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Edit: I fixed the formatting. Some people have complained about the grammar in this story, like the sentence fragments. This is ON PURPOSE. The story is representative of the main character’s thought and speech patterns, and as far as I know, most people don’t think in perfect grammar. If this bothers you, look elsewhere.

Also, I welcome critical feedback. However, some commenters have been completely vitriolic and nasty. If you’re going to be rude and demeaning or make personal attacks, keep it to yourself.

NOTE: All characters, like in all my stories and all my works, are 18 years old or older


I can spot a virgin a mile away.

She’ll always have this pure look on her face, a glow in her eye. And damn, that’s hot. But you know what’s even hotter? The gleam in her eye and the glisten on her skin once I’ve popped her cherry. Nothing like a once-virgin that you’re responsible for deflowering. Especially if you did your job right and she says no one can fuck her like you do. Ruin her for anyone else and she’ll keep coming back for more.

In university, virgins are few and far between. My best chance is always in the incoming freshmen, and even then there’s only a few. The rest lost their virginity to celebrate being 18 and free, you know how it is.

All that’s to say, that’s why I volunteer for freshmen orientation every year. Of course, now I’m a senior here on campus, and it’s kinda gotten around that I’m the finest first fuck a virgin could have.

Which is why all these girls are flirting with me as I give them a tour of the campus. They’re not virgins, but if I asked, they’d probably claim to be. I’ll probably take their numbers and fuck ’em anyway. A tight pussy is a tight pussy.

Of course, complicating things this year is that Barb is one of the incoming freshmen. That’s right, my sister. I pointed out to her a couple months ago that one of her boobs was bigger than the other. Not lying, either. It’s freaky. No one wanted to take her to her senior prom cuz of it. I felt bad, so I went with her and pretended to be… well, not her brother, anyway. And it’s hard to think brotherly thoughts when your bodies are pressed against each other in the slow dances, even if her tits are mismatched.

Don’t get all righteous on me, I ain’t the first big brother to get nasty thoughts about his sis. I never did anything though, even when she pecked me on the lips to make this guy she liked jealous. But damn, I sure hope she didn’t feel my erection. Embarrassing.

I digress.

At the orientation, I’m looking for the pure virgin faces. Yes, Barb’s one of them. Damn straight. No asshole’s gonna screw my sister on my watch. There’s three others. Brunette, blonde, redhead. Nice variety. They’re among the girls pressing up to the front and sending sultry looks my way. Hell yeah. I wink at ’em and watch ’em blush. Maybe I can convince ’em to lose their virginity to me all at the same time… Not every guy could pull that off, sure, but I sure as hell ain’t every guy. I got dirty blonde spikes and gray eyes that gleam silver in moonlight, and I’m tall and totally ripped. And I got ten inches of manhood hanging from my balls. And shit if I don’t know how to use it.

Once I finished the walking tour, we’re back in the private conference room in the student center, so I can field questions and give out some more info. That’s when I see her. She’s been hanging out shyly at the back of the group; probably why I didn’t notice her before.

And that’s when I know what Romeo felt when he saw Juliet.

Yeah, I know that’s cheesy. Sue me. I’m not typically given to romantce, either; I’m a man whore and proud of it. But that’s how I felt.

Her eyes were soft blue. Her hair was waves of spun gold spilling down her back. Her face was porcelain, shaped into pure sex, with full pink lips and a rosiness on her cheeks. She had a perfect figure, too, just like I like it. Womanly, lush, with plush hips and big boobs. Man, they were just right, too. Full, round apples. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, cuz I could see her nipples standing at attention. She looked at me and I looked at her, and I swear to sovereign god she wet her shirt. She blushed furiously – gorgeously – and hastily covered her chest with her books. I wasn’t much better off, cuz I’d gotten a throbbing hard on, with a fair amount of precum leaking out.

Of course, the three virgins – you remember, the redhead, brunette, and blonde – noticed my erection immediately. It’s kinda hard to hide it when you have a swollen kielbasa stuffed down your pants. Oh, yeah, I wasn’t gonna have any problem getting them in the same bed together tonight. But I wasn’t even thinking about that. The mystery girl – my Juliet – took up all my attention. I was stupefied.

And oh, yeah. She was a virgin. That bloom on her face, her glowing eagerness. Hot damn, the gods must love me.

Somehow, I got through the end of the orientation. I had the numbers of the Virgins Three – yep, I named ’em – in my hands and I couldn’t remember how they’d gotten there.

Barb came up to me, laid her hand on my arm. “Hey big brother, Maltepe Escort you did good.”

