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“On your knees,” Sir said as soon as we entered the room, the door closing swiftly behind him. I knelt without hesitation in the middle of the open space, eyes never leaving Sir. “Do you want to explain prancing around in that outfit all day?”

I flushed, eyes dropping to the floor. “I wanted to look good for you, Sir. Wanted to make you proud.” My hands pulled at the hem of my skirt, much shorter than anything I had worn before. “You had said…” I paused, not sure how to continue.

“Eyes on me, bunny.” Sir ordered, not harshly but still leaving no room to question. He looked, not disapproving as I feared, but curious. “What did I say?”

“You said, early on, that you may want easy access. That you may like for me to work without panties. So I planned for that,” I said quietly, the confidence from earlier in the day being stolen away by doubt, by the fear that I had overstepped my bounds. If I hadn’t been ordered to look at him, I would have missed the brief flash of realization that crossed Sir’s face.

“You wanted my attention.” Only those who knew him well would have caught the shift in tone that gave the sentence a questioning edge. I nodded slightly, still not able to pull my thoughts away from my inner fears and demons, telling me I was too needy, too clingy, that I was asking for things I had no right to want. “And if I had told you to bend over for me in the middle of the hall?”

“I’m yours, Sir. I would have obeyed,” I vowed. Sir took a step closer, and I had to look up so I could continue to follow his order to keep my eyes on him.

“You would have let everyone watch me stuff your needy bunny hole? Let them all know that you belong to me? Then gone back to work, the whole show knowing you were filled with my cum?” I swallowed, imagining it for a moment, seeing how dark Sir’s eyes had become as they looked me over possessively.

“If you wished so, then yes, Sir, I would.” Truthfully, the thought made me wet. The idea of Sir possessing me like that in front of so many people. The idea that he would show them that I was his, that he wasn’t hiding me away, that he chose me to be his bunny, it thrilled me. I hadn’t ever truly given thought to performing like that in public before I met Sir, but once he put the thought in my head, it grew and flourished until I desired it almost as much as he did.

I felt Sir’s hand run through my hair, petting me, and it worked like always, bringing me back to the present, to being nothing more than his bunny. The past and future didn’t matter, only listening to Sir. “I know you would. You like being my good bunny, don’t you?” Sir kept petting me, which made it more difficult to answer as the words never want to come out when I enter that headspace. Luckily Sir felt generous and didn’t press me. Instead, he stepped away, chuckling when I whined, trying to prolong the petting.

“Greedy bunny. escort You wanted my attention, and now that you have it, it’s not enough, is it?” Sir opened the drawer where we stored the toys. My eyes widened and I felt a new rush of wetness when he turned around holding the flogger. “Take off the shirt, shoes, and skirt.”

I wobbled as I stood up, still not accustomed to the heels, and obeyed. As I stripped out of the skirt, Sir questioned, “I thought you said no panties.” I blushed as I answered.

“I wouldn’t have been able to wear this skirt without panties. So I just made sure to wear my crotchless ones, Sir.”

“And I see you have your plug in?”

“I wanted to be ready for you, Sir.”

“Such a smart bunny I have.” I finished undressing as quickly as possible, until I stood in nothing more than my panties and harness. I paused to see what Sir’s next orders would be. “Lay down on the bed.” As soon as I lay down, Sir had me in the cuffs, restrained and unable to move my arms or legs. He picked up the flogger again, and let it trail across me, starting at my throat and continuing down my body all the way to my feet. “I watched you all day. I had you in my sights, saw you laughing and giggling. I watched you walk around the floor, and you may not have noticed, but I saw the way the men looked at you. Their eyes were devouring my bunny without my permission. And I couldn’t figure out why my bunny was letting them.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I apologized, interrupting him without thinking. “I didn’t mean to. I wasn’t trying to-“

“Hush.” While loud, his command wasn’t harsh, but it silenced me immediately. “I know that now. You still don’t realize what delectable little prey you make. You didn’t think about the fact that I’m not the only one who wants to hold you down and have you take everything I want to give you. But we’ll address that later. For now, let’s focus on the fact that you had me so distracted, I lost two of my games today.” Sir pulled the flogger away from me, ready to strike. “I think 10 strokes for each lost game is appropriate, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I whimpered, eying the flogger with a mix of trepidation and excitement.

“Count them out,” he ordered before beginning. I counted as he swung and the flogger struck me, just hard enough to be felt and enjoyed, without the extra strength that marked a true punishment. It landed seemingly at random, both in timing and placement, so I never knew when to expect the blow. After the twentieth blow, Sir dropped the flogger and pulled out his cock, moving to kneel next to me on the bed. “Suck it.”

Almost before the words left his lips, I had mine wrapped around him, moving my head as much as I could to get more of him in my mouth. Too much work went into developing the skill to take all of Sir for me to let it go to waste. As focused as I became, I barely heard the knock at the bursa eve gelen escort door. “Fuck,” he muttered, before withdrawing, ignoring my protests. “Be there in a moment.” A loud chuckle was his only response from whoever stood outside the door. Sir looked me over while he tucked his dick back into his pants, and I’m sure I made quite a picture, wrists and ankles held in place by cuffs, mouth wrecked, red marks from the flogger. Sir smirked, self-satisfaction written all over his face.

