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Now I know what you are going to think after reading this, it was all made up. But I swear this really happened. The only amendments are the girl’s names. Read on and enjoy. Steve.


“Post Grad/Finalist/Mature Student to share with 2 female students, luxury flat in Hove £35pw inc.

Tel 0273 ******”

I stood looking at the advert on the university notice board for a few moments as I deciphered it, Hove was a fairly unexciting place and required two train journeys to get to university. Hove and luxury an oxymoron I thought to myself. But £35 per week (1991 remember) was very cheap. Luxury back then for a student meant running hot and cold water.

I dialled the number and a rather posh voice answered it, automatically I put on a respectable tone. Explaining I was a finalist at the University of Sussex and wanted a quiet yet relaxed atmosphere.

She gave me an address in Hove. As I travelled on the train I thought about Denise, the only other times I had been to Hove was to watch Brighton and Hove Albion a few times at the old Goldstone Ground (long since gone). I was expecting white, middle class, slightly horsey.

Instead I got, well she looked either Asian (by this I mean from India) or possibly Arabic and tall. She must have been about 5″9′ and very slim. However she wore sensible clothes. The other female student was of the same ethnicicity and age but much shorter, quite plump and even more conservatively dressed.

They showed me round the flat which was absolutely enormous and far grander than anything I was used to. I got the impression their families were quite well off obviously due to the fact they could afford such opulence and by some of the things they said. I hope I made all the right noises, reiterating what I had said earlier on the phone. As was the norm in these circumstances they said they had a few more people to see but to phone them back the next evening. I was pleasantly surprised when they confirmed I could be their flat-mate and move in whenever I wanted.

I moved in three days later. Falguni, the tall one, seemed very aloof and would only converse with me if she had to. Rachita was slightly friendlier but I felt she was in Falguni’s shadow so I struggled to work her out. Although on the few occasions I was alone with her, I got the feeling, call it a sixth sense, Rachita was staring at me when my back was turned.

About a week after moving in they were discussing a girl on their course. Kate was her name…

‘She is such a slut,’ proclaimed Falguni, ‘she was boasting to all her friends, about how she went to that nightclub, the Gloucester, and just picked up some guy. He had a long-term girlfriend. She was pleased with herself, she should be absolutely ashamed.’

Rachita nodded in agreement.

‘Back home that sort of behaviour would not be tolerated, she would be ostracised.’

When they saw me the conversation rather petered out, I must admit I was a bit disappointed, Kate seemed the sort of girl I should get acquainted with.

The two of them went and did everywhere together, almost as if they were the same person. I did have my suspicions, but Falguni had a boyfriend who would visit but never stayed over.

A few days later Rachita said she was not feeling well so Falguni went into uni on her own. I left the flat sometime later but didn’t think anything of it when Rachita asked what time I would be back. Once at the university I spent a couple of hours in the library before going to my tutorial. However there was a note on the tutor’s door saying it had been cancelled. I could have gone to one of the pubs on campus but being a diligent finalist I caught a train back to Brighton before changing for Hove.

I entered the flat, Rachita was not about but I could hear the familiar sound of the washing machine going through its spin cycle from the kitchen whose door which was closed. I fancied a cup of tea so walked towards the kitchen and opened the door.

There I saw it!

I’ve never witnessed someone being killed in front of me, a building exploding, a plane crash any of those extreme things. But what I saw was far more extreme.

There before me with her back to me was Rachita, her jumper pulled up, her skirt down and she was rubbing herself up against the washing machine. I don’t know how long I stayed there open mouthed shocked.

I then made my way shakily back to my room, my heart was racing, skin suddenly clammy. “My God!” I thought, I’ve just witnessed my prim and proper housemate fucking the washing machine.

I didn’t leave my room the rest of the evening only to use the toilet and brush my teeth. However in the middle of the night I woke up with a rather devilish plan.

Next day I left fairly early and spent most of the day at the University Library. It was nearly 6.00pm when I arrived at the flat to find both girls in the kitchen. I stifled a little smirk as I noticed Rachita’s obvious discomfort.

‘What’s up?’

‘It’s the washing machine,’ replied Falguni, ‘it’s not working.’

‘It was alright yesterday.’


‘So something must have happened to it last night.’

Falguni Ankara escort didn’t acknowledge what I said as she stated, ‘we’ll have to call the Landlord.’

‘No,’ I replied, ‘it might be a blown fuse or something,’ as I walked over to the washing machine and knelt down.

