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Disclaimer: The author in no way supports or condones any act that is illegal, immoral, or fattening. This and all stories produced by the author are works of fiction. Any similarities between characters in these stories and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and a product of your imagination, not the authors.

It had been several months since I spent any time with my sister, Veronica, or Nikki as we called her. She was not even a year older than me, but due to school rules, she started school first and I had to wait a year. That has made her first at everything. Well, almost everything. Lately I have been having my fair share of firsts around the house while she has been away at college. She is in the middle of her second year and I in my first. She decided to go away to the State University and I wanted to go to the local community college for a couple of years.

It was strange growing up around Nikki. You would think that since our ages were so close together we would be fairly close. Sometimes just the opposite is true. We could go weeks without ever speaking a word to each other. That did start to change by the time I entered high school. Nikki would at least acknowledge my presence. And by the time she took off for her first year in college, it looked like we were actually at the point of getting along.

I remember Nikki dating a few guys in high school, but nothing really serious. She had girl friends and they did all the normal things, hanging out at the mall and talking on the phone all the time. I remember one of her friends, Jessica. She was really cute with her blonde hair and athletic body. I came on to her one night while Nikki was having a slumber party before leaving for college and we got along very nicely. I also noticed the next day Nikki looking at me a little differently. I don’t know what Jessica told her, but Nikki wasn’t mad or anything, just acted different.

So now here I am in the house pacing back and forth. I know I have to get hold of my nerves if I am to pull this off. Molly, the Operations Manager at J&E, the family business and my personal mentor, came up with some really good information on Nikki and her activities while so far away from home. Molly decided I should be the one to make the initial contact and see where it would lead. We figured the worst that could happen is my sister would slap me up side the face, and she had done that plenty of times in the past for various reasons, just none like this one.

I hear the alarm system beep and that lets me know that someone has just turned into the driveway. It almost has to be Nikki. I sent Mom off to see her sister with me wondering if she would tell Aunt Vicky about our arrangement. Dad was off on a business trip, I think to Tampa. I would have to ask Molly if Dad has anyone there to play with or if he will have to do without for the weekend. As for my friends, they know better than to come over unannounced. That would leave Nikki or maybe the mailman. When the front door opens I know it’s not the mailman.

My sister walks in looking prettier than I remembered. Her brown hair flows over her shoulders framing her cute face. She is wearing a pair of white running shorts and a purple tube top. I look my sister up and down as I stand to greet her.

“Hey, Sis. How was the ride?” I ask as I move to give her a warm hug.

Nikki returns the hug lingering for a moment and then breaks away. “Not too bad. Weather was nice and I didn’t see a single cop on the road.”

“Come on in, let me get you something cold to drink, a diet cola, if I remember?” I ask leading my sister to the patio.

“If you got any lite beer that would be great. I probably should have put the top up on the car, but it was too nice out. So I’m a bit on the parched side,” she tells me. “Where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Both out of town. I think Dad is in Tampa and Mom is visiting Aunt Vicky. How long you planning on staying, “ I ask probing for a bit of the information Molly gave me.

“I need to leave Saturday morning. I have a part time job and it’s been really busy. I just feel guilty about not being there to help on Friday so I want to get back for Saturday,” she tells me.

I bet you do. We’ll see about that. “So how are your classes going,” I ask, again already knowing the answer. Molly is right, this is fun.

“You know how it is, some are better than others. I still manage to stay on the Dean’s List,” Nikki says with a bit of arrogance as she finishes her beer. “So tell me, little brother. What is so important that you make me drive all the way home? You know we could’ve talked on the phone just as easy. Besides, Mom and Dad aren’t even here. What gives?”

I reach back and get her another cold one before talking. “You remember how mad Dad got when I told him I wanted to be a fire fighter and not work for him?” I ask while Nikki nods her head. “Well I guess I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve decided that I am going to work with Dad Ankara escort at J&E and I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t be mad about it. I guess I figured that you would be the logical choice to keep the family business going, not me. So what do you think?”

“I think that’s great. To be honest, working in the restaurant business is the last thing I would really want to do. I think I could find something a little more interesting, more stimulating,” my sister tells me. “Are you planning on finishing college?”

