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Big Dick

As usual, the air is thick with the vibration of anticipation as a I get up to leave. For a week Ann has been calling me at 5:30 in the morning to drive over and take a walk with her, as we work ourselves up towards getting in shape so that we can start running. It’s early in the new year, the resolutions have yet to get stale. They will. Each day, for the past week, the mornings have been heavy with talk of the relationship she just ended with her 40-ish year old boyfriend – a man twice her age, with three children, three ex-wives and who showered her with gifts long enough to loosen her knees and take her virginity.

Now, the bloom is off the rose – hell, the friggin rose is dead – and Vince is revealed as the self-centered prick that he is (what kind of person spends two hours showering and brushing his hair to get ready to go to work at a home-improvement store?) With his incessant calls, check-ins, where are yous? and what are you doings? Life has become a mild form of prison, and it’s back home for pretty, young Ann.

Though I know that we aren’t the type to date or have a long term relationship, there’s no use denying that Ann is an attractive young lady. With a refreshing casualness and tom boyishness, she dares the world to take her at face value, but she’s hiding a very feminine body under her loose sweaters and jeans. She has an infectious smile and is fast to laugh – two qualities that are hard to find. And she laughs at my jokes – I can already feel my defenses weakening.

“OK, well, I have to get going,” I say as I finish washing the last breakfast dish in the sink and place it in the small drying rack on the counter. I wash the last of the bits of uneaten food and soap suds down the drain and run the disposal to clean it out.

“Yeah, thanks for coming over.”

“Sure, thanks for having me – your potatoes were good.” It’s cold, she had complained upon calling him this morning – there had been no walk. You should come over, she suggested, we can make breakfast.

“The pancakes were great.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you liked them.” I can’t help but notice her lips. She’s got a great smile. I dry my hands on a dishtowel.

When she was together with Vince, we never talked. It was like the line was dead. But, within a week of her pulling the plug on their nine month fiasco which had seen them engaged and sharing an apartment, I had gotten an email from her that was one single line:

Hey, do you remember me?

Sure thing, I had thought, I wonder what she’s been up to. Little did I know that this recently virginal young lady had been learning the wonders of hand cuffs, body oils, cunnilingus and sex in hot tubs. So much for virginal. Not only that, but toss in intimate knowledge of strawberries, some shaving cream and a razor as well and you have a completely different young lady that the one I remembered. She had retained her candidness when discussing her sex life, hence I had become privy to a great number of what would usually be considered embarrassing tidbits of information. Including the one thing that she hadn’t done. Vince hadn’t pressured her on it and, she said, if he had really wanted her to, she would have been willing to try.

I turn to leave the kitchen and it is hard to avoid her eyes. They sparkle with good humor and mischief, that says she has an idea of the direction of my thoughts and a small smile curves her mouth. This morning was not spent in re-hashing her love life, but, as usual, the scent of sex-that-could-be still lingers intangibly in the air, we can feel the shadow of it lurking in the corners of our conversation.

I have yet to make a single advance towards her, nor she me, other than these daily meetings and what have Antep Escort Bayan become long, lazy conversations on the phone (at which time she often casually reveals that she is lying naked, alone in bed). Not a single kiss or caress. No hugs or hand holding. The knowing smiles and electric silences, however, are at an all time high.

And it is thus that we find ourselves as I prepare to leave. I walk through the dining room and into the living room. Suddenly, as we stop by the side of the couch, I can feel myself throbbing and tenting out my shorts. I don’t know what has brought this on, perhaps it was those little smiles and knowing looks, but I have been hit, sledgehammer-wise by a freight train of desire. My pulse is racing and, for a moment, the room swims around me. I stumble sideways, reach a hand out and catch myself on Ann. Or rather, on Ann’s very pleasant breasts, which she is hiding under her pajama top and a terrycloth robe.

Quickly, I take my hand away, but she grabs it and holds it there.

“What happened? Are you alright?” she asks, as if she weren’t holding my hand to her chest. The color is high in her cheeks though, and that glitter in her eyes has turned into an inferno. The smile that always tugs on the corners of her mouth has taken on a distinctly nymphish quality and I no longer have any defenses at all. Stripped to the bone by a 19 year old girl.