I looked at her skeptically. I’d blundered through the end of that horribly. She grinned and gestured to the numbers in my hands.

“Ah, thanks, sis,” I said, ruffling her hair absently. (She hates that.) But instead of berating me, she just followed my gaze to Juliet, who was going through the door, giving me one last uncertain look before leaving.

Barb grinned. “Gemma, huh?”


“Gemma. You were staring at her and drooling.”

I tore my gaze from the empty doorway and focused on Barb. “You know her?”

“Yeah! She’s one of my best friends. We were in senior year together.”

Honestly, I didn’t really know any of Barb’s friends. We haven’t been to the same school at the same time in years, and she usually was invited to her friend’s houses, instead of bringing them over to our place. But I was still surprised I’d never seen Gemma. My beautiful Gemma.

“Uh – could you – um,” I stammered. I rarely asked Barb for anything, and didn’t know how to now.

She tossed her head mischievously. “Nope. You’ll see her around, though, count on it.” She sailed out the door, and all I could see was her bouncing bottom.

So my sister has mismatched tits. Her ass is just fine, though, and I don’t mind admiring it.

But by damn, I was going to find and seduce Gemma.


I skipped my last class of the day and went by Ronni’s dorm. Ronni is one of my once-virgins. Met her at her orientation when I was a sophomore at the university, and we’re fuck buddies now. She’s got nice boobs and an apple bottom ass. Right now, her hair’s dyed a bright blue. She didn’t do it halfway either; the carpet matches the curtains. Actually, she doesn’t do ANYTHING halfway. At her freshman orientation, she came right up and frenched me in front of everyone, and didn’t wait till that night to lose her virginity, but demanded we do the deed right after the orientation. AND she impaled herself on my cock at bullet speed, popping her cherry in no time flat.

No, sir, Ronni does not do anything halfway. I was amazed she was still a virgin. I asked about that, and she laughed and said she’d been waiting for the right guy. Her hair was green at that time; so was her pubic hair, in case you were wondering.

So anyway, I went up to her dorm. I was hornier than hell after seeing Gemma and needed a fuck, which Ronni’s always up for. Going in her room – which was always unlocked – I saw her on her bed, studying. She took one look at me, though, and tossed her textbook aside. “C’mere, handsome,” she said, holding out her arms. I didn’t care that her roommate was still in there, and fell into her arms. We tore off each other’s clothes, fell onto the bed together, and I thrust my dick into her pussy.

Ronni cummed instantly. Not unusual. That girl cums at the drop of a hat; but she says she fucks me cuz then her orgasms are twice as intense. What was unusual is that I cummed right after her, as her orgasming pussy spasmed about my cock, tugging and throbbing, so I shot my love juice deep into her bowels. Now I have a lot of love juice in me, so it took a full 30 seconds of cumming full force before I emptied. She of course kept cumming the whole time, cuz she finds the sensation of cum squirting inside her super-hot.

When our shuddering and moans subsided, she kissed me and laughed. “That was quick, babe. Someone’s got you hot today. Found a new virgin?”

“Four,” I murmured as I started sliding in and out of her again, my meat still turgid inside her.

“Mmm,” she groaned. I cupped her breast with a hand and started fondling it gently as she placed her hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me deeper and more firmly into her. She didn’t reply any more coherently than that, cuz like I said, I am good at what I do. My balls slapped against her cunt as I throbbed between her pink pussy lips. She cummed almost constantly, and I could feel her cream seeping out onto my nuts and spilling onto her sheets. I started nuzzling her neck as I started driving in her harder and faster, and she cried aloud.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Lance!” she screamed, and I felt her pussy start to quiver with the mother of all orgasms. Her vibrating orgasm wrung my cum from me, and I blew my load into her again. We lay there, magnificently exhausted, as our breathing finally slowed down.

“You ARE hot today,” she repeated.

“So are you,” I grinned.

“Yeah, but I’m always this hot. This is rare form for you.”

I kissed her nose. “Yep. I feel like Romeo.”

Ronni quirked her lovely eyebrow. Yes, it was blue. I told you she didn’t do anything halfway. “Well, Romeo, you still have to deal with with Rosalind.”

“Hmm?” I said, and she nodded behind me. I turned my head to see her roommate at the foot of her bed, staring slackjawed at us. Her panties were at her ankles, and from the swollen pink wetness between her thighs, it was obvious she’d been masturbating.

“Er,” she said.