‘Hmmm, there’s a bit of an unusual smell,’ I commented as I sniffed the exact spot where I guessed Rachita’s pussy had been.

‘Really,’ replied Falguni.

‘Yeah, it smells sort of musky, not unpleasant though.’

‘What do you think it could be?’

‘Possibly the fuse. Have you got a screwdriver?’

Falguni nodded and went to the drawer where the tools were kept.

‘Thanks,’ as I set about unscrewing the plug. ‘Ah, I see the problem.’

‘What is it?

‘The live wire’s been disconnected.’

‘How did that happen?’ Asked Falguni.

‘I don’t know, but something may have banged into the washing machine, or been rubbing up against it.’

The look on Rachita face was a sight to behold.

Prior to the advent of e-mails, the pigeon hole was the only method of university communication between student and tutor. I decided to leave something in Rachita’s.

Now whilst I don’t profess to be a Monet or Van-Gough, I was quite proud of my little sketch of a washing machine. And to leave my house-mate in no doubt, I wrote in bold capital letters, “I SAW WHAT YOU DID!”

It was quite amusing watching Rachita’s obvious discomfort in my presence over the following days. Fortunately, for her I guess, we were never alone as Falguni was always about. However a couple of days later we were alone in the living room as Falguni had popped out to buy some milk.

Poor Rachita was sat on the settee seemingly trying to push herself between the small gap between the seat and armrest in a futile bid to escape.

‘Are you okay?’ I asked innocently

Rachita did not respond. I looked down at her hands and noticed she was twisting her fingers in knots.

‘You look like you’re in a spin about something…’ I remarked with unabated sarcasm.

‘It’s not what you think it was.’ Her voice shallow and raspy.

‘Oh really?’

‘I, I tripped.’

‘And, landed against the washing machine?’

‘Yes, yes that’s what happened.’

‘Mmm, yes you must have really hurt yourself when you “tripped.”‘

‘How do you mean?’

‘Well, you were really moaning and groaning.’

She let out a yelp of surprise.

Enjoying this I continued, ‘I guess when you tripped your skirt somehow fell down, and your jumper rose up…’

‘Enough,’ she proclaimed.

Rachita was curled in a ball in the corner of the sofa. I did feel a bit sorry for her, but not enough to proclaim, ‘you know I’ve a good mind to tell Falguni what I saw.’

‘No, no you can’t tell her.’

‘Why not.’

‘She’ll tell my parents everyone will know, ‘ then she muttered, ‘the shame.’


She simply replied, ‘I, I, I’ll do anything.’

‘Anything,’ I replied, before realising she clearly did not recognise how her offer could be interpreted.

‘Yes, money’, she spluttered, ‘money,’ and with that she got up from the sofa pulled out a £20.00 note from her purse. ‘Take it, take it,’ she pleaded.

‘Hmm,’ I replied as I took it before looking at her desperate face, ‘that should do,’ I deliberately paused, ‘for starters.’

‘You won’t tell her.’

‘We’ll see,’ I smiled.

A few days later when we were alone, I sidled up to Rachita and handed over some loose coins.

‘What’s that for?’

‘Your change.’

‘Sorry I don’t understand.’

‘I brought you a little present, so hopefully the unfortunate episode I witnessed does not re-occur.’

‘A present,’ she replied confused.

‘It’s under your pillow.’

‘You went into my room?’ Her voice agitated.


‘How dare you!’

‘Before you get all high and mighty with me young lady, let me explain, it’s not the sort of thing that I can give you publically.’

‘What is it?’

‘Go into your room and see for yourself.’

A few moments later she returned holding it in her hands and looking puzzled.

‘Oh please don’t tell me you don’t know what it is,’ I didn’t let her reply, ‘well it’s not a tooth brush or a food mixer, it’s a…’ as I put on my most sarcastic voice, ‘”little washing machine.”‘

She looked at it and dropped it on the floor, ‘no.’

‘Oh don’t get all righteous with me. Just you remember what I caught you doing, something that is indelibly etched into my brain infinitum. This is something that is actually made to pleasure a woman rather than to wash ones clothes.’

‘No, no I can’t,’ as she went to hand the white vibrator to me.

I took it from her, ‘I see,’ I replied sternly, ‘you know I’m now going to tell Falguni how I caught you fucking the washing machine and that I found this,’ I waved the 5 inch plastic phallus, ‘under the settee.’

‘But you didn’t.’

She was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening.

I remained calm as I continued to hold it.

Rachita looked aghast as she took Escort ankara the vibrator from me and placed it in her jacket pocket as a few moments later Falguni entered the room.

