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Her gaze followed his hands as he trailed the bubbles down her flushed body. He spent his time lathering her perky hard boobs until she started rocking her hips back and forth in the water. He smiled and slid his hand down to her hard clit, he circled it a few times causing her to gasp then slid two fingers deep inside her. He waited there for her to adjust then began slowly pumping back and forth. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back into his lap so she couldn’t move. She felt his fingers inside her and the hot water following them in and out of her soapy body.

This is when she started to wonder if she could continue. The orgasm was so close… over and over. He kept changing rhythm on purpose so her brain couldn’t focus on one sensation long enough to push her over the edge. He leaned down and breathed into her ear “Enjoying yourself so far?” she let out a long moan and he snickered. “You will want that orgasm so badly by the time I’m done it will consume your thoughts. If you’re a good girl I may let you finish…in the morning.” She groaned she couldn’t imagine waiting five more min let alone until tomorrow morning she was panting, hot and so needy.

He ran his hand Manavgat escort down her leg and pulled the plug. Without waiting for her to move he reached under her arms and pulled her up out and into a big fluffy pink towel. He observed her for a minute, she was flushed hair out of place but what he noticed were her eyes. Still a spark there still enjoying herself, but she stared around unable to focus on anything, as if in a far-off land. Perfect.

He wasn’t ready to head into the bedroom, so he guided her to his couch and sat her back still wearing the towel. He leaned in close caught her chin and kissed her so deeply by the time it was over she was squirming beneath him. A few years ago, his younger sister had gifted him a full body mirror that he put on a wall opposite the couch for just this reason. He directed her gaze towards the mirror and smiled as she realized she could see herself. He then slid to his knees in front of her and pulled her legs open.

“Watch or ill stop,” he growled and lowered his head to her aching pussy. Her breath left her as his tongue started trailing up and down slowly, his hot breath hitting her most sensitive places. She dared not close Manavgat escort bayan her eyes and was entranced with watching him please her in the mirror. Observing her body rise and fall as he brought her close then backed off. This was way fucking hot and was exciting her like no man had ever managed. She had had good sex in the past but usually foreplay was short if at all, she had never felt how she did in this moment. She would give up a lot just to have what he wasn’t going to give her.

He got off the floor and instructed her to stand then he sat on the couch pulling her down on the seat in between his legs, with her facing the mirror. This way she could watch his hands explore her body in the mirror. She whimpered as she watched his hand snake down her throat over her sensitive hard nipple and glide down her stomach. He wasted no time plunging one finger deep inside. She moaned so loud she surprised herself, she couldn’t take her eyes away from his hand pumping in and out as her juices leaked everywhere. Just when she thought she would fall apart he lifted her by the hips and slammed her all the way down his long hard cock.

He watched her mouth fall open in the Escort manavgat mirror as he slowly raised and lowered her all the way to the hilt. He increased the speed slightly until she started to shake and reached his hand between her legs to grab her clit. She cried out. He knew she was so close. He waited a few more seconds until he felt her legs start to shake and stopped. She whimpered in such a cute pleading way and he laughed “You’re doing amazing princess but still not tonight”. She pouted and he grinned at how wickedly sexy and overwhelmed she looked.

He took her hand and walked her slowly into his bedroom laying her face up on his four-poster bed. He took both her wrists and attached them to cuffs he had already strung to the posts. Followed by both legs, now she was open and unable to move at all. She must have realised it too because a look of panic came over her as she realized she was completely in his control now. She took a few deep breaths and reminded herself to stop thinking to let go, this is what she wanted.

He pulled out a blindfold and secured it over her eyes and behind her hair. She heard the bedside drawer open and held her breath. She started feeling a slight tickle on her foot and realised he had produced a large feather. He moved the feather over her body giving her goosebumps and making her tremor even more then she already was. After what seemed like an eternity the feather left her body and she lay there panting hard in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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