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Close Up

It was starting to get dark on an early May evening. I was driving across Tennessee on my cross country trek to Utah. I had been on the road all day, starting in Jackson, MS where I was attending a conference for my profession. Normally I would have flown back, but a friend asked if I would drive a car back for him that he purchased online from Nashville to Utah. The trip would take several days, but I had the time off and he was paying all expenses. The south this time of year is warm, but beautiful. So green it almost hurts the eyes, with flowers of every color that perfume the air, and not to mention the food. There is nothing like southern cooking. The car being a sweet classic muscle car was also a perk. I was currently sitting in a fully restored, candy apple red 1969 Mustang Fastback. The 351 Cleveland rumbling under the hood made my dick feel like it was just a little longer. They opted to upgrade to power brakes and steering and of that I was grateful, but the radio was classic and the music came across as tinny. I got used to this quick, however being an iPod man, the commercials on standard radio started to get on my nerves. Especially being in nowhere Tennessee where most of the stations either carried country or crop reports with the occasional “specials” ad for the nearest Piggly Wiggly. And what the hell is a Piggly Wiggly anyway?

I was getting tired and irritated at the radio again and leaned over to fiddle with the station knob when I heard the siren. It was just a short squeal and a flash of lights and for an instant I pondered if the muscle car could outrun the sheriffs’ squad car. Just then I realized I watched “Gone in 60 Seconds” one too many times. This wasn’t Eleanor, and I wasn’t Nicholas Cage. Guiding the car to the shoulder of the nearly deserted two lane highway, I put it in park, shut off the engine and reached for my ID. I heard a feminine, very southern voice boom from the squad cars speakers telling me to open the door slowly, put my hands where she could see them, and step from the car. Doing as I was told, I was blinded by the spotlight as soon as I emerged from the car. Now slightly disoriented due to the blindness, I put my hand in front of my eyes and stumbled toward the squad car to see what was going on. I noticed a petit figure move from behind the light, and with her weapon drawn, she commanded me to turn and face the car, and to keep my hands up.

Never having a gun pointed at me before, I immediately froze. It seemed bigger than life and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what else she told me to do. She used some southern slang with the word “boy” obviously being the put down and something about me being dropped as a kid. I felt like I was entering a Dukes of Hazard rerun. Except she was no Roscoe P. Coletrain, more like Daisy Duke herself, with a very big gun. She told me once again to turn and place my hands on the car and assume the position. I managed a slight moment of clarity and turned to do as she asked. Evidently I wasn’t fast enough and felt the blunt end of what I hoped was her bully stick and not her gun shove me into the side of the Mustang. Impressed by the strength of the little officer I did as told. I felt her kick the inside of me feet with her uniform issued boots, spreading my legs further apart. I also felt the bully stick press harder between my shoulder blades. I was told to keep my hands on the roof of the car and I knew I was about to be frisked.

Suddenly I was aware of a familiar stirring between my legs as my little buddy decided he wanted to see what was going on. Bowing my head, I willed him under control becoming acutely aware of what I was wearing. I tried to dress for comfort in my trek, wearing lightweight jogging pants and a loose fitting tee shirt. Realizing that any arousal would be noticed, I tried breathing deep to keep things from rising to the occasion. I pondered why this situation was quickly becoming arousing, I mean I was pulled over, blinded by a spotlight, had a gun pointed at me, shoved by a bully stick, and was about to be frisked without even knowing what was going on? Before I could come up with a reasonable answer, other than it had been a really long time since I’ve had sex, or anything else exciting in my life, her hands were on me.

I noticed how tiny they felt as they started at my shoulders. She had to stand on her toes to reach me and I almost smiled, until I felt her press her firm breasts into my back, then I almost thanked her. Her hands moved around to the front I felt myself automatically expand my chest. She chuckled and made some sultry comment about me being a big guy and I started to relax a little. Her hands seemed to linger a little longer than necessary on my chest and abs, but maybe it was wishful thinking. I noticed too late that my little buddy was once again getting curious, just as her tiny hands reached the waistband of my pants. I figured at this point there was not much I could do to hide it. Her hands moved down the outside of my legs and back up the inside. She hesitated only briefly before cupping my package. Bycasino I heard her take in a sharp breath when she noticed the state I was in. She took a step back and my body immediately longed for the contact again. She asked me if I found this situation funny and I knew anything I answered at this point would be wrong. Instead I asked her what I was pulled over for.

