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Authors Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18!

This is the prequal to the girl scout leader series. Enjoy!


“Stupid, stupid, stupid. That’s what I am….Just plain stupid.” I said to myself as I stood naked, waist deep in the cold water holding the green bar of soap. “Um. You wouldn’t mind turning around, would you?” I asked the woman standing on the rock idly playing with the hem of one leg of her nylon running shorts.

“Actually I would mind very much!” She answered with a crooked grin partially hidden by the tip of one finger that was teasing her lower lip. The light breeze gently teased her auburn hair, a stark contrast to the white tank top that it fluttered around, the myriad of dark reddish brown poke-a-dots on her pale skin standing out even more against the white shirt as she stood there expectantly.

Why was I standing in cold water, naked, wishing that the woman obviously waiting for me to come out, would turn around? Well, part of me was wondering how events had conspired to put me here as well, the other part….well it just thought I was stupid.

It all started years and years ago when my own girls were girl scouts and there weren’t any leaders trained in the advanced levels for their troops to be able to do things like backpacking and canoeing and such. Having served for years as a Boy Scout leader these kinds of activities were second nature to me. With some trepidation I agreed to become a registered Girl Scout leader and for years provided support to not only my own troop, but a number of other troops in the area that wanted to go camp, canoe and backpack. It was almost a relief when my oldest daughter finished and I could step back and not take these kinds trips. Oh don’t get me wrong, they were basically enjoyable, but well past forty, my body didn’t love sleeping on the ground quite so much. I also didn’t particularly enjoy having to fend off the advances of some of the leaders when we were out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, it was great for my ego, and yeah, I did allow a few to succeed, but the stress at the possibility of getting caught was not fun at all, especially if my wife was along on the trip.

But like I said, I had gotten out of that business….that was until my wife talked me into going back in to help the troop my youngest was now in. I agreed reluctantly, expecting a camping trip or maybe a short canoe trip. It wasn’t until after I had agreed to go that the girls informed me they wanted to go to northern tier, a scout camp in northern Minnesota where scouts could canoe out into the Canadian boundary waters, a remote and primitive wilderness area where no motor vehicles or boats were allowed. This was not a trip for the unprepared!

After long descriptions of the desolation and isolation, stories of encounters with bears and other wild life to discourage the girls, they seemed to want to go even more, so I started them on a program of conditioning and training. Once other troops in the area heard we were going we were bombarded with requests to join in the trip. On limitation that the council put on the trip was that all the girls had to be eighteen or over, which eliminated more than half of our troop, including my daughter, much to their displeasure. We were also limited to not more than fourteen persons on the boundary waters park permit. So the girls got to vote on what troop to accept along with us and we settled on eight girls and four leaders. The decision made, we scheduled two short overnight canoe trips and two backpack trips for training. One weakness I do have in my training is that I am not a certified lifeguard, a requirement that the Girl Scout council demands for all water trips.

In order to make these trips possible, the troops located a lifeguard that was willing to make the trip. A tall slender woman named Annette Summers. She had shoulder length reddish hair that was frequently in a ponytail, pale white skin that was covered with little reddish speckles everyplace I had seen, and a smile that was as constant as the twinkle in her green eyes. The “new” girls as well as the two leaders from the other troop became a constant fixture at our planning and training meetings, many of these including mock portages where the girls had to don heavy packs and carry a canoe a half mile before switching and letting another team carry it back. All in all we were going to end up with thirteen of us broken down into five canoes. Since I had been there a number of times, the camp was not going to require us to have a guide, meaning that I would end up being the only guy in our group. A minor problem with accommodations in two man tents, solved by the fact I would be able to sleep in the same tent as my wife.

For six months prior to our trip I spent periodic weekends teaching the girls how to canoe on lakes, very different than the river canoeing we did around here, how to deal with a swamped or dumped canoe in the middle of a lake, how to portage and Antep Bayan Escort how to get in and out of a canoe in rugged conditions. It would seem to be an easy task, but the rocks along the edges of the lakes there are razor sharp and if you get in with the canoe sitting on or over one of these rocks you could easily drive a hole right through the bottom of the thin aluminum canoes used up there. Unlike the heavy canoes used in Missouri on the rivers and designed to withstand constant ramming and bouncing over the rocks in the rapids, the canoes used up north are light and thin to allow them to be easily carried on the many portages we would be making from lake to lake.

