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Hi, and thank you for choosing my story. I hope you will enjoy it.

If you do, please be kind enough to give a score at the end. This helps me to gauge the popularity of my work. If I may, I usually suggest one star each for:

Composition & Use of Vocabulary, Readability, Plot, Drama or Humour, and of course Sexual Content (or why else are we all here?), but please feel free to use your own criteria if you prefer.

Also, if you would like to know a little about my personal background, please read my Brief History.


Tags: Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Sex, Female Masturbation.


Words: 6,210


Please consider the preamble for Part 1 as an integral part of this episode. Also, as with most of my work, there is a lot of background and character building in the early stages. For this reason, some aspects of this part will be better understood by reading episodes in sequence.

This chapter sees Julie away on holiday, while there are others who would use this as an opportunity to take advantage of the cutest little player at the club.


Title: Game Set & Match – Part 4: Taking a Chance.

Beep-Beep — Beep-Beep – Julie’s phone buzzed. The soft blue glow from the screen, cut into the darkness and threw up a massive shadow from the underside of the wide continental lampshade, against the pale light on the ceiling. It wasn’t really that late, but Julie had had good reason to want an early night.

She rolled over and picked up the phone from the bedside table. It was a text from Katie. She loved little Katie and she always felt her spirits lifted when she heard from her.

She couldn’t help but smile as she opened the message.

It read: Hi Julie. Hope you’re having fun on your holiday?

Julie had always loved the warmth of the Mediterranean, and she took holidays there whenever she could. She loved the beautiful architecture of the churches and other historical buildings in the towns, and there were always so many interesting places to visit. But most of all Julie loved the friendliness of the Spanish people, and she never failed to make a new friend each time she visited.

She tapped in her reply: Hello sweetie. Yes thanks. Enjoying it very much so far. How are you?

It had been a while since Julie had begun coaching her young tutee. Katie’s old partner Lynne was back from her holiday, and now it was Julie’s turn for her summer break. Katie hadn’t been too happy about being left behind, but Julie’s trip had been booked months ago, and she simply couldn’t cancel, and there had been no places left to take Katie along with her. Anyway, it was only going to be for two weeks.

Katie had been making good progress with Julie’s guidance, but it would be fair to say that they had been spending more time together in the bedroom than on court.

It was Wednesday evening; only four days since Julie had left for Malaga, and Katie had sent texts most days, but this one was a surprise, and it plunged Julie deep into an unexpectedly lengthy exchange.

Katie: I’m missing you (pout) 🙁

Julie: Awww… I’ve missed you too sweetie. How was the tennis practice today?

Katie: Not much better I’m afraid. I think I’m in need of your loving touch with my service.

Julie: Is that all? LOL 🙂

Katie: Not really (blush) 😉

There was hardly a pause and Julie was beginning to type her reply when another message came through.

Katie: Julie. I have a dilemma.

Julie: Oh? Sounds ominous – LOL 😉 What sort of dilemma?

Katie: I was at the club today. I was practicing my service…

Julie: And…?

Katie: Sarah offered to help me with a little coaching.

Julie: And…?

Katie: I didn’t know what to tell her. You said you didn’t want me to play with anyone else until you thought I was ready.

Julie: Depends on how you were thinking of ‘playing’ with her. LOL 😉

Katie: Please don’t make fun. I didn’t want to betray you. You’ve done so much for me.

Julie: That’s sweet, and very sensible, but if you’re only practicing your serve, I don’t see any harm. Was Lynne there?

Katie: No. She only goes to the club on Saturdays. She doesn’t talk to me much nowadays anyway.

Julie: Good. It shouldn’t be an issue then, should it?

Katie: I’m not sure. I think Sarah may have been making a pass at me.

Julie: What makes you think that my love?

Katie: She seemed … Let’s just say ‘very’ friendly!

Julie: Hmmm… No surprises there sweetie. I know she fancies you. She as good as told me so.

Katie: Really? What did she say?

Julie: Just that she could think of a few things she’d like to teach you. I know she was teasing, but I’m pretty sure deep down she meant it.

Katie: Oh.

There was a long pause.

Julie: You still there?

Katie: Yes. I was thinking.

Julie: About Sarah?

Katie: Like I said, I don’t want to betray you. liseli porno

Julie: … but you do like her, don’t you?

Katie: I don’t want to upset you Julie. I don’t know what I should do.

Julie: Look my love. You and I have a beautiful relationship, but just because we ‘got together’ a few times, that doesn’t mean we have to be exclusive.

