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When I awoke the next morning it was to the sound of a lawnmower buzzing outside the window. A reminder of the advantages of my apartment in the city rather than this place in the burbs, I thought to myself and rolled over to find that Kurt was gone. Wearily I pushed back the covers and wandered through the house, which was still and absolute mess, only to discover that Kurt wasn’t even in the house. I contemplated showering, but the thought of having to wear the same clothes, imbibed with the smell of tobacco, alcohol and pot was enough to convince me that a quick brush of my hair and a cab ride home would be the best option.

An hour later, showered and refreshed, I flicked through my diary to see that today was Kurt’s birthday. Shit! That was something I should’ve remembered. Still, it’s not too late to organise something. A plan came to me, simple but fun for us both. I grabbed my phone and dialled his mobile number.

‘Hi babe,’ he said, after the second ring.

‘Thanks for last night,’ I said with a smile.

‘Hmmm, you too, you tart.’

‘I don’t think you should be calling anyone a tart,’ I scoffed. ‘Anyway, where were you when a lady wanted breakfast in bed?’

‘Had to come to work and finalise a few things.’

‘Too bad,’ I replied. ‘Happy birthday by the way, what are your plans for the evening?’

‘Ha!’ He sounded genuinely surprised that I had remembered. ‘Not much actually. In fact, you’re the only person to remember, so thanks!’ The hint of sentimentality in his voice widened my smile.

‘Well there’s more,’ I pushed on. ‘If you’re available, I’ve got a nice room in town booked for the two of us, and I’ll be your birthday present.’ The silence was palpable and I was about to ask if he was still there when he spoke.

‘So you’re my present?’


‘So you’re mine to do anything with?’ His tone sent a shiver through me.

‘Yes.’ My voice had softened now.

‘When and where?’ he asked. I was of course not that well prepared.

‘I’ll text you,’ I said, then hung up.


The honeymoon suite at the Rialto was available, and as a standby booking I got a good deal. It had a lounge, a bathroom with a sunken bath and a twin head shower and a large bedroom. I took candles, oil, CDs and lingerie. I sent Kurt a text and added that he should bring some weed. His stuff was better than mine. The thought that he might stand me up again had crossed my mind, and at six hundred dollars for the night, I would have been right royally pissed. But my promise to him was designed to entice him in, and it worked better than I had hoped with him appearing at the door on time. We ordered a three course meal, drank and flirted, smoking a little dope right before we ate to stimulate our appetites. It made us hungry too!

By nine thirty the food scraps were gone, the music was loud, candles lit and I was as horny as a toad.

‘Why don’t you go put on some of that lace stuff you brought with you?’ Kurt suggested. I slipped into the bedroom in silence, shrugging off my clothes and slid into a pair of deep green satin ‘boy shorts’ panties, a matching baby doll teddy and over the top of that slipped a white, silk robe. Feeling delicious I returned to the lounge to find Kurt halfway through a big fat joint. I shared the remainder, savouring the heady sensation and feeling my body relax. Don’t get the wrong impression of me, I don’t smoke a lot of dope, Kurt was part of a phase in my life where enjoying the illicit side of life was part of who I was.

‘How about a little head,’ he said, then began to laugh at the pun. His pot was good! I slid to the floor and unzipped his pants, a feeling of power surging through me as I extracted his rapidly hardening cock from his cotton boxers. This is the power of a woman over a man, I thought to myself as I leaned forward and slipped him into my mouth. There was no scent of a woman tonight, nothing but the hint of soap and aftershave. He had showered before coming over and that made me appreciate him that bit more. I ran my tongue along his length and around the head, pumped his shaft with my hand, alternated with that and deep throating him, then there was a knock at the door.

We jumped and I took my mouth off him to look over my shoulder.

‘What the…?’ I began.

‘Why don’t you see who it is?’ he suggested, tucking his member back into his trousers. I blinked at him, then remembered that I was his for the night, and stood with a shrug before walking to the door. Outside were Greg and Ashlyn, two of his favourite party buddies. Greg held a bottle of triple distilled Finnish vodka and Ashlyn a small gift wrapped parcel.

‘Ah, hi,’ I said, hoping my annoyance didn’t show. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Kurt invited us,’ Ashlyn said with a grin. Her bobbed blonde hair swayed slightly as she pushed past me and I watched as she entered the room to find Kurt standing grinning at her. They embraced warmly and I smiled at the contrast in their figures. Ashlyn is about five-four, very slim and all but disappeared in Kurt’s arms. She was wearing a pale blue sweater that zipped down bursa escort the front with a pair of faded jeans. Greg grinned at me, his eyes running down my body, then he leaned forward and his lips brushed my cheeks. I was glad that I still had the robe on over my lingerie.

