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I graduated high school a few years ago and was still living at home. My mother never bothered me about a job at first, but now she is starting to pester me about getting some kind of work. She goes on about how a job is good for you and builds character and so on. We’re pretty well to do and live in a great, safe part of town. She reminds me all the time that she didn’t have it so well at my age and I will not be a spoiled white kid with no work ethic.

So after some months of no luck finding anything she took it on her behalf to get me a job. My mom had hired a painter to repaint her bedroom and asked if the man could use a helper. I knew he would say yes just so he could pick me up and drop me off. He loved talking to my mom. She looks good for her age at 45.

My new boss was a 50 year old black man, chubby and tall but professional. He lived 30 minutes from my house so I knew he was doing my mom a favor to get on her good side. I don’t know if she would ever have sex with this guy, but he would politely flirt and she didn’t object.

So I help him finish up painting my mom’s room and he says he’ll be back the next morning early to pick me up. He’s got a rental house he needs to paint before anyone can move in. Tomorrow’s Friday and I’ll be getting my first paycheck. My mom is proud of herself.

The ride to the job was uneventful until I started noticing what part of town we’d be in. I’m not racist but if something bad came up on the news, this was the place it usually happened in. It was a run down area hit hard by the economy and any white people you see are usually driving through to get to work. Not many live around this part of town. I had been somewhat sheltered growing up. I was even more nervous when the house seemed right in the middle of what I perceived to be the slums.

We get out of his truck and start toward the house. He sees my anxiety even though I’m trying to hide it. We go inside and see that the previous tenants have left a mess of random piles of clothes and trash. He tells me to get some trash bags out of the truck and he starts making calls on his phone.

When I come back in he points to the trash and I begin to bag it all up as I hear him trying to borrow a trailer from one of his friends. He hangs up his phone to tell me he’s gonna leave me here and get a trailer to load all this junk. He’ll be gone about an hour so he can get some supplies while he’s out.

He must have seen a little bit of fear in my eyes at the thought of being alone. He cracked a little smile and said no one would fuck with me here. This was his house he rented out. No one fucks with his property. So he left and after he was gone I realized why he didn’t need a key to get in. The locks where broken. So much for not fucking with his property.

As I cleaned I thought a little more about how he said the word Property. They clearly fucked up this house. Was he trying to be funny by saying he can protect me? Now I feel more helpless. Now I wish he was here. My mind raced as I continued clean, trying to take my mind off of it. I felt like the white boy in a prison movie or something. Now the thought that I needed protecting had me feeling small and trapped.

From the back of the house I hear the front door open. Thank God I thought. He’s back and I can stop worrying. Then the feeling of being in need of him to keep me safe was a blow to my ego. Like a girl that needed saving. I hated it.

I went to the front of the house to find a tall skinny black man picking through a pile of clothes with his back turned to me. He hadn’t seen me yet and my heart raced alittle. Who the fuck! My big boss isn’t here to run him off. I try to hide in a bathroom. This fear is stupid I thought. Not everyone is out to rob me or whatever. This is stupid. Be a man.

I heard the doorknob turn and the door swung open. I had been standing in the dark until he flipped the switch. My eyes readjusted to the light as he saw a startled white boy in front of him. He asked me what I was doing there and I explained about my job and my boss returning any minute. He smiled as he said that he’ll have to make it quick then.

“Sit on the toilet.” he said as he made himself larger in the doorway. “For what! I don’t have any money. Just leave and I won’t say anything about you breaking in here.” I shot back. He came at me in one step and out of fear I sat on the edge of the tub.

“That’s okay with me if Ankara escort you wanna sit there” He moved another step in and began the fumble with his belt. “Now your white ass is gonna suck this dick or this belt is gonna whip your ass down. You understand that White Boy?”.

I couldn’t have prayed more for my boss to show up. His dick was poking out of the front of his boxers as his pants hit the floor. He had his belt in his right hand getting ready to make a strike if I didn’t listen to him. He gave me another warning and told me I better get my pretty mouth open. A tear flowed down my cheek as I imagined my big strong boss coming in to save me.

He smacked me across the face with an open hand a said I’ll get the belt next if I don’t start sucking. The sound of the smack and his deep voice echoing into the tub behind me. His cock was getting harder as his anger grew. I leaned in closer, fearing the belt. The head of his dick started to peek through his foreskin. The uncut skin rolled back into a veiny shaft that stretched 8 inches to his boxers.

More tears as I trembled closer and began to open my mouth. I looked past him to see if my protector would show at the last second. He was not there. I felt an open hand on the back of my head pull me towards the head of a black cock. His other hand dropped the belt and began to pull back the skin and reveal a great purple mushroom. He held it to take aim.

The soft ridge of his cock head pushed past my lips and my tongue pushed up on his hard shaft. I expected him to jamb my throat at any second. I now had one hand on each side of my head as he pushed in and out going deeper with each moan echoing back to me in this bathroom. He pulled out to drop his boxers and I looked again for my savior but nothing.

