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Thanks for the positive comments on my first effort. With that encouragement, I’m back for more. While not absolutely necessary, this story picks up on Beach Beer Run and it might be helpful to read it first… or not. Now for the disclaimer… all characters in this story are over the age of 18. Any resemblance to any person may or may not be coincidental. You didn’t come here to read my ramblings, so with that in mind following is my humble effort at erotic fiction for your enjoyment.


After Rona and Erin left my house, I was still buzzing. Sleep was elusive given my mind replaying over and over the events from earlier that night. Finally, sometime after 2:00 am I crashed hard.

I don’t typically remember my dreams. I would like to tell you that I dreamed about further exploits with Rona and Erin, but that dream, if it happened, remained buried somewhere in my brain cells.

In the early morning hours, I was dreaming of a knocking sound. As I slowly started to arouse from my deep slumber, I was cussing the woodpecker pounding on the siding of my house. The banging continued. I then realized it wasn’t a woodpecker, but someone knocking at my door. The clock said 6:40. “On a Saturday… what the hell,” I said out loud.

Wearing my typical sleeping outfit of nothing, I opened the door slightly and peered through the crack in the door. There stood Rona who had left my house only a few hours earlier.

“Good morning,” I croaked with my still sleepy voice. “What are you doing here so early? Did you forget something last night?”

“Bud, it is all your fault,” she said as she stared me down.

“Wha… what is my fault? I didn’t touch you and I sure didn’t tell anyone about what happened.”

Rona shook her head. “Nothing like that. It’s just that after watching you playing in the shower I couldn’t sleep. That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I’ve been replaying that in my mind all night. As a matter of fact, I wish I could have taken a video of you to watch it over and over.”

“Are you going to leave me standing on your porch all day?” she said.

“Hold on a minute. Let me get dressed.”

Rona shook her head again, “I watched you strip and masturbate in the shower while I was topless. And NOW you’re worried about being modest?”

Realizing how silly I was, I opened the door and moved aside to allow her to enter. As she did, she took a good long look at my cock. I had a mild case of morning wood and she seemed to be enjoying the view.

“Sooooo, what about the beach trip,” I inquired. “Are you still going?”

“Of course, we are silly. You know Erin had been drinking before she came here last night. Well, she didn’t stop when she left your house. I’m going to let her hungover ass sleep for a couple more hours and then kick her out of bed, go feed Tonya’s dog and head for the sun, sand and cold beer.”

“I guess that leaves you time for breakfast and to pack,” I noted. In my still semi-awake state, I had stopped thinking about me being naked with a fully clothed woman. “Want some coffee?”

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you,” she said. “About last night… “

“OK, what about last night?”

Rona thought and then spoke, orhangazi escort “I’ve got to level with you. What you did last night totally turned me on. I got Erin safely home and headed home. On the way home, I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other rubbing myself through my clothes. It was all I could do to focus on driving.”

She continued, “When I got home, I left a trail of clothes between the door and the recliner. I plopped down in the recliner, hung my legs over both arms of the chair and pinched my nipples with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. I came twice in record time before I stopped to catch my breath. And then, I came again.”

My cock was stirring and getting longer and harder by the second.

Rona continued, “And despite that, I’m still horny as hell.”

She smiled, “And it’s all your fault and you have to fix that.”

At that point, I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. I stammered, “What do you want me to do to fix that?”

Rona explained, “Look, we’re both married, so I’m not going to fuck you. But I do want to watch you masturbate again.”

She continued, “And this time I’m going to do more than just watch.”

Words were having a have time escaping my mouth, “So what are you saying?” I can be pretty dense given the opportunity.

She shook her head, “Geez, do I have to spell it out? I want to watch you masturbate and play with myself while I watch you. Yes, I want to get naked and watch you and moan and cum and hopefully cum several times. I want to see you shoot cum like you did last night.”

I needed no further encouragement. My cock was standing tall and proud.

Rona looked at me questioningly, “Well???”

Wide awake now, I smiled and said, “I think I can live with that.”

Rona wasted no time unbuttoning her shirt. Seeing an opportunity, I asked, “Hey, any chance I could do that?”

Rona stopped and pondered. Her breaths came more quickly. “I, uh, I… it would be so hot for you to undress me, but I’m not sure about you touching me… you know what I mean. Remember we said we would only watch each other.”

Without another word, she stepped close to me. I finished unbuttoning her shirt to find the same pale blue bra she was wearing last night. Also, just like last night her small nipples were clearly hard under the thin cups of her bra.

I slipped the shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I lightly touched her shoulder and steered her around so her back was now facing me. I unhooked her bra and slowly slid it off her shoulders. The cups slipped downward and her full breasts came into view.

“Mmmmm, you have nice tits,” I said. “And perfect nipples.”

I turned her back around, never taking my eyes off her tits. I reached down to her shorts, unbuttoned them and slowly slid the zipper down. Glancing downward, I noted her pale blue panties matched her bra. Holding a belt loop on each side, I slowly slid her shorts down over her cheeks, her hips and then to the floor. She stepped out of her shorts and was left with only the blue panties.

Like most guys, I have a preference in terms of a woman’s private grooming. My personal preference nilüfer escort is completely shaved with trimmed a second choice. At this point, I didn’t care which but was excited to get to see Rona’s pussy.

Rona shifted her weight and stumbled slightly. I reached to hold her to allow her to catch her balance. As I did, my hand brushed her left nipple. She gasped noticeably. “Sorry,” I said. As much as I would like to touch your tits, that was not intentional.”

