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Two days after I had let Bruce use my mouth for his pleasure I was in the garage of my parents house, trying to find out what was wrong with the ignition on my old car, when Bruce pulled into the driveway in his parents Thunderbird.

“Hi,” he called as he walked up “I thought maybe you would have stopped over yesterday.”

I know I turned red, and said; “Err I was busy working on this thing. Umm trying to get it running so I can get a summer job”. We didn’t all have parents with money that supported their kid with anything he wanted.

“Oh, I see, I kind of wondered since we had such a good time Tuesday. I sure enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

I was really feeling embarrassed; I had thought a lot about sucking his cock, but to be actually talking about it, and being asked to admit that I enjoyed it, was making me feel funny. “AAAaa, well, aa yes, I kind of enjoyed it, it was MM ER, OK.”

Bruce said “I think it was more than OK, I think you did great, you made me feel real good and real relived. You were a lot better than jerking off. Hell you did better than any of those spirit bunny cheer leaders”. I really felt funny at that remark.

His hand went down to his shorts and “adjusted” his cock and balls. My stomach kind of jumped, I felt hot, I felt so weak, I really couldn’t talk.

He continued “I just got back from playing some basketball. I thought how I needed a shower, and how I could use some help again.” He was now rubbing his cock, I wasn’t looking at his face, I was looking right down at his package.

Then he reached over and turned off the garage light. Next his hand went to my shoulder and applied some pressure down, and before I knew it, I was on my knees.

Once Cebeci Escort again he bumped himself at my face. Then he lowered his shorts. He must have prepared ahead of time because he wasn’t wearing his jock, and there was his hardening cock right in front of my face again.

I was mesmerized! I tried to say no, but it didn’t come out. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward. My mouth opened and his cock slid in. His cock was in my mouth again. I knew what was going to happen, I knew what he was going to do and I knew what I was going to do. That he was going to use my mouth, and stroke his cock in and out. Stroke in and out for his pleasure, until he would once again shoot a load of cum into my sucking mouth and down my throat. I could smell his sweaty balls and his man oder after his game. Then he started stroking in and out, of my now too willing mouth. “Come on now suck down on it again like you did in my bathroom.” “YES, suck on it,,, MMMmmm OOOHHH.” He jammed forward into my throat and then pulled way back and then in again.

“OHHHOOHHH, yes, FUCK; DAMN; SUCK ME, Suck my cock!”

Just then my father came into the other side of the garage, his car being there prevented him from seeing us.

Bruce pulled out, and got his shorts up, and walked towards the front of the garage. Leaving me still on my knees.

He exchanged some BS with the old man and went to his car.

Then called me over to his car. “No one is home at my house. Come on over there now, and you can finish me.”

“A A aa, err, yeah, OK.” I said feeling so submissive, feeling half drunk. Drunk on sex, drunk on sucking his cock.

“Just Kolej Escort come in through the garage entrance.” he instructed.

He left, and then after a few minutes of stammering to the old man, I got on my bike out, and rode over to his house.

I stopped the bike in his drive way, and walked through the garage. Bruce meet me at the house door, naked and stroking his hard cock. As I came in, he just reached up and took my head and pushed it down to his cock. Again my mouth opened, and hard cock invaded it. As he stroked his cock in and out, he backed up, making me knee walk to keep up with him and his cock. He still hadn’t showered, and I smelled the hot, man sweat on him. I smelled his manly sweat, and sucked on his manly cock. He stopped stroking and instead used his hand to move my head, I stroked my mouth up and down his cock as I sucked.

Then again he pulled out, making my mouth feel empty and abandoned. “Come on follow me.” he said.

I followed him to his room. He sat on a soft chair. Without saying anything, I went to my knees again, and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked and moved my mouth up and down. I went down pushing his cock into my throat.

“Lick my balls too, that would make me feel good.” My mouth came off his cock and I went down to his balls. I licked one then the other, pushing my face into his sweaty balls and licking and sucking his balls. After a minute or so, he again commanded me back to sucking his cock.

I went to the helmet of his cock and sucked on it, running my tongue around it, licking it and taking his pre cum, then slid my mouth down the shaft, down the shaft and pushing him Yenimahalle Escort into my throat again.

Then my hand went to my pants, opening them, and reaching in to play with my cock as I sucked his cock. It felt wonderful. Stroking my cock while sucking this big cock in my mouth.

“OOOHH, yeah, man you are really getting into this. I want more of this from you man. Suck my cock SUCK IT GOOD!”

I sucked, I used my tongue to lick and swirl around his cock.

Then he was thrusting again. Thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. Fucking my mouth!

“OH YES; suck my cock, OHh suck my cock, Damn your good at that. You sure always sucked at sports, but now you can suck and make it good.” he laughed!. “I always knew you liked looking at my cock in the locker room. You wanted this for some time didn’t you? OHH YEAH, You are one good cocksucker.”

I responded by sucking, and taking cock deep in my mouth,and deep into my throat.

Then Bruce gave me some strong deep thrusts in and out of my sucking mouth, and then; his cock shot, shot it’s cum into my mouth. Shot cum in and around his cock in my sucking mouth. His thrusts spread cum all in my mouth. I drooled spit and cum out of my mouth, then Bruce told me; “Don’t spill that, swallow it, swallow it all you ‘equipment manager’,” then he laughed as he shot cum into my sucking mouth.

I jerked on my smaller cock, and, as I had a mouthful of his cum, my cock shot its load into my hand. Damn that felt better than any cum I ever had.

When we were done, Bruce looked at me, knowing his superiority, and told me I could leave his house now, but to come back tomorrow afternoon at 2:00.

I wiped my hand on my pants and got my bike and left.

The next day (Friday) Bruce called me kind of early. “What’cha doin this weekend?” he asked.

“MMMm, er, nothing I guess.” I replied.

“Well Sam and Flo, (his parents) are goin to my aunt’s camp on the river, and I got use of our house on the lake. If you might want to go. We can have a good time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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