He smacked my forehead with his dick and I could see his big hanging balls swinging. My instructions were to open my mouth and look up at him. He landed his cock on my tongue and sank it to my throat. His face grimaced and stayed that way as he began to saw into me. His eyes stayed locked on mine and my tears now came from the choking his big cock inflicted.

The sound of cock being sucked filled the room as his spit coated cock presed deeper and deeper until his low sack began to smack under my chin. Then he stopped and suddenly pulled out. I realized that my boss was behind him. I didn’t hear him come in with all the moaning and throat fucking going on.

“What the fuck is going on here?” my boss’s loud voice boomed in the tiny room. I’m saved. He’s come to protect his property. The cock that I was swallowing turned out of my view as I went to the floor on all fours to catch my breath and hide in embarrassment.

“Relax man. I’m just breaking in the white boy.” the big cock said. I looked up and my boss looked pissed. I look back down as he looks at me.

“Motherfucker!” my boss says. “I haven’t even done that yet. Shit Percy, I was gonna fuck his mom first. What the fuck chance do I have of that now!”

Percy. The dick struggling to cum in my mouth is named Percy. Wait. My boss just stopped this guy and what just happened? I look back up and they both face me talking about me like I’m not even there.

“Sorry Tony but you said get over to the house and check out the white boy. So I checked him out.” My boss was still mad but am I hearing this right?

“Well at least we know he won’t put up a fight.” My boss Tony said. ” Get up boy.” he says as Percy strokes his cock with my spit still on it. I stand up trembling as he asks for my phone. He orders me to unlock it and I hand it to him. He takes a picture of me with a blushing face wet with spit.

He orders me to take my clothes off. Percy starts taking his shirt off as I kick off my shoes. Tony has my camera taking video while my pants and underwear come down. My long shirt hides my little cock from view. Percy is really stroking his cock now. Tony points for me to take off my shirt and I give him a look begging for him to stop.

“Damb it boy. Now I have to start over. You will smile as you take off that shirt. Don’t make it hard for yourself”. He deletes the video then holds the phone back up. I peel the shirt over my face a reveal a smile to the camera as I finish taking it off. He stops filming. He gets right up to my face and stares me down. “This is what’s going to happen. You see his cock? Look at it! Good. You are gonna star in Escort ankara your own little porn for work today. You want that cock. You will suck that dick and agree to everything he says. You gonna do that for me?”

“Yes.” I say as I watch Percy let go of his dick. It throbs as it bounces, anticipating my mouth again.

“Yes what?” Tony says. I stare back at him not sure what so say and I get a smack.

“Yes boss!” I shriek out.

“I like that. He calls me boss Percy. What should he call you?”

Percy grabs his cock again and says,”He gonna call Me master. I like this. You gonna make this dick cum boy? A real dick. Not some little shit like you got, I’m talkin’ bout a man’s dick. You can’t wait to suck this dick can you? Tell me you gonna suck my cock good!”

“I’m gonna suck your cock good master”.The words left my mouth and a wave of embarrassment flushed over me. My boss was stripping down and as his big cock flopped out another wave shot through me. My skin flushed with excitement. Tony flopped his dick in front of me so I’d look down to notice. He was long even when soft. Lots of hair covered his balls and crowned the thick stem. He placed the phone to get a wide shot of what I was about to do.

I got on my knees and begged to suck my boss’s dick as told. He smacked it on my face while I stroked my master’s cock.

“I wanna suck your dick boss.” I said it and he smiled as Percy moaned.I could feel Percy harden in my hands more and he got closer to my face.

“Beg for my cum on your face bitch! Stroke it. Beg for it!” I looked up at Percy and begged my master for his cum. I was begging master while shocks of shame flowed through me.

I could see Percy’s balls tighten and the head grow bigger as I begged for it. I wanted it over with. I wanted this to stop so I pleaded for it. I wanted master’s cum on my face. His foreskin tightened and I felt the first pulse in my hand as it made its way down the long shaft. He let out a moan of agony as the spray hit my lips as I begged. I kept tugging while throb after throb shot more cum over my lips and cheeks.

He stepped forward and I sucked his head to my throat. I want to do a good job. I need to please master to stay on his good side. His balls relaxed and the taste of cum became apparent. Thick white goo covered my lips and spread out over my tongue. Salty and nutty smells shot another wave through me but I was getting used to that embarrassment.

Tony used his dick to smear the cum all over my face as Percy sat on the sink. I looked up at my boss and he had the camera back on my face waiting for me to beg him. So I begged. His big cut dick was waiting to get fully hard in my mouth. I put the tip in and he held it there. He had me roll my tongue around the head and I could feel it growing. The veins on the shaft became more pronounced as I used Percy’s cum to lube him up. I started to stroke his friends goo all over the shaft as he began pumping the head closer to my throat.

“Suck that dick.” Tony kept repeating softly. We lock eyes and that wave of shame hit me again but as it did my little dick moved. I’m getting hard. My face blushes as more and more cock pushes down my throat. The more of it I take the harder I get. My ass feels tingly and hot. I want his sperm in me to make it stop. He stops me and pulls his dick up and strokes it. He puts his other big hand on my head and puts my face close to his sack.

