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The straight version, for my heterosexual homies…


To Megan, Jasper always seemed like a Coldplay song. Smooth, made up of sounds both recognizable and sounds less obvious, leaving whoever heard them wondering how they were made. Of course, that was an extremely vague and simple even more confusing description of a dark haired mystery of a man. Granted, it was about all she could gather about him.

She’d been working as a bartender in southern Vermont for a just over a year now. She made a lot of money as a bartender, not because she was particularly good at mixing drinks or showy at all, she wasn’t even that great at making conversation. She was pretty sure she owed it all to her winning cleavage and great ass.

The first time she’s ever seen the aforementioned enigma wrapped in a sexy suit was her first Friday shift during training. Fridays at the thorn, her place of work, meant that the people who are serious about drinking were all piled in together to watch the latest games and check out the women (and men)who were just out for the occasional one night stand, or looking for a genuine connection. Jasper was not one of those people. He rolled in at 9:40 something with the swagger that suggested, no, bragged, that he had already downed a few beers and was looking for something a little stronger.

Megan remembered her friend Sarah, an acquaintance at the time, served him a shot of gin, and he waited an entire 10 minutes before downing it, and confidently walking over to woman who was clearly one of the sort looking for a “genuine connection,” and leaving with her moments later – the something stronger he been after.

Megan had been so turned on by his confidence that she went home that night and thought of him as she watched porn and touched herself.

The second time Megan saw Jasper she was off training, and it was her first weekend shift without a supervisor. The place had been packed, and Sarah left early to drive down to New York with her boyfriend. In the rush of the demand for drinks, she hadn’t even noticed him walk in she turned to see who else was in need of a top off and cut the dark eyes of a stranger to you to go enough to just a few weeks earlier and blushed. His facial expression did not change, but somehow he look more smug at her red cheeks.

Megan pushed the long piece of hair behind her ear and walked a few steps and nearer to him. “What can I get ya?” she said, trying to sound as even toned as possible.

“Beer, please,” he said, surprising her with his polite manner and heavy voice. She handed him a house brew and decided to herself that if he said “Get down on the floor and beg for this dick, please,” she would not think twice about doing it. He hummed his thanks, and she added to herself she would do just about anything to hear that sound in the dark of her bedroom.

As she tended to her next customer, a very, very drunk old man who liked to make jokes about her boobs, she watched him survey the crowd, zero in on a woman with great legs, down his drink, and then walk over to his pick of the night, whisper a few words to her that clearly were irrefutable, and lead her out the back door to the street, where she lost sight.

Over the next few months, she got over here talking directly to her patrons to make conversation (including to an extent Jasper) and learned his name, where he was from (New York, New York) and the relative time of when he moved to Winston, only a year or two before herself.

One night, Sarah, who had at this point become her best friend, brought Megan and her self out in search of some stiff “drinks,” she said with a well-placed pause, as Sarah and her boyfriend were over. She was in need of some rebound cock. So she donned some slutty black dress and sleek smoky eyes, The perfect attraction concoction for the men looking for one-night stands. Megan had opted for a dark blue dress and some sparkly shit for her eyes. They agreed to stop at the thorn for a pre-night drink to prime themselves for the nightclub Sarah was excited to go to.

They walked into the Thorn and saw Murphy working the counter and waved. Megan looked around and caught sight of a tall guy with dark hair and a familiar swagger coming in through the back, heading towards the bar. Sarah, knowing about Megan’s little obsession with the guy, pushed her towards the bar with a happy smirk. Megan had suspected from the beginning of the night that Sarah was interested in getting more than just herself laid.

Megan half walked half stumbled over to the bar and ordered herself a shot of whiskey. She grabbed the shot glass and put it up to her mouth.

“You work here,” said a familiar voice as she was downing her shot, choking on it in the process. It was a statement, not a question. She turned towards Jasper’s voice and had to look up to make eye contact, as he was very close , but not close enough to be touching her. She lost her breath for a moment, but found it again and bursa sınırsız escort said, “Yeah, I do.”

