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Ant lay naked and satiated on the bed, watching Cal leave the room. His anus was sore, feeling both full and empty from the thorough fucking he had just received. Having had very little sleep the night before, then cumming three times under Cal’s skillful manipulations, his eyes were heavy, his limbs weak. He fought against it, not wanting to disappoint Cal’s expectation of Ant joining him downstairs to discuss their arrangement. Sleep would have to wait.

Pushing himself up, he crawled off the bed and made his way to Mathew’s closet and looked for something to wear. He chose a pair of white sweatpants that fit him loosely and an old tie-dyed t-shirt that hung on him. Mathew may have been closer to his size than Cal was, but he was still larger than Ant’s boyish frame. Ant chose not to wear underwear, deciding that wearing the underwear of a dead man was just too creepy for him.

Before making his way downstairs, he went into the bathroom and collected his dirty street clothes. Cal said he would wash them. Ant would rather they burn them in effigy of the life he lived before Cal found him in the alley. All except for his hoodie, which was the only thing he had left from his life before becoming homeless, aside from his wallet.

Walking downstairs, he found Cal in the living room, hunched over a laptop that sat on a small antique looking desk in a corner of the blue and white room. Standing in the entranceway, he watched Cal for a moment. Any’s plan had not worked out the way he had planned, but he was happy with where he ended up. The older man was everything he found sexy about men. He was tall dark and handsome, with a strong build and a hairy chest. The eight-inch cock between the man’s legs was an unexpected bonus.

“I brought down my dirty clothes, Daddy,” Ant said, edging his words carefully with the innocence of a little boy. Cal looked at him and smiled.

“We really need to get you some clothes that fit,” he almost laughed, “Just drop those in the foyer and I’ll take care of them later.”

Ant did as Cal instructed and walked toward him, stopping to bend down to kiss him on the cheek, running a hand over Cal’s shoulder and down his hard, hairy chest. He just couldn’t get enough of all that muscle and hair.

“What are you doing?” Ant whispered in Cal’s ear, circling a fingertip around on of his hairy nipples.

“I’m reading up on Daddy/Son relationships,” Cal answered, not looking away from the screen, “I’m familiar with the concept, but I’ve never been anyone’s son before, and I sure as hell haven’t been a Daddy. I just want to familiarize myself with a few facts before I get into this too deep.”

Ant pulled away, worried. Was Cal having second thoughts about being his Daddy?

He turned away and tried to think, wandering around the room, looking, but not touching, the expensive looking decorations of the room. The room itself was White with blue accents, decorated with blue and white vases, platters and other ceramic vessels. On the mantle of the big fireplace, Ant found a photo of a much younger Cal with another man.

“Is this Cebeci Escort Mathew?” Ant asked, holding up the photo. Cal turned and looked at what he was talking about.

“Yeah. That was taken shortly after we met.”

“I didn’t think you could look hotter than you already do.” Ant ran his fingers over Mathew’s image longingly.

“Youth has a way of making even ugly people somewhat attractive,” Cal responded, obviously joking, obviously referring to himself as the ugly one, “I wouldn’t worry about it, if I were you. Looks like yours may fade, but you will always be hot.”

Ant smiled at Cal’s declaration that he was hot. Whether or not Cal was comfortable with the whole Daddy/Son dynamic, Ant knew he had him right where he wanted him. He set the picture down and moved to sit on the sofa.

“Says here that the relationship is based on open honesty, nurturing, and commitment.”

Open honesty. Ant considered telling Cal his secret up front, but he worried it would spoil his plans for the older man. He wanted a relationship with Cal. This much he knew from the short time they spent together at breakfast. Cal was casual and laid back in his attitudes, and he must have a heart of gold if he was willing to bring a homeless person into his house to share breakfast with. That it ended with them having mind-blowing sex was not a concern for Ant. He wanted Cal the moment he saw him with no shirt on, and now he knew Cal wanted him. There was undeniable chemistry there, but was it enough to overlook Ant’s deception, or would it all just blow up in his face. Cal owed him nothing, and he damned well knew it.

On the sofa, no longer moving, Ant found his exhaustion sweep over him. His eyes grew heavy as his body relaxed. He gave into the feeling of comfort he felt and reclined on the couch. He closed his eyes against the quiet of the room.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” he heard Cal’s voice say to him, feeling someone jostle his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw Cal leaning over him. “I let you sleep a while, but if you sleep much longer you may not sleep through the night.”

Ant sat up and looked around him. His stomach growled quietly. Looking at the clock, he realized it was now two in the afternoon. How long had Cal allowed him to sleep? Hours, it seemed. He stretched luxuriously in front of Cal.

At first disoriented, it took him a moment to realize Cal had changed clothes and was no longer shirtless. He was wearing a white dress shirt and jeans, his hair freshly gelled and combed neatly into place. He looked every inch the DILF Ant had always hoped to find.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep, Daddy,” Ant told the older man.

“No reason to apologize for being sleepy. I let you sleep a while, then decided I should wake you so you could get a good night’s sleep tonight. Besides, I thought we could go to the mall, hit the food court for some lunch and do some shopping for clothes and whatnot.”

Ant felt a thin needle of nervous fear prick his heart. He had to tell Cal his secret before this went any further. Kolej Escort Better he knew the truth and they hashed it out now than later, even id Cal to change his mind about being his Daddy.