I have to admit that I never felt completely comfortable around Greg, despite the fact that he was always dressed immaculately. Tonight he wore an expensive looking pair of tailor made chinos, a very nice long sleeved shirt and loafers. But no matter how much he dressed up, he was one of those men who looked at you in a way that made you feel that later he would be masturbating in the dark thinking of you and wanted to soak in every detail. It was silly really, given the way he worshipped Ashlyn. They had been married over four years and Kurt had been their best man. He and Kurt had been friends since High School, but if pressed I would have said it was an unhealthy friendship.

And what was really unhealthy was their arrival in the middle of me starting the warm up. In fact, their turning up at all tonight smacked of a lack of consideration.

‘Hey babe,’ Kurt called after greeting Greg with a hug, ‘how about some more Vodkas?’ I closed the door, resisting the temptation to slam it, walked past the little trio, accepting the bottle of Vodka with a forced smile, then headed into the bedroom. I had intended to re-dress, then decided that maybe Kurt was pushing me, seeing how far I’d go. Instead I loosened the tie of the robe at the waist. I’d never tried to make Kurt jealous, so I was thinking that maybe a bit of flirtation with Greg might hasten their exit, either at Kurt or Ashlyn’s urging. I suspected that under that cute perfect blonde bob and pretty face was a jealous little girl who loved the attention of men and more importantly, thrived under the constant attention from Greg.

So I returned to the party, my tension gone and poured four vodka’s and limes with crushed ice as I listened to them talking about what they’d been up to.

‘So what were you guys up to when we arrived?’ Ashlyn asked with a grin. She had seated herself on the sofa next to Kurt, while Greg was perched on the single seat. My eyes met Kurt’s and I suppressed the embarrassment I was feeling.

‘Alex was giving me head actually,’ Kurt said casually. Ashlyn forced a hand against her mouth to suppress a laugh while Greg twisted in his chair to stare open mouthed at me. I picked up two drinks and walked boldly towards them, meeting Greg’s stare and striving to look confident.

‘What, you think I don’t give head?’ I asked, meeting his stare. He blinked and looked away. ‘So your arrival was poor timing for the birthday boy,’ I added, handing Greg and Ashlyn their drinks before retrieving Kurt’s and mine.

The conversation began to flow more easily, I sat on the other single seat opposite Greg and flirted with him, licking the rim of my drink, letting the front of my robe slip open so that he could glimpse my thighs. I caught Ashlyn catching him looking a few times and felt little thrills of triumph each time, but if Kurt noticed he paid not the slightest bit of interest.

Five vodkas and almost an hour and a half later, we were all somewhat smashed. Greg had found the cable television and had selected non-stop music, which overall had been playing some good tunes. I got up and danced a little on my way to mix another round and could hear muttering as I did.

‘What the hell are you lot conspiring about?’ I demanded. The alcohol had gone completely to my head and I had to admit I was enjoying the company. My earlier annoyance had gone.

‘Time for another birthday present!’ Kurt demanded as I returned.

‘What, more head now?’ I cocked my head at him to show that I was up to what ever challenge he had in mind.

‘I was thinking of a strip show actually.’ My hesitation was momentary, then I placed my drink on the coffee table and began to sway around the room. The song on the tv was some boy band and completely lacked the right feel, but then a hard rock number roared out and my hips began to sway.

‘All right!’ Greg yelled, raising his glass. Kurt grinned and Ashlyn placed her glass next to mine to clap her hands enthusiastically. I felt an adrenaline rush of power and lust and as I danced I moved closer to where they sat. I slipped the tie of the robe from my waist and twirled it a few times, letting the robe fall completely open, then flicked it at Greg. He made to grab it but missed, spilling his drink onto the arm of the chair. I laughed and flicked it again, this time he was quicker and grabbed it. At once he began to pull on it and I pretended to be dragged towards him. At the last minute I released my end and danced away, almost tripping and then I let myself fall onto Kurt’s lap. He grabbed me with his free hand, pulling me against his lap and I could feel his hardness. I squirmed against him and felt another rush of adrenaline.

Wanting to feel his tongue in my mouth, and hopefully give the others their cue to leave, I spun around to sit sideways across his lap, my legs resting bursa escort across Ashlyn, and thrust my mouth onto Kurt’s. He met my kiss with an open mouth, our tongues dancing wildly across each other. I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and held him close, until we were forced to break apart under threat of suffocation.