He was looking down into her face, focusing on her eyes intensely. He glanced behind her at Sarah and said, “Did you come with her?” Megan turned to see, though she already knew he was looking at Sarah. Dejectedly, she turned back, nodding. But he was closer to her then, and he whispered into her ear, “Think she’d mind if you left with me?”

God, that’s hot, Megan thought to herself. The tall man leaning comfortably over her stared her down darkly, and she let out an embarrassing throaty hum to accompany the nodding of her head, yes.

Jasper looked down at her body, clearly and unabashedly raking her with his eyes. He raised his eyebrows as his eyes traveled back up and Megan wanted to drop her jaw (and her panties) right there.

Jasper started towards the back exit which led to an alley that hobos liked to use for much less sensual uses, but once they got out there, it seemed to Megan like the Perfect place to bang a hot stranger.

Before she really knew what was happening, Jasper’s hands had grabbed her waist and pushed her up against the brick wall of the alley. She seemed to have no air in her lungs, which was fine, because Jasper’s face was so close to hers that if she’d breathed she knew it would disturb the stillness that made it’s sudden and unwelcome appearance.

The tension in the air as the lean, sexy man she barely knew groped her waist and held his lower body close to hers and his face inches centimeters away was so thick she was sure it was the reason he hadn’t gotten his tongue down her throat yet.

He moved closer with a chilly grin and played at her mouth, never quite kissing her but getting close enough to make her whimper the tiniest bit. His hands moved from her hips to her ass cheeks and rounded around them, pulling up the back of her dress over her ass, revealing her thong and making her gasp at the sudden coldness. Her half-lidded eyes opened.

“What are you doing?” Megan whispered, glancing around to make sure no peeping eyes were on them. He grabbed her right ass cheek in his left hand and pulled up, she shifted her weight onto her other leg and let him place her knee below his hip.

He grinned, mischievously. “Just enjoying the night.” His hand traveled up her thigh and then beneath the front of her dress. Megan stared at Jasper staring at her mouth, slowly moving his fingers towards her very wet vagina. She gasped softly as he touched her wetness, ran his finger up her folds, thong pushed to the side. He moved his face closer to hers and bit her bottom lip while he inserted one long finger into her vagina, the sheer contact alone making her moan in pleasure.

“My god, is this what you do to every girl you snatch out of this bar?” Megan gasped a Jasper’s head of dark hair started to descend along her body, stopping first at her collarbone, where she felt his mouth turn up in some sort of wicked smile.

“You keeping some kind of record?” he said, so close to her that she could feel the exhalation of his lungs on her skin. He licked her collarbone, not breaking eye contact.

Through a heavy breath, she squeaked out, “Just wondering how dirty this wall you have me backed up against really is.” Jasper dropped his chin so it was level with her breasts and couldn’t suppress his chuckle. He was pumping two fingers in and out of her now.

“I clean it before and after each time,” he said. Jasper stimulated her clit with his thumb, so she didn’t see his interested look at her as she bit her own lip and arched her back away from the wall. He put his nose in between her breasts and smelled her sweat. He pumped his fingers in and out, hard, until she got short in her breaths and her moans turned breathy and high pitched.

Then he stopped. He pulled his hand away from her dripping slit and she nearly got whiplash from how fast she moved her head, trying to figure out what apocalyptic thing must be occurring for him to keep her from finishing.

There was nothing. No one had come into the alley from the bar or the street, there was no yellow, 9 eyed monster with its foot poised above them. She looked to Jasper, about to scream in frustration – she was so fucking close – and her mind stopped in its tracks. Jasper held the fingers that had moments ago been inside her up to his mouth, and she watched as he put them in his mouth and sucked her juices off his own fingers. She wanted to cum just watching him.

Jasper lent in close and kissed her, his eyes open the whole time. She sucked on his tongue and tried desperately to get some friction on herself, but Jasper was unrelenting. His eyes calmly and interestedly looked at her wriggling figure.

“For fuck’s suck, why won’t you finish me?” She reached for his belt buckle. “I’ll return the favor she said, a sultry smile coming to her lips, but he calmly moved her hands away.

