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This story was written as a gift for Mr Peculiart, as a written adaptation of my favourite comic of his. Please check him out for inspiring what has been one of my favourite stories to write!

— — —

“NEW! BUST™ Mango! Never have enough energy? Do you need to increase your stamina and endurance? Do you need to make the gains to impress everyone? Then try new BUST™ Mango! Full of vitamins and zero sugar BUST™ is scientifically formulated to make you feel unstoppable!”

BUST™ Mango! Available at all good retailers NOW!”

— — —

Sat on his couch, Stacy chugged the new energy drink as fast as he could, finishing it off in one prolonged pull from the can. He felt the buzz immediately. It was like a surge of energy had passed through his body and, as if on reflex, he felt himself crush the can in his hand. It felt electrifying. He tossed the can down on the table which his best friend Roxy was propping her feet up on, and reached for another can.

“Slow down Stacy! I don’t think that stuff was made to be chugged in one go!” She said, a slight tone of concern edging into her voice. She knew Stacy was capable of making stupid decisions on his own, she was just a little concerned that she’d be the one left to deal with the aftermath of whatever shenanigans he got up to this time.

“Relaaax! I’ve survived through WAY worse.” Stacy grinned as he cracked open his second can in almost as many minutes.

“Yknow, considering how often you get yourself into trouble, I’m not surprised.” Roxy replied, cautiously eyeing up her reckless roommate. From where she was sitting she could practically already see him vibrating, and could swear that there was some drool hanging from his lips. Something about this drink seemed off to her…

“Besides, BUST™ is chock full of vitamins AND it’s sugar free!” Stacy said in what was nearly a verbatim retelling of the incredibly over the top advert for the dubious drink, only intensified by the quaking vibrations of his hand and the oddly intense stare she could feel him giving her through his obscuring bangs as he brought the soda to his lips to take another swig. “Sure there are a few side effects, but they’re no big deal!”

Aaaaand there it was. Roxy was frankly impressed how quickly Stacy had managed to descend into his antics this time. Usually it took at least an hour or so for his ideas to unfurl themselves, but this time it had happened in just under 5 minutes! Roxy couldn’t help but do her best to stifle her smirk as Stacy destroyed his own personal record. “You lost me at ‘side effects.’ Good sales pitch though.”

Stacy went for another chug of BUST™, but as his arm rose to bring the suspicious drink to his mouth, Roxy couldn’t help but catch something in the corner of her eye. She dismissed it at first, seeming more like a trick of the light at first. It seemed impossible, probably just another one of Stacy’s tricks, like he’d stuffed one of those ludicrously sized dildo’s down his pants… again.

But no, he was wearing shorts. Roxy would have noticed hours ago if he’d have been smuggling one of his butt-smashers down there, and during their time living together she’d spent more than enough time staring at his butt to know that something was amiss. He was saying something, something like “more for me!”, but Roxy wasn’t paying attention. She was transfixed on the shaft that was slowly creeping its way out of Stacy’s shorts. It was once she saw it throb while a thick, powerful vein made itself known on the side of his cock, that Roxy knew she needed to get a closer look.

In the blink of an eye she was down at his crotch, knocking his arm aside and planting her hand on his chest, pinning him into the sofa cushions. Even through his shirt, she could feel his heart beating like a bass drum at a death metal concert, but that wasn’t what was important. What was important was the shaft that was slowly extending its way down towards his knees. Roxy had seen her little butt-boy nude enough times to know that his cock was usually only around five inches hard, maybe pushing six if he was particularly riled up, so her mind ground to a halt on seeing the monolith that was peaking it’s way out that must have been more than double that.

“Hey… hold on… Side effects you said? What uhh… what exactly is in this drink?” Roxy asked, her brain desperately in search of more information to help compute what it was she was seeing.

“Mango? I think? And…” Stacy trailed off, his own brain struggling to keep up with the amount of random thoughts that were flitting in and out, none of them staying long enough to make a real impact. It took a concerted effort for him to corral his thoughts into some order, and even then remembering what Roxy even asked was a challenge. What was it again? Wrestling? No, that just got him thinking about Sherley again. Music, şişli escort Electric Saturday? Nope, that was his boss. “C’mon Stacy, you can do this” he thought to himself. What did they all have in common… Well cock for starters.