Rona took a deep breath. “It’s ok. I’m so excited I might cum by touching my nipples alone.”

I hooked two fingers into the waistband of Rona’s panties and started to slip them down. As I did, I saw very close cropped brown hair. As I got to the top of her slit, there was no more hair. Rona’s wet lips were totally uncovered.

She stepped out of her panties. I stepped back to admire the view. “Oh my God, I love your trim and shave. That is sooo hot.” I continued, “Do you really think you could cum by touching your nipples only?”

“I’ve never done that, but right now I might be able to if you touch them.”

I looked up quickly. “Did you mean… “

Breathlessly, she said, “Yes, please touch my nipples. I’m not ready for you to touch my pussy, but please touch my nipples.”

So much for our ground rules. Needing no further encouragement, I touched both nipples very lightly with the palm of my hands. Rona gasped and began to breathe more quickly. “Oh my God, that feels sooooo good. Please rub them.”

I teased her nipples by lightly rubbing both with the tip of my index fingers. She moaned and pushed her tits against my fingers. I circled her nipples with my fingers and then slowly ran my fingers along the underside of her nipples to the tip. Rona grabbed my shoulders to keep her balance. I then took each nipple between my thumb and index finger and gently pinched and pulled each. Rona moaned louder and tensed. “Pinch them harder… PLEASE!” Not wanting to disappoint the lady, I did exactly as she said.

Rona moaned louder. “I told you I was so horny. My nipples are so sensitive. I want you to lick and suck them.”

The rules were changing again but who was I to argue? I moved her to the couch and eased her down. Kneeling in front of her, I lightly kissed the tip of her right nipple while rubbing the left. Rona continued to moan. “Oh my God, that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

I flicked the tip of her nipple with my tongue. I felt her body getting tense. “Suck my titties. My pussy is on fire and you haven’t even touched it.”

I pulled as much of her right tit into my mouth as it would hold and sucked it while quickly licking her nipple. Rona responded by clinching her legs together and pushing her tit into my mouth. My left hand was squeezing her left tit. Rona moaned approvingly.

“I’m so close. I want to cum. Make me cum please.” She spread her legs wide. “Rub my clit. Please rub my clit.”

I reached my left hand between her legs. Her pussy was soaked. I slipped two fingers inside her. Rona tensed and sat up tall. “Suck my tit. I’m so close. Please touch my clit.”

Sliding my fingers out of her wet vagina, I massaged the tip of her clit with my bursa türbanlı escort finger. Rona moaned and said, “Ohhhhh… Ohhhhhh… Ohhhhh… Rub my clit… Make me cum now.”

With that her body tensed and she let out her loudest moan yet. After a few seconds, she relaxed and fell back into the chair. “Mmmmm, wake me up in an hour or two.”

“Didn’t you offer me coffee earlier?” With that we walked naked into the kitchen and fixed a cup of coffee.

“I guess it goes without saying how much I enjoyed that,” Rona smiled. “But you know that’s not what we had planned to do. I want to watch you stroke your hard cock again and I want you to watch me play with my pussy.”

I took her coffee mug and put it on the counter. I then put my hands under her arms and helped lift her up to sit on the table. I gently pushed her knees apart. Her hairless lips opened and her clit peeked out. She was still very wet.

“I want to stand in front of you so you can see my cock up close,” I said. “And I want to be close to watch you play with your smooth lips and hard clit.”

Rona’s breathing quickened. “Rub that hard cock. I want to see it up close. I want to cum with you.”

Looking at my cock, she slid a finger inside her hot, wet lips. She exhaled long and slow. “Oh, that feels so good.”

I then began to tease the head of my cock with my fingertip. My cock tingled as I did. Rona’s reply was a simple, “Mmmmm.” With that simple encouragement, I began to do long slow strokes down the length of my shaft. Rona touched her clit and moaned. “Oh baby, this won’t take long for me. Please rub that cock.”

Rona began to rub her clit harder and faster. Her moans grew louder and more frequent. I responded in kind and began to stroke my cock faster and faster. Rona moaned, “Ohhhhh, I’m so close. Cum with me. Shoot your hot cum on me.”

Rona’s breaths became shorter and faster as her body tensed. “I’m about to cum. Shoot your cum on me.”

She moaned loudly as her body shook. No longer able to hold it, I shot cum on her stomach and trimmed pussy hair. The second shot coated her right thigh as Rona fell back on the table. I sat back in a chair and neither of us moved for the next couple of minutes. Rona eased herself up and stood up on shaky legs. She knelt down and said, “If Erin got a taste, then I want one.” She held my softening cock and leaned over to kiss the tip. I shuddered as she kissed the head and then lightly sucked it.” She stopped, looked at me and said, “Erin was right… it does taste good.”

She looked up and saw the clock. “Is it really that late? I’ve got to go if I’m going to get to the beach.”

“Hey, no fair,” I protested mildly. “I didn’t get to taste you.”

Rona smiled, “I really would like that, but if I let you taste me, I won’t let you stop. I’d let you eat me until your jaws hurt.” She smiled again, “No promises, but maybe a rain check some day.”

I wet a wash cloth and began to wipe the cum off her stomach, thigh and pussy. “You’d better stop because I really need to go. And if you don’t stop we may be here all day,” she said.

She toweled off and got dressed. Putting her sunglasses on her head, she walked over and kissed me on the cheek. “I didn’t think it would be any hotter than watching you last night, but that was awesome. Thank you for fulfilling a fantasy of mine.”

As she walked out the door and to her car, I sat there dumbfounded. I still couldn’t believe all of this had happened. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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