There was another long pause.

Julie: Are you OK sweetie?

The sound of a sigh and a soft, low moan disturbed the silence in the darkness. Julie felt an arm slide around her waist and the touch of moist lips and warm breath on her bare back.

“What is it?” a soft, dusky sounding voice whispered.

“Just a girlfriend having a romantic problem.”

“Not like you my beautiful lover,” the voice purred. “You have no romantic problem,” she giggled, snuggling in close.

Warm kisses wandered all over her bare back as loving arms enfolded her from behind.

The messages continued.

Katie: I thought you loved me 🙁

Julie: I do sweetie, but I’m not going to ask you to ‘forsake all others unto me’ just yet, just as I wouldn’t want to have to turn an opportunity away myself.

Julie smiled, casting an excited glance back over her shoulder at the beautiful tanned maiden who was even now reaching down to caress her hip and bare tummy. The girl smiled, and stretched herself up to kiss the sweet, full lips of the young English prize sharing her bed.

Katie: Oh. I thought we were an item 🙁

Julie: Katie my love, you’re a beautiful, sensual young woman, and when we’re both ready to settle down I would consider it a privilege to be able to spend the rest of my life with someone like you. Hopefully it will be you, and I’d like to think you feel the same way too.

Katie: Why do I get the feeling there’s a big ‘but’ coming along soon?

Julie: Katie, darling, we both have a lot more growing to do – a lot more experience to gain. We can stay together and still have fun with others while that happens, can’t we?

There was another long pause.

Julie: It’s gone quiet again baby.

The auburn haired beauty moaned softly as the fingers of one slender hand began to knead her firm, full breast, then she gasped as the other reached down to where, once upon a time, her pubic muff had been, while soft, moist kisses teased her freckled shoulder. She giggled happily, then moaned more loudly from the exquisite torment that caused her to raise one knee.

Katie: I thought you would care 🙁

Julie: Oh, my silly, beautiful, sweet little love. Of course I care, but if we should end up sharing our lives together, I want it to be forever. We can neither of us be sure of that if we don’t have the experience we need with others, can we?

It was a good thing the girl whose bed she was sharing couldn’t read English. “Com back to me,” the sultry voice whispered. “I waan you to fook me a-nother time.”

Katie: 🙂

Julie: How do you feel about Sarah? Do you like her?

“Won’t be long baby,” Julie said quietly, turning onto her back and fluffing up the pillow as she stretched out and relaxed into her young lover’s arms.

Katie: I suppose she ‘is’ quite sexy.

Julie: You see! Of course she is, and I know she wants you 🙂

Julie parted her thighs and closed her eyes as she felt the girl’s inquisitive fingers exploring her.

Katie: Would you really not mind?

Julie: Of course not. I’d like to know that if you want to have some fun with someone, you can feel free enough to just do it.

She resisted the temptation to add, ‘… just as I am doing right now,’ as she put her arm around the girl’s neck and felt warm, moist lips begin to suckle on one very stiff nipple, while teasing fingers from the arm reaching around behind her back, played with the other.

Julie: Besides, she may even teach you something that I would enjoy – he he 😀

Katie: You’re not trying to share me, are you? It sounds like you’re passing me on 🙁

Julie: Of course not. How could you even think a thing like that.

Julie: After all, it was you who asked me, wasn’t it?

Katie: I suppose. I thought you’d want to stop it :-S

Julie: Katie my love. You should only do what YOU want to do. Not what you think others expect of you. I just want you to be happy and comfortable with everything.

Julie patiently endured the kissing and nibbling and probing of her new bedmate for almost five minutes but there was no answer from Katie.

Julie: I love you Katie, but I can’t tell ‘you’ who to love. You need to be free to make up your own mind.

Katie: Do you really mean that?

Julie: Baby, I would love to have you all to myself, and if that ever happens I would hope that it could last forever – but if you don’t have a little wild fun now, I could never be sure that you wouldn’t have second thoughts and want to go off with someone else later.

Katie: Well, if you’re really, really sure.

“Oh God Yes! I am so sure,” Julie mobil porno cried out as she felt the fingers reaching inside her.

Julie: I am sure baby, and I know you won’t come to any harm with Sarah, but just be careful… Be a bit wary.

Katie: Of what?

Julie: Daphne sweetie. I don’t want you taken advantage of. Be sure that what you get is what you really want 🙂

Julie pushed her head back into the pillow as she parted her legs wider, moaning in delight.