Slowly and lightly, I circle the palm of my hand over her breast, I hear her breath catch just slightly and her hand pull mine in more firmly each time I stroke over her nipple. With my free hand, I raise my fingers to her mouth and trace the curves of her lips. There is no longer any disguising the hunger we both feel.

She leans into me, almost falls into my arms, and crushes her chest against me. As she arches backwards at the waist, I can feel myself press into her groin and hear her low moan and my body shudders in anticipation. Suddenly, I let her fall backward onto the couch. She let’s out a small cry of surprise and then giggles.

“What was that for? I thought we were doing pretty good.”

“We were, but in a second, we’re going to be doing even better.” I smile down at her. “Scoot forward, to the edge of the couch.”

Her head is tilted back as she looks up at me, and the curve of her neck is grace defined in the flesh.

“You remember that thing you told me you haven’t done?”

“Yeah.” She looks a bit uncertain, somewhat apprehensive. The game has changed a bit.

I grab her hands and raise them to the buttons on my shorts. “Let’s try it out,” I suggest.

She hesitates a moment, thinking, and it’s obvious to see that she’s curious. Her hands seem to move of their own accord and, in a moment, she has freed me and my shorts are kicked aside. I’m not a big man, my ex says that I’m fairly average in length, but thick. I doubt Ann has been face to face with anyone and she studies me interestedly. She smiles and watches my dick dance and throb to the beat of my heart. She ducks her head and rubs her cheek along the underside. An electric current of sensation runs through my body and I can hear her intake of breath.

“It’s so smooth,” she whispers. She inhales deeply of my musky scent and ducks her head again, her tongue slightly extended and gently probes the tip with it. My heart throbs in response and it, in turn, jumps against her face. She lets out a squeak of surprise and giggles again.

“You like that?” she asks, the breath of her question washes hot over me and I desperately want to bury myself in her mouth. But I don’t.

“Mmm, hmmm,” I respond, simply enjoying the sight of this young lady exploring me with her tongue. I don’t press her. I want her to get comfortable and familiar with me.

“What do I do?” she asks with the candor I have come to enjoy so much.

I think for a moment. “This time, you do nothing.”

Eyebrows raised, she looks at me.

“Do you trust me?”

Her answer is quick and to the point. “I wouldn’t be sitting here with your dick in my face if I didn’t, now would I?”

I can’t help but laugh and that is choked into a gasp of surprised pleasure as she chooses that moment to take my head into her mouth. It’s hot, wet, intense pleasure for three long beats and then she lets me go. I want to grab her by the back of the head and pull her back on, but restraint wins again. My knees almost buckle with the struggle.

“What do you mean I do ‘nothing’?” She’s wearing a very knowing smile. She may not have experience, but all women have the ability to drive a man crazy bred into them. It’s hard-wired into their genes and she was running an an automatic that found its origins millenia in the distant past. She’s holding me in her hands and is lazily rubbing her fingers over the glistening crown of my dick.

I reach out and, holding her head in one hand, gently pressure her mouth open with the other. “Don’t move.”

Her eyes widen in sudden understanding, and the apprehension is back.

“Do you trust me? I repeat.

Uncertainty still in her eyes, she simply nods.

“Relax, I’m really hoping you’ll enjoy this. If it gets uncomfortable, push me away. I’ll stop.”

I wait a moment until I feel some of the tension slide out of her body. Slowly, I arch my back and lean my cock into her face. Her mouth drifts open wider and I can again feel her breath hot on me. My cock is straining for the sky in its enthusiasm and, using my thumb, I press it down and lean in further. An instant before I enter her mouth, her tongue darts out and she licks her lips.

Bliss. An explosion of hot pleasure shudders through my entire body. I can hear her suck in breath through her nose uncertainly, her eyes rolling up to look at me standing above her, her hand raised somewhat defensively, ready to push me back.

I rock my hips in a few short, lazy strokes, making sure I don’t go too deep. The electric pleasure is intense. By nature, I’m not a type that sleeps around and it has been two long years since the break up with my ex-wife and I haven’t enjoyed the pleasures of a woman in all of that time. The end of a long drought is at hand and I am savoring every fucking moment of it.

Her hands flutter at her sides and come to rest gently on the front of my thighs. Though I know Ann is doing well, I slip out of her mouth and look down at her. Panting, she looks up at me. “You OK?” I ask.