“Usually, bursa üniversiteli escort my dear,” he started in a husky voice, “bringing a woman to her… peak, is all I’m interested in.” Jasper looked down at her chest and her body, raising his eyebrows. “But, I’m wondering if you might not want to take this a little… deeper.”

Megan started nodding profusely and Jasper couldn’t help but let his smirk expand a little, and he almost laughed.

“Are you just gonna leave me…” Megan started to ask. Jasper let his hand stimulate her for a few more seconds, and then pull back again as she got close. Megan was so close to screaming out of sexual frustration. But Jasper held her eyes, pulled her dress back over her hips and squeezed her ass for good measure. He stepped away and grabbed her left hand with his right, letting her trail behind him in her pre-orgasmic haze.

They caught a cab and Jasper said something something to the driver that Megan didn’t catch because she was too preoccupied on getting off that she climbed onto Jasper’s lap and started kissing him.

“If you don’t fucking finish me right now I’ll just have to do it myself,” she said in between kisses and breaths. Jasper chuckled darkly and relented a bit, grinding his package into the wetness perched above it. He held her hips in place with a surprising strength as she tried desperately to grind against him, but he held her fast.

“I’ll let you in on a secret,” he said. “It’s gonna be a lot less frustrating for you if you stop trying to do things yourself… and let me lead.” Megan looked at him.

“Whether that’s a threat or a promise it’s fucking hot. Just don’t expect me to take it quietly.” Jasper’s eyes glinted. Megan reluctantly stopped squirming and Jasper grasped her hips firmly, carefully rubbing his package slowly and steadily against her bundle of nerves. She started breathing heavily again and with a mind of it’s own, her hips tried to speed things up. Her elbows were now on either side of Jasper’s head, resting against the back seat of the cab, her wrists locked behind his head. Her breasts were right below his chin in the cramped space.

In a split second of lucidness she felt sorry for the cabbie. Then she thought, “Hope you enjoy it.” She could feel him watching them.

Jasper added a thumb to her sensitive clit and watched her face carefully. She gasped and braced herself on the seat, using it as a little bit of leverage to try and get things moving faster. It even work for a few seconds. She got a nice rock onto his dick and got a small moan to escape from his throat. At this she looked down with a proud and puckish smile at his face, which was momentarily unmasked and filled with pleasure.

It was short lived. His moan quickly turned into a growl and he lifted her heavy hips off of him and twisted her back so it was on the seat. She was frantic to find release and all but begged for him to let her have it. Now he leaned one hand onto the seat beside her head and with the other he reached over and opened the cab door. It took her a moment to realize that the car had stopped.

“After you.”

Megan twisted, making sure she crawled out of the car as gracefully and as tantalizingly as possible. Jasper let a low growl escape from his mouth that Megan almost didn’t hear.

She walked up to cement walkway and towards an apartment building. Jasper was close behind after paying the old man in the front seat. He walked a little faster than she did, mainly because he was quite a few inches taller in the legs.

She stood beside the door for a split second as he scanned his card to open the glass doors. Feeling very angry now, that she had still not been satisfied, she moved closer as he pulled for the doors and ran her hand over the bulge in his pants, squeezing when she saw fit. He had a sudden but small intake of breath and she got even more turned on when she saw the look in his eyes and his posture change.

Jasper quickly relaxed back into his predatory essence and opened the door, softly but firmly pressing Megan through, his hand on the small of her back. He grabbed her wrist this time and led her into the elevator. Megan figured she was on a roll. She turned to see how far Jasper would allow her to push, but the answer was already there. The doors closed.

Jasper was suddenly pressing Chess and her ass with his body against the wall. Her heels allowed her eyes to be level with his lips. He was trapping her between his arms.

“Do you recall what I said in the car ride?” He asked in his low, completely sexy voice. She bit her lip, honestly trying to concentrate, but all she was thinking about was his fingers in her vagina, how good they felt, pumping in and out of her. “I said that this was going to go a lot smoother if you let me lead.” He paused here, to get closer to her ear.

Her heart was beating quickly. She had goosebumps bursa anal yapan escort on her skin, and she started to feel the hair on the back of her neck rise.

