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I scoured the internet looking, yearning for something, for someone, that was when I stumbled upon a certain erotic story site, I began reading others’ stories, and then I found the forum.

I had found what I had been yearning for, a connection with those who were just as sexually oriented and perverse as myself. I began chatting with people but was highly sceptical and wary of giving out any personal details; I found some very good friends who became close and trusted friends. It was when I decided to throw my hat into the ring when a writing challenge was announced, that fate brought Daniel and I together, he read my stories and became a fan instantly. Little did I know, Daniel was actually a famous author that skulked around the site looking for fun, story ideas and relaxation away from the usual thrillers he wrote.

We hit it off right away, we pm’d back and forth through the website before deciding we were right for one another subsequently we exchanged email addresses and chatted on Yahoo. For the first month or so it was mostly business we spoke about, with the usual pleasantries of course then we started chatting regularly about life and such.

We became good friends, discussing work, family, bitching about our problems and life in general. We soon realised that our friendship was a real taboo, Daniel being 60 and myself being 21 was going to get some strange reactions, but we were happy. Daniel asked where I lived, and I replied Scotland, which started the conversation of ancestors; his were from Scotland but he now lived in New York City and was contemplating come to Scotland to research his family history.

We discussed if he came and wanted to meet up I could show him around, be his tour guide so to speak. Our conversations went on like this for about nine months to a year when he emailed me one day with the news he was coming for New Year. He would be flying into Edinburgh International Airport on the 27th of December and staying for two weeks in a local hotel across town. I was excited and scared all in the same breath; my mind started to race.

‘What if he doesn’t like me? What if he’s not what he’s been like?’

I waited to speak with him on the phone that night to discuss all the details; I would meet him at the airport and drive him to his hotel, let him unpack and take him on a quick wee tour around town then see were we stood from there. As the day approached, I got more nervous but put it out of my mind because we had exchanged photos and been phoning each other on a regular basis, so I do not know why I was worrying.

Daniel called just before getting on the plane to make sure I was going to pick him up, and everything was still ok; we exchanged mobile numbers encase I was running late or something happened and wished him a safe journey.

-27th December-

I did not sleep a wink that night a mixture of excitement and hope of meeting my friend from across the pond. It took me three hours to decided what to wear to the airport, I eventually selected a green chiffon floaty top that just covered my ass with black leggings, over the knee black suede boots, a black leather coat and a cream chunky scarf. After all, it is winter in Scotland. I wore my auburn hair out and naturally wavy with a little pleat across the front to hold my fringe (bangs) back from my face.

I arrived at the airport 30 minutes early so I didn’t have to rush around like a headless chicken looking for the right gate; I got there just as everyone was coming through. I held my breath as I saw Daniel walking through the double doors with his luggage, as I exhaled a little smile started to appear on my face that was when he saw me and smiled back. I walked quickly to greet him; I threw my arms around him, giving him a warm embrace after the shock of the cold Scottish weather. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and pulled back from him to see a look of shock on his face.

”HI…Daniel” I blushed

”Hello…I wasn’t expecting you to hug me like that, Claire.” he stammered.

”Sorry, I’m just happy to see you. Erm… Shall we walk and talk?” I said looking around seeing people looking at us strangely.

”Yeah, lets. Call me Dan please.” he replied blankly.

”Follow me Dan.” I said sweetly as I took his hand.

He followed slightly behind me holding my hand we got some looks of disgust and looks that are worth a thousand words.

”How did he get her?!” one guy in his early 30’s said to his girlfriend. His girlfriend was not amused, let me tell you.

As we got to my car Dan pulled me back to him, holding me close he gazed into my eyes as I looked up at him lovingly, he leaned down and kissed me so gently it felt like a dream. It was rudely interrupted by people passing by and tutting, which resulted in me opening my big mouth.

”What are you tutting at?” I said politely

“That’s disgusting, he’s old enough to be your father…, ” she snapped back

”Honey, you’re no oil painting yourself. JOG ON!” I shouted.

Dan burst out laughing at my random outburst that made me blush so much. Bostancı Escort I opened the car and put his luggage in without speaking to him, as I was still so embarrassed at my outburst; he got in the passenger seat after I was in.

”Don’t be embarrassed, Claire-Bear. I love you for your personality and your opinions.” he placed his hand on top of mine.