She went into total cop mode as she removed her handcuffs from the back of her pants, cuffed me and read me my rights. Again I asked her what was going on and as she placed me in the back seat of her squad car. She told me I was being arrested for suspicion on auto theft, and drug trafficking. I immediately protested and told her I wanted to call my lawyer. Again she chuckled and told me I could all in good time. Now I was pissed but decided it would be in my best interest just to keep my mouth shut.

We arrived at the small county Sheriff’s office and once escorted inside I was places in an old wooden chair, beside an old wooden desk, where the tiny officer placed her information form in an equally old type writer. After giving her my personal information she explained to me that the car I was driving was stolen and was allegedly used in drug trafficking. I told her the situation and how it was my friend’s car and neither of us had any idea of the cars history. Just then a huge “Good ol Boy” looking officer approached the desk and handed her a slip of paper. After reading it she smiled in a way that made me feel like a fly caught in a spider’s web. She told me there was incriminating evidence found in the car and informed me I would be their guest for the night. Before I could respond, she motioned to the big officer who she called Jethro (yeah, I know), and told him to get me ready to be stripped searched. A huge grin split his ruddy face showing more gaps than teeth that obviously hadn’t seen a toothbrush in quite a while. He cracked his knuckles, rolled his massive shoulders, and moved to pull me out of the chair. I panicked, struggled and demanded to be able to call my lawyer. As I was dragged from the small room I heard her say I could make the call in the morning…if I still wanted to. I wasn’t sure I heard the last part due to Jethro’s booming laugh.

We went through a creaky metal door and started to descend down a dark staircase. The musky air told me that this part of the building was rarely used. There was one deserted cell at the end of the hallway and I was shoved in. My hands were still cuffed as Jethro backed me up until my back was against the rusty iron bars. He leaned in close until I could see the green scum on his teeth and his noxious breath made my stomach turn. With his face just centimeters from mine, he told me how much fun we were gonna have. For the first time in a long time I feared for my life. I must have paled because Jethro now was laughing again and his spit was spraying on my face. He reached behind me and released my handcuffs only to reattach it to the metal bars. He produced another pair and secured my other wrist so I was standing open armed. Stepping back to admire his work I tensed for the first blow. Instead he bent down and secured an ankle strap that was already attached to the wall, to my leg; he repeated this with my other leg so they were secured slightly apart. Stepping back again to check the positioning he smiled another green, snaggletooth grin, started chuckling and left the cell. I could hear his booming laughter all the way down the dingy hallway and back up the stairs.

When the door clicked closed, I finally let out the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and looked around. The cell was larger than I thought at first, maybe 6×8′, with a large cot against the wall opposite me and what looked like fresh sheets on it. I found this odd in a room where everything else was rusty and dusty. And if the cot was for me, why was I cuffed to the wall? I foolishly tested the strength of my binds, and while I had a little movement there was no way I was getting loose.

I heard the metal door creak open and two sets of footsteps start to come down the stairs. I heard soft female voices, recognizing one as the officer that arrested me and another I didn’t recognize, but held the same sultry southern drawl. My pants started to tighten again without my permission. They quieted as they approached my cell. I couldn’t see them because my back was to the front bars parallel with the cell door. I heard the lock click and the rusty iron door swing wide. I turned my head and saw two equally petit female officers enter.