Katie: What do you mean?

Julie: Daphne and Sarah tend to work together sweetie.

Katie: Work? How do you mean, work?

Julie gasped and wriggled herself as the probing fingers excited her.

Julie: How can I put this – They like ‘group activities’ sweetie. When one has a girl to play with, the other one is usually not very far away.

Katie: Ohhh.

Julie: Do you remember our first time together, and what happened with Lynne that same day?

Katie: Yes. I think so.

Julie: Would that bother you?

Katie: I’m not sure. Maybe.

Julie: Well, just keep in mind that if you give in to one, you could easily end up with them both. If you decide to go with Sarah, just go in with your eyes open 🙂

Katie: Are you sure that wouldn’t upset you?

Julie reached down with one hand and stroked the back of the head that was now nestled lovingly between her thighs.

Julie: Of course not my darling. In fact, I’m already getting quite wet just thinking about you with her – or should I say, them. You never know, all four of us may even be able to have some fun together when I get back. Maybe even get Lynne involved too? – LOL 😛

Katie: Oh. I’m not too sure about that :-S

Julie: Just keep an open mind sweetie. You’d probably enjoy it if you were to let it happen 🙂

‘I know I would,’ she thought. Julie began wondering what it might be like to bed Lynne; what she might taste like, as her legs parted wider and the girl’s tongue began to lap at her soft shaven mound, the tip of the eager tongue tracing the full length of her sweet wet slit, and flicking against her stiff, wet clitty.

Katie: Do you think I should?

Julie: Only if you ‘want’ to baby. It has to be what ‘you’ want, but don’t worry about me. I won’t mind. I’d be happy for you 🙂

Katie: I’m already starting to feel nervous.

“I’m feeling something quite different,” Julie moaned, as her fingertips played with her bare nipples and the girl’s tongue began to reach into her.

“Hmmm?” the girl’s voice came back from below the covers.

“You carry on baby,” Julie told her, stroking her head lovingly. “You’re doing beautifully.”

Julie: Don’t be. Sarah is very experienced, but she’s very gentle too.

Katie: I can’t wait for you to get home.

Julie: Neither can I now LOL 😉

‘Liar!’ she thought to herself, as the feelings associated with the slurping sounds from down below, drove her to distraction.

Julie: Would you like me to set it up for you?

Katie: No! OMG NO! I could never show my face there again if she knew I’d asked you about it.

Julie: OK. In that case, just tell her that you asked me and I said I didn’t mind if she coached you for a while. Ask her to help you with your service.

Katie: That was always my favourite when you started coaching me (he he) 🙂

Julie: I can hardly wait to hear all about it.

‘But right now…’ she thought. “Ooohh… Oh My God! Baby, that is so GOOD!” Julie cried out. The girl didn’t even look up, and Julie was torn between continuing texting and squeezing her own tits, her hips beginning to buck involuntarily.

Katie: I still wish it was you.

Julie: You’re so sweet 🙂 I’ll be home in about ten days, then maybe we can all practice together – LOL 😛

Katie: I can hardly wait.

“Ooohh… Ooohh… Ooohh… Oh God. Oh God. Oh please God. Yes! Yes!”

Julie: OK baby. Look, I have to run. Let me know how you get on, and whatever you do, don’t let it worry you. Just know that I’m happy for you to do whatever makes you feel good – I won’t mind.

“Oh God. Oh God. Ooohh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Goooo…” her voice faded away. Her legs twitched and she shuddered as her under-the-covers partner gave her everything she had been hoping for, and more.

Katie: Thank you Julie. I’m so glad I found you.

Julie: So am I sweetie. So am I. Goodnight my love 🙂

“Now. Where were we?” Julie purred softly, a wicked smile on her face as she gripped the girl’s head and dragged her up to taste her own flavour from the dusky maiden’s lips.

The phone beeped one last time as their arms wrapped around each other, and their tongues entwined. Julie assumed it was Katie’s ‘Goodnight’ reply. Two fingertips found the smooth, freshly shaven mound around the dark vulva, and as they slid gently up and down the moist slit, spreading the labia, her young Spanish lover rolled onto her back and opened up to accept her.

She slid a hand beneath the lower öğrenci porno back which arched to accommodate the arm as it gathered the girl up, and she let out a moan as Julie leaned over and the lips closed over one dark, salty tasting nipple. Her fingers began to search inside, enclosed within the warm wetness of the willing young body, which squeezed them in response to the probing.

