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After Athina and Padme enjoyed a fabulous their three week educational trip of Greece while they even crossed over to some parts of southern Italy where they explored some towns and villages of Southern Italy. Athina started to feel for her future, a future she had never expected to come her way. There were beautiful prospects waiting for her on the horizon; prospects, which before she left for the long holiday were not there, or better; she was even feeling something that she was not too sure of. She returned from her holiday with a clearer mind, looking forward towards a very promising future.

From the moment Athina and Padme left the island, they spent a week in Kifisja. They lived in Sam’s posh apartment. It was an excellent place where they could relax while they enjoyed the fresh air of Kifisja. From there it was even easy to visit some of the most interesting places, both close and even as far as the centre of Athens.

During their free time at the apartment they shared ideas and constructive feelings about the female species, than about males. They massaged each other’s bodies, leaving not a little spot without being properly treated. The heat between their bodies started to escalate as the use of fingers and lips had never stopped; not even when any one of them was enjoying massive orgasms. They could not stop sucking each others breasts, nipples or what was waiting down there, between their wide open legs.

Athina was incredibly hot. While she was having her pussy sucked by the well trained Padme, Athina dreamed about that moment when she will get back to the island and fall flat into Sam’s open arms. She knew that he was going to be waiting for her. She even started to make plans for a long future together.

After George and Irene’s enjoyable and successful drama, she knew that on the return, Sam will be waiting for her, to hug her and to take her in his arms. She had even started to dream where they would spend their first days of their honeymoon.

From the moment they arrived in Thessaloniki, Athina accompanied by Padme tried to follow in the footsteps of Sam’s university years. They stayed in the same house where Sam had spent his years studying and fucking. They not only enjoyed the hard study life but also thought about the number of female students who visited him. Athina wondered where that famous corner hidden desk was situated, where such hot ladies made their first sex feelings known to the master of virginities.

Athina wished to come across some of the relics i.e. the Panties Collection which belonged to those young ladies who asked Sam; if he or when he can honour them by deflowering them. It was said that there were between three and four hundred virgins who entrusted their most precious moment in his hands. They found a few still hidden in a box down in the wine cellar.

The house was kept in perfect order. There was a nice female caretaker who looked after the place. Athina loved the place, sometimes, she even dreamed about Sam’s glorious days. Being close to the sea, it was wonderful, the same like where she lived all her life on the island.

They visited most of the important places, like museums, shopping arcades and even went to discos were they danced the night. During those four days they stayed in Thessaloniki, they toured some of the universities to get acquainted with those impressive building, which some of them were build many years before. It was their last night. They decided to dine in a well known restaurant in the heart of the city. After they enjoyed a lavish dinner they went to a disco close by, where they danced for a few hours before they returned back to Sam’s place. They were so tired that they overslept, waking up late.

Satisfied with their visits to Athens and Thessaloniki, Athina hired a car and started on a different adventure. She wanted to drive around the west coast of Greece; going towards the south. They spent nights in different hotels, depending when they got tired or where they had to stop. Their next stop was the Island of Corfu. They booked a hotel, the same hotel were Sam spent the summer holidays working. In his spare time he pleasured quite a number of foreign ladies from as young as eighteen and as old as a couple close to the sixties.

At the hotel in Corfu they felt so at home, so relaxed, that after they returned from their first tour round the small island they started to take their clothes off. As the last piece of cloth was off they moved towards each other and started hugging and kissing. Although they both had massaged their pusssies during some previous nights, this was going to be their day. They started slowly with a body massage. They massaged each other, one at time until they became wild. Being wet with the oil, they changed to a body to body massage. Their erogenous zones they did not touch, not until they formed themselves into a sixtynine position. It was then that they started slowly licking and kissing each other’s intimate areas.

Their lips stuck to each other’s engorged Gaziantep Fetiş Escort lips, sucking and licking like two hungry women. Soon their bodies became like a wild fire. When they used their fingers to massage each other’s clitori; their bodies exploded. The loose liquids which were flowing out of their vaginas were very quickly sucked and rolled within their mouths. They loved and enjoyed the exquisite tastes of love.