As warmer weather came we made a couple overnight canoe trips at Lake of the Ozarks, the girls having to paddle ten miles a day to and from our campground. After the first trip it was clear that some of them needed a bit more conditioning, which they did, and our second trip was done much quicker and more organized. All in all I thought we were ready to go.

Food packed, gear checked and ready to be loaded into the two suburbans we would use for the nearly nine hundred mile trip. That’s when the first problem started. Of all things, my wife came down with a stomach bug the day before we were to leave, leaving her weak and spending most of her time leaning over a bucket. Fortunately by evening she had gotten to the point where she could hold down liquids, but that was a far cry from being able to take on the kind of trip we were about to go on. After a lot of discussion with the girls, she encouraged them to not cancel the trip, but instead to pick another adult to go along in her place. As much as she hated to miss this long awaited trip, she knew that she would not be ready to go and the permit for the trip was very specific on dates. A co-leader, Julie, stepped up and volunteered to go; solving one problem and bringing an old problem back up again.

Sleeping arrangement were now out of whack again. Being the only guy in the group presented a bit of a problem. The solution was to put me into my own one man backpack tent, leaving the ladies and girls to pair up in the six remaining tents, each large enough to hold two or three girls or two adults. With all the fixes in place, I took Julie to the store to help her purchase the items she would need to take.

Julie was moderately built; not thin, but also not at all fat. She had a great looking ass that looked even better in the thin nylon shorts and wind pants that we picked. Everything, even underwear, had to be synthetic since we would frequently end up wet and cotton just doesn’t dry that well. We had to search for almost half an hour before we found a bra to fit her D cup chest that was all synthetic. I had to actually try not to get a hardon as she stepped out of the dressing room to model the sports bra, her nipples poking it out like headlights.

With all her gear selected and paid for, we headed home to pack it into the gear bags in place of my wife’s clothes.

At five the next morning I kissed my wife goodbye, promising that we would find a way to make the trip again, and two suburbans packed with women and gear headed out for the long drive.

We arrived at Ely base camp a bit before nine pm. Fortunately we were able to get checked in, even though we were past the regular check in time, and they put us up in two little dome huts that had bunks around the outside wall, ten bunks to a hut. The leaders decided that we would split the girls into two groups for the night with leaders in both huts. That meant I was going to share with Julie, Annette and six girls.

After a number of quiet comments by Annette as I was changing into sleep clothes, I climbed into my sleeping bag and was more than ready for a good night’s sleep after the long drive.

Morning came and I vacated the cabin and went for a shower while the girls got changed before getting my turn in the little hut while the girls were gone to breakfast. I had just finished stripping off my shorts to put on some fresh underwear, which I had somehow dropped on the way to the shower when the little door opened and Annette slipped in.

“Sorry, forgot something.” She said, walking across the little domed cabin, never taking her eyes off of my naked body as I tried to quickly pull my underwear on. “Nice bod. Wondered what it looked like under that swim suit.” She said as she continued to look at me as she dug into her pack.

I had on only an extremely skimpy men’s bikini underwear, the only thing I could get in all synthetic, my cock bulging the thin material out. I pulled my shorts off the bed and held them in front of my practically exposed cock while she grinned at me with a mischievous smile, her green eyes dancing with laughter.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you timed that pretty well.” I answered, waiting for her to leave.

“Who says you know better?” She replied, pulling a t-shirt out of her bag and tossing it on the top bunk near mine. She pulled off her t-shirt, baring her top and her surprisingly large breasts. Her creamy white breasts were full and round, easily large enough to take two hands to cup, each one with a large pink nipple, standing hard and erect in the middle of a nearly two inch across puckered pink areola. Her skin was creamy white and her reddish freckles extended down her neck and across both round breasts, which bounced ever so slightly as she walked across the little cabin toward the bunk she tossed the shirt on.