Wait. Cock.

Cock. Dick, Cum. BUST™!

“What’s that juice that makes you cum really hard?”

It took Roxy a moment to register what he’d just said, and she looked up at him with a note of incredulity in her eyes, but seeing that goofy, grinning face made her next decision really easy.

“Lift your ass off the sofa so I can take these off!”

It was weird for Stacy, not because he was normally the one having to get Roxy out of her pants, but because he was feeling oddly bashful as she started shimmying off his shorts, slowly revealing the root of his painfully aching cock. Normally about now he’d be teasing her with his butt, sashaying his way into the kitchen to top up their drinks, but the way that her attention was entirely focused on his cock for a change made him feel oddly vulnerable.

“Looks like the side effects kicked in quick, huh?” Stacy said, doing his best to cover his unusual bout of nerves with his trademark flirtatious snark. Roxy however, could hear the shake in his voice. Was he nervous? No way! Roxy had seen Stacy taking dicks up his butt twice the length of what he had now, seen him walk up to a wrestler who must have been roughly ten times his size and start ruthlessly flirting with her. Yet here he was in the comfort of their home with his frequent fuck buddy and he could barely summon up more than a half-baked one liner.

She did her best to look him in the eyes, which was pretty difficult to do considering he always had them covered, “Well I guess that’s what happens when you chug shady energy drinks, dork!”

“It’s not shady!” Stacy retorted, doing his absolute best to smile through the unusual caffeine-induced anxiety and keep his body from vibrating itself off the couch, “didn’t you see the commercial earlier, this stuff’s totally legit!”

With a doubtful glance in his direction, Roxy gave one final pull and yanked Stacy’s shorts off, his newly engorged member catapulting upwards to slap him in the chest. His shaft looked angry, coloured a far deeper red than usual and stretching upwards to rest against his sternum, and now that it was up and out of the way, Stacy could even see that his nuts had swollen up. If his cock had doubled its normal size, then his balls were somewhere close to triple what they once were, looking as if he was smuggling a pair of apples between his legs. They began to rumble ominously.

“Heh heh… well, maybe it’s a little…” Stacy began to concede to his room mate, before managing to catch the look that she was giving him. “Roxy, you’re staring at me with those eyes again.”

Indeed, Roxy’s eyes had gone wide and focused, zeroing in on Stacy’s vibrating, pulsing cock. Her mouth had spread wide in a lopsided grin and drool was rolling down her cheek. Wordlessly, never taking her eyes off his turgid pillar, Roxy rose to her feet. Stacy was well aware of what she was like when she was in this kind of mood, but the way she was moving and the intense way her eyes never once left his aching groin was new to him.

He looked at the can in his hand. He hadn’t even managed to take a swig from it after opening it, and its contents were dangerously close to spilling over, what with his body already shaking from the first. In a surprising moment of lucidity, combined with thinking it might be best not to overdose on the suspect beverage, Stacy set the drink down behind the couch. No use getting more than one sticky liquid all over it today, he reasoned.

Turning back around, Stacy practically jolted upright off the couch once he realised that Roxy’s pants were down around her ankles, and he could clearly make out her own erect cock being held tight by her thighs as she bent over.

“So I take it that you uh… like the side effects?”

She flashed him with a smug, knowing grin, and was rewarded with Stacy’s cock jerking up as his face blushed. He did his best to cover it up by adopting his usual, coy, flirtatious grin, eager to take advantage of the surprising turn of events

“Very much, yes.” she purred to him. Roxy was used to Stacy being flirtatious, teasing and sometimes aggravatingly sensual, but something about him taking on this attitude while sporting a cock more akin to a baseball bat than his normally proportioned phallus was changing the balance for her.

Despite that though, there was definitely something different in the way he was holding himself; normally he was so confident, self-assured and teasing. She assumed it was something to do with the energy drink making his body buzz like a vibrator, or that his cock was pulling too much blood from his brain. Probably both now that she thought about it.

Slowly, Roxy stood upright, and after taksim escort giving her hips a little bit more wiggle than she ever normally did, she pressed herself up against the blushing squirrel.