‘Fuck Athina. Ge, you are fantastic with those lips. I’mmmmm ccccummming… cumming.’ Padme cried while trying again to jam Athina’s mouth against her hot leaking pussy.

When they had satisfied each other’s sexual hunger they walked into the shower. It was after their latest sexual onslaught on their sexual organs that they helped each other in cleaning the smells, which they had produced. Athina, when they were washing each other, they started to play again with each other’s organs. There were more moans and tremors within their bodies. They could never give each other much more, but at least the time never stopped. They were hungry; not for sex. They had enough, but their stomachs were empty.


While Athina and Padme were driving around Italy after they crossed over on a boat, Sam had decided to make a quick visit to Kifisja. His aim was to buy a very beautiful piece of jewelry for Athina… and engagement ring. He knew that he could not find any on the island, especially of the quality that he was looking for. He was also interested in a bracelet.

After he settled himself at his apartment, and after he freshened himself under a cold shower, he walked around the streets of Kifisja, looking in different jewelry shops. He had not yet found that something special which he was looking for. He wanted that something that really fits a lady who would be his future wife. After visiting a few of the best shops that were in Kifisja he came to a shop which was inside a sort of a complex of high fashion shops… which suited more the very rich customers; a shop which Sam had never cared to look into.

Curiosity made him walk in. Among the many different outlets at the very back, there was a rather small jewelry shop with some exquisite expensive jewelry items on show. He walked in and found himself in a rather small shop with a very beautiful young lady behind the counter, reading a book while enjoying the music which was coming from what looked like a very sophisticated sound system.

‘Good afternoon sir, how can I help you?’ Sam kept looking at that angelic face, her beautiful smile, so sweet that what he had in his pants, had started to move; filling itself with hot blood. Even though he entered the shop for a reason which had nothing to do with desiring another woman, he seemed he could not control himself, until the phone rang … just one time.

Sam knew that it was an internal call. The young lady picked the receiver and without saying a word, she politely put it back and directed Sam through a door on the side of the entrance.

‘Madame, is waiting for you?’ Sam stole another look at that young lady, before the door automatically closed itself.

‘Sam… long time… no see. How are you, my love?’ The lady asked as he came out of the escalator.

Sam was perplexed. He had no idea who she was, or, better to say, he could not remember her from the many women he had been associated with. There were too many in his life, especially when he was a student in Thessaloniki.

He gave her another look while he focused his eyes on her face, trying to remember who the devil she was. She must have changed. His brains went into overdrive as much as his cock was with half his brain evaluating her beauty.

The mysterious lady closed on him. She put a hand around his neck and whispered in his ear. ‘You seem that you had enjoyed the view down in the shop?’ She asked as she lowered her other hand and rubbed his hard manhood. ‘She’s out of bounds… Sam. Don’t even dream or think about her?’ She continued to rub his hardness with her hand while trying to tease him. His manhood, became harder and harder.

‘What brought you around Sam? Are you looking for an engagement ring… or maybe an exquisite bracelet?’ The lady asked.

‘I’m not concentrating. I’m just trying to remember your name. I have a feeling that I know who you are. Was it, in my last year at Thessaloniki?’ Sam asked.

‘Sam, you’re getting close.’ She answered.

Sam looked straight into her eyes. They were coal black. ‘Probably I still have your panties hidden somewhere. Well your long legs are still there. Is your pussy still hot? Is that kiddy your daughter?’ She’s very, very beautiful; not only that she’s very attractive.’ Sam asked.

‘Do you like her Sam? Isn’t it she beautiful with those long legs and black eyes?’ The lady asked.

‘Is she as hot as Eumelia was, or she’s… cool.’ Sam asked.

‘Have you taken a very good look? Isn’t she beautiful?’ Eumelia asked again.

‘Who is the father?’ Sam asked. ‘She must be; well… let’s say, she was born during your second year at Thessaloniki… sometime during the beginning of the third semester.’

‘You worked your calculations, just right.’ Eumelia replied.

‘What did your family do, when you told them the news that their daughter is pregnant?’ Sam curiously asked.