“Um… Not a good idea.” I stammered, unable to tear my eyes off her tits as they got closer. I could feel my cock quickly growing in the thin underwear and quickly wondered if they would hold me if I got much harder.

“Oh? Well, we’re going to be working closely together the next week, no point in being too bashful, is there?” She asked as she reached past me for her shirt, her nipples grazing my bare chest as she did. She stood nearly up against me, as she lifted her arms high over her head, letting the shirt slide down her arms and over her head. With a little tug she pulled the shirt down and slowly covered her tits, her nipples still inches from my chest. “You don’t want to share, do you?” She coaxed, tugging on the shorts I held in front of myself with one of her fingers.

“Ummm Not really.” I answered her as she moved her finger over to my hip and slowly slid the tip of it down my leg before sliding it under my shorts, the tip of her finger sliding across my significantly hardened cock.

“Ohhhh. That does feel like a nice one. You sure you don’t want to let me see it?” She coaxed, rolling her hand over to lay it on my cock and give it a little squeeze.

“Not really a good idea.” I answered.

“I see. Well….I’m sure somewhere in the next week I’ll get a chance to see it.” She said with a smirk, giving it a gentle squeeze as she leaned closer to me. She gently flicked my earlobe with her tongue and then whispered. “I’d really like to feel it inside me too. I bet with a cock like that you’re really something to ride.”

Just as suddenly as she got there she turned and walked out, leaving me sweating and with a monster hardon. “Damn.” I muttered as I got myself dressed and finally headed out to breakfast, my cock still half hard in my shorts.

The day went by quickly, filled with route planning, equipment checkout and briefings. When we were done the sun was just starting to slide behind the trees, mosquitos large enough to put landing lights on, coming out to look for their dinner. Being the last night we could go without bug repellant on every exposed portion of skin, the girls decided to all gather into one of the huts, a simple battery lantern hung from the ceiling to light the mostly circular confines. One of the girls dug out a deck of cards and a game of some kind while I settled back on my bunk to read a little.

“Hey Mister C, wanna come play too?” One of the girls called.

“Not sure what you’re even playing.” I answered.

“It’s a good game. I promise!” Candice, the defacto girl leader of the troop called to me.

“Ok. If you insist.” I said as I closed my book and walked over the girls and ladies making a space for me to sit down.

I wasn’t sure I ever quite got the rules down, in fact they seemed to change frequently. The general idea of the game get rid of your cards by asking someone else if they have something. If they do you get as many as they have. If you can make a set of some sort you get to put it down, if not you have to draw a card from their hand. Overall it seemed fun, except that I lost all 3 games, and I swear that the rules kept changing. When we finally called it quits for the night we broke up and made a last dash for the restrooms up the path, dodging the skeeters all the way. It only took me a few minutes to get back and was the first one back. I quickly stripped out of my day clothes, tossing them on the bunk as I quickly started pulling on my shorts before the girls got back. I almost made it before Julie ducked back in, her eyes locking onto my thin navy blue underwear as I pulled my shorts up.

“Now that was an interesting view.” She said with a giggle as she crossed to her bunk near mine. “Wasn’t expecting a floor show before bed.”

“Good thing it wasn’t one of the girls.” I said with a shake of my head. “I thought I was going to be done by the time you guys got back.”

“Well, I’m glad I ran on ahead.” She said with a grin as she bent over to dig out the t-shirt she was planning on using to sleep in. “You know, I can’t send you out into the night while we all change. How about you just close your eyes?” She said, standing there holding the bottom of her shirt.

“Ok.” I answered with a shrug as I sat on the bunk and then rolled onto it, my feet facing her direction and my mind wondering what she was playing at. I couldn’t think of a single thing I had done that would encourage her or make her think that I was in some way after her body.