“Don you waan to answer?” came the dark purring voice, half whispered, half moaning, with an inherent gasping quality.

“I’d much rather fuck you,” Julie replied, reaching deep inside the girl. Her tongue flicked quickly back and forth across the stiff bobble of the nipple in her mouth, and her thumb rubbed the extended clitoris repeatedly as she frigged the girl, making her cry out uncontrollably.

She raised herself and looked down at the naked beauty in the pale, half light, the rays from the moonlight streaking across the dark tanned flesh as the open curtains threw patterns of shadow and golden light on the firm, ripe young body spread out before her.

She removed her fingers and raised them to her lips, first inhaling then tasting, and finally offering the sticky morsels to her prone lover. The girl sucked on them obediently, then again and again as Julie repeatedly wetted them and fed her more of her own sweet honey.

“Do for me,” the girl moaned in the semi-darkness.

Julie smiled at her, moving to kneel between her feet. “What would you like me to do for you baby?” Julie asked her, teasing.

“You know this,” the girl replied, in her broken English.

She gripped her own breasts as Julie leaned forward to kiss her knees, then holding the girl’s shins she pushed the thighs wide apart.

“You are such a beautiful lady Contessa,” Julie sighed. She kissed one knee again, her lips progressing slowly upward, making her dusky partner squirm as the kisses moved closer and closer to the glistening mound that now oozed such liberal quantities of sweet, sticky nectar.

“Don make me wait baby,” Contessa groaned.

“If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for,” Julie teased, kissing and lapping ever closer, but taking so very long to reach the spot. Then just as Contessa could sense that her wicked lover was about to make contact, Julie moved away, beginning again from the other knee.

“Oh no! Pleece don do this thing to me,” Contessa almost cried.

“OK, my love. I’ll give you what you want, but I’m going to have to numb you.”

“What is this numb thing you say?” the girl asked.

“I’ll show you baby.”

Julie kissed the inside of Contessa’s knee, then planted a tiny bite on the soft, tanned flesh, producing a high pitched “Uhh” sound from her plaything.

“You like that?” Julie asked.

“Oh baby, you know how to make hot for me,” she moaned.

“Try this,” Julie smiled, looking up.

She kissed the thigh a little higher, then bit her gently, then again a little higher, then bit her again, then higher more quickly this time. Contessa gasped, squeezing her breasts and pinching the nipples in wild excitement.

Julie’s lips moved back to the knee, and proceeded to run a series of tiny bites up the inside of the thigh again, but slightly faster this time.

“Oh no! What is this thing you do to me?” she cried out, instinctively trying to close her legs.

“Don’t be a naughty girl now,” Julie warned her. “If you don keep open you don get you prize,” she mocked.

“Ooohh… you terrible lady,” Contessa complained, groaning, but she opened up again with an eager smile, her eyes wide in anticipation.

Each time Julie returned to kiss the knee, the bites ran up the thigh a little higher and a little faster, until poor Contessa was almost screaming.

“Pleece baby, Pleece,” she cried. “Give to me now.”

At last Julie ran the line of bites very quickly, right up to the very top of Contessa’s thigh, and the dusky maiden pushed down with her feet, thrusting her crotch up and to one side, to meet the tormenting lips.

Julie’s tongue was ready and it thrust into her, lapping urgently as she began making “numb, numb, numb,” noises. Contessa laughed aloud, but despite her amusement she couldn’t restrain herself any longer. She pushed her crotch up to meet her wicked English lover’s mouth and cried out as the tongue plunged deep inside her again and again.

Julie lifted her naked lover and wrapped her arms around the slender waist from beneath. The girl’s pert little bottom was resting just below her shoulders, and the legs spread wide to either side of her head, knees bending and feet kicking gently in the air as Julie’s mouth closed tightly down over the sweet, moist mound, continuing to devour the girl’s tangy juices.

Within less than a minute Contessa was lurching and crying out as her body heaved and shuddered, and both hands reached down to hold Julie’s head as she humped against her delighted lover’s mouth.

“Oh baby,” Contessa purred as she relaxed a few minutes later. “You do me soooo gooood.”

“That ‘was’ the general idea,” Julie smiled, still lapping all around the beautiful girl’s pussy and thighs as her eyes closed.

She lowered her spent lover to the bed, and climbed up to support herself above the girl, dipping her tongue into Contessa’s mouth, and the lovely Spanish girl sucked on it sleepily.

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