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Traci stood in her third floor apartment glass deck door looking out towards the horizon. She had to have a pretty good view of the neighborhood from up there. I stared at her from the sidewalk in the darkness. She wore a satin blue babydoll that covered just enough above her thighs to not reveal anything. She looked sexy as hell. It was all it took to make me feel aroused. I had my right hand in my pocket, rubbing my cock.

Pathetic, right? But that was my sex life. I was just a few months out of high school with no prospects for a future. I couldn’t afford college even if I wanted to go. I lived with my parents. I worked at a coffee shop six blocks from our house and walked to and from work. Always the same path, always past Traci’s apartment, where I would always look up to see if she was there.

I had zero experience with girls. I was socially awkward with everyone at school. I was the skinny nerd weirdo who didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t even register enough to get my ass kicked by the jocks. It was almost like I didn’t exist at all. I was invisible, both then and now. Sure I was a three times a day masturbator, but I had no interest in actually dating. Actual human contact? Knowing what to say? What to do and when? The thought terrified me.

Traci and her roommate Kira were regulars at the coffee shop, and seemed just the opposite. They’re confident, fun girls, always a little playful and sassy. They are also trans, which makes their comfort level all the more amazing to me. I fantasized about them as lovers, of course, not even knowing if they were a couple or not. But they’re always born women in my mind.

And that’s how I was seeing Traci in my mind tonight. Ataşehir Escort Right up until the moment I felt a sharp pain at the back of my neck and blacked out.

I was blurry when I came to. It took a bit of time to get my bearings. I was laying somewhere soft. I couldn’t seem to move my arms. There were voices. My cock was throbbing, and as I came more into focus, I realized someone was rubbing it.

“Hey boyfriend!” I heard a familiar voice say.

It was Kira. She was the one rubbing my cock through my tight white briefs as she leaned against me to the right. Traci was leaning against me to the left, smiling and waving. I was tied to a bed, and my briefs were the only thing I was wearing.

My natural instinct was to buck and to start to scream. Traci anticipated this. “Go ahead and scream,” she said. “We’ll let everybody in the building come in and see you.”

That made me pause. “What the hell is going on?” I asked.

“Nothing that wasn’t already going on,” Kira replied. “You were about to spray your shorts playing pocket pool down there on the sidewalk anyway.” She rubbed harder.

“I…I wasn’t…” I protested.

“OH MY GOD!” Kira exclaimed and increased her pace. “Shut up!”

Traci leaned into me. “Were you watching me, pervert?” she asked before leaning in and kissing me. And with that, I exploded into my underwear. It was by far the biggest orgasm of my life with somebody else touching me. I shot loads.

“Oooh, we have a winner!” Kira exclaimed. Traci dropped down to have a look. “Ewww, gross!” she exclaimed.

I laid there, feeling a little scared and really humiliated. “Are you happy now?” I asked.

“Um, Kadıköy Escort no, not really,” Kira replied. “Yeah…no, we’re not done with you yet,” Traci chimed in.

Kira pulled my wet underwear off me. She wiped the excess cum off my body with it, then brought it up to me. I struggled to move my head, but she held me and rubbed my own cum covered underwear all over my face. As I groaned, she stuffed them in my mouth. I could taste my own cum. I tried to spit them out but she was covering my mouth to hold the wet underwear in.

While this was going on, Traci was dressing me in a pair of panties. I was distracted enough trying to fight off Kira that I didn’t really realize what was going on until I was in them. I could feel the silkiness against my cock and my ass.

Traci and Kira started to make out with each other while leaning over me, giving me a chance to spit out my soiled underwear. Traci pulled off Kira’s top, exposing her black bra. Slowly two interlocked hands moved down to my lower stomach and suddenly pressed. The unexpected pressure made me leak piss into the panties. “Stop!” I begged.

“Wow,” Kira said. “You just can’t keep your panties dry, can you.” She then leaned down and gave a long, slow, single lick at my wet spot.

“Maybe I want a wet spot too,” Traci said. She crawled up and straddled my head, still wearing the babydoll, brushing her panties against my face.

“Lick me,” she ordered.

I didn’t move.

“Lick me or I start peeing,” she demanded.

I opened my mouth and tasted the front of her panties. She pressed her balls against my mouth, then moved so I was feeling her cock. I started Bostancı Escort having a euphoric feeling I’d never felt before. I was enjoying this.

Kira moved up and was watching, stroking Traci’s ass. Traci moved her panties aside, exposing her cock, and fed it into my mouth. I didn’t resist.

“Close your lips around it,” Traci ordered. I complied. She started mouth fucking me. My tongue against her shaft made me feel light-headed. She pushed deeper, making me gag, showing no mercy. The gagging filled my mouth with saliva. I coughed up some of it out of my mouth, but found it also lubricated. She increased her thrusts and moaned in sync. All I could do was let her do her thing and try to control my gag reflex. She shot her load into my mouth. It wasn’t nearly the load I’d shot into my underwear, but it tasted sweeter. I swallowed it all, and realized I wanted more.

Meanwhile, Kira had stripped completely naked. She replaced Traci and pushed her cock straight into my mouth. It was clear she’d been getting turned on watching. Her cock was bigger and harder. She pushed into my mouth. I started trying to apply technique…sucking, tongue play. She smiled and moaned her approval.

Then I felt Traci moving my panties aside and start sucking my cock. God, it felt so much better than self-pleasuring. Between the cock in my mouth and the mouth on my cock, I was practically numb with pleasure. The gagging only increased the feeling of loss of control. I have never, before or since, had an orgasm like that. It felt like I shot a bigger load into Traci’s mouth than I did in my underwear, if that’s possible. And Kira shot a massive load into my mouth with enough left over to cover my face.

And with that, I became a more normal, sex-crazed young adult. I became more gender-fluid, throwing some women’s clothes into my wardrobe and doing my nails and sometimes makeup. And I met a boy, fresh out of school, a little shy, and very awkward…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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