I stick out my tongue and start lapping through the hair against his big nuts. Spit and cum dribble down from his shaft as he smears my nose and sticky cheeks all over his balls. He pushes me back on to my heels and I stumble back, catching myself on my hands. My little dick is harder than its ever been and points straight up almost trying to fuck the air.

“This little bitch likes some dick!” my boss laughs. I stand up and cover my small four inch dick in front of these men.

Percy says,” So you like sucking you some dick huh?” I can’t find any words to answer his question. I just stand there and nod yes as he tries to stroke his cock hard again.

Tony moves me over to the sink and bends me over. He’s gonna see how much I like dick. His cum and spit lubed cock run up and down my ass crack rubbing my little pink hole. My knees shake as his veiny cock tickles me.

“This bitches hole is hot. It’s on fire waiting for this cock. You want this meat Ankara escort bayan boy? You gonna take this man’s dick in yo ass boy?” Tony grunts.

“Yes boss. Gimme that meat boss.” Was all I could hear echoing back to me with my head down by the sink. I felt his cock head line up. The tip pushed into my hot ass and pain shot all around me. My knees buckled and trembled as I held on to the sink. I heard myself beg for the dick. I heard Percy laugh but I kept asking for it.

My boss smacked my ass hard and sank deep into me. I jolted up and saw myself in the mirror. My moppy hair was matted to my face with spit and small gobs of cum. My cheeks were flush red and my mouth open in surprise. I saw one of Tony’s hands on my shoulder and his blurry face behind mine.

I felt his big dick in my ass filling me up and stretching me out. The heat from his cock soaking into me as he mashed his balls against mine. Another smack on my ass jolted me forward and this man’s rod slid out a few inches. My face in the mirror moaned back at me as I pushed back down on him so I could feel full again. His hand pulled my hair back so I had to look down my nose to watch the expressions on my face.

I rode him. I felt that big cock of his fill me then leave me empty then fill me with pleasure over and over. It hurt so bad but his dick promised to ease the pain with each thrust deep inside. I kept begging for it. My whole body flushed red and felt glowing hot. His strong dick pumped me into a submission that opened me up to him. My ass became loose and sat on the base of his shaft.

He pulled me down hard on him. His hands gripped my shoulders. I felt a hot ripple start at the stem of his dick and shoot to the head of his cock buried nine inches into me. I made him cum. I looked into the mirror and saw a little bitch on my face. He pulled back and slammed back in to inject more of him into me. He’s flooding me. He pulls back again and I’m ready to thrust back as he sinks deep again. I let out a yelp as I see the man behind me in the mirror unload in me.

Pulsing hot cum inside me. My ass involuntarily squeezes his cock at the base. I moan in delight as the sweat on his face cools my back. He starts to go soft inside me and I feel his big empty balls start to hang back down. His seed seeps down my legs. I reach down to touch myself and I find a limp little dick between my legs.

My own cum is all over my stomach and the sink. Tony backs away taking his meat out of me. I feel so empty and my hole gets a chill as cum spills out. I feel girly. I feel owned by this big black man. I can’t wait to do whatever he asks. Percy grabs my hips and holds me back to the sink. I feel his long skinny cock try to fill the same hole. His hot dick gets my Boss’s sloppy seconds.

Tony whispers in my ear and holds my head to look at myself in the mirror. His friend keeps jabbing his cock into me. “You my bitch now? He’s fucking you cause I let him.” All I can do is yelp in pain while Percy bottoms out in me with every other thrust. I yell out how much of a bitch I am for my boss. He whispers more. “That’s right, you are my bitch. And my bitch needs to wear some panties next time. Don’t you think so?”

My cock gets hard again thinking about the girly little panties I would get for him. I tell him how much I would do that for him. I start to really ride Percy’s cock thinking of my new little underwear. “That’s a good little bitch. I want you to get those panties for me and wear them on Monday. You’re gonna do that to please your boss ain’t you? I want you to go in your mom’s drawers and pick out a nice pair to show off for me. Your gonna do that ain’t you.” Tony tells me.

I feel Percy harden inside me and his cock pulses more cum as I tighten my ass around him. I scream “Yes, yes, yes! … I’ll wear my mom’s panties for you! Anything!”

“Good little bitch.” my boss whispers back. “Get cleaned up. We still gotta paint this house.” Tony walks out of view and out the door to his truck. Percy lets his cock slide out of me. His cum dribbles out and slides down my little nut sack. I’m still processing my mixed emotions but I know I’m changed. I turn around and drop to my knees to clean Percy up. His cum is smeared up and down his cock. His foreskin covering his bulbous head and more of his sperm forming a drop on the tip. I can smell his balls and my ass on him. He looks down on me as I pull his skin back over his head to expose more of his cum and all at once I take him into my mouth. His cock twitches and he pulls back as his sensitive dick comes clean with tongue. Percy laughs and pulls my head back.

“Get cleaned up bitch.” he says as he puts his clothes back on. “We got work to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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