“I think so, I don’t really know. If I do I will have to switch majors. I don’t really want to go away to college, you know what a homeboy I am.

I reach into the patio bar refrigerator and pull out two more beers. Then I decide to light up a cigarette, setting the pack on the glass tabletop.

“So when did you start smoking?” Nikki asks me.

“Off and on for a few years now,” I reply casually.

Nikki picks up the pack, “Mind if I have one?”

“Help yourself,” I tell her. “You know I’m not so sure you’re really my sister. My sister was always a goody two shoes. Never drink, never smoke, didn’t get into trouble. You get straight A’s in high school and then end up going to State. Hell Dad could pay to send you to the best schools in the country. Who are you, and what have you done to my sister?” I ask with a grin on my face.

“Well maybe I grew up a little while I was away. But going to State, that was so I could be with my friends,” Sis tells me blowing the smoke out through her lips.

“How is Jessica? I haven’t thought of her in a long time,” I lie.

“Jessica is good. She still talks about you sometimes too. Is what she tells me true?” Nikki asks.

“Is what true?”

“Do you have a big cock?” she asks giggling at the surprised look on my face. “Jessica told me about that night at my slumber party. I always wanted to see for myself but never got up the nerve.”

“I’m sure Jessica was just exaggerating like people do, to make you jealous or something,” I counter having been caught a bit off guard.

“I don’t think so. In fact we were just talking the other day after…” she stumbles, “after class, and she mentioned it again. Said she hasn’t had one like that since.” Nikki stares down at the table, or is she staring at my crotch, then takes another drink of her beer and picks up the cigarettes again flipping through the pack.

Now at this point, I should tell you that Molly, my mentor, is very good at getting information on people. I already knew that my sister hung out a lot with Jessica. They even worked at the same place and I think that is where Nikki stumbled.

“What’s this?” Nikki asks me as she pulls a hand rolled smoke out of the pack.

“Just something I do sometimes to relax. It’s no big deal,” I assure her knowing the plan is working way to well. Molly told me that sometimes it could be very easy to make the play work out.

“I agree. It’s just I didn’t think you would smoke pot,” she comments bringing the joint to her nose for a sniff.

I laugh at her, “Hey hot stuff. Remember that I’m supposed to be the wild child. You’re Miss Can’t Do No Wrong.”

“Well I did say I’ve done some growing up while I was gone. Do you mind?” she asks holding the joint and the lighter.

“Hell, no. Fire that baby up,” I tell her grabbing two more beers. “So tell me about this part time job of yours, what do you do?”

“You know, it’s mostly the same stuff every day, but I do enjoy my work,” my sister tells me clearly not ready to tell me the whole truth.

“Yeah, but what do you do? Do you work in a store, an office, what?” I ask between hits.

“I guess you would call it a service industry job,” Nikki tells me trying to hedge around the truth.

“So you’re a fucking maid or something, come on now.”

“Well maybe more of an entertainment industry, I’m not really sure where it would be categorized,” my sister slurs as the beer and pot take an effect.

“Oh, I get it. You’re a ticket girl at the movie theater!” I mock at her.

“Yep. That’s me. The little ticket bitch. Hey this is good shit,” Nikki comments taking the last toke, “Got any more?”

“I guess I don’t mind sharing with you,” I say offering her another. “You know I just can’t imagine you selling tickets at the movie theater. I know what you’re doing. You’re at one of those clubs dancing around in a g-string and pasties,” I kid with a laugh all the time knowing it’s partially true.

“No, it’s not like that at all,” my sister answers with a straight face, “we dance totally nude where I work.

Got her. She looks at me and realizes what she just said. The alcohol and pot have done their job well, now to make her less defensive.

“Yeah, sure. Just as long as you enjoy your job, that’s all that matters,” I tell her in a manner that would make her think I thought she is just kidding back.

“So you got a girlfriend or do you just sit at home and jerk Escort ankara off a lot?”

“Yeah I got a girlfriend and between her and others, I don’t have much of a need to jerk off anymore,” I answer truthfully.

“What do you mean others?”

“Well I fuck Stacie, sure, but there are several others that I spend time with as well.”

“Keeping your options open, huh?” she teases.

“No, I just like fucking. Besides, Stacie knows about it for the most part.”

