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My name is Chris and id like to tell you about my amazing
Encounter with sex. I was 16 and curious. Just as all 16 year old boys are, being horny was a daily routine.

I had met this one girl, her name was Annie. Annie was about 5’6, slim but not to thin, a good weight and body shape. Her tits were Solid B-cups but also she had the fattest ass I’ve ever seen. It was perfectly round and it turned me on more than anything on her body. After dating her for about two months and constantly getting hand jobs and fingering her I got bored. She didn’t seem to care when I approached her about sex, and blowjobs untill the time came and she refused to do either. That was kind of a speed bump and the relationship went flat from there. Annie however, had a bestfriend. Her name was Lizzie, she was about 5’5, she had these bright green eyes, perky b-cup tits, and a mediocre ass but I was okay with that. After all, she was one of the hottest girls in my school. Back when Annie and I were together, whenever we hung out and groups Lizzie always gave me these quirky smiles and she might have even winked at me, which was weird because her and Annie’s friend ship was very tight.
Now, I was a 5’11 – 6’0 athlete who played 2 sports with brown hair, green eyes and a six pack which I never really showed off. After winning one of the biggest varsity basketball games of my life, my team went out to celebrate. As I was leaving the gym walking to my car I noticed a note that was jammed in between my windshield wiper and windshield. 
On the note it read: “great game, you looked great out there ;)” . I was used to this kind of publicity from the girls in my school but this was different. Usually in the hall ways I got cute, red faced hellos from random girls I didn’t even know, but this one stuck me as “I want you.” A couple weeks went by, and school was coming to an end. I had just finished my AP Chem final when I decided I’d clean out my locker. As I put in the code and opened it up, a note fell out saying “meet me at the causeway between the big lake and the round pond tonight at 8.” I was shocked, escort bayan who was this person, all I could think was maybe it was one of buddies playing a joke on me, but I figured i had nothing to lose so I decided to go. 
As I pulled up around 7:55, the causeway was still empty. Now, if you’re not familiar with what a causeway is, it is a rock like wall that divides two small bodies of water, almost like a bridge or a dam. It was about 8:15 when I decided I was going to leave because still, nobody had arrived when I saw a car pull up. I froze, anticipating one of my buddies to jump out and make fun of me. Instead, it was Lizzie. She had on this white tank top which made her tits look amazing, to the point where I couldn’t take my eyes off them. The moon reflected off her eyes as she got closer. I opened my mouth first…

“Lizzie?” I said, in a shocked voice

“hi Chris” she said as she got closer and closer. 
Before I could open my mouth she got very close to me, put her index finger across my lips and said “don’t say anything, I’ve wanted you for a while now, and I hope you don’t refuse. If you do, tell me now, and I’ll walk away, if not walk me to your car and let me take car of you.”

I was in shock, I could not believe this was real, a Girl as gorgeous as Lizzie was offering her body to me, I wasn’t going to refuse. 
Without saying anything I walked towards my Chevy Tahoe, opened the back seat and just sat there. She climbed in next to me and said, “good choice”. She got closer to my face and began to kiss me slowly, before I stopped her.

“my parents are gone for the weekend” I said quickly while trying to breathe from the lack of air from Lizzie sticking her tounge down my throat. 

“then what are we waiting for” she said being all for it.

I started up the car and before I knew it I was in my house, walking up the stairs to my room, with Lizzie holding my hand walking behind me. I opened my door and layed down on my freshly made bed, the house was silent. Lizzie crawled on top of me, smiled and started kissing me. 

All I kept thinking about kocaeli escort bayan was this is amazing, I can’t believe this. After about 10 minutes of heavily making out, my dick began to harden.
Lizzie being on top of me, jumped and the realized what it was. Not even the fabric from my jeans could hold in the boner I had, and she seemed perfectly okay with it. Lizzie was a virgin, I knew for a fact from when I talked to Annie, so all I kept thinking about was how tight that pussy must be.

I started to lift up her tank top when she stopped me and told me shed do it. She then quickly took off her tank top, then unhooked her bra, and leaned over. Her boobs, hovering over my face, driving me crazy. I say up and began sucking on them like a mad man. I had never seen such beautiful tits, all I could think about was sliding my 7 inch hard on right through the middle of them. She knew how hard I was, because she was teasing me.

She was sliding back on forth, straddling my hips, grinding like it was a rodeo and I was perfectly okay with it. Finally, she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, then unzipped them and slid them down as far as she could just about reaching my ankles. She then pulled Down my boxer briefs reviewing my harder than ever 7inch dick.
It was pounding, and starting to hurt because of how badly I just wanted to pound Lizzie’s little tight pussy. She began jerking me off with her left hand slowly, and switching to her right and increasing speed. 

She then looked up and said “may I?”, me not knowing what she meant, just nodded and I watched her tounge go right up my penis making me moan quietly. She then engulfed my dick in her mouth and started sucking me off faster and faster.

After about 4 minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and
Yelled ” I’m gonna cum”, that didn’t stop her… As she kept going I let out the biggest load of my life while she bobbed down and sucked it all up. I let out a deep breath, laid back and just closed my eyes.

“now I want you to fuck me” she said
With a sexy smirk on her face.

It kocaeli escort was cute, and I took the offer like any other teenage boy would do if a hot naked girl was in their bed.

I unbuttoned her short jean shots and pulled off her red thing. She had the nicest pussy I had ever seen. She was completely shaved, and her Pussy looked perfect. I stood up, pulled her to the end of the bed, just we’re her ass was hanging off, and then lined my cock up with her pussy and began to push in. 

“don’t worry, I’ve been using a 6inch dildo all week, my hymens broken, just fuck me” Lizzie mumbled with a painful scrunched look on her face. 

I nodded, then pushed in as far as I could. Lizzie moaned loudly and that turned me on so much. I began fucking her, and I mean fucking her. I was thrusting harder than i could even keep up with, and she just kept repeating

“oh… Fuck me”. After about 5 minutes I left my cock all the way in her, and picked her up, layed down and let her ride me. As she bounced up and down I just closed my eyes and let the feeling over come my body. She loved it, I could tell, and so did I. Her tits synced with her bouncing body which made me grab them and pinch and twist her nipples, she then let out a scream, 

“I’m gonna come Chris” don’t stop, and I did exactly that, and began thrusting to the movement of her perfect body riding my dick. She
Then moaned loudly and I felt her pussy tighten around my dick as she stopped and her body went limp. She
Has orgasmed all over my dick and I loved it. I was still hard as a rock and couldn’t believe I was lasting this long. After a couple minutes she started fucking me again, so hard… And I couldn’t do it anymore. The pressure was building up and i just let loose. I filled her tight little pussy with my cum and I moaned so loud. This was the best orgasm I had ever had. I pulled out as she rolled over and laid next to me. My dick still hard, with my eyes closed I felt a sweet sensation around the tip of my
Cock. It was Lizzie, blowing
Me. This girl really loved my dick, and she sucked me for hours. Finally I came for the third time and I was done, she then got up, got dressed, kissed me, then said “that note on your car was me”, closed my door, and left my house. What a night. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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