“Don’t worry, babe,” I assured her, “I got more in me.” I slid my meat out of Ronni’s still Anadolu Yakası Escort quivering pussy and stood up off her bed. The roommate gaped at me, getting a good look at my musculature for the first time. That, and I’m hung like a horse, my dick already slick with woman-dew.

I reached out a hand and caressed the side of her face, and she leaned into it momentarily before hesitantly touching my dick – already stiffening again – and exploring the head with her nimble fingers, wrenching an involuntary groan out of me. More boldly, her other hand came up to wrap around my girth – barely, because I am fucking thick – and started sliding down, then up, slowly at first, then gradually quicker.

I groaned again, and gasped out, “Babe, you’re gonna to have to put that inside you somewhere, or there’s gonna be a hell of a mess.” She pushed me back, so I fell back onto Ronni’s bed, my scepter standing at attention, quivering slightly. Ronni spread her legs, and nestled my head in her lap, stroking my hair. Her roommate – damn, I still didn’t know her name, but she was a hottie, with those pert tits and shaved pussy – climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on her knees over me. She took hold of my cock and brought it against her slick vulva, the lips barely admitting the top of my nearly-purple head. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she lowered herself, just a little bit, until her vulva covered the head of my dick. We moaned simultaneously, and I thrust up a bit, aching to bury myself in the folds of her womanhood. She bit her lip in arousal, and slid further down onto me, thrusting up and down.

There was a stretching inside her cunt that I could feel – and I suddenly realized it was her cherry! But she couldn’t be a virgin! She didn’t have that glow that a virgin always had! At the moment, my horniness won out over my confusion, and I grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way down on my dick, till her pussy met my curling pubic hair. She groaned in ecstasy as her cherry popped, and cream seeped out of her cunt. She bucked up and down upon my massive edifice, and we moaned in pleasure.

Ronni then got up on her knees above my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I grinned, cuz I always like eating her out, getting my face covered in all her juice. My tongue flicked out, teasing her still-glistening pussy lips and started tracing a line up and down her vulva. Ronni moaned and then leaned forward to make out with her roommate! Her roommate responded in kind as she continued to ride me, and their boobs rubbed together.

Damn, this was some kind of hot. My dick throbbed in pleasure, a slave to the roommate’s bucking pussy, as my tongue dove into Ronni’s vaginal depths, seeking the hard clit. Teasing the point of her clit with my tongue, then licking in a slow circle around it – tasting her sweet wetness – I then started sucking on it. Ronni’s cry of pleasure was muffled against her roommate’s lips as they frenched. Our moaning reached a harmonious crescendo as we cummed in turns. First Ronni erupted love cream over my face, and her roommate gasped as Ronni’s supple fingers toyed with her nipple, and then she cummed as she bounced on top of me. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and I let loose a torrent inside her virgin pussy, the first cum ever to squirt into that gloriously tight pussy, and she gasped again, cumming a second time. Ronni still hadn’t finished cumming onto me, and I kept lapping up her nectar.

At last our groaning subsided. Ronni swung off my face and lay down beside me, curling up next to me, and her roommate lay down against my muscular torso. “You’re even better than Ronni said,” she whispered.

“Been telling stories about me, huh, Ronni?” I addressed myself back to her roommate. “You know my dick’s still in your pussy.”

I could feel her smile against my chest. “I know.”

“So what’s the story? I could’ve sworn you weren’t a virgin.”

“I’m not,” she said. “I’m a lesbian.”

“Till now,” Ronni snickered.

That explained it. Ronni was bisexual, and I should’ve known she would’ve fooled around with her roommate.

We lay there, all together for quite a while. When we finally got up, I pulled on my clothes and left, after giving each babe a goodbye kiss. It wasn’t till I was back at my place that I realized.

I still didn’t know her damn roommate’s name.


My place is a sorority house on campus. Alpha Kappa Phi. Yep, I said a SORORITY house. After the first semester of my freshman year, I picked out the nicest sorority house with the hottest bitches and made a bet with the house mother – if I could make her scream my name, she’d give me a room at the house. She was a 28-year-old, total babe, could’ve posed for Playboy. Her name was Sandy, and she was delicious. She was a sexpot, too, and never turned down the opportunity to have sex, even though she didn’t think I could make her scream my name. She’d done it all, fucked all the big cocks, everything. She thought I’d just be another notch on her belt.

I was determined to prove her wrong.

Of course, she decided to make it interesting. If she made ME scream Ümraniye Escort out HER name, then I had to fuck her poor virgin sister, who while pretty had a terrible stutter and couldn’t get along with guys because of that. Hell, that didn’t sound so bad to me, but I wanted that room. Sandy started to lead me to her room, but I stopped her, and said, “Oh, no, babe. Right here and now.”