“For the most part?” my sister asks curiously.

“She knows she’s not the only, she just doesn’t know everyone that I am fucking around with,” I tell my sister. Stacie knew about my Mom and me and had played with us several times. She didn’t know about Dad, Molly, Tamara, or Tyler at the J&E offices.

“Hey Nikki, you better be careful. You’re going to ruin that top of yours with those hard nipples,” I comment.

“That’s okay. As wet as I am getting, I’m ruining my panties too,” she casually replies. “Now I want to know, I have to know.”

“Know what?” I ask not following the conversation shift.

“About your cock, silly. Is it as big as Jessica said? Have you ever had a girl get the whole thing in her mouth?” my sister asks.

“I have only had one person that could get it all in down to my balls. Others have tried, but never can take it all,” I confess.

“So let’s see it then. Show me so I will know for myself,” my sister implores.

“Tell you what, you show me your tits and I’ll show you my cock,” I negotiate.

“No let me tell you what, you show me your cock, and I’ll show you everything I got.”

Checkmate. Can’t argue with logic like that, even if there is a chance she is just setting me up. I slide the chair back and stand. I’m not in any way a talented male stripper, but I do know that the suspense is an important part of it. I take my time, unbuttoning the front of my shorts. Then I run a hand inside and grab my cock, which is already starting to stir, and position it in my underwear. I go back to my shorts and thumb the waistband, slowly sliding them down over my legs. At this point Nikki can see the full outline of my cock through my briefs. I look at my sister and notice her nipples are very hard now and she is squirming slightly in her chair.

“You ready,” I tease letting my hand run over my cock.

“Umm hmm,” is all she can manage while biting her lower lip.

I grab my underwear and slide them down. My cock released from its confines, droops slightly into her sight.

“Oh that’s very nice Steven,” Nikki complements. “I can’t wait to see it fully hard.”

“Then why don’t you give it a reason to get hard. It’s your turn now,” I say sitting back down pulling my shoes off and my shorts from around my ankles.

“You got it baby brother,” she tells me standing quickly.

It is a short strip for her. The tube top is pulled over her head giving me an instant view of her tits. I casually stroke my cock thinking of all the times I jerked off thinking about my sister’s tits. She pushes her running shorts down without much ado. Her hands return to her skimpy french cut panties, lacy and white. She runs a hand over the crotch as she spreads her legs slightly.

“See I told you I was getting wet. And looking at your cock get hard, I’m getting even wetter. Wanta see?” she teases me.

It’s my turn for a loss at words as all I can manage is a “Yeah,” as I keep stroking my cock.

But instead of pulling her panties down, Nikki surprises me by taking both sides of the thin material in her hands and ripping the panties from her tanned body. Her eyes are glued to my hand stroking my hard cock. I watch as she moves one hand up to a nipple to tease it slightly and then moves her other hand down between her legs.

My sister’s hand moves down through a small patch of fur that appears to have been shaven in the shape of a heart. I watch as Nikki slides her middle finger into her pussy where she works it in and out for a moment. She removes the hand from her pussy and moves over to where I am sitting.

Holding the wet finger up to my face she says, “See, I’m getting really wet for you.”

I take hold of her wrist and bring her finger to my mouth, letting it slide between my lips as I lick my sister’s pussy juice from it. I release my cock from my other hand and move it up to tweak the nearest nipple I can find. Soft moans escape Nikki’s sweet lips. I pull her hand from my mouth and move it back to her pussy, making her play with herself some more.

“Oh, Steven if you keep making me do this I won’t be able to stand much more, I’ll collapse right here,” my sister breathlessly tells me.

“That’s the idea, then I can see how much of my cock you can get into your mouth,” I tell her.

Her eyes open wide for a moment and I fear that the moment is lost. My sweet, hot, sexy, sister looks me in the eyes before replying. “I don’t know how much I can take, but I sure will try. Ankara escort bayan You have no idea how many nights I have fingered myself while thinking about you,” she tells me before easing to her knees.