‘I only told them when it started to show. My dad wanted to kill me and wanted to know who the bastard was.’ Eumelia answered.

‘And your answer was?’ Sam asked.

‘I told them the truth… and the truth was… that the bastard ran away to the United States.’ She answered.

‘And who was that bastard?’ Sam asked again.

‘Sam, you know who that bastard was? It was none other than your bloody good self; but please I don’t want her to know. I never told her. A good excuse was that I met a very handsome guy and I let him have my cherry and that was that. I was not well protected.’ Eumelia explained.

‘I was always proud, that as far as I knew, I had never made any female pregnant, especially in Greece. I always thought that my track record was perfect; especially, where women were concerned and I always asked. So, do you know why this happened?’ Sam wanted to know.

‘The only excuse I could make was that I was careless and missed taking the pill, not one time, but more times.’

I’m happy and proud that you looked after her well.’ Sam in a way apologized.

‘So how can I be of any help?’ Eumelia asked.

‘I want an engagement ring. A very beautiful engagement ring I want, for an exquisite lady.’ Sam answered.

‘Before we start talking, I think you better follow me. We should have a rather; well we have to close that chapter we started… well we can end, what we did not finish properly… in Thessaloniki.’

‘And what we did not finish?’ Sam asked.

‘You know that we did not finish. Please follow me.’ Eumelia ordered

Sam followed her towards the bedroom. As soon as they were too close to her double bed she started to feel what was continually growing in his pants. Her hands quickly went into action. One went around his neck and the other started to rub his cock. It was still growing too fast inside his pants.

‘It seems that you are still very active Sam, how about re-enacting what we had done and enjoyed, during those old golden times?’ She asked while she started to open his trousers.

Within less than a minute Sam was totally naked while Eumelia was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for Sam to pull down her G-String. Sam did so. She lay down on her back with her arse just inside the edge of the bed. Sam gave her a look; a very sexy look while she waited. As his hands grabbed her G-String at the sides, she lifted her arse off the bed. Sam not only enjoyed the situation but also tried to remember those moments when he first took her cherry, many years earlier.

She was very beautiful, excited, waiting for that moment. She looked so sexy waiting very anxiously for that special moment that she wanted to remember. Sam was the guy, whom very few girls resisted not to give him their virginity; even though those who gave themselves to Sam were a fraction of the female students. Giving your virginity in those years was more of a taboo. Being a virgin on their wedding day was a must.

Sam’s eyes were focused Eumelia’s fantastic and very sexy body. Sam continued to pull down her panties; exposing that perfectly shaved slit. She was leaking; hot a hell; waiting for Sam to stick his hard cock deep inside her vaginal tube of love.

As soon as her panties disappeared, Eumelia opened her legs as wide as she could; giving Sam that magnificent view or her vaginal area. It was that something that Sam had adored for many years, especially during those years in Thessaloniki. It was the time when he was surrounded by those beautiful hot and ready young females, begging to be fucked; to loose their most precious gift: their virginities. Eumelia stretched her legs, giving Sam that view of her leaking pussy. The scene was something not easy to forget, especially with those perfectly shaped swollen lips; ready and waiting to receive Sam’s hard cock.

While she pushed her body further in on the bed to accommodate Sam, he was holding his beautiful hard member ready in his hand. Without any ceremonies Sam guided the head of his hard fucking tool between her engorged lips. He started to rub it against her clitoris, moving it slowly while rubbing the head up and down along her drenched slit. Going slowly downwards towards the entrance of her vagina, he just pushed the head slightly in.

Sam always loved his women when they get hot. Eumelia, if he remembers well, she was one of the hottest girls there were on Campus, at the time. She followed him in the corridors and a couple of times approached the desk in the corner; better known as Sam’s desk. She begged him to fuck her. She was too beautiful to be touched. He teased her; never said he won’t take her cherry. There were times when she begged him until that day, nearly at the very end of his final semester of the final year. She loved every moment, when he invited her to his place. There were a couple of more ladies waiting to have their cherries taken. There was talk. Sam took the cherries of those which were chosen to be the last. He spent a long weekend entertaining them. They all went back home satisfied. That was many years back, when Sam was in Thessaloniki.