“Well, would ya look at that?” She said, grabbing her own rising shaft and firmly pressing it up against Stacy’s unyielding monolith. Usually this comparison between both of their cocks would be more stark, her own darker member usually casting it’s shadow against his own paler, more diminutive meat; but now Stacy’s python was flushed deeper, almost as deep as the blush in Stacy’s cheeks, his new colossus flooded with more blood than ever before just to reach the new heights of its unprecedented erection.

It also became clear that his cock had yet to finish its bout of growth. Where a few minutes ago his shaft was just a little bigger than her own, it had now gained several more inches, still reaching up to his sternum even while standing up. She continued to grind her dick against his, wrapping her fingers around as much of both of their tools as she could. Even fully stretched it was a challenge to keep her grip on both impressive logs, but as she slowly jerked them off, she noticed a small wet patch begin forming on Stacy’s tank top where his head kept slapping against his willowy chest.

While she toyed with him, Stacy kept his hands firmly balled up at his sides, sensations firing through his mind as nerve endings he’d never had before were stimulated for the first time. He could feel his toes curling into the carpet as he did his very best not to moan from just this. He knew Roxy would never let him live this down if he came just from her most minor of ministrations, but she was being slow, methodical, and Stacy could only stand there, holding back the moans he desperately wanted to release as his body struggled to keep up with the sensations she was teasing him with.

Roxy let her hand move upwards, revelling in the sensations as she rubbed over her own cock head before she travelled further. She traced her fingers up the newly unveiled length, tracing the engorged veins as she slowly crested his newly expanded peak. She wrapped her fingers over the crest of Stacy’s dick and slowly ground the meat of her hand into his frenulum, feeling the erratic pulse of his monstrous member through her palm.

“That feels… I feel… Tingly…” He let out in a breathy moan, trying not to let the shake in his voice give away just quite how good this felt.

“No shit, you’re already getting all leaky.” Roxy smirked, enjoying the sensation of the small waterfall of precum that had rewarded her unhurried, deliberate kneading. She felt a trail of it stream down onto her own cock, coating her own head in his warm pre-emissions. She could feel the heat radiating from his enlarged shaft as well, which seemed to have finally finished its sudden growth spurt, finally culminating just under his neckline.

That settled it, Roxy couldn’t wait much longer. She’d been teasing, building Stacy up and going through the motions, but they’d been through this song and dance together enough times to know where it was leading. Maybe this time though, it would be a little bit different.

While still stroking the well lubed head of his cock with her right hand, Roxy brought up her left and planted it firmly on his chest, releasing his slab of meat just in time as she gave him a powerful shove. She seated the effeminate squirrel boy firmly in the cushions of the couch, his bushy tail trapped behind him as he spread his arms to steady himself.

He scowled up at her, mock offence and indignation dripping from his voice. “Oh, so you suddenly wanna bottom now that I’m more hung than you, is that it?”

“To be fair, you never ask.” Roxy retorted, pulling her t-shirt off over her head. Stood like this, Stacy could fully take her in. He’d seen her naked so many times now he’s lost count a long time ago, but it was almost like every time something changed. Was it her thighs, now so muscular and toned from a combination of frequent trips to the gym, or from fucking him in the ass? Or was it her abs, finally starting to take shape after months of training? Her tits were still contained in her tight sports bra, and thankfully, despite all the exercise Roxy did to keep herself looking her absolute best, they never got any smaller.

Stacy slowly leaned himself backwards as Roxy mounted the couch on top of him. “You’re always so eager to be my little butt boy, I just let you! Size has nothing to do with it.” She cocked her hips, and Stacy propped up her butt with his hand, taking the opportunity to grope her firm, well maintained ass. She had a point, it rarely ever occurred to him in the moment that he could ask to top, and now he was beginning to regret that. For one thing, Roxy had put all this effort into making her body look this nice, and he spent most of their time together with his head buried in a pillow. beşiktaş escort He particularly never got to enjoy her ass, and he was going to make up for lost time.