Yep. We were in the entrance hall, with the wide staircase wrapping around the left wall. She frowned momentarily, but was determined not to show weakness. Recovering her confidence, she saucily pulled off her blouse. I pulled off my T-shirt and pants – and I go commando. Sandy’s breath caught when she saw my swollen fire hose, hanging down nice and thick nearly to my knees, and I winked at her. “Go on,” I challenged her. “Deep throat me. Make me scream.”

Oh, yeah. Free pleasure.

She wrapped her hands around my girth, running her thumb up and down my throbbing cum-channel, and licked the tip of my precum, swallowing. No chick who’s ever swallowed my cum has ever regretted it. I have tasty cum, what can I say? She closed her lips around the head of my cock and started sucking gently. I pressed my lips together, but a small moan escaped as she took more of my dick into her mouth. I could tell she was smiling, even with my thick meat filling up her up, but I was gonna be the winner here. Her tongue wetly caressed my mass as she sucked vigorously. More moans escaped, and I decided that I had to let go before I lost control. So I blew my load, my cum filling up her throat. She swallowed, making pleasurable noises. This was a woman who would swallow the cum of a guy who ate nothing but garlic; I can’t imagine how great it was for her to swallow mine. She moaned loudly, but checked herself as she caught my grin.

She pulled her lips off my dick and stood up. I placed my hands on her hips. It was then that she noticed that some of the sorority girls were around – two on the staircase and one in the front hall, watching. Before she could make any objection, I pulled her pants down.

My kind of girl. She didn’t wear underwear either. Her pubic hair was sculpted. I put my hands back on her hips and lifted her up in the air, releasing a delighted laugh out of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I lowered her onto my cock. Her moan coincided with the collective gasp of her sorority girls, who were gathering to watch with open mouths. You could ask why I didn’t start eating her pussy first, since that’s the easiest way to make a woman climb walls, but with my dick, and the know-how to use it, I didn’t need to. Most women like my dick in their pussy even better than my tongue, and I’m no slouch with my tongue, either, as Ronni will tell you.

She crushed her lips to mine, invading my mouth with her wet tongue, and I returned in kind. She bounced up and down on my dick, her boobs jiggling – she was obviously enjoying this. I kept thrusting my pole in and out of her slowly, though, deliberately, teasing her cunt with my length. She strained against my cock, desperate for more. “Harder! Faster!” she demanded, but I ignored her, drawing it out, making her pussy quiver with desire. Her juice started leaking out, and she was really moaning now.

Finally, my slow thrusting had built up her desire to pitch fever, and all she wanted was for me to go deep and fast. Thoughts of winning had blanked from her mind; I could tell by the way her eyes rolled back in her head. At last, I obliged her, and started ramrodding her faster and faster, going in deeper, fucking her harder. I felt it as her pussy exploded – and she screamed, “Oh God! Lance! YES!”

So I won and got a room. When I’d moved my stuff into it, I told Sandy to send me her sister. She was surprised, but I felt her estimation of me go up a notch.

Here now, I couldn’t go on without telling how I deflowered her sister Brandy, now could I? Brandy was 19, and her cunt was tight and hot. I couldn’t believe all the guys she knew let a little thing like a stutter stop them from nailing this. She came into my room and started to say something, but I silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Let your body speak for you,” I told her. She nodded, and stripped. I was surprised; usually virgins are a lot more nervous about undressing. I guessed she’d been waiting for this for a long time. Her boobs were pear-shaped, and her belly button was pierced with a diamond stud. Her labia was completely waxed. I kissed her warmly, and pushed her gently onto the bed, and started to kneel to eat her out. But she pulled me up over her; she wanted me to fuck her straight away. She’d been waiting too long to have her cherry popped.

I slid partway into her, gently, and she groaned with satisfaction. She arched up, and took in more of my dick, hungry for it all, and damn, her pussy with one of the tightest I’d ever had the pleasure of fucking. I thrust all the way up into her vagina, her cherry popping. She was so damn tight I gasped aloud, and squirted into her. She liked that, and almost screamed aloud. She wrapped her legs around my ass, and held me in place, and I kept thrusting. The day I can’t cum at least twice during a fuck is the day I go to the retirement home. Brandy was writhing wildly, and finally burst. No sooner had she cummed than I wrung another orgasm out of her. As tight as she was, my humungous member was filling her with ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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