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Everyone in this story is over eighteen. You should read Gift of the gab 2 before you read this story. This is the first of a nine part Syfy series. Ben edited this story. Jane is the narrator.

Evil eyes ( Syfy)


Tanya’s nightmares are constantly getting worse and worse and are stressing us all out. Tánya wakes up screaming twice a night. Tánya realized powers she never knew she had. As Tanya’s screams became louder her arms turned into swords waving round and around near stabbing both Jake and I.

“What the hell is going on. Who the hell am I? This might help to explain where Tilly came from? She could not possibly be my daughter! Could this be genetic? Have my daughters got powers as well? How do I control these powers?” Tánya was lashing out at all of us.

“Tilly certainly has a lot to answer for.” Not even Ruby’s expert sexual massages are helping to relieve Tanya’s pain and ease her mind. The third time that Tanya woke up screaming waving her swords around and around she locked herself in Tilly’s old bedroom, fearing that she was going to kill Jake and I. As Tánya locked the door red lights started flashing everywhere. Through Tanya’s Casibom reflection in the mirror there was Tilly’s reflection.

“What the hell! This can’t possibly be real. I know I’m not dreaming though.”

Tilly’s eyes lit up green and glowing, smashing the mirror as Tilly jumped out of it. Kristy heard the yelling and saw the red and green glow under the door. “Mum are you ok in their there?”

“No, I’m definitely not. Your sister just jumped out of the mirror.”

With that out-cry of her mother’s fear Kristy’s power transported her way through the door. “You evil bitch. You sure know how to make an entry, don’t you?!”

“You know you can’t out run me sister.”

“I promise you that I’m going to power transport you out of our lives for good don’t you?”

“Oh, little Sister, I’ve gained great speed and eye power since dad kicked me out of the house. You know how anger strengthens us, you silly girl.” Tilly’s evil laugh was really upsetting both Tanya and Kristy.

With that Tanya’s arms turned into swords.

Tilly’s eyes lit up with fear. “I’ve never seen you so angry Mum. I’ve always thought of you as a soft touch and Casibom Giriş a bit of a push over, Tilly remarked. Tilly’s eyes turned into crazy beams of electricity zapping the steel bed head and creating three holes in the bedroom floor.

Kristy grabbed her Mother’s ass. “Calm down Mum and don’t let that bitch get to you! Let the sex take over. These powers scare me. Scissor fuck me now! Grab my ass tight and suck my tits.” Tánya excepted her youngest daughters demands and felt Kristy’s nipples harden with excitement in her mouth. “If only Jane and Dad knew about our powers. Wouldn’t they freak out!”

“Actually they do know.” Tánya looked lovingly into her daughters eyes. “I was so scared. I thought I was going to kill them both, after my arms turned into swords from my nightmares.” Tánya looked at Tilly with disappointment. “That’s why I moved in here.”

“That’s actually a bit of a relief. I don’t have to worry so much about my powers in front of them anymore.” Kristy smiled.

Tilly clicked her fingers and the mirror regained its original form. Tilly disappeared back into the mirror with her distinctive evil laugh slowly fading into Casibom Yeni Giriş the background, until the red glow left the bedroom. God only knows where Tilly is going now, or what havoc she is going to cause.

In fact the whole bedroom regained its original form. Kristy grabbed her mother’s arm and transported through the bedroom door as if nothing had ever happened, bumping into me and Jake returning cheekily from our bathroom romp together.

“What have you two been up to in there?” Jake asked this with love in his eyes for all of us.

“You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.” Tánya smiled. “I will be returning to my bedroom tonight to keep a close eye on my naughty husband and our lesbian bitch.”

We walked into the kitchen arm in arm and prepared a healthy breakfast for everyone.

All Tánya wants is a good relationship with her eldest daughter. “Is that too much to ask?”

Jake suggested a whole day of catch-up sex which his wife. “Can we demand that you and Kristy wait on us hand and foot today?”

“It would be our pleasure!”

As Tánya prepared for bed, Kristy whispered into her mother’s ear: “Don’t let your nightmares get the better of you. Just think dirty thoughts and let the sex take over. It’s not healthy to let your nightmares control your life.”

Just one visit from Tilly has destroyed all the good work of Tanya’s therapist.. Tilly really has a soul of ice.

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