Ashlyn slid from under my lap and I was pleased to think that she had gotten the message. Kurt’s mouth closed over mine and his hand cupped my breast, teasing my nipple into a hard point through the satin. Again we broke apart and I saw Kurt grinning past me and turned to see that Ashlyn was dancing erotically. Her knees were slightly bent, her hips grinding in circles and she held her hands above her head as she tossed her head back and forth. The pose made her breasts thrust forward prominently and I knew that Kurt was staring at them. Even Greg had lost interest in me now and was staring in rapt appreciation at his wife. Which was only proper. But pissed me off none the less.

Not to be outdone I slid from Kurt’s lap and moved beside Ashlyn. She half turned towards me and we bumped and ground our way through another two songs. The boys made a few sounds of encouragement and I edged closer until we were almost facing each other. Our bodies touched occasionally and all of a sudden I didn’t want Ashlyn to leave. I picked up her drink, moved behind her and held her drink in front of her. As she opened her mouth I tilted it towards her and the fluid spilled out, some into her mouth and some onto her chin and down the front of her top. Ashlyn didn’t pull away and I didn’t stop pouring until the glass was empty. I dropped it onto the carpet and pulled her close to me, feeling her press back against me. Looking down at her over her shoulder I could see beads of vodka on her top. Without thinking I reached around and brushed them off, feeling the pressure of her breasts.

‘Yeah,’ Kurt’s quietly spoken encouragement barely penetrated above the noise of the tv. In response I cupped Ashlyn’s breast, locking eyes with Kurt, my heart racing at what I was doing, yet the stubborn streak in me refusing to back down. I glanced sideways to see that Greg was staring at us, his right hand rubbing his crotch. Kurt on the other hand sipped his drink, one ankle resting on the other knee, his free arm stretched along the back of the sofa. The grin on his face continued to challenge me, telling me that this was what he wanted, that the terms of the deal I made when I told him I was his for the night, were being met. Ashlyn’s breast was soft and round, but through the sweater material felt like a water filled balloon. I released her, reached up and tugged the zipper down, surprised that it ran easily down to her navel. Still she made no move to stop me, her hips continued to sway from side to side.

‘Oh God!’ Greg groaned. I looked at him and saw that he had his erection gripped through the loose fitting material of his chinos. I didn’t want to see his cock, in fact I didn’t want anything to do with him. But I wouldn’t back down now, because I knew that was what Kurt expected.

I slid my hand under the sweater and almost lost my composure. Instead of finding a lace or satin bra, I found her nipple in my fingers. Ashlyn was wearing nothing under her top. My fingers ran across smooth skin, encountering her rough, hard nipple. I tweaked it and for the first time Ashlyn made a noise, squeaking a little, but still she didn’t pull away.

My lust was rising and I wanted to extend the challenge to Kurt. Greg was getting off on me fondling his wife, as was Kurt, though his pleasure was as much to do with his power over me as it was to see us together. I withdrew my hand, took Ashlyn by the shoulder and turned her to face me. My eyes locked on Kurt’s again, then I bent down and kissed Ashlyn on the mouth, not flinching when her lips parted to meet mine. I already knew that I could do anything I wanted with the pint sized blonde, it was Kurt I was trying to get to. I heard a strangled gasp from Greg and declined to look as I heard the sound of his zipper. Instead, I broke the kiss and pushed Ashlyn backwards, sending her sprawling onto Kurt’s lap.

He jumped then, reacting to the unexpected arrival of Ashlyn. Instinctively he caught her and in doing so her unzipped sweater fell open revealing her full, round creamy breasts. Her nipples were dark pink and rock hard, but Ashlyn made no move to cover up. I walked forward, parted her legs and knelt on the floor. I was now between Kurt’s legs as I had been when the couple had knocked on the door, and I was fairly certain that his cock was as hard now as it had been then. Ashlyn was certainly grinding her buttocks against him in a way that suggested she was feeling some reaction there.

Pushing Ashlyn’s sweater open, I ran my tongue across her stomach and into her deep navel. Her hand caught my hair and gently led my mouth upwards and onto her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, gently bit down, eliciting another squeak, then caressed it with my tongue and lips. I looked up as I transferred to her other breast bursa eskort and saw Kurt staring down over her shoulder at me. The cocky grin had gone, replaced now by his dark eyed lust. I was winning and the feeling of power sent a surge of triumph through me. Ashlyn’s mouth hung slightly open, and reaching up I pushed her face towards Kurt’s, guiding her by the chin.

