…need to pee…”

Caitlin let me go and I stumbled my way into the bathroom and closed the door. My pussy was absolutely screaming! I waited a moment, turned the light on and peeled off my t-shirt. The reflection in the wall sized mirror showed a typical, fairly plain girl of 18, straight, mousy brown hair to her C cup breasts with extremely hard nipples and a very, very wet stain in the front of her panties. I watched myself cup my breast and go to pinch my nipple. Then my eyes closed and my head tipped slightly back from the exquisite feeling shooting throughout my body.

I opened my eyes to see myself again in the mirror, my right hand caressing Escort Bayan Gaziantep my left breast and my left hand under the waistband of my panties. I felt my fingers brushing through my curly patch of hair and I shuddered. I pushed my panties off and dropped them to the floor and looked again in the mirror. I watched with rapt fascination as I petted my wet and swelling labia. I breathed in deeply through my nose and I caught the aroma of my wetness. Again, I shuddered. My nipple was sticking out from between my fingers as I kneaded at my breast.

Feeling myself getting light-headed in excitement, I turned and sat down on the toilet, leaning back and spreading my legs open wide. Both of my hands were between my legs and I spread my pussy open. I moaned. I ran my fingers up and down my wide open, very wet slit. I shuddered again. I slipped a finger inside me.

“Maeve? Are you ok in there?” Caitlin whispered through the door.

I froze.

“Maeve? Honey, are you ok?”

I suddenly couldn’t remember if I’d locked the door or not. I tried to clear my throat. “Yeah… I’m ok…”

Too late. Caitlin opened the door and caught me completely naked, spread eagle on the toilet with both hands between my soaking wet thighs. She’d put on a t-shirt, but at my angle I could tell she didn’t have on any panties. She just stood there in the doorway with her eyes wide open. I couldn’t move. I didn’t know what to do. I was somewhat embarrassed, but even more turned on by the situation, and still quite horny from watching and hearing her and Eamon earlier. She, I think unconsciously, licked her lips. I shuddered again.

“Umm… ok…” she turned and walked out of the bathroom door, leaving it open.

I sat there not quite knowing what to do. I pondered ‘Do I go ahead and finish in here and then talk to Caitlin, or do I go and talk to her now and masturbate later?’ I thought for a few more seconds and then muttered “shite” and got up off the toilet. I didn’t bother to put any clothes back on, she’d seen all there was to see, there was no reason to be modest now. Besides, I didn’t want to be dressed, I wanted to fucking masturbate.

I left the bathroom light on as I stepped out into our room. I walked over to my bed and sat on the edge, facing her on her bed. Caitlin was curled up, hugging her pillow and crying.

“It’s ok, Caitlin. Really, it is…” I reached to touch her.

“No it’s not ok, damn it!” She sat up, tears were streaking her face. “Eamon gets to get off in me… you get to get off in the bathroom… but what about me? Does everybody get to have an orgasm tonight except Caitlin? What, tonight’s ‘Caitlin can’t cum night’?”

“For what it’s worth, I didn’t get that far. I was really getting into it and would have if you didn’t open the door and…” I didn’t finish my sentence, I didn’t want her to think I was accusing her of something.

“Oh… sorry. I guess we both end up going to sleep frustrated, huh?”

“Not me.” I smiled, leant over to her and lightly kissed her cheek. “I’m going to finish what I started. I should say ‘what you started’. Seriously, you and Eamon rolling around – you getting off or not – got me all worked up.” I reached between my legs and found my wet pussy. “I really am sorry that Eamon didn’t get you off…” I ran my fingers through my pubic hair. “…but I need to and I’m way past caring that you know I’m playing with myself.” I ran my hand up and cupped my breast. “Right now… the idea that you know is really turning me on!”

I laid back on my bed, legs dangling over the edge, and opened my legs wide right in front of Caitlin. The fingers of both hands were stroking my swollen lips, parting them gently to lightly scratch my clitoris and tease my leaking love canal. I raised my knees and felt my legs open even farther as two of my fingers wormed their way into my begging opening.

It felt so damn good. I felt so damn good. I was so turned on by just playing with myself in front of Caitlin that I practically forgot why I was playing with myself in front of Caitlin. I was so close to cumming, when I opened my eyes and I saw her standing there between my legs. She was nude, she was beautiful and horny and I wanted her so very badly. I’d never been with a woman. I’d never even thought about it. All I knew was that she was there and I was there and we were both very naked and very horny, and I would be satisfied until she and I had sex. Either together, or just simultaniously, but we were going to have some form of sex.

I sat up. “Kiss me… please…” I reached out and cupped her full, heavy breasts. She moaned and leant to me, our lips softly meeting. I continued to softly kiss her while I caressed her large breasts. I was in a bit of amazement, not that I was nude and sensuously kissing another woman, but at how full and heavy her breasts were. And how much I truly enjoyed touching and caressing them. Was this how guys felt playing with nice breasts?

Suddenly, I was shot through with 80 million volts of electricity. Caitlin touched my gaping, soaked pussy. Never had a man’s touch caused such a reaction. I felt myself pull back and she stopped her massage but left her hand where it was. I broke our kiss long enough to plead with her “Don’t stop… whatever you do, please… don’t stop…”

“I’ve never done this to any other woman except myself,” she whispered. “but we’ve both gone way too far to stop now.” She kissed me again, this time with much, much more passion. Her fingers wove majick in and around my begging pussy. I felt myself getting nearer and nearer to a huge orgasm.

