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Big Tits

A couple of months had passed since my aunt Karen had taken my virginity, and things were pretty great.

Any opportunity we were left alone in the house we would have sex, if we went for a walk along the river on an evening we would have sex on the river bank. She taught me how to please a lady. I must have been doing great as she couldn’t get enough of my cock.

I was still 18 when my parents and sister Laya went on vacation for a week. I was way too old to go with them now besides, i wanted to be at home with Aunt Karen.

It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon and Aunt Karen suggested we have a picnic. We could take a drive out to the Lake District. Her friend Justine from work was going to join us too. We got the food and drinks packed away in the hamper and set off to go and pick Justine up.

I was a little nervous as i had never met her before but, Karen assured me she was a great person and a great friend to her. She was sure we would get along. They had both got divorces at the same time so being work friends i guess they talked about things, and became great friends and could talk freely to each other.

We pulled up outside Justine’s flat and she came out, Karen got out to greet her. They had a quick hug and Karen introduced us. Justine was very well spoken and looked the same age as Aunt Karen, 32. She was an attractive woman too, she had long blonde hair, a slight sun tan and from what i could see from the shapes under her maxi dress a great body.

We set off and headed for the lakes. Aunt Karen and Justine sat in the back of the car so they could talk while i drove. All through the hour of my driving they talked and laughed and, took photographs of our journey on their phones.

We arrived at our lake, parked the car and set off walking to find a nice spot for our late picnic lunch. After an hour we found a great place, just off the beaten track about 30 meters from the path in the shade under the trees right upon the lake, slightly secluded but you could still see the odd person from afar through the trees walking by.

We set up and had our lunch talking about all sorts of things. Aunt Karen and Justine talked about how their single lives were going. Karen and Justine had a little wine too which made the talk flow well too. It was a warm afternoon and i was wearing knee length denim shorts and a denim shirt, i looked cool but, hd abla too warm.

I went for a cool down in the lake. I stripped off to my underpants and had a swim. I never paid much attention but every so often i would hear them giggling. I could hear Justine saying “Wow, really, oh my god!”.

I got out of the water and walked back up to our blankets on the ground. By now some more wine had been drank and a they were very relaxed. Aunt Karen had shorts on and a t-shirt, but she had taken the t-shirt off.

I was looking at Karen and her large 36 dd boobs in her bra and i knew i would be sucking them tonight when we got home. I was putting my shorts back on when Justine looked at me and said to Aunt Karen “Wow Karen! I see what you mean, there is a good sized package in Lee’s underpants! You lucky thing!”.

Karen replied to Justine and looked at me and said “It’s OK Lee, i have told Justine about you and i seeing each other. She is cool with it and will not say a word to anyone. I mean she was a little shocked because we are Aunt and Nephew but understands we are attracted to each other and thinks it is sweet that we make love, in a naughty kind of way”

I said it was OK as long as it stayed between just the three of us.

We got settled down and were just laying on the blankets talking, listening to the music. By now Aunt Karen and myself were laying next to each other, now and again we would share a kiss. Justine kept rolling her eyes at this!

One of our kisses got a lot more passionate and i could see Justine just watching us, she never said anything for a good few minutes. I guess she was getting turned on she said “Hey you two, if you are going to get horny can i watch? It’s turning me on”

“It’s OK with me, it will be sexy if she watches us Lee. It’s up to you honey” Karen said as she was putting her hand in my shorts.

I looked at Aunt Karen beneath me as she played with my cock, i looked at Justine watching her do it and agreed “Yeah, i am fine with that. You can watch, i like the idea of it!”

Karen and i continued to kiss and feel each other, my cock was rock hard in my shorts. Karen got up, unhooked her bra to show off her beautiful breasts, took off her shorts and knickers and said “I want you so much Lee. I have wanted that big cock of yours all day. Get your cock out, let Justine look hentai porno at it”.

I couldn’t wait. I took off my shorts and underpants. Karen and i where standing there naked in front of Justine.

