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A few days have passed since I did my last shoot. I made a business decision and did a video based on the number one requested plot line from the membership of my pay-per-view porn site. It was for me to fuck a black guy. Jimmy, my husband, found a real stud of a guy named Troy who was an ex athlete. Troy was a great guy and we made a fabulous video. It increased membership at a record pace and I used it to kick off our new Gold Level VIP Area on the website. Troy had a monster cock and even though a few days had past I was still sore. I had also started my period so I was out of commission for awhile.

Even before doing the shoot I was worried about Steve and his reaction. He had told me he was OK with it but my female intuition still had me concerned. I was conflicted over my feelings for Steve. He was 21 and I was 26. I had hired him to make porn movies, with me and other women, but up to now I was the only one he had fucked on camera. We also did it quite often in private. My heart ached at the thought of losing him. Maybe I had fallen for him, I wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t sure how he felt. I know he cared for me, he had told me so, but was I a permanent candidate? He would be graduating from college soon and would be making choices on where to take the rest of his life. I guess I needed to find out if he would be satisfied with just me.

I called Jimmy into my office and told him I wanted him to find someone new for a quick shoot I wanted to do. This time I wanted a female. Someone young, maybe a freshman or sophomore from the college. I wanted someone small, and cute. A fresh face not a dirty girl. I told him I only had a day or so I could give him, I wanted to shoot in 2 days. He said he might already have someone targeted and would make contact and see if there was any interest. Jimmy was a lousy husband but he was good at finding talent. I also knew that soon I would have to fulfill my agreement with him to let him fuck me in a video the membership had requested.

The next day Jimmy called me and said he was sending someone over. It was late morning and soon there was a knock at my office door. Carla my assistant opened it and let a young lady in. She introduced herself as Julie and said that Jimmy had sent her. I offered her a chair and looked her over. She was petite, about 5′ 1″ and probably weighed no more then 90 lbs. She had shoulder length blond hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She had light green eyes and an innocent fresh face. Her body seemed very fit. From what I could tell she was maybe between an A and a B cup. A cheerleader type. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts with sandals. A typical college look.

I said, “Hi Julie my name is Kat. So Jimmy sent you? Did he explain anything about what we do here and what I am looking for?”

“Yes he did”, she said, “I know exactly what you do. You make movies here of people having sex and I want to do it.”

“I see”, I said. “How old are you Julie? I must admit you look very young.”

“I’m 18 and I’m a freshman over at the college.”

“Tell me why a cute little 18 yr old college freshman would want to shoot a porn video while being fucked by a strange guy?” I said pointedly

She proceeded to tell me her story. When she was in High School her parents wouldn’t let her date until her junior year. She found a boyfriend and they dated for the rest of High School. She resisted having sex with him and promised him once they went off to college together she would give herself to him. After graduation he broke up with her and ended up going off to a different school. Now that she was in college here and whenever she went out on a date and the guy found out she was a virgin there was never a second date. It’s not that she wouldn’t have sex with them, it seemed that she couldn’t find anyone willing to take the responsibility for doing it with her the first time. College boys all wanted experienced girls and lots of variety. She figured this was a chance to do it with an experienced stranger and get it over with. This situation of hers was making her depressed and she wanted to move on from it.

As I listened to her story my heart kind of went out to her. Guys could be such idiots sometimes. I wondered if she and I could help each other. I was looking for a test for Steve and she needed someone to be gentle and caring and deflower her. I know Steve could do those things but would he? He also had a very large cock, and I wasn’t sure she could take it especially if it was her first time.

I said, “Julie, many people think they could be in a porn film. Of course it is easier for girls, we don’t have to get a an erection. There are a couple of things I ask everyone I am considering using to do before I hire them. I like you Julie and I think we can help each other. Just one moment I need to call someone.”

I had installed an intercom system in the house and I called the kitchen where I thought Carla was. “Carla, is Steve here yet?”

She said yes he mecidiyeköy eskort was in the kitchen feeding his face. I smiled and asked her to send him to my office. He knocked and then entered and saw I had someone else in there.

I said, “Steve meet Julie, Julie this is Steve.”