Before I could roll over to face the wall, she pulled her shirt up and off, exposing her big boobs in the thin sports bra. I lay there stunned as she quickly grabbed the bottom elastic of the bra and pulled it up, hooking it over her surprisingly large breasts. With them no longer pressed flat by the bra, the sagged out into round full breasts, each one topped with an oblong dark pink areola and a hard nipple nearly as large around as my thumb. “After all you did to help me pick it I thought you might want to see what it was holding.” She said with a giggle, pulling it back down and trying to tuck her big boobs back into it as the first of the girls clomped up the steps leading to the little cabin. I quickly rolled over to face the wall and lay there wondering what the heck was going on.

The last thing I needed was for word of this kind of thing to get home. I mean with the girls around ANY kind of fooling around was dangerous. Not that I was a saint or anything. I had my dalliances over the years, but I was trying hard to put that behind me. But between Annette and Julie’s displays it was going to be a long and difficult week.

As the girls came in I could hear them all chatting and giggling as they changed into their sleep stuff and climbed into their sleeping bags. I could finally relax when the small lantern went out, plunging the interior of the cabin into darkness.

It couldn’t be morning yet, and the dream I was having was… well… really good. In my dream Julie was busy slowly riding up and down my shaft, driving me toward climax at an incredible rate. My dream was so realistic I could almost feel her pussy around my shaft as I slowly woke up. But waking up did not shake the dream. If anything it made it even more real. I could feel my hips slowly lifting up to the sensations of hot wetness sliding down my shaft. Only after several long slow strokes did I realize that I wasn’t dreaming any longer and in the dim light I could see a shadowy shape of a head hovering over my stomach. The surprise made me jump and I almost called out, but after sitting up quickly and whacking my head on the bottom of the bunk above me, I lay back down and stifled a groan that was pain from my head mixed with the incredible sensations of whoever was sucking my cock.

Out of fear of being discovered as much as not wanting it to stop, I lay back and let whoever it was continue. I suspected it was either Julie or Annette, but really couldn’t be sure which in the dim light. Both had similar hair styles. I reached out and ran a hand along the back of the person, feeling a T-shirt. As my hand stroked it didn’t feel any bra straps, so I rolled my hand over and reached under, feeling the softness of a full breast in my hand. I gently squeezed it, receiving an acknowledging squeeze of the hand around my cock that was working in concert with the hot wet mouth.

“Mmmmmm” I groaned very softly as the mouth went back to work, her tongue swirling around my head and expertly teasing that sensitive spot under it. I wanted to say things and make noise, but all I could do was to lay back and let her have her way for fear of waking the girls.

Finally I could hold back no longer. I allowed my hips to rise as my cock swelled and unloaded the first full shot of hot cum into her mouth. Like an expert, she swallowed the thick cream down without stopping her motions, my cock quickly depositing half a dozen more strong shots into her mouth before subsiding to soft gentle twitches. And then she was gone. By the time I opened my eyes, no one was to be seen and I had no idea which of the two women had just done such a wonderful job.

I put my now shriveled cock back unto my shorts and lay back to try and go back to sleep, wondering why and if it was Annette or Julie.

Morning came with the sound of a woodpecker beating its head against a tree not far from our little cabin. I slipped out of bed, grabbed the clothes I would wear for the first day on the water and slipped quietly out of the cabin. The warm water of the shower felt good, and was the last I would feel for a week. As much as I loved going into the wilderness, the one thing I really missed was a warm shower. I had gotten pretty good at doing a shower using two one liter squeeze bottles, but doubted that I would have the opportunity here. It’s different to get to do that with all guys, but with a bunch of girls running around, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go off and stand naked in the woods for a shower. No, it would probably be cold dips in the lake water for the next week.

Showered, dried and dressed, I headed back to the little dome cabin, stepping inside to find the girls in all states of dress and undress. Candice was standing naked from the waist up, looking at me as if it were perfectly natural to flash her naked chest at a man. I excused myself and ducked back out before I made a fool of myself.

“You can go in now.” Candice said as she stepped out of the cabin several minutes later. “I don’t think you saw anything you weren’t supposed to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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