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All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this continues after Heather Chapter 1…


The days after my first assignation with Heather had stayed in my mind nearly every waking second of the time. Especially at night, when I re-lived the memories, of her fingers, her soft jumper, her rounded curves. The extreme arousal of the situation, with Heather, of all people, touching my cock, working me up and smiling while my cum pumped out with her practised fingers. I kept thinking that I’d made it up, that my mind was playing tricks with me. Soon I was to know that is was reality.

It turned out that some of the clothing order that Heather had given me wasn’t the right size – my mum had ordered some panties for herself which should have been a medium but had arrived as a small. So she asked me to take them back to Heather’s the next Saturday – and I tried to hide my excitement and desire when I said that I would.

I felt a mixture of emotions, walking back down to Heather’s – with my mum’s too-small panties in a carrier bag. Heather opened the door almost straight away. She was wearing a thick creamy-white cable-knit cardigan that buttoned right up to her neck, and seemed a size too small for her as it clung tightly to her curves. Below the cardigan was a plain dark red skirt, and simple black shoes.

“Hello again Andrew,” she smiled; “Come on in – have you got your mum’s panties with you, like I asked her?”

“Yes,” I replied, “They’re in this bag.” We were in the lounge now, and my eyes were locked on Heather’s tight cardigan.

“Do you like my new cardy, pet? Its a bit on the small side really, but I didn’t want to change it, as it shows me off quite nicely, don’t you think?!” she allowed time to make sure I had a good look at her, showing herself off to me.

“Now, let me have a look in the bag, please.”

She took out the panties, and held them up, then found the label.

“Yes, I suppose they will be too tight for her, and you don’t want panties that are too tight, now do you Andrew?” She looked at me meaningfully, and I felt my cheeks going a bit red, whilst my cock twitched gently, remembering last week.

“Come on upstairs, let’s go and see what we’ve got.” said Heather, beckoning me to go in front of her, up the stairs to the back bedroom. So with her behind me this time I headed upstairs to the familiar back bedroom.

“It’s just as well we’ve got the house to ourselves again,” smiled Heather, “with all this sorting out of panties to be done! Sit on the bed for a minute, pet, and we can have a look in the catalogue for the right ones for your mum.”

She smiled again at me, then taking the thick mail-order catalogue from the table, she sat down beside me. She sat so close that her hips pressed against mine, and her shoulder rubbed against me, then she opened the catalogue in her lap, flicking through it to find the right page. My eyes darted between the pages of women in various fashions and underwear and Heather’s wool covered breasts, taking in the soft curves now so close to me, as her cardigan stretched over her bosom.

She flicked through the book, looking more closely at the pages of underwear until she found the right one. My eyes focussed on the girls on the page, posing in panties and bras.

“These look like Gaziantep Yabancı Escort the right ones, don’t they?” said Heather, leaning across me and putting the open catalogue in my lap. She held up the panties in front of her, looking at the design of little holes in the soft cotton.

“They’re quite pretty, aren’t they, pet?” she asked.

“Well yes, I suppose so.” I replied, not knowing quite what to say.

“And that model in the book looks really attractive in them, don’t you think?” She pointed to the photo, and as she did so her arm brushed casually over my thigh, gently arousing me.

“I’ll just go and check I locked the back door,” said Heather, suddenly. “You keep this page open, and here – ” she stood up, passing the panties back to me, “You look after these for me; they’re very soft you know!” and with a twinkle in her eye she stroked the panties against my cheek, before passing them to my open hand.

As she went downstairs I quickly unzipped my trousers and reached inside to ease my cock erect. The pictures in the catalogue, and the feel of the new panties, were definitely getting me going. What would Heather do next – and would I be feeling her fingers on my cock instead of mine?

As I heard her footsteps coming back up I quickly zipped myself back up.

“There, now we are all locked up and safe. Did you have a good lok at those panties, pet?”

I murmured, meaning yes, and she continued: “Well that’s good, because I thought I would try them on – I’m sure I could fill them nicely.”

And so standing about a yard in front of me, she turned away from me to show me her rea view, then simply slid off her skirt. Her own panties were plain white cotton, clinging tightly to her well-rounded cheeks, but in a flash they too were off and in her hand. Her pink bottom looked magnificent, under the soft creamy-white of her cardigan.

“Here, I’ll swap you!” she said, turning her head around and smiling at me.

In a daze of excitement, I passed her the new ones, then felt her warm panties in my hand. She stepped into the new ones, then pulled them up tight to her waist, neatening her cardigan over the top.

“Well, what do you think, pet?” she asked, turning towards me. “Will these do? I do like the pretty little lacy holes in them!”

I was just knocked out by the sight of her, her thick cardigan and these new tight panties, with tiny holes revealing the pink of her skin and the darker shades between her legs.

“Do you think they’re too tight?” she asked again, “Can you just check the elastic in the legs for me please, like I did for you last week!”

With almost quivering hands I reached forward to touch the softness of her panties and felt the warmth of her skin, then slipped a finger under the elastic at the top of her leg, over her hip. I was getting very aroused and embarrassed at the same time – she was just playing so easy. She lifted up her cardigan to show off the top of the panties around her waist.

“You can check the elastic here too, if you like!” she smiled, raising one arm up behind her head to show off even more.

I did as I was asked, slipping my finger tips under the elastic of her panties over her stomach. Her skin felt so soft and warm against the back of my fingers, and the material so soft too as I pulled it gently outwards. I was getting very aroused, squirming gently as my cock pressed against my trousers.

Heather lifted her other hand behind her head, pulling in her tummy and pushing out her bosom, while the cardigan dropped back on to my hands.