All I could do was smile back at him as I drove him to The Chester Residence, he informed me he didn’t just get a room, he got an apartment. We got him checked in, got the keys, and wandered around to find his door. This was even better than my house; I was amazed by how nice it was. I did not even dare to ask what he paid for this apartment, but looking at it, I knew it was not going to be cheap for a two-week stay.

We opened the door, which led into the living room; it had a big flat screen TV on the wall with a black leather corner sofa and matching chair around a brown wooden coffee table and beige carpet. The kitchen was very high spec with all new shiny appliances and the bathroom. Oh My Goodness! It had a gigantic Jacuzzi with a TV on the wall, double sinks and a shower with room for three. The bedroom was the best feature, a king-size bed with lighting underneath for atmosphere, Egyptian cotton sheets, lots of pillows, dramatic lighting everything to make it a little piece of heaven.

I went into the kitchen whilst Dan unpacked; I made him a cuppa tea with sugar to help the jet lag and took it into the bedroom. Without thinking, I walked straight in without knocking and he was standing naked, I looked at him with my mouth open before spinning round quicker than ever.

”Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I should have knocked!” I stuttered

”Don’t worry about it; I guess I should have told you I was changing.” Dan laughed and pulled a pair of trousers on before turned me back around.

”Is that for me?” he smiled

”Oh yeah, its sweet tea to help with…err…the jet lag.” I blushed.

”Let’s sit down and talk Claire, I think we need to be honest with each other” he sighed

I looked at him not sure what to make of what he had just said. We walked out to the lounge and sat on the sofa next to one another. He looked at me with a very serious look on his face.

”What’s wrong Daniel?” I asked innocently.

”Can I be honest with you Claire?… I love you so much; I only came here to be with you! Not to trace my ancestors.” he stared at me.

”I…I don’t know what to say Dan. I love you too but wasn’t expecting you to say or do this.” I look away from him and got up.

I pace back and forth in front of him, knowing he was watching my every move.

”Okay…okay. Let’s meet tonight for something to eat and discuss it then cos I’m still in shock, Dan. ” I stressed.

We said our goodbyes as he made reservations at Iris down Thistle Lane and decided we should meet there at 8pm. Which gave me four hours to get my act together, I drove home and started ransacking my wardrobe to see what to wear, and this decision was pretty easy since I already knew how he felt about me. I picked out a tight black pencil skirt, a red silk corset top with little puff sleeves, matching red silk stilettos and underwear with black seamed stockings. I wore my hair down but curly this time with geisha eye makeup and ruby red lips.

My phone rang at bang on 7.30pm, it was Dan.

”Hey Dan, what’s up?” I answered cheerfully.

”Claire, I’m just making sure you’re still okay for dinner, and do you want me to pick you up in a cab on the way?”

”Yea of course I’m still up for dinner, I’m just leaving now. Will I get you on the way passed instead since it’s on my way and you would be going backwards?” I laughed.

”Err…yeah that would be good, Hun.” he stammered realising he did not know where he was going.

”I’ll be ten minutes, okay?”

”I’ll be outside, darling.”

”Okay Dan, I’m just getting in the taxi now so I’ll see you soon.”

”Okay Claire.” he hung up the phone.

I told the taxi driver where to go to and that we had to pick someone else up on route, as we drove down Rothesay Place I could see Dan standing outside The Chester looking rather dashing. Dan was about 5’9, dark hair with white through it in a salt and pepper style, average build man with distinguished biceps and abs. He has the most beautiful brown eyes that twinkle in the light, I am sure they could see into my very soul.

Dan got in the taxi, kissed my cheek, placed his hand on my thigh, and whispered to me, I saw the driver looking in the mirror at us; I bit my tongue and just rolled my eyes at him. We arrived at Thistle Lane and paid the driver, we walked down to Iris and had a lovely meal, great conversation but I think Dan was more concerned about dessert.

We decided over dinner to walk back to The Chester for ‘drinks’, we arrived back to champagne chilling in an ice bucket with two glasses and some strawberries and whipped cream. I smiled seeing the strawberries and cream I knew exactly what Ümraniye Escort he wanted for dessert, and it was not the strawberries.

”Dan I need to tell you something…”

”Hush baby, you don’t have to worry about anything. I’ve got everything planned.”