They shook hands and smiled at each other. Julie’s cheeks flushed a little. Steve’s a real handsome hunk. I asked Steve to take a seat next to me behind my desk.

I said, “Julie, like I was saying alot of people think they could do what we do. But when the reality of the situation hits them and they are in front of a film crew and room full of people and it’s time to get naked they could freeze up. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I saw her swallow and say, “Yes.”

I said, “OK great, Julie would you please stand up for me and get undressed.”

Her eyes darted between me and Steve and she said, “You mean right here, right now?”

I said, “Yes, right here, right now. I have to know if you can do it.”

I think reality just set in for her, but she bravely stood up in front of us and removed her t-shirt and shorts. She had a white smooth cup bra on and matching white thong panties. She stood there like she was in the doctors office waiting for an exam.

“Sorry Julie lose the bra and panties too.” I said.

Her cheeks flushed again but she reached around and unclasped her bra and let it fall of her shoulders. She peeled her thong off and laid them both on the chair. I could see a slight tremble as she stood there in the nude in front of Steve and I. I was correct she was between an A and a B cup. Her nipples were perched high on her breasts and they had to be the puffiest ones I had ever seen. It looked like they were little mini breasts on top of breasts. Bee stung is how some guys describe ones like hers. She trimmed her bush leaving just a small patch of blond fuzz above her slit. I asked her to turn around and as she did I saw that her ass was perfect, high and tight. I reached across to Steve’s lap and found his stiffening cock. I smiled and gave it a little squeeze.

I said, “Thank you Julie you can get dressed now. Steve, hon go finish lunch I want to talk to Julie some more and I will be done soon.”

He got up and quickly adjusted his shorts. I think he might have been embarrassed from the obvious bulge in them. As he headed out the door he turned and said, “Nice to meet you Julie, good luck with her.” Julie said your welcome and I saw him smiling as he closed the door behind him.

“Julie there is one last thing. I want to show you a short video. It is a sample video we put together of some scenes Steve and I shot recently. We use it on the tour page of our site to entice people to join. This is a good example of what to expect you will be asked to do.”

I turned my computer monitor around for her to see. I brought up my media player and clicked on the file I was looking for. The sample started playing. The first scene was me and Steve on the den couch and I was giving him head. After about 7 seconds the scene changed to me on top of him riding his cock. Fritz had gotten a good close up of it going it and out of me. It then switched to him on top of me pounding his big cock in me as I came. The fourth and final scene of the 30 second video was him slowly pulling his cock out of me right after he shot his huge load. My pussy was still spasming and the cum was running out of me. When the video ended I closed the file and turned the screen back around. I looked at Julie. She had her legs crossed and was kicking her top leg back and forth at the knee. When I used to do that in grade school I was actually masturbating.

I asked her, “Well what did you think of that? Could you do something like that for all of our membership to see?”

She responded, “Kat that was the hottest thing I have every seen. You two looked great together. I could tell he was really into you. Would I be having sex with him?”

“That’s what I am considering.” I said.

“Please Kat, Please let me do it. I really want to do this. I have been dreaming about doing this. I won’t let you down.” she pleadingly said.

“OK Julie, be here tomorrow morning at 10 and get ready for one of the milestones in every girls lives.” I said.

As I came around the desk she hugged me, thanking me over and over. I decided to walk her to the front door myself. After she left I went into the kitchen where Steve and Carla still were. The lunch stuff was still out on the counter so I made myself a sandwich. I smiled at them and asked them how they liked Julie.

“She’s a cutie,” Carla said. “That will turn alot of guys in the membership on.”

“How are you thinking about using her?” Steve said.

“Well actually, I was thinking about a story line where she seduces a nice young unsuspecting guy, who has alot of experience and will be gentle with her.” I said smiling at him.

“And who would that be?” He asked smiling back escort bayan at me.

I walked up behind him and put my arms around him pressing my big jugs into his back and whispered into his ear, “I want you to do it, for me.” He turned his head to look at me with a puzzled look on his face. “Please Steve, I don’t trust anyone else with her. I need your help.” He told me one time he would do anything I asked him to do. I was getting the feeling he really didn’t want to, which made me feel good, but that he would do it if I asked.