Ashlyn’s eyes flicked from me to Kurt, and with her head twisted back their mouths met. The kiss was hot and lustful and I sat back to watch as their tongues appeared and disappeared; red, wet serpents that wrestled against each other, embracing before separating as if for breath, before plunging against each other again. I fumbled with Ashlyn’s belt, then released the buttons on her fly, pulling the denim open to reveal the pale skin of her abdomen. She wore black cotton panties and I knew that if I plunged my hand under there, I would be rewarded with a wet pussy.

I turned and looked at Greg. He tore his eyes from the two on the couch to look at me, and in doing so I saw him silently imploring me to stop things going further. I couldn’t tell if his zipper was still undone, but he was no longer playing with himself. I knew then that this scene was not to his liking; in fact the thought of his beautiful petite wife with Kurt was probably his worst nightmare.

But I wanted her.

And I wanted Kurt.

And I didn’t want Greg.

So I turned away, back to the two adulterers on the sofa, reached out and grabbed Kurt’s drink from his hand, placing it on the coffee table behind me. Then I took his fingers, and led them in a gentle exploration of Ashlyn’s body. Kurt let me lead him as I darted his finger tips across her soft breasts, down her belly and finally placed them at the elastic waistband of her panties. He didn’t hesitate, didn’t stop to consider who Ashlyn was or whether his best friend Greg cared what was happening. He plunged his hand into Ashlyn’s panties and in my imagination I could feel her wiry pubic hairs giving way to reveal a very wet and hot slit.

‘No, stop!’ Greg stood up, swaying under the combined effects of alcohol and lust. They stopped, but Ashlyn pressed her hand down on Kurt’s to keep it trapped under her panties. Her knees pressed together then released and I knew that his fingers were deep inside her.

‘Whaaa’s up babe?’ Her voice was unsteady. His fly was open and I could see the fabric of his boxers bulging forward. Despite his fear, his cock was still hard.

‘Let’s go, this isn’t…’ Greg trailed away, then looked around the room as though searching for whatever he may have brought in.

‘Not yet, c’mon,’ Ashlyn implored. ‘Have some fun.’ She looked in my direction before adding, ‘have some fun with Alex.’ My lust cooled at the thought that Greg might take her up on the offer.

‘No, we’ve…I’ve gotta go.’ He turned and walked towards the door, but Ashlyn made no move to follow.

I expected him to stop and turn, to demand she leave too, but he didn’t. Instead he paused at the door to zip up his fly, opened the door, walked out and was gone.

‘Fuck me Kurt,’ Ashlyn said as soon as the door clicked shut. ‘You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to fuck you.’ She was grinding against his hand, oblivious to my presence and I knew then that Kurt was not oblivious to the affect he had on her. It was the affect he had on most women he met.

Ashlyn had turned side on so that they could kiss more easily so I pulled her jeans free, then ripped her panties from her body. Ashlyn shrugged her sweater free and was naked on Kurt’s lap. She had the smallest of pubic patches and I could see Kurt’s fore and middle fingers were inside her pussy and his thumb was deftly manipulating her clitoris. I stood and slipped my teddy over my head, then drew my shorts down until they formed a satin puddle around my feet, which I stepped clear of and so I too was naked.

Ashlyn and Kurt stopped kissing for a moment and Ashlyn looked at me.

‘Wow, you are cute,’ she breathed. Her breathing was ragged now as Kurt’s fingers worked their magic. Being the control freak he was, he suddenly stopped and pushed her from his lap. Ashlyn almost fell onto the floor and I reached out to steady and help her to her feet. We stood close together and I could feel the heat emanating from her skin. Kurt stood and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his chest. Wordlessly he removed his jeans, then he too was naked. As Ashlyn ran her eyes over his erect cock, I realised that I was stroking her back.

‘C’mon ladies,’ he muttered, ‘why don’t you kneel and use your mouths on me?’ I pushed Ashlyn down in front of me, then leaned over her to kiss Kurt. His mouth met mine and our tongues flailed against each other. As we broke apart I smiled into his eyes; mouthed “Happy Birthday” and then knelt beside Ashlyn. Her small mouth was stretched into a wide O and her bobbed hair swung back and forth in time with the motion of her head. Our eyes met and I could see that she was completely consumed by her lust. Kurt’s cock popped from her mouth with a loud plop and I leant forward to run my tongue around his swollen head. As I did so, Ashlyn applied her tongue along the other side of his shaft and we moved up and down his length in unison. We alternated sucking the tip into our mouths, allowed our tongues to touch and occasionally we paused to kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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