For the first time since I was stopped I really took a look at my arresting officer. She was maybe 5′ 5″, her dark hair pulled tight in a neat bun; her dark brown eyes were wide set and held a hint of sadness and a whole lot of mischief. She had generous curves and an ass that I would love to grab and squeeze had the situation been different. Her face was pretty, naturally, with very little makeup, full pink pouty lips that begged for a kiss. Her tongue darted out to moisten her Bycasino giriş lips and I realized with a jerk of my groin that I wanted that mouth on my cock. Her partner was equally beautiful, but blond haired and blue eyed. She was a little shorter maybe, with larger breasts and a look of innocence in her eyes. I noticed they were giving me the up and down look, lingering on my now noticeably growing bulge in my pants. I wondered not for the first time today if I had issues. I should be pissed, scared, fighting, worried, and anything but aroused. But there it was.

My officer approached me first, obviously being the one in control, and leaning in as close as Jethro did; I noticed her teeth were straight and white. She asked me quietly if I was ready for my search. I breathed in her fresh clean scent and nodded my head once. I leaned in slightly hoping for a kiss, and she backed up smiling at me and telling me I had to behave or she would have to call Jethro in. I couldn’t help but notice the humor in her eyes and wondered if she was being serious or not. I decided I didn’t want to chance it. She ran the red tipped nail of her index finger from the neckline of my tee shirt down to the waistband of my pants. She turned to her partner and told her to remove my shirt. I wondered how they were going to do this with my hands bound but had my answer soon enough as the blond produced a large hunting knife from her boot.

Stepping forward she pulled my shirt out where it was tucked into my pants and used the knife to cut it from the hem to neckline like it was soft butter. Leaving my tattered shirt open, she replaced her knife back in her boot and lightly ran one hand over my chest, smiled and stepped away. My officer stepped forward again, grabbing both pieces of my shirt she jerked down once and the shirt fell shredded to the floor. She looked up smiling and going up on her toes she gently brushed her lips against mine. There was an instant jolt of lust to my groin as her hands were spread across my chest and were exploring me as I leaned in for another teasing kiss. She ran the tip of her tongue over my lips as I parted mine in an open invite. My tongue met hers and the tango began. My arms flexed as I automatically went to put my arms around her and the clink of metal against metal seemed to remind her of her agenda. She stepped back slightly and I let out a little groan of protest. Her hands were still on my chest running lightly up and down and letting the tips of her nails gently rake my skin.

When she came to the waistband of my pants she let her finger run back and forth across the front and with every pass my cock jerked, begging for a little caress. She spun around and told her partner to remove my pants. The thought of the big hunting knife flashed in my memory and I shook my head and launched my protest. The blond smiled and placed her hands on either side of my hips, gathering the material in her hands, tugged down until my cock bobbed free. Because of the positioning of my leg restraints she was only able to pull my pants, along with my boxers down to mid thigh. She gave the tip of my now fully erect cock a little kiss, stood and returned to her position.

My officer stepped forward again, took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. Her other hand cupped my balls, feeling their weight and fullness. She looked up in my eyes and told me what the rules were going to be.

No talking

No crying out

Most of all, no cumming without permission

If I were to break any of these rules, I would be turned over to Jethro for his entertainment. And personally that was not an option for me. As if on cue, I heard the door open again, the heavy footsteps of Jethro shuffling down the stairs and towards the cell. When he got to my back, I smelled his putrid breath and felt the spittle on my neck as he let me know just how much fun he would like to have with me. I lost my erection at the thought and all three of them now laughed. My officer nodded her head and Jethro entered the cell and dropped a small black gym bag on the floor. When he exited the cell, he closed the door, took a couple of steps back and stopped. I realized then that whatever took place in this cell, we were going to have an audience.

My officer with her back to me, reached for the bag, unzipped it, and removed several items. She tossed a few on the bed but I couldn’t see what they were. She kept something in her hand as she zipped the bag closed. She turned to me and asked if I had ever used a cock ring. I almost answered out loud, but an arch of her slender eyebrow reminded me not to speak. I shook my head no instead. Placing her small hand around my cock again, she gave me a couple of strokes and had immediate response. She got on her knees, taking my shaft in her mouth and began sucking it with deep long strokes, her hand alternating strokes with a little twist to her wrist. The dual feeling was incredible and I dropped my head back enjoying the tingling sensation. Soon I was fully erect again and thrusting Bycasino deneme bonusu my hips slightly. She stopped too soon and with a well practice movement, she wrapped a small piece of leather, looking like a little collar around my balls and shaft. She tightened it slightly, inspected the fit, nodded and moved back. I looked down and noticed that my balls were cinched tight against the base of my shaft and they were starting to turn red with arousal

