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Anal Ass

As our story opens, Captain Liberty was on patrol at the headquarters of the Justice Regiment with his wife, Lady Liberty. Captain and Lady Liberty, the Paragons of Liberty, are the premier superheroes of Port City. A distress call came in, so Captain called for his Lady.

“Lady Liberty, we have an emergency call about a bank robbery in progress at the First Port Bank. Desiree Lynch, better known by the code name The Desire, is robbing the bank.”

Lady Liberty walked in in her trademark red tights, trimmed with blue and white. Gifted with the powers of flight and strength, she had done battle against the evil-doers of Port City since her powers manifested during her teenage years. Now, the 6′ tall woman, with her blonde hair, athletic frame, and white mask with cut-outs to show her blue eyes, served as a beacon of hope for the City.

“What are we up against,” she asked the Captain. “How big of a squad is The Desire working with?”

“She’s working alone,” he replied. “She emits pheromones that cause anyone remotely close to be overcome with lust for her. She simply walked in and requested the contents of the vault, and every male employee of the bank went tripping over themselves to comply with her every demand.”

“How do we approach her to apprehend her, then,” she asked?

“There is no ‘we’ on this case, I’m afraid,” he said. “The Desire’s pheromones only affect those predisposed to be attracted to her. We only received notice of her actions because a female customer was unaffected by her powers and called us. bursa escort If I go, I’m at risk of falling under her spell. You’ll have to take care of her yourself.”

“Ha! I think you’re just hoping to hack into the CCTV and catch a cat fight!” She grinned as she teased her husband and fellow hero. “Fine, I guess even Port City’s Man of Justice can’t keep from thinking with his dick, can he? I suppose we shouldn’t send a boy to do a woman’s job…”

“You know you’re the only woman I… desire,” he said in reply. “We just can’t risk it; you’ll be immune to her powers.”

“Yes, I know,” she said as she sauntered over to where he was sitting. She leaned over and placed her soft lips on his, her tongue seeking out his as she felt his rock-hard chest. She ran her hands down his six-pack abs and in between his legs, feeling the giant cock that was barely concealed by his skin-tight supersuit. “You wait here, and when I get back we’ll see who’s rendered helpless with lust.” With that, she turned and flew off to the Bank.


Lady Liberty arrived at the bank before the police could mobilize. She saw a group of men in suits guarding the doors. Each one had a clearly visible hard-on; they must be under The Desire’s spell. No doubt they’d fight her if they caught anyone who could threaten The Desire’s plan; this would require a bit more stealth. Lady found an unguarded service entrance around back, and slipped in.

As she worked her way through the bank, she finally spotted The Desire walking around the vault. bursa ucuz eskort The voluptuous woman wore a skin-tight leather suit, black like her hair, with a window cut out to reveal her D-cup breasts. Not at all practical for combat, Lady noted, but it served her purpose. She was flanked by more men snared by her pheromone trap. Lady would have to be careful to avoid injuring the innocent civilians The Desire was using, but this should be an easy fight otherwise. Lady moved carefully in the shadows, planning her attack, getting closer, waiting for the safest moment to take down The Desire.

Suddenly, she froze.

She was overcome by an irresistible sensation. What was going on? Her heart began to race, her legs became weak, and sweat began to form on her forehead. The plan she was developing in her head to clear the men out of the attack zone was starting to become a bit of a blur, more erratic. She still wanted to clear them away, but her concern was becoming less for their safety, and more out of… jealousy?

What was going on here, she thought? The Desire’s pheromones can only affect someone predisposed to want her anyway; the chaste Paragon of Justice, wife of Captain Liberty, beacon of hope to the City, shouldn’t succumb to her spell! Yet she felt herself becoming powerless in the presence of The Desire. She had to find a way to control herself so she could complete the mission! She ducked into the nearest office and shut the door so she could regroup.

She collapsed bursa anal yapan escort onto the desk chair. What was wrong? She had to go out there and impress The Desire. STOP The Desire! She would strike quickly from behind, where she could watch the outline of her ass in the tight black… NO. She had to end this! Tackle The Desire to keep her from using her pheromone power. Pin her down. Straddle her. Feel her…

Lady Liberty pulled down her tights, which already betrayed the wetness forming between her legs. She began to touch her slick pussy. If she could just cum, maybe she would have the willpower to finish her mission. She thought about her husband as she rubbed herself. She tried to picture him in his tight blue supersuit, tight… like The Desire’s. With her exposed breasts that Lady Liberty yearned to kiss, to suck on… Lady imagined that her hand belonged to The Desire, that her foe would grant her a release from her pent-up frustration. Lady spread her bare legs wide, placing one on the desk in front of her as she plunged a second finger into her vagina, her juices dripping onto the chair. She began to rub her clit, trying to steer her thoughts to the Captain, but constantly coming back to thoughts of her nemesis. With her super strength, the fury with which she was rubbing herself would damage buildings, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the lust that The Desire had instilled in her.

Finally, when she could take no more, she arched her back, breaking the chair in the process. “Oh yes, Desiree, yes! Ohhhh, yesssssss!”

Her orgasm washed over her body as she lay across what remained of the desk chair. She didn’t have time to compose herself before she heard the office door open. Against the faint shine of the emergency lighting, she saw the outline of her temptress. “Well, what do we have here?”

End of Chapter 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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