We began to kiss again my arms around her, she had one arm around me and the other was below as she was stroking my cock. Justine came closer to us on the same blanket and sat there watching. She lifted up her maxi dress to show she had no knickers on, she started to rub her vagina. She then pulled down the top of her dress and unhooked her strapless bra and knelt beside us as she touched herself.

She was looking at my cock and said to Aunt Karen “You two are so into each other, Lee your dick is fucking big! Karen you have a hot body. Can i join in? I’ve never had a threesome before”.

We both just looked and we just held out our hands. Justine stood up, took off her dress and started to kiss and touch our bodies. I kissed Karen then i kissed Justine. Then Karen and Justine giggled and kissed each other, that was so exciting to see. We naturally all got on the floor and Karen lay on her back opened her legs and said “Lee, let Justine see how you fuck your Auntie Karen”.

I got on top of her and she eased my cock inside her and wrapped her legs around me. I started to buck her hard and fast. Justine started to suck Karen’s tits laying next to us fingering her own vagina.

Aunt Karen was moaning with pleasure saying “Oh my god, this is so good. Its fucking hot, my nephew’s big cock giving me a good seeing to and my best friend is sucking my tits”

“I want a good fucking too Karen, let Lee fuck me, i have never had a dick that big in me before” Justine giggled.

I pulled out of Aunt Karen and told her to sit against the tree and let Justine lick her clitoris as i gave it to Justine doggy style, we quickly got into position.

Justine was licking Karen as i started to enter from behind. Justine had to stop, she gave out a moan and purred “Oh wow i love that dick in my fanny, i love the thought of that big young cock bucking me”.

Justine began to lick Karen’s vagina again as i bucked Justine hard. Karen was looking at me, smiling and encouraging me to keep going saying

“Keep going honey, buck Justine hard, buck her like you do to me. You are our stud today, make the most of it!”.

They then kızıl porno got next to each other, kneeling in front of me and both suck sucked their fanny juices off my cock, looking at each other giggling. They both said “This is so hot and fucking naughty, who is going to get Lee’s spunk!”.

They both enjoyed riding me cowgirl, Aunt Karen had a big orgasm, this turned on Justine more and she begged Aunt Karen “Please let Lee fuck me missionary, like when he ejaculates inside you Karen. Like how you told me. I know he is special to you but it’s been a long time since i felt a cock explode inside me”.

Karen agreed and said “OK Justine but he has a lot of spunk!”

I got on top of Justine and i mounted my cock inside her and started to fuck her hard, after all she wanted it. Her legs were wide apart in the air. I was loving it! Karen was watching and encouraging me, saying “Good honey. Give Justine what you give your Auntie Karen. You can ejaculate inside her, like you do with me i don’t mind”.

Justine and i got closer in our hold. Her legs and arms wrapped around me. I was holding my arms around her too.

“I am going to spunk right inside you soon Justine, do you want my spunk in you?” I asked.

“Tell him what you want Justine, you naughty kinky bitch. Fucking my nephew! Look at your big tits bouncing! Do you want to be his Auntie too? Getting a naughty taboo fuck” Karen joined in.

Justine was getting more horny with this dirty talked and started moaning more, her hands on my buttocks forcing me in harder “Oh my god i am going to cum! I love this dirty talk, breed with me Lee, give me a baby!” she begged.

I found this hot, and i started to cum inside her.

For a good 10 minutes after we had finished we all lay on the blanket getting our breath back, gently caressing one another. I was tired, but we agreed to do this again sometime at Justine’s flat in a couple of days.

Karen drove home and i sat in the back seat with Justine. When we arrived at Justine’s home she wanked my cock and sucked me off until i came into her mouth, she leaned over to the front seat and kissed Aunt Karen full on the lips and passed my spunk into her mouth, Aunt Karen swallowed it.

“See you two here in a few days, we can make a whole night of it, our special sleepover! I love the dirty talk about making babies, you can breed with me again Lee. Karen i want to see Lee cum inside you too!” Justine told us.

Karen and i drove back home.

We had a bath together when we got back home, got dried and off and slept together, we could as our family was on vacation. It felt like we were turning into a couple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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