“I say,” she breathed, “it’s just as well I know that you’re a good boy, because I’m just so open for you now, with my hands behind my head, and you holding my panties. You could just strip me off in a jiffy, couldn’t you!”

I looked up at her face, my eyes resting on the way on the gorgeous swelling of her breasts under the cable-knit cardigan. Her cheeks were flushing as she smiled back at me.

“Well I won’t scream out – as long as you just unbutton my cardy for me. I’m feeling much too hot like this. Come on, Andrew, start at the bottom button and undo them all for me!”

She kept her hands behind her head, and smiled down as I began to do what I had dreamed of for so long. The buttons were quite large, but unfastened easily, and the wool drew back further with each one, revealing first her tummy, then her bra and the swell of her breasts. I paused a little with three buttons still to go, knowing that the next would show off her well-filled bra.

“Come on, pet, all the way please. I’m sure you’ve seen a bra before, haven’t you? But if you feel a bit embarrassed, maybe you’d better shut your eyes a bit.”

Not knowing whether she was serious I half closed my eyes, then undid the last buttons. The cardigan fell wide open, revealing her gorgeously bra-clad breasts, the pink flesh gently overhanging the soft white lacy material. The bra had a pattern of tiny holes in it, and I could clearly see the darker areas where her nipples were sticking out prominently.

“There, now you really do have the advantage over me, you naughty thing!” Heather smiled at me, looking to see my eyes were wide open. She lowered her hands, and pulled her cardigan loosely closed over her breasts.

“Now you’d better stand up while I even the score a little. Come on, up you get!”

And with that I was standing in front of her, as she began to unbutton my shirt.

“If you can see my chest, then I should see yours too, shouldn’t I?” she smiled, as she held my shirt open and ran a finger down my chest. She was just so arousing!

“Now we’re nearly equal, but I still can’t see your underpants – and they might be a bit too tight for you, mightn’t they, pet!”

I didn’t answer, but saw the twinkle in her eye as she undid the belt of my trousers, and unzipped them and lowered them to the floor. Stepping out of them I slipped off my socks too.

“Yes I thought they might be tight, you naughty young thing.” she said, standing up in front of me, with her cardigan now hanging open but somehow just hiding both her breasts. “What’s all this in here?”

Her hand stroked over the front of my pants, pressing against my stiff cock. It felt electric just to feel that first touch.

“You’ve got another hardon, haven’t you?” she smiled, looking me in the eye, whilst her hands stroked up and down the front of my pants, rubbing my shaft. “We’d better look after this, hadn’t we? Now you put your hands behind your head, like I did for you. And I’ll check your waistband, like you did mine.”

Her hands slipped over the top of my pants as I put my hands behind my head, feeling very exposed.

“But this time I’ll pull your pants right down, to look at you properly…” and as she said it, so she did it, pulling my pants down to my thighs. My cock quivered to its full length, and she looked silently for a moment, smiling to herself.

“It is a very big hardon for a youngster like you, you know – I wonder how quickly I can get your spunk out? You were very quick last time, so I’ll see if I can do you even faster this time!”

And with that she reached forward and touched my naked cock. It felt fantastic as she cradled by balls in one hand, then worked up and down the shaft with the other.

“Mmm,” she smiled, “that does feel good.” And she pumped me firmly, looking first at my cock, then into my eyes. “Now are you going to be a good boy for me? I want to see just how quickly you can come for me!”

I swallowed hard. It felt so strange yet so erotic and arousing, standing in front of her with my hands behind my head as she just kept on with her tossing motion, tickling my balls as she did. I watched closely, my eyes darting between her hands around my cock with her tight wool-covered wrists as she kept up her pumping movements, and the pink flesh of her breasts wobbling gently between the two edges of her cardigan. She loosed my cock for a moment, to push my pants down to the floor, then put her fingers back around me.

“Come on,” she smiled, “pump it out for me, there’s a good boy, just let it go!” And as she began pumping harder, I was getting more and more turned on by the feelings and the vision in front of me.

“But I might make a mess everywhere…” I half protested.

“Don’t you worry about that, Andrew, you just let that come out.” she smiled back at me.

Her cardigan was now wide apart, her breasts wobbling in time as she stroked me, her tight white panties clinging to her hips and dipping invitingly between her legs. She kept up her gentle talking and encouragement, as she worked me up into a climax.

“Come on, out with it, let me see you spurt.”

I knew I couldn’t last any longer, the feelings were just too great. And then she let out a little shriek as my cum shot out in front of me, one burst reaching her panties, others splashing the back of her hand and up her sleeve. She kept pumping, but more gently now, watching me as my cock began to deflate.

“Well that was very quick, you cheeky thing, but look at the mess you’ve made on my cardy – and on the floor too. I think you’d better mop it up now, hadn’t you!”

She reached to a box of tissues and passed some over to me, so with my heart still thudding, I got down on my knees to wipe the carpet clean. I wiped the still-warm spunk into a tissue, then wrapped it up.

“That’s fine for the floor, but don’t forget my sleeve here – and my panties too. Come on, Mr Mop!”

So taking another tissue I wiped the back of her hand, and the sleeve of her cardigan. She pulled her panties up tight, beckoning me to wipe the splashes off her tummy. As I watched her beautiful body, wiping her panties, I felt myself stiffening again. It was all just so exciting. And she was watching my naked body too.

“You’re just too naughty, aren’t you?” she smiled. “I think I should be your teacher and you should come to my special classes for good boys. Would you like that? I’ll think up a reason to ask your mum for you to come again next weekend when everyone’s out, for your next lesson.”

And with a smile, she began buttoning up her cardigan. Her pupil just sighed in anticipation…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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