Deep breaths, not gasps like she was suffocating, but the kind that say, Give me a minute, will you? I need to get ahold of myself. She nods and her smile is radiant and hungry. “I love the way it fills up my mouth, and it’s so smooth.”

I lean in and she opens her mouth quickly. Once more I am enveloped in waves of pleasure. Again I rock slowly, watching as the first couple of inches of my dick disappears into her mouth and then reappears, glistening and flushed with blood.

I keep the strokes slow and short until I hear her breathing synch with the rocking. Then, slowly and gently, I begin to increase the lenth of the rock until more of my dick feels the furnace of that warmth. Soon, nearly half of it finds a home in her mouth and I am beginning to feel the first signs of my impending explosion.

I whisper to her, as I rock, “When I cum, don’t try to swallow, it’s OK. Just let me keep fucking your mouth.”

When she realizes that I intend blasting away in her mouth, I can hear her breathing faulter and her hands jump up to the sides of her face. But she’s game, she doesn’t push me away.

The waves of ecstacy are rolling over me faster and faster and I can’t help but thrust forward eagerly. Hands that were, moments ago, poised to push me away, have now reached around me and are pulling me into her face with ever increasing force. With each stroke I bury my entire length in her mouth, her head canted back at an angle. I can hear her breath stop each time my cock slides deep into her throat, but her hands never let up their pressure. I gently reach out and run my hands along her cheeks and lift her hair away from her face.

At my unexpected, gentle, touch, she groans in surprised pleasure and the vibration sends a massive shock through my body and I stumble backward.

“Oh fuck,” I breath, “what the hell was that? That was incredible.”

In a seeming desperation, she reaches out, grabs me by the shirt and pulls me back in. Looking up at me – “Fuck me, please. Oh please, fuck my mouth.” She grabs my cock and pulls it down and nearly swallows it whole. Her hands jump to my ass and pull me forward. I moan as the pleasure grips me again. Grabbing the sides of her head to steady her, my hips begin rocking furiously, pressure building quickly, I know I won’t be able to hold out much longer. Stroke by stroke, I am buried completely in her mouth. She is pulling me tight and hard against her with every thrust and my hands make fists in her hair at the sides of her head.

Her breathing is fast and frantic – when she can get air – but she doesn’t push me away – she pulls me in. And then I feel it again, she’s groaning and the vibrations that ripple around my cock are incredible and they cascade through my body in waves of pleasure that defy words. They start at the base and cycle outward through joint and bone and turn muscles to jelly.

The pressure in my cock is at a bursting point and I can feel the sac of my balls tighten in anticipation.

“Oh shit,” I breath, “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit -“

She’s groaning around me and pulling me harder than ever, she knows I’m about to explode in her mouth, but she doesn’t want me to stop.

“Ohshitohshitohshitohshit,” I’m gasping. My hands are tight into her hair and I’m pulling her hard against me as I thrust forward into her. There isn’t a smallest portion of the length of me that her mouth doesn’t know.

“Oh shit!” and then I’m cumming, wave after wave is bursting in her mouth, I’m still thrusting and she’s still pulling. I can hear and feel her near squeal of pleasure as she feels me swell and burst repeatedly in her mouth. Ripples of cum are leaking from her lips in a cascade and dropping in stringy lines down her chin and onto her bathrobe.

As the shudders that are jackhammering through my body subside, my thrusting slows to a lazy, contented rock. Ann is grinning from ear to ear. Her mouth and chin are glistening with cum. Her curls are in complete disarray around her face, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are wide. She’s kissing the underside of my cock and catching the little bits of cum that dribble out on her tongue and rubbing my dick over her lips with her hand.

“Wow,” she says.

“Wow,” I agree smiling. “Aren’t you glad you trusted me?”

“Oh yeah,” she nods. Then she leans forward and with one long, very pleasant, lingering suck of my cock she cleans the length of me. Using the corner of her bathrobe, she reaches up and dries me. She wipes her face clean as I put my shorts back on.

“So, should I keep an ear out for your call tomorrow morning?” I ask with a smile.

“Mmmm hmmm!”

And I turn and leave her flushed and wide eyed on the couch, the fingers of one hand drifting slowly over her lips, the other resting on her lap, looking forward to tomorrow’s visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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