I remained in the room as Falguni bemoaned the unreliability of British Rail although I was enjoying watching Rachita’s discomfort as she shifted uneasily from foot to foot before making her excuses and disappearing into her bedroom.

It was a few days later that we were finally alone, I sidled up to Rachita and asked, ‘did you use it?’


‘You know what I mean, do I have to spell it out to you?’

She shook her head, ‘no, no of course not.’

‘You are so ungrateful, I go to the trouble and expense of buying a present and you don’t even use it, what gratitude is that?’

‘But I can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘I don’t…’

Her voice petered out. I looked her up and down, staring at her intently, ‘you’ll enjoy it far more then the… washing machine.’

She looked down at the floor shamefaced, before muttering, ‘but I can’t.’

‘Oh yes you can, because if you don’t I’ll tell Falguni everything.’

She responded with a gasp of shock.

‘I will you know.’

‘Yes,’ she replied in a shaky voice.

‘So you’ll use it on yourself?’

She responded with the briefest of nods.

The next day I managed to catch her alone over breakfast, ‘did you?’

She looked very embarrassed, before she bit her bottom lip and slowly nodded.

I smiled, ‘better than the washing machine?’

She nodded, shame on her face, ‘I did use it on myself.’

‘Did you enjoy it?’

‘I …’ her reply petered out before it even began as she looked away from me clearly very embarrassed.

The thought of her using the vibrator turned me on and I could feel the start of an erection. This led me to ask, ‘will you use it on yourself tonight?’

She looked away.

‘Rachita, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and I like the fact you enjoy the toy I bought you.’ I continued, ‘so…’

‘I might use it.’

‘If you do, can I ask you to do something?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Well, if you do use it on yourself will you hand it over to me first thing before we go off to uni.’


‘So I can smell it and make sure you’ve told me the truth.’


‘Oh yes, if you don’t you know what will happen.’

She looked down at the floor and nodded.

The next morning I entered the kitchen to be greeted by Falguni, Rachita was also there but avoided eye contact. Over my cornflakes I tried to catch Rachita’s eye but she was having none of it. Fortunately Falguni left the table to go to her room so I had Rachita all to myself.

Once I heard the bedroom door close I looked Rachita in the eye and asked, ‘do you have something for me?’

She looked towards the direction of Falguni’s bedroom before slowly shaking her head.

‘Tut, tut Rachita, why not?’

‘I couldn’t,’ she paused, ‘I was afraid Falguni would see it in my pocket.’

I stifled a smile, ‘not good enough!’

‘Oh please, please don’t tell her what you saw.’

‘Hmm,’ I paused as I stared at her for a few moments. Rachita appeared less plain and sensible every time I saw her. I only wished she’d not cover up her large tits with endless layers of clothing.

‘What?’ She shifted uneasily.

‘Well, if you don’t want me to tell Falguni, I will require something in return.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘Oh I think you do.’

Falguni slowly shook her head.

Looking down at her I remarked, ‘you have a very nice body, that first time when I saw you and Falguni,’ I paused before looking at her chest, ‘the first thing I noticed were those.’

She let out a little gasp.

I smiled, ‘you know, perhaps that’s the reason why I took the room, the chance I might get to see those lovely tits of yours.’


I smiled, ‘don’t you like me staring at them.’

‘I don’t know, nobody’s ever looked at them like that.’

I laughed.


‘Of course they have, you were probably just not aware.’

Rachita looked at me nervously.

I felt my heart increase as I said, ‘now if you don’t want me to tell Falguni,’ as I continued to stare at her breasts.


‘I think you know “what”‘.

She nodded nervously, before whispering, ‘I can’t let you see them.’

‘That’s okay I was going to ask if you would you let me feel them?’

Rachita looked at me, I thought she might scream or at best say “no” but she replied, ‘you mean now?’


‘I, I,’ she looked round before saying ‘Falguni.’

‘It’ll just be through your jumper.’

‘I don’t know,’ she replied shakily.


‘It’s,’ she looked over her shoulder, ‘if Falguni ever found out.’

‘Just a quick feel, she’ll never know.’

Rachita took a deep breath and whispered, ‘I’m only letting you because you’ll tell Falguni about the washing machine…’

‘And the vibrator.’

‘I wouldn’t usually do such a thing and you promise not to say anything to Falguni.’

‘I Ankara escort bayan promise.’

‘Okay then.’