“Are you sure?” He asked. I nodded. “OK when?”

“Tomorrow morning, Carla I have a simple script idea. Can you write something up today and call the crew and get them ready for tomorrow?” I asked.

She said no problem that everything would be ready. I spent the rest of the day and evening with Steve. I was trying to gauge his feelings about this but he was keeping his thoughts to himself. He knew I was on my period so there was no hanky panky. The script idea I gave Carla was for Julie to play my niece. An older sisters daughter who had come for a weekend visit. Steve would pop over and I would introduce them. I would go out to run some errands leaving them alone. She would take him in the guest room where she was staying and talk him into fucking her. He wouldn’t find out she was a virgin until he entered her. If all things went well this would be a hell of a video.

The new day dawned and I got up to get dressed for the shoot. I put a low cut v-neck t-shirt on that was on the tight side with no bra and a pair of jeans that fit my ass nicely. I went downstairs my big boobs undulating as I went. Everyone was in the kitchen where the shoot would start. We had a camera set up in there and one in the guest room. Carla was walking Julie and Steve throughout the scene changes and dialog. I had already seen the script and knew my lines. When Carla was done with them I took Julie aside.

“Julie, are you ready for this?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you so much Kat. Steve says he will be gentle with me and I trust him. Thank you so much for letting him be the one. I can tell how much each of you means to the other.” she said.

She was right. I knew he would be gentle, but I was worried about the size of his cock. Gentle or not if he was going to deflower her, his big cock was going to have to go into her small body. She was going to have to be very determined to let that happen to her because I knew it was going to hurt.

“Listen Julie, this shoot is part fantasy and part reality. Play the acting part as a fantasy. Like you were reading a story. I want to caution you though. When the sex starts that will be reality. You have told me you will go through with this, but if you are in pain I want you to say “stop”. We can take a break but the plan is to see it through.” I said. I wanted to give her the cold facts one more time. She nodded.

I went to Steve and hugged him to me. “Baby thank you for doing this for me. If you don’t want to I would understand and we can cancel this”

He smiled and squeezed me. “No, I know you need me to. I’ll do it, but I don’t know how many more times I can do it with someone besides you.”

That brought a little tear to my eye right when Carla asked for everyone to take their places. Steve and Julie went of camera on opposite sides. I went to the kitchen sink and pretended to be cleaning up. Carla called for quiet then said “Action”. Steve came into the kitchen and walked up behind me and put his arms around me and pressed his crotch to my backside.

I said, “Hey you, you’re early”, as I turned around. My nipples were rock hard and poking through my tight t-shirt. On cue Julie walked into the kitchen. She was dressed like yesterday with a t-shirt and shorts on but this time she had no panties or bra on. I introduced her to him as my niece and he let go of me and the two of them sat at the island counter. I said she was staying for the weekend

“Hey Steve, why don’t you keep Julie entertained for a little while. I have to run some errands and shop for dinner tonight. I’ll be gone a couple of hours, OK?” I suggested.

“Keep her entertained, huh?” he said as he looked her up and down.

“Yea, watch a movie, play video games, you know whatever.” I said.

“No problem, I am sure we can find something to do.” he said as he smiled at her and she smiled back.

I picked up my fake purse and waved, then walked off camera. In reality I walked around to where Carla was standing near the sound guy looking at a monitor. Steve and Julie were doing a good job of saying their lines. There was innocent flirtation and then more serious talk. From what was showing on the screen they were just two horny young people toying with the idea of getting it on while I was out. On cue Julie got up off her stool and took Steve’s hand to lead him down the hall to her guest room. The camera followed as far as the door to it. As they walked into the room the second unit bayrampaşa escort was already filming the transition. Julie went over and sat on the bed and patted the place next to her indicating she wanted Steve to sit there. When he did they turned toward each other and embraced and started kissing.