”That’s what I need to tell you…”

”What’s wrong Claire?”

”I’m a virgin Dan. I can’t be dessert.” I sighed.

”YOU’RE a virgin! You can’t be…you’re too beautiful not to have had sex with someone. Not that I think you’re a slut! ” he stressed

”I know what you mean, I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you Dan. How about I make it up to you?” I wink

”What ever do you mean Claire?” he asked acting innocently.

I pushed him onto the sofa and went to the kitchen to get the champagne, I handed him a glass and we toasted to new beginnings. I pushed his feet apart with mines and took a cushion from the sofa and placed it at his feet, I kicked my heels off to the side of the sofa and kneeled down pushing his legs apart and pulled him towards me. I raised my eyebrow and reached up to his belt to undo it when he grabbed my hands pulling me up onto his chest.

”Not like this Claire, I don’t just want you for sex.”

He kissed me passionately, slipping his tongue into my mouth, they danced as lovers do. As I sat on his lap I could feel his bulge, I let my hands roam down his arms and across his chest. I started to unbutton his shirt as I kissed down his neck then chest, kissing every piece of new flesh I reveal until I am back at his belt.

”Let me do this, I want to. I have never given a blowjob before I want to do it with you.” I pleaded.

He held my face with both hands and said, ”You may start any time you like; I promise you I won’t force myself on you Claire-Bear.”

With his blessing so to speak, I began.

I stood up and pulled my skirt up to just below my ass giving him a flash of my stockings and bare thighs as got down onto the cushion, I unbuckled Dan’s belt then unbuttoned his trousers. He lifted his hips as I pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles; I looked up at him as he stared back at me. I rubbed his thigh’s gently working my way up to his semi erect cock.

I licked my lips and gently gripped Dan’s hard member in my warm hand as I started to lick the head and top of the shaft with my tongue, working my way down I started to move my hand up and down as I started sucking on the top quarter of his hot pulsing cock. I could feel him move his hips as I sucked and ran my tongue under the head of his cock in a zig-zag motion.

I started to feel myself getting wet while I was sucking and licking his cock, I stopped to untie my corset and pulled it off letting my 36D breasts fall freely. Dan watched my every move, I leaned up and put his cock between my breasts and squeezed them together, moving up and down on his full erect cock. Dan reached down and started playing with my nipples as he titty fucked me right there in the lounge with the curtains open for the world to see.

”Oh Claire, you sure you’ve never done this before?” he asked as he pulled and tweaked my nipples gently.

”Never!” I protested in ecstasy.

I stuck my tongue out licking the tip every time it came close enough, I stopped titty fucking him and decided to just suck him until he came. I took about 3/4 of his cock in my mouth until he hit the back of my throat, I continued to lick and suck as I had been doing. I took my other hand, cupped his balls, and gently rubbed as I thought it would not be long until he came. My thoughts were right a few moments later I heard him moan deep and loudly.

”Claire, I’m gonna cum!” he groaned

I stared up at him with my jade green eyes as I moved back, keeping the tip of his cock in my mouth, I licked hard, fast and rubbing the shaft and his balls with my hand. I felt him tense up right before he came in my mouth for the first time, sending rope upon salty rope of cum into my virgin mouth, I tried to swallow as much as I could but it dripped out the side of my mouth down my chin onto my breast. I sat back breathing heavy, wiping the cum from my face and breast and licking it off my hand.

Dan sat looking at me half-naked with a stupid smirk on his face.

”What’s that look for?” I asked

”You ARE amazing!” Dan laughed

”I’m so horny!”

”I can fix that for you, My Love. Come here” he said as he walked to the bedroom.

I followed him like a lost puppy, on the way I unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I arrived at the bedroom with the champagne, stockings and red soaking wet silk panties on.

”They’ll have to go too I’m afraid.” he said as he pointed at my panties.

”Come get them” I smirked

He placed his thumbs in the sides of my panties and pushed them down; he followed them down with kisses. He started at my earlobes, my neck, breasts, teasing my nipples with circles then nibbling on them softly, making my knees weak, down over my stomach to my mound. He walked me backwards to the bed laying Anadolu Yakası Escort me down and lifting my legs onto his shoulders, he kissed and nibbled on my thighs before taking a deep inhalation; he was just inches from my virginity.