Roxy carefully guided the tip of Stacy’s enormous member towards her slit, grateful for his supporting arms as she had to raise herself even higher in order to line herself up. All the while, Stacy’s eyes were firmly locked on Roxy’s rock hard, dripping member. It was like an automatic response when she was this close that he felt the urge to at least take her into his mouth, but her cock hung just out of reach and was slowly getting further away. Stacy would have been sad if it weren’t for the incredibly tight, warm sensations that were wrapping their way around his beast. He felt a spurt of precum blast from his cannon and immediately overflowed Roxy’s incredibly tight pussy, blasting back out and acting as a make-shift lube for what was about to come.

Roxy’s eyes seemed to unfocus as she felt herself being split wide open. “T-that said, I’m horny, you’re p-packing, and we were g-gonna fuck anyway.” Roxy bit her lip as she felt the stretching sensation slowly spread within her, amplified more by the rapid fire jets of pre that Stacy was launching into her eagerly waiting cunt. “NOW STUFF ME STUD!”

“Well, don’t I feel validated!” Stacy managed to retort, rolling his eyes behind the curtain of his bangs.

Roxy began pushing herself down in earnest, fitting more and more of Stacy’s exceptional monster into her sopping pussy, doing her best to push herself past all the resistance she encountered. She was desperate to fit this entire ridiculous cock into herself, almost to prove to Stacy that she could.

“Easy! Easy!” Stacy yelled, feeling his hips being pushed down into the couch, his tail being flattened underneath him as Roxy came barrelling down on him like a tonne of bricks. “Crush my pelvis why don’t ya…”

Deciding it would be best to take matters into his own hands, Stacy gripped the eager goat girl’s muscular thighs and pushed down with as much force as his comparatively effete body could muster, all while firing his own hips upwards to meet in the middle. With their combined efforts, Roxy slammed down into Stacy’s hips, rooting his cunt-crushing monster down to the base. Roxy’s back arched, an uncontrolled grunt escaping her as the sudden, profound penetration knocked all the air from her lungs like a powerful punch to the gut.

They both took a moment; Roxy so she could get her breath back, and Stacy to deal with the rampage of feelings and sensations that were bombarding his brain from all the new nerve endings his expanded cock had suddenly sprouted up. He gritted his teeth as his whole body shook, drool dripping from the corner of his mouth as he fought for control.

“Oh… Wow, this is… quite snug.” Roxy mumbled as her eyes rolled back into her head.

Snug was an understatement, as Roxy’s entire gut was being stretched out by Stacy’s enormous log of a cock. Her once tight abdomen was bulging around the trunk of Stacy’s dick, pulsing in time with the rhythm of Stacy’s heartbeat. Her balls lay pooled on Stacy’s stomach, her own dripping appendage pushed down by the protuberance that reached up to just underneath her sports bra clad tits. A part of Stacy’s mind wondered if he’d be able to tit-fuck them at the same time if she took it off.

“Wanna take it slow then?” Stacy asked once they had both managed to catch their breaths and adjust themselves to the new sensations. Roxy looked down at him with a look of bewilderment on her face. She began raising herself back up off of his surprisingly supple thighs and said;

“Me? Slow? Don’t be SILLY!

Punctuating the final word with a powerful drop, slamming herself down onto his enormous cum cannon, Roxy set herself into a rapid rhythm. She rose just enough so that the flared head was barely scraping against the entrance to her pussy, and then slammed herself down to the hilt. Over and over again she was pounding herself down on his crotch, filling the room with the salacious sounds of their passionate sex. Each downstroke rewarding them with a meaty PLAP as Roxy’s ass met Stacy’s thighs, and another rope of precum flinging from the end of Roxy’s errant member.

“Who knew… getting gut p-punched… would feel soo… G-gooood~~” Roxy moaned between each powerful slam, her tightly contained tits doing everything in their power to escape their restrictive confines. She leaned over Stacy, her tongue lolling out as her twin tails bounced with each powerful thrust, syncing up with the bouncing of her tits like some kind of sexual metronome.

The way she was blushing, the way she squinted her eyes with each downward stroke and the little moans she made with each upwards impact…

“You look so cute when you’re taking dick, y’know that?” Stacy said, doing his best to imitate things he’d definitely heard Roxy say when he was on the receiving end. He put on his best teasing smile, leering up at Roxy as she bounced on his extended womb basher, but it was difficult to maintain considering every fibre of his being was telling him to moan like the slut he was.

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