“Are you okay with someone else seeing you like this? They’re on the list.” The caring tone contrasted nicely with the smug expression, and I nodded in response. “I need a color, bunny,” he chided.

“Green.” Although my voice was confident, doubts immediately hit me as soon as Sir went to let the other person in. Our list of people we were willing to share/indulge with was short, but most of them were attending this convention, so I had no clue who to expect. And having my eyes closed, fighting my own doubts and insecurities, made it more difficult to identify them, even as I could hear them joining Sir at the foot of the bed.

“Eyes open,” Sir commanded, and I hastened to obey, taking in the sight of Senpai standing with Sir. But my attention remained on Sir as he began speaking.

“I made plans for you, bunny. Thought with the display you put on earlier that you were wanting someone other than your Sir.” A quick motion silenced my immediate protests. “I know that now. But you need to be more aware of how others look at you, how they want my bunny for their own.”

“I’m yours, Sir, no one else’s,” I swore.

“Mhm,” Sir agreed. “Mine to share if I choose.” His eyes narrowed slightly. “After all, you wanted him to see what a good bunny you are, didn’t you? Isn’t that why you changed out of that corset and into your harness?”

“Yes, Sir, partly,” I admitted quietly, ashamed. “Also thought you didn’t like it, and wasn’t comfortable.”

“I was trying to play my games,” Sir admonished me. “It’s difficult to focus when you have a hard on and are thinking about bending your bunny over.”

“For some of us anyway,” Senpai muttered, grinning and nudging Sir.

“Fuck you.”

“Thought the point was for us to fuck her?” Senpai retorted, clearly enjoying himself. Sir’s response died in his throat as I whimpered and shifted, hearing their intent stated out loud setting me back on edge. Their smirks as I tried desperately to rub my thighs together, to get any sort of friction, matched perfectly.

“Oh, it is,” Sir muttered, walking around the bed, hand trailing along my body as he moved, pausing only to pinch and tease my breast. “Been promising my bunny that she’d be stuffed for quite some time now.” He stood at the head of the bed, hand cradling my face. When his thumb brushed over my lips, I görükle escort couldn’t help but suck it. “Seems she wants to be a bunny spit roast.”

“Where should we start then?” Senpai asked, tone dropping from playful and teasing to a darker promise.

“You take that side,” Sir directed, starting to undo the cuffs on his side of the bed. Once unrestrained, I sat up, looking to Sir for instructions. “Off the bed, bunny. And you,” he pointed to Senpai, “strip and sit here at the foot.” As we both followed orders, Sir disrobed and sat in the chair that gave a perfect side view of Senpai and myself. Once everyone was in place, Sir spoke again. “My bunny worked hard to be able to deep throat me. Why don’t you show him how well paid off, hmmm?”

I knelt in front of Senpai, hands at my sides. I hesitantly licked, getting a taste before drawing his cock into my mouth, sucking and tasting, going a little deeper on each bob until my nose pressed against Senpai’s stomach, and I felt him down my throat. I stayed as long as I could, eyes watering, until I had to pull back and breathe. I looked at Senpai, hands fisted by his side as though he’d been told prior that he wasn’t to touch me. Then I sneaked a peek at Sir, hoping my actions pleased him. Judging by the way he stroked his hard dick, leaning forward for a better view, they had. “She likes to be throat fucked,” he told Senpai, the way you would share a preference for a flavor of candy.

Before I knew what was happening, Senpai had my head in his hands, thrusting down my throat like he’d been holding back for far too long. I whimpered, fighting the urge to touch myself as Senpai used me for his pleasure. It stopped far too quickly for my taste, even though my lungs burned for a chance to breathe again. I sat gasping for air, while Senpai appeared to be fighting a battle to not start again, wanting to make me swallow as he came.

“Lay down.” The order came as a surprise, as though for a brief moment I had forgotten that Sir was watching. That he was in control of everything in the room. I flushed, ashamed at having been so caught up in the moment, and stood, moving to lay down on the bed. “Not you. Him.” Senpai’s eyes flashed, and he stared at Sir for a moment, something passing between them that I didn’t have the ability to comprehend at that point in time. Whatever it was, when it was over, Senpai scooted back on the bed, laying down in the middle, eyes on me as he teased himself with light touches and tugs. “Come here, bunny.”

I walked over to Sir, where he pulled me down to straddle him, one hand in my hair, holding my head in place while he laid claim to my mouth. His other hand gripped my hip so tightly I thought I would bruise, which just made the pleasure peak more. He pulled back, panting slightly, pupils so blown his eyes appeared black, only to tease my slit before sliding two fingers inside me. “So wet. Did you like tasting his cock? Putting on a show for me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now go ride him. Let him feel how tight and wet my bunny’s pussy is.” As I stood and shakily made my way back to the bed, I saw Sir lick his fingers clean before stroking his cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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