My heart started pounding and my mouth was suddenly dry. As they kissed their hands were exploring all over each other. They both were trying to pull the others shirt off at the same time. Steve got Julies off then removed his own. He laid her back on the bed and the camera changed positions. He slowly pulled her shorts down and soon she was naked. He stood up to take his shorts off and you could see that she was breathing hard watching him. He pulled them off releasing his big cock and for the first time I saw some fear in Julie’s eyes. Steve was hard and as he climbed back up on the bed Julie was biting her lower lip. Steve took it slow massaging her belly and moving up to her small breasts. He squeezed them and bent over to suck on those puffy nipples. As he did she grabbed the back of his head and closed her eyes and moaned. She opened her legs some and he moved a hand down to her pussy. You could tell she was very wet. He cupped her mound but didn’t insert a finger, instead he rubbed between her lips and played with her clit. She was getting pretty worked up.

She spread her legs more and I guess he thought she was ready because he moved up and over her. He spread her legs more and began to line his cock up with her entrance. Soon it would be her moment of truth. She was breathing hard with her hands on his shoulders. He had himself propped up with one hand as the other guided his big cock in to her. When his glans touched her outer lips she jumped like she had received an electric shock. He rubbed it back and forth spreading her natural lubricant. I saw him whisper something to her and she nodded. He pressed forward and the head started to split her open. He got about half of the head in when she pounded on his shoulders with her tiny fists and cried out.

“STOP STOP, it’s so big. It hurts. It hurts.”

He backed off and Carla yelled, “Cut Cut”

Steve was on his knees between her legs. I walked over to Julie to talk to her. I could see some tears streaming down her face.

“Julie, OK he stopped for a minute. Are you going to be able to do this?” I said.

She sobbed, “Yes Yes please Kat I can do it. He’s just so big and I’m not used to it. I want to keep going. Just go slow OK?”

“OK, fine. Get a hold of yourself and we’ll start again.”

Carla called for quiet and I asked Julie if she was ready. She had her eyes closed and she nodded. Carla said “Action”. Steve leaned back down and placed his cockhead back at her entrance. He rubbed it back and forth again. I saw him push her thighs farther apart spreading her more. With one hand on her hip and the other guiding his cock he pressed it forward again. Slowly the head started to go in. I looked at Julie and she was gritting her teeth and tears were flowing down the sides of her face. He got the head all the way in and then slowly pushed. She reached out with her arms and placed them on his lower belly and pushed him back and cried out again.

“Oh Oh WAIT WAIT OW OW.” She started sobbing.

Carla yelled, “CUT CUT….SHIT” Steve backed out again and got up off the bed.

I grabbed a towel from Sally and walked over to the bed. I helped Julie sit up and handed her the towel. She took it and sobbed into it. I put my arm around her, but I needed to talk frankly to her.

“Julie, this is wasting all these peoples time and my money. This isn’t working. We have to quit for today or try something else.” I told her.

“Please Please Kat, I can do it. I was just scared. I promise I won’t cry anymore. Let me go through with it. I’m so close to making it happen. Just tell him to do it. I want it over with. I promise it will work.” She said all this in between sobs.

I squeezed her shoulder and I got up and walked over to Steve who was standing in the corner. I let Julie compose herself while I talked to him in low tones. His cock was deflating slightly so I took it into my warm hands and stroked it slowly.

“Listen baby, I want you to try this one more time.” I whispered to him.

“Kat, she’s a virgin. V-I-R-G-I-N. I felt the resistance when I tried to push in farther.” He was frustrated.

“I know baby, I know. When we are done with this today I will tell you her story and why I wanted you to do this. Just give it one more try. Put it back in and when you feel the resistance count to 3 and ram it in quick. It’s like taking off a band-aid. Quick is better than slow. Please Baby, one more try.” I said to him as I stroked his cock back to fullness.

“OK, OK one more time, but if she starts crying again I’m done.”

I lead him back to the bed by his now stiff cock. I gave it a little kiss before I let it go. Julie laid back down and Steve climbed back into position. The camera zoomed back in, and Carla called for quiet. When everything looked right she said “Action”. Steve lined himself back up again and rubbed her slit. When his cockhead was centered he pushed forward until he hit her maidenhead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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