She stopped.

“Maeve…” she whispered “I want to go down on you… is that ok? I mean… I want to… I need to…”

I shushed her with two of my already soaked fingers to her mouth. “If you want to, then, oh, please do! Even if you change your mind, that’s alright, too, because I’ve already decided I’m going to go down on you anyway. Is that ok with you?” She nodded her ‘yes’ and kissed me. I decided that I had to taste her as soon as her finger touched my pussy.

I laid back on my bed and pulled Caitlin down on top of me. We returned to kissing. I felt her weight on top of me, but it wasn’t like having a man there. I felt her hard nipples tickle my equally hard nipples, and between my legs, instead of a cock trying to batter and ram itself into me, I felt her pubic hair brush through and intermingle with mine. That almost made me cum. I ran my hands up and down her back while we kissed and sort of ground our pussies into each other. She kissed her way down and up and around every square inch of the front of me until she finally got down between my legs.

I wouldn’t have been upset if she didn’t do it. I couldn’t blame her if she couldn’t do it. I was about ready to frig myself off with her face barely centimetres from my steamy cunt. I almost exploded when her lips finally touched my labia. I think I screamed. She kissed my pussy like kissing a mouth, slow and just lips at first, then with more passion and with her tongue. When her tongue finally touched my clit, I couldn’t take anymore. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed myself at her, humping her face. Caitlin licked and sucked my pussy. She held on and kissed and licked as I came and came all over her face. I came so hard, I started crying. I’d never done that before, either.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anything else, Caitlin inserted two fingers into my spasming canal and started to fiercely finger fuck my quivering quim. I grabbed my tits as she pounded away between my legs. I bucked and humped against her quickening assault. I cried and moaned and groaned. When she started to suck my clit while her fingers still flailed away at me, I came like never before! My entire body convulsed in wave after Earth-shattering wave of pleasure.

I regained consciousness on top of Caitlin with my face between her beautiful breasts. Her arms were hugged around me and she was stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head. I raised myself up and looked at her sweet face. Her mouth and chin were covered in my wetness. She had a contented smile on her face. I kissed her mouth, tasting myself on her lips. My wetness tasted much better on her mouth than it ever did on my fingers. Our tongues met and danced and I felt a renewed electricity explode in my nipples and belly and clit.

“I…” I tried to speak but she silenced me with another kiss. I wanted to tell her that I’d never before ever experienced the feelings she just gave me, that my entire body was all tingly and on fire at the same time. I wanted to tell her…

I kissed my way down her body. I lovingly licked and suckled her wonderful breasts. Her nipples hardened and elongated in my mouth. I was hoping that she was enjoying it as much as I was. She moaned and continued to stroke my hair. With each kiss, with each touch of my mouth to her skin, my body tingled. As I neared her parted thighs, I nipped and kissed my way down until I was standing between her parted knees. I leant in and rubbed my nipple to her opening, sending pulses of electricity all throughout me. We both cooed and giggled and moaned together.

Positioning myself closer between her legs, I looked at her pussy in the dim moonlight. I was in awe at it’s beauty. I didn’t remember being so awestruck the first time I saw a guy’s cock from this angle. Caitlin kept her pubic hair trimmed for bikini wearing, but had kept the wisps of delicate hair around her clit and on her labia. Her parted legs allowed her pussy to open like a flower, revealing her inner lips and her clitoral hood, nestled between her swollen labia. She reached down with both hands and opened her beautiful, wet, pink pussy for me, allowing her erect clit to poke it’s way free. I reached under her thighs and pulled myself in to her.

When my mouth met her pussy, her hands went to the back of my head. I kissed and licked and sucked with abandon. There was no part of her pussy that I didn’t want to kiss or lick or taste. I wanted to give myself completely to her and give her the rapturous feelings she’d given me. She started to hump my face when I started to concentrate on her clit. She moaned and whispered my name as I sucked her clit.

Caitlin’s moans increased when I slid a finger up into her wet hole. I quickly got to a mutual rhythm in my sucking and fingering and Caitlin ground herself a little harder into my face. I added a second finger and quickened the pace some. I felt Caitlin’s ankles lock together in the middle of my back. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed hold of her breast. I tried to keep the rhythm going, but her humping started going wild, her cooing and whispers turned to louder moans and whimpers.

I sucked her clit in and held it while I sped my finger fucking to a blinding speed. Caitlin tried to roll, but I held on, increasing the suction on her clit as much as I could. I regained my finger speed and held firm to her breast. Her body stiffened and her thighs started to quiver. I knew she was close. I pushed my fingers in deep and started to wiggle them inside of her. I released my suction on her clit, only to start licking it as fast as I could. Caitlin pushed up with her feet so her arse was up off of the bed and her entire body started to quiver. Her silky inner walls gripped my fingers and I could feel her insides start to convulse.

Caitlin’s feet flew into the air and her arse bounced on the bed. She moaned and then cried my name and I was rewarded with a flow of her wetness. I pulled my fingers from her and just started licking away at her pussy. Her body continued to quiver and shake and I continued to lick at Caitlin’s beautiful spasming pussy.

Finally, she pulled me from her pussy, smiling and panting “I can’t take any more…”

We kissed a few more times, cuddled and curled together, falling fast asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, when we woke, we smiled and kissed, remembering full well, and not regretting, what we had done the night before. We both missed classes that whole day and the next morning after, making love again and again and again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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