I hadn’t noticed that her blond partner had moved to the bed and was watching with great interest. The two women smiled at each other and I knew a show was about to begin. My officer sat beside her partner and leaned in for a deep tongue tangling kiss. I’ve watched porn with two women (I am a man after all), but seeing it up close was a turn on I never expected. As they kissed, showing me lots of tongue my officers hands moved to the blond partners head and took her hair out of the braid. Running her fingers through her hair she spread it out over her shoulders. Then she started to unbutton her uniform top. I strained to see what was being uncovered, but my officer’s head was tilted just so that I only got a peak of creamy flesh now and then.

My officer stood, taking her partners hand and pulling her to her feet, then pushed the uniform top off her shoulders, exposing a delicate pink bra barely covering two well rounded perky breasts. She glanced at me and smiled knowing I approved of what she revealed. She turned the blond toward me and standing with her front to the blonds’ back, unhooked her bra. Instead of letting it fall to the floor, she ran her hands around to cup and gently squeezed her partner’s ample breasts. The blond leaned her head back against my officer’s shoulder and exposed her neck in offering. My officer gently kissed and licked her neck while massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples, until the blond was moaning and squirming. She let the bra drop to the floor and spun her partner around until they were face to face.

They turned so I had a good profile view as my officer started to lick and suckle her partner’s tight nipples. The flicking of her tongue, back and forth made my cock get even harder as if it was reaching to be licked too. My officer moved down her partner’s stomach to the belt of her uniform pants. She quickly undid the belt, unbuttoned the pants, and pushed them down far enough for me to see the tiny strip of pink material she wore as panties. My officer dipped her fingers beneath the material and stroked her partner’s sex. The blond arched into her, almost putting her pussy right in my officer’s face. She withdrew her fingers and planted an open mouth kiss right on the blond’s mound. I let a little moan escape from my mouth and heard Jethro clear his throat from somewhere behind and to the side of me. I realized he had a great view of me and not so much of the girls. I didn’t know if I was creeped out by this or if I should chalk it up to security.

My partner had now removed the blond’s boots and pants, and she was laid out on the cot on her back as she watched my officer undress. She was looking at me as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. I’d never realized how sexy a police officer’s uniform was until now. The shirt hugged her curves just right, putting a little strain on the lucky buttons across her chest. Her pants were almost skin tight, flaring nicely at her ample hips and making the best of her shapely thighs. She now had all the buttons undone and slowly peeled it from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor leaving her in a black lace bra that held her breasts up like an offering. She stepped a little closer to me as she carefully removed the pins from her hair, letting her dark trusses fall past her shoulders. She ran her fingers through the silken strands and gave her head a little shake, making her hair bounce and brush the top of her bra. As she bent over to remove her boots, I could see her creamy white breasts almost spill from her bra. I felt her breath on my engorged cock and her tongue darted out for a lick of the pre cum that had started to ooze from my slit. The contact made me jump as I realized the cock ring also increased sensitivity.

She straightened slowly, letting her eyes wander all over my body before she stepped back to her partner who was patiently waiting for her on the cot. She made short work of her pants and was now standing in nothing but her black lace bra and matching micro black lace panties. She lay down on the cot next to her partner and they started kissing again. Rolling on top of her, she licked her way slowly down the blonds’ body until her face was lined up with her sex. She took a long slow lick up the center of her panties and I could see they were soaked with her arousal. She moved the material to the side, exposing her almost bare pussy except for a thin strip of tight blond curls down the middle. She took another long swipe up her glistening slit, sat up and removed her panties. Instead of adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor, she brought them to me and held them up to my face. I could smell her arousal and my nostrils flared as I filled my lungs with her unique musky female scent. She suddenly kissed me hard and deep letting me taste the blond’s pussy on her tongue. My cock twitched again and another little drop of pre cum dribbled down the side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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