I had my hands on my breasts as I gently kneaded them; I felt his warm breath on my lips followed slowly by his dripping wet and very skilled tongue. He slowly flicked over my clit teasing me, listening to me take sharp intakes of breath when he made me excited. Finding out what made me squirm and tense up; I could feel his fingers open my lips wider giving him the view of a lifetime. His tongue was the first to explore it felt like a warm spongy probe pushing all the right buttons, flicking back and forth over my clit as he inserted a finger into my pussy.

”Your really tight, Claire.”

”Uh huh.” was all I could reply.

I ran my fingers through his hair as I pushed my clit against his mouth; I felt a wavy of sheer ecstasy came over me. I moaned loud as he was working my clit with his mouth and tongue, with a finger inside me he played with my G spot. His hand was on top of mine on my breast pulling and teasing my nipple as I moaned loud again, I clamped his head between my thighs on my clit.

”Stop…please…Stop,” I moaned loudly.

Nevertheless, he would not he kept going, bringing me to another orgasm quick and fast. My breathing was erratic and I was grabbing at the sheets as he kept flicking my clit, fingering my pussy and tweaking my nipples. It was not long after that I passed out with the best orgasm I had ever felt.

-28th December-

I woke up not knowing where I was, then I remembered what happened last night and a veil of shame came over me as I realised I was still naked in his bed. Dan came in with coffee, orange juice and bagels.

”Morning beautiful.” he smiled

”Morning………..what happened last night? Last thing I remember was you were licking me then nothing…” I asked quizzically.

”You passed out from the orgasm baby, I must have been doing something right…yeah?” he joked

”It’s not funny; I can’t remember anything after that!”

”That’s because nothing happened after that, you don’t think I would take advantage of you do you?!” he said irritated.

”I wasn’t sure…I’m sorry.” I sighed as I looked down at my hands. ”I am just so ashamed about what I did; I mean it was the first night meeting you. I’m not normally like this.”

”Don’t worry, neither am I. However, we do know each other, we have been talking for nearly a year.” he reassured me.

I smiled at him, realising I was so stupid to think he would use me like that. I had forgotten who he really was and what he was like.

We sat in bed together eating breakfast and talked about what we should do in the days to come, we planned to go to the castle today after we go to my house to pick up clothes and some of my things, then Dan said he would like to take me shopping for some nice underwear for me to wear for him. Tomorrow we decided to go for a drive and see where we end up. However, most importantly New Year’s Eve or ”The Bells” as its called in Scotland, I had tickets for the street party, this was going to be a New Years we would never forget.

The next few days were nothing out of the ordinary, went sightseeing, shopping in Agent Provocateur, Ann Summers and La Senza, drove around the middle half of the country, went to a lovely little village nears Loch Lomond and rented a log cabin for two days then headed back for The Bells. Let’s skip right to New Year’s Eve because that’s when things got interesting.

-31st December-

We got ready for the street party, I warned Daniel to wrap it well because it will get very cold so we went out like Eskimo’s. It was packed with people, people from around the globe here at this party all-celebrating, all differences put aside for one night. Dan asked if we could go back to his place before midnight, I was disappointed but it was his choice since it is his visit. I did not realise he had an alternative motive.

We got back to his apartment suite, start to peel all the layers of clothing we had on and put the fire on. I changed into white silk pyjama shorts and shirt with pink leg warmers; I went into the kitchen to make us some drinks to toast the New Year as Dan came in with just his boxers on.


”Yea…what’s up?” I turned to him.

”I want to make love to you for New Year. Would you give me your virginity?” he asked unsure.

I pondered his question for a minute before I made my decision.

”Yes, of course I will Daniel. I have been waiting for you to ask!” I said relieved.

He took my hand and led me to the bedroom; he stood in front of me and kissed my forehead as he unbuttoned my pyjama shirt slipping it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Then he moved down kissing my cheeks, neck, breast, as he caressed my nipples with his lips as he slipped my shorts off then kept moving down my stomach passed my navel to my trimmed hair he kissed more passionately. He reached down my leg to my calf lifting it up onto his shoulder, he began kissing the inside of my leg up to my thigh he stopped like before and inhaling my scent. Making a memory of my smell because this was going to be one night to remember.

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