With that I leant over the table and cupped her left breast in my hand, feeling its weight, before giving it a gentle squeeze. ‘Mmm,’ I commented, ‘very nice and big too.’

I then switched to her left breast as I gently kneaded it through her jumper, ‘that feel good?’

‘A bit strange.’

With my thumb I began to seek out her nipple, I felt a small rise in the fabric as her nipple stiffened followed by a gasp.

‘So you like that then?’

‘Yes.’ she gasped.

I then pinched her nipple, eliciting a moan. ‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘But it feels good?’

She nodded.

I smiled before remarking, ‘so I won’t stop.’


‘Mmm,’ I groaned, turned on by her response as I inquired, ‘is it making you hot?’

She looked away.

‘Don’t worry its nothing to be ashamed of. I know it’s making you hot between your legs.’

‘How, how do you know?’

‘I know what girls like and what turns them on,’ I replied as I continued to tease her nipple through her jumper. Looking into her eyes I said, ‘now we still don’t know if you used your toy do we.’

‘But I did.’

‘I want to be sure you did.’


I smiled, ‘a clever girl like you, think about it.’

She gave a slow look of acknowledgement.

‘That’s right, you let me watch.’

She let out a gasp of shock and shook her head.

‘Why not?’

She did not respond, so I reassured her, ‘don’t worry, I won’t touch you, and if you let me watch, I won’t tell Falguni or anyone else about the washing machine.’

‘Nobody’s ever seen me do anything like that.’

‘Yes but I would really like to watch you, that’s all I’ll be doing.’

‘But I can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘I…’ she spluttered, ‘I don’t know.’

‘It’s not like I haven’t seen you before.’


‘With the washing machine, moaning and groaning you were trying to squash your cunt against it weren’t you?’

‘But that was different.’


‘You, you didn’t see me.’

‘And are you ashamed of letting me see you?’

She nodded.

‘Trust me, you don’t have anything to be ashamed about,’ as I squeezed her breast, before continuing, ‘I’m really enjoying doing this.’

‘I know.’

‘Do you want to know how much I’m enjoying it?’

Not letting her reply I slowly stood up and then looked down at my groin.

Rachita gave a nervous gasp as she saw my prominent bulge for the first time.

‘You and your lovely tits did this you know.’


I laughed as I replied, ‘so you let me watch then I promise I won’t tell Falguni about the washing machine, or that you let me feel your tits.’

‘Do you promise?’


‘Really, really promise?’

‘Yes you can trust me.’

‘I …’

‘All I’ll be doing is watching you, you might like it.’


‘You might actually enjoy me being there.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Putting on a little show for me, teasing me, perhaps you might want to suck on it before you slide it into your pussy.’

‘Is that normal?’

‘Yes of course it is.’

She gave a gasp of surprise.

‘So you will then?’

‘You don’t leave me any choice do you?’

I smiled, ‘I suppose not.’

Both girls usually retired to their respective bedroom at around 11.00pm, so I said, ‘I’ll knock on your door at 11.15pm. Okay?’

‘Okay,’ she repeated shakily.

The thought of me watching Rachita fucking herself with the vibrator was a huge turn on and I sported a rigid hard-on for the evening prior to knocking on her door. In the minutes leading up to the event I changed into my bathrobe and whilst I thought it unlikely she would let me fuck her I put a packet of condoms in the pocket. I listened out for the sounds of Falguni going to bed and left it for another 10 minutes. I looked at my watch 11.17pm, and smiled.

I exited my room and knocked on Rachita’s door and not waiting for a reply I entered. Inside the main light was turned off with just the bedside table light on, Rachita was in bed with the covers over herself staring intently at me and looking very nervous indeed.

‘Hi.’ I greeted

‘Hi,’ she responded nervously.

‘Are you ready?’ I was half expecting her to change her mind or infer it was not a very good idea or even shout out to Falguni that I was in her room uninvited and with evil intentions but instead she just nodded.

‘Where is it?’

She did not respond but instead turned to the small set of drawers next to her bed and opened the top draw reaching to the back and pulling out the vibrator.

I gave a little gasp of delight before smiling at her, ‘I’m really looking forward to this.’

Rachita gave a nod of agreement before turning on the vibrator, its motor giving a barely audible whirr. She held it in her hand for a few moments before taking a deep breath and shoving her arm under the covers.



‘That’s not how I want you to do it.’

She turned her head to face me.

‘I want to see you properly, under the covers is no good.’

‘But,’ she protested as she turned off her toy.

‘Pull the covers down, or get on top of them, and I did say I wanted you to put on a little show for me.’

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