“There’s something we need to talk about before we get any deeper into this.”

Yeah, I know,” Cal said, sitting down next to him, “The advice I got on-line says we should start a dialogue and begin with what we want from each other.”

“It’s not that. I have something to tell you, something you need to know.” Cal sat quietly, watching and waiting for Ant to continue. Ant looked at the dark-haired stud and silently prayed he was doing the right thing. That is, what was right for him.

“It’s no coincidence you found me in the alleyway. I’ve been hanging around the house for a while now.”

I know. I’ve seen you out there a few times before.”

“I was looking for Mathew. Actually, I was trying to find the courage to try to speak with him.”

“Why would you be looking for Mathew?” His voice grew quiet with his confusion.

“I already told you why. I’ve been looking for my biological father. I just didn’t know he was dead.”

Ant watched Cal’s reaction, trying to gauge what was going through his mind. It was pointless. Cal’s facial expression changed from one of confusion the one of emptiness. A deafening silence permeated the room as Cal struggled to catch up with the conversation.

“You’re Mathew’s son?” Cal finally asked. There was something in his voice Ant couldn’t identify.

“That’s what it says on my birth certificate,” Ant half smiled, pulling his wallet out. He unfolded the worn paper and handed it to Cal.

Cal glanced over the document, his lips moving as he read the names and dates on it.

“Mathew and I talked about getting a child. I favored adopting an older kid because I knew it was hard for them to find homes. Mathew wanted to use a surrogate, or knock someone up himself. He was bisexual, so I used to tease him that he was just out to fuck some pussy.” He laughed as he sat down next to Ant. You got here late, kid, but at least you found your way home.” He looked up at Ant, then pulled the boy into a long deep hug. When they broke the hug, Cal stroked his face lovingly.

“You’re not mad at me for not telling you sooner?” Ant asked, exasperated.

“Not at all,” Cal told him quietly, “I’m actually kind of glad you didn’t say anything before I fucked you. I might not have cleared that hurdle otherwise. It feels weird to know I had sex with Mathew’s son, but you’re of age, and you seem to be a bright young man capable of making those kinds of decisions for yourself.

“As for this Daddy business, I get that it is a kind of kink, but knowing that you’re Mathew’s son makes it seem a lot more personal. I guess in a way I would have been your step dad. Now that Mathew’s gone, I’m more than willing to be a parental figure for you, if you need one, but I’m also very attracted to you in ways I was never attracted to your father.

“Which brings us to one of my rules for Yenimahalle Escort you in our arrangement. While I am honored you chose me to be your Daddy, I don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities that may come your way. If you get lucky with someone your own age, I want you to seize the opportunity. But you must wear a condom, and you absolutely must tell me if it’s progressing into something more than just a hook-up. I want you to be happy, even if it isn’t with me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Ant giggled, “I’m not much attracted to guys my own age. I mean, I’ve fucked a few, but I’m not too keen on getting fucked by someone who doesn’t know how to make me cum three times. Do you think I’m going to get that from someone my own age?”

“You would be surprised what some guys have figured out early on. The first two times I made you cum was pure biology. I can’t take credit for the third time. That was all you.”

So we’re good then?”

We’re more than good, Ant. I’m happier now that you’re here than I was before. You have a way of making me feel less alone, and believe me, I could feel alone in a crowded room. You resemble your father, but you aren’t him. He was very different than you are. Still it’s nice to have a piece of him in my life again. I loved him very much.”

“Is there anything else you want to discuss about our arrangement?”

“Yes there is. First off, I’m not going to treat you like a little kid, even though you look like one. I’m not into that. I’ll treat you like a teen, like the young man you are. You will have chores to do, a curfew, and a cell phone that I expect you to use to keep me informed of where you are. I don’t want to be left worrying that you’re lying in a ditch somewhere.

There will be no drugs, and no alcohol until you’re twenty-one. If I catch you smoking, I’ll beat you like a red headed step-child. Do you understand?”

Ant nodded his consent.

Did you finish school?” Ant looked away and considered lying but them thought better of it.

“Um, no. I was thrown out of the house before I could finish.”

Well, maybe we can arrange for you to test out, or get your GED. I would prefer you went to college, but I’ll settle for a trade school. I want you to be able to take care of yourself in case something happens to me.

Since you are Mathew’s son, his room is now your room. We’ll set it up however you want, and his things are now yours to do with as you see fit. When your father died, he left some money in his account. I’ll see to it that that money is used to set up an account for you in the very near future. You will have driving privileges, but you have to ask to use the car, in case I need to run errands.”

“Is that it?”

“Probably not, but it’s all I can think of for now. Do you have anything you want to add?”

“I want you to teach me everything you know about sex and becoming a better man, and I want you to show me how to get a body like yours.”

“You want to be a big boy?” Cal asked in a teasing manner. Ant loved this kind of talk and nodded enthusiastically.

“I’m sure we can work something out. We have a home gym, and I have a membership at a club. We’ll get you one too.”

And will I be spoiled?”

“No. You’ll have everything you want and need, but there will be responsibilities that come with that. No one likes a spoiled brat. Now, go put on some shoes and let’s get to shopping.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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