She takes my hard cock in her hand and looks at it closely, as if wanting to remember exactly how it looks. Then she bends forward and places a kiss on the head, parting her lips to taste a drop of pre-cum that has emerged. Her tongue moves slowly up and down, bathing my cock in her saliva. With her head positioned, she opens her mouth and moves down over my cock. Her mouth sucks and her tongue twirls around the sensitive head. Then she pushes more in before settling on an in and out motion. She can’t take it all and what’s not in her mouth is covered by her soft hand, jerking me to the same speed as her mouth.

I enjoy looking down at my sister sucking my cock. But as much as I would like to unload in her mouth, I have fantasies of my own to fulfill. I place my hand under her chin and lift her mouth off my cock. She looks at me surprised and confused. I stand and taker her hand and lead her to one of the lounge chairs. I have her sit on the edge and then move over her supple body.

Once I have her in position, I begin. I start by teasing her hard nipples with my tongue. My mouth covers her tits with soft kisses before I return to suck her nipples into my mouth, occasionally nipping them slightly with my teeth. When I feel her hands on my head, I know she is ready for more. I kiss my way down her smooth tanned stomach. I stop to tongue her belly button and my sister lets out a low moan. I continue my way down until I am face to face with her pussy.

I run my hands around Nikki’s thighs, soft touches to set her skin on fire. My mouth places sweet kisses along her inner thighs and down to her ankles. I notice a set of perfectly pedicure nails on her feet and can’t resist the temptation. I place one of her toes in my mouth and gently suck on it. I suck each toe and then return up the other leg until I am again face to face with her heart shaped pubic hair.

“Do you like my heart?” she asks. “Jessica does that for me and I do her. Hers, I mean,” Nikki tries to cover.

“Well lets see if I can do something else as good as Jessica,” I tell my sister as I let my tongue slide across her puffy cunt lips. I tongue her slit from bottom to top, careful not to touch her clit. I run my tongue along the outside and start kissing her thighs and the portions of her ass that I can get too. Nikki’s hips buck wildly, trying desperately to gain the attention where she needs it. I give her a moment’s attention when I slide my tongue into her wet hole. I tongue fuck her pussy for a few moments and then return to kissing her thighs. My hands move up and find her hard nipples and stroke and caress them.

My sister is pawing at my head, trying to get my mouth back to where she needs it. I again slide my tongue along her slit, this time allowing myself to run over her engorged clit. Nikki’s hips lift straight off the lounge chair as she tries to fuck herself with my mouth. I slide my tongue into her hole again and enjoy the tension I am causing my sister. I move my tongue to the bottom of her cunt. Very, very slowly I move up. After my tongue comes in contact with her clit, I wrap my lips around it and suck.

My fingers are now pinching and pulling on my sister’s nipples. My tongue flicks as fast as I can over the hard nub I am sucking into my mouth. Nikki’s hips buck uncontrollable and for a moment I fear I will lose my position. I run one hand down and stroke the bottom of her ass cheeks as I continue to torture her clit with my mouth and tongue. My sister gets very quiet and I am afraid that I have lost the edge.

My sister pushes her hips up to my face. The low moans of pleasure have been replaced with wide mouth moans. And then it happens.

“Oh, fuck. Steven. Oh fuck you’re making me cum. Oh son of a bitch my little brother is going to make me cum with his mouth on my fucking pussy. Yes, Steven. Yes, you are much better than Jessica. Oh, God I love it when she eats me, but, fuck, oh God, Steven, Steven…”she screams at me.

As she calms down I return my tongue to lick at her tangy juices, enjoying the aroma and flavor of her cum. My hands are no longer pinching and pulling on her nipples, but return to gentle caresses. The hands my sister was using to hold my head to her sweet pussy are now stroking the top of my head.

She lifts up on her elbows and questions me. “How in the hell did you ever learn to eat pussy like that? And how come you took so long to let me know you were this good at it?”

“You have to understand that I have been practicing this moment in my mind for a long time. And practice does make perfect,” I reply smiling at my sister.

“What else have you been practicing in that naughtily little mind of yours, brother?” she wants to know.

“Nikki I have eaten and fucked you a thousand times in my dreams. I have probably killed a hundred trees just wiping up the cum from jerking off thinking of you,” I tell her honestly.

“Well you need to climb up here and put that hot load of cum somewhere that it won’t go to waste then,” my sister tells me in a very sultry voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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