Sam teased Eumelia a few times while she pushed her ass upwards trying to get the head of his hard cock as deep as she could into her vaginal tube. She moaned every time the head partially entered inside her stretched vaginal tube. At last she nearly lost hope, but she begged to be fucked.

‘Fuck me Sam… fuuucccckkkk meeee. Fffuuucccckkkk meee.’ Eumelia shouted.

‘Fuck… when was the last time you really got fucked?’ Sam asked.

‘How the hell I remember? I think… sorry … I’m not sure. Probably if I remember well, it was the day before yesterday.’ She moaned.

As Sam pushed his manhood deeper into her vagina he started to fuck her, using different ways and movements to hit and rub against all the erogenous zones within her burning pussy. While she cried and moaned, Sam gave her a great fuck. She felt tight and the more his cock moved in and out, the more he enjoyed giving her more than she wanted.

She did not stop moaning and crying. Sam did not stop fucking her in the missionary position. As the next orgasm took her into the heavens, Sam pulled out and turned her body to a kneeling position. Taking a look at that beautiful hot smelly slit, partially opened between those swollen labia, Sam pushed his cock as deep as he could. He started to fuck her from behind like a crazy guy enjoying his first fuck. Her cries never stopped. He just continued to ram his cock all the way in and out; back and forth.

At last Sam exploded. He pumped a couple of shots inside her rather tight vagina, before she fell on her stomach with most of his jism leaking out from between her legs. The jism which was still shooting ended precisely on the crack, covering her asshole with white cream.

After they took a shower and relaxed they started to remember those first encounters of years gone by; when they were studying in Thessaloniki. Many years had passed since those days. Sam was in his last days and Eumelia was ending her first year. Looking back, he could not believe he had an off-spring living too close to his Kifisja apartment.

It was sure a surprise, a very big surprise for Sam. Eumelia even invited Sam to spend the night. She looked perfect and beautiful without clothes, naked as the day she was born. Sam did not regret fucking Eumelia. He very much enjoyed what was supposed to be his last fuck before he will start pleasing his future wife. He decided to go back to his apartment. He did not accept Eumelia’s invitation to spend the night with her. He felt very safe sleeping at his apartment; especially under the circumstances.

They made the deal. Sam had chosen the Engagement ring to fit Athina’s finger. He had brought one of Athina’s rings to make sure, it will fit perfectly. The price was high.

After Sam concluded the purchase to his satisfaction he looked at Eumelia. They kissed and hugged. It was her last kiss even though she was still expecting that he will give up and spent that night with her.

‘Thanks Eumelia for everything, especially for my last fucking encounter, before I get married.’ Sam declared.

‘Are you sure, you are ready to surrender yourself, to one woman?’ She asked.

‘More than you ever dreamed, my dear. It is time to be off.’ He gave her two kisses on her cheeks and started on his way to his apartment. The next day he was back on the island and his villa, just a couple of days prior to Athina and Padme’s arrival back home.


After Athina’s and Padme’s second night in Corfu they boarded a boat and crossed to the Italian peninsula, landing at Brindisi. They spent three days touring some of the towns on the southern part of Italy like Bari, Lecce, Taranto, Potenza, Salerno and others, before they crossed back to mainland Greece. They took the boat from Bari to Patras.

Athina continued to discover more Greek villages and small towns during their drive around Southern Greece, not to forget Corinth before they drove towards Athens Airport.

Arriving back on the island they were welcomed by Sam who organized a welcome party. Most of his most important friends were invited, who in number were not so many. Naturally there were Antonis and Adriana; George and Irene and of course Sam.

They enjoyed a very healthy dinner while hearing some of the adventures Athina and Padme had come across, especially during their driving through towns and villages in Italy.

That night, when they were alone in their bed, Athina noticed that Sam had changed. On purpose she took all her clothes off, including her panties. She did not even wash her pussy. She knew that Sam had always loved a smelly tasty pussy, to lick and suck.

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