“Now, close your eyes.” Megan was still frozen, for just a second, then she closed her eyes. She felt this mysterious man pull away, and then she heard a ding. The elevator started rising. She had some trouble keeping her eyes closed.

And then she felt very firm, very strong hands on her waist, moving downwards, and then something else moving slowly upwards… Her dress. She felt lips and teeth moving against her, pulling the thong she wore down, down until it dropped against her ankles. And then the lips were back, and she almost snapped open her eyes at the immediate pleasure she felt. But she didn’t. A moan, soft and heavy came from deep inside her and below her, and floated up, through her flesh and out of her throat.

And they kept coming. Softly and deeply, and as they did, the tongue that wriggled below her got more wild, and more warm, and the hands that were on her dug a little deeper into the flesh below her ass cheeks, bringing her wetness closer and closer to the source of its pleasure.

Once again, as Megan found herself bracing against the wall, her nails digging into anything that they could find purchase on, she felt a sudden cold absence to where there used to be a filling warmth. Her eyes shot open, the command that had been given her all but forgotten. Jasper’s dark on his word level with her own brown ones. He was smoking.

“You opened your eyes,” he said, daring her to say anything. Her anger was back with a force, and she needed him. She looked him in the eyes, put her lips very, very close to his, and said, tasting her wetness on his lips, “Fuck. me.”

The elevator doing, and stopped. Megan stepped out of her thong, face still terrifyingly close to jaspers, who’s smile had went for Mr. Vegas to wicked. She pushed the blue fabric of her dress back down over her and we voluptuous hips, and moved around the towering figure and out of the elevator.

Jasper was all but grinning down, looking at her soaked thong. He thought about leaving it for some lonely sucker to enjoy, but no… those were his now. A token.

Megan walked forward looking for anything she could rub off against, desperate for a release she had been waiting for for too long now. As she moved toward a wooden handle on a chair that looked promising, Jasper’s hand appeared at her waist and she was pulled close to his warm side. She was tempted, in her extremely horny state, to grab at his cock again, but felt things might not be so easy as they were last time.

Jaspers firm hand did not stray from her waist though it did move to expand. Megan’s body was getting very tense with threat to release. She felt she could almost cry at this point if you didn’t cum. Jasper guided her body towards the left where he unlocked a door, and she followed him inside, where he closed the door behind her.

She walked, a little unsteady on the dark hallway, and into a sparsely furnished studio apartment. White light filtered into the darkroom through a white curtain on a balcony door. It was fluttering in the presence of the breeze outside. Jasper came up softly behind her, his warmth out of place in the cold room. There was a large bed at the end of it, in between a double window and the balcony doors. It was piled high with dark colored pillows and throw blankets and it was messy and unkempt, unmade.

Jaspers warm hands moved her hair in front of her body. He started walking her slowly forward, towards the bed. His long legs rushing the outside of her left leg and the inside of her right. He slowly unzipped the back of her dress as they walked, which had taken a whole five minutes to get zipped up in the first place, with Sarah trying not to break the zipper only an hour earlier. Megan’s flesh slipped deliciously out of it.

Within seconds they were standing at the edge of jaspers large resting place. And by then Megan had calmed down a little, the room had an extremely chilling effect on her.

She felt Jasper unclasp her bra, and put his lips on the right side of her neck, bending his body forward, over hers, her torso conforming, arms reaching out to brace herself on the bed, elbows bending when he didn’t relent. She felt his chest move above her back and his hard package was pressing against her ass. His arms, now free of the white button up he’d been in moments before came around in front of her, and grabbed a hold of her bra, slipping it down her freckly arms, twisting her face-up in the process.

Now she was looking up at him, trying to hold herself up with her 4 inch heels between his feet, and just barely succeeding. Jasper straddled her thighs on the edge of the bed and leaned down to Megan’s breasts. Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips and his tongue feathered around her nipples, which were pert and standing at attention in the cold of the room. He moved his soft mouth around a nipple and gently coaxed a moan from Megan’s lips. He brought his big hands to her bare sides which were fleshy and soft against his hands, and he brought them down, over her hips to her stomach, and between her thighs, his thumbnails brushing the edges of her pussy, which was still very wet, but now very cold.

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