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Justin Myers sat on the bus staring into space. It was as good a thing to do at this time as anything. The bus ride was long, tedious and very uncomfortable due to the heat. He tried not to think about the beads of sweat dripping from his temples down his face and onto his neck. This bus was supposed to have air conditioning, but as with anything the city did, they got it wrong. The AC was dead as a doornail!

He sighed and looked out the window at the world passing slowly by. With traffic lined up for miles ahead, the bus trip was fitful with its brief surges forward punctuated by the stomach-churning stops every time the driver stomped on the brake pedal.

He blinked slowly and sighed again. He opened his eyes wide when he caught sight of a girl on the sidewalk. She had just stepped out of some clothing store and was walking unhurriedly in the same direction his bus was traveling.

Given the stop and go flow of traffic it afforded him the opportunity to take in her figure from back to front and then front to back several times.

She was probably in her twenties, though she could just as well have been over thirty. Justin didn’t care much how old she was. He just liked the way she looked.

She had long blond hair hanging loose past her shoulders and was wearing an orange floral-print dress that was belted at her waist.

The open back that showed both her collar bones and the curve of her spine all the way to her waist left no doubt that she was braless. On the latest view he got from back to front he grinned at the slight jiggle of her average sized tits with each step she took.

He closed his eyes and wondered to himself whether she was wearing panties. He smiled broadly as he imagined himself walking up behind her and raising the back of her skirt to reveal her bare bum.

He opened his eyes again and found his seat neighbor frowning at him. He then realized the moan of appreciation he’d let out at his imaginings had not been all in his head.

He looked toward the front of the bus quickly as his face burned with embarrassment. His neighbor, a dour looking man in his fifties, eventually stopped staring at him and Justin turned his gaze to the floor.

The bus jolted to a stop then and Justin looked up. They had reached a stop and some people, including his dour-faced neighbor, were getting off.

And then it happened. The girl he’d been eyeing on the sidewalk boarded the bus. Justin quickly looked up and down the aisles and grinned when he realized the only empty seat was the one next to him.

He wiped the smile from his face and dispassionately turned his attention to the window. He forced himself not to look in the girl’s direction and waited anxiously.

After a moment he felt the seat give under him a little and he turned casually to look at the girl.

She stared at him aloofly for just a moment and then leaned back in the seat and crossed her legs.

Justin returned his gaze to the window with no expression, though inwardly his heart was racing with excitement.

He was not a good-looking man and life for the most part had passed him by. He had only ever had two girlfriends in his life. His relationships with both of them had been short-lived and neither of them parted with him on friendly terms.

They both had called him boring and just plain weird when they broke up with him. He began to wonder if there was a master script that women went through when leaving their boyfriends.

For now, he was just happy to be sitting beside this beautiful girl.

He took a long look at her crossed legs and then closed his eyes.

In his mind he saw himself brushing his hand against her thigh. She glanced down at his hand and said nothing, simply directed her attention Casibom to the view through the front of the bus. Feeling emboldened, he let his hand linger for a moment. With no reaction from her he moved his hand to rest on her leg. Still no reaction.

He felt the soft skin of her thigh and a tingle went through him.

He gently squeezed the supple muscles under his fingers and she finally reacted; she uncrossed her legs and put both her feet flat in the floor.

With this new position he allowed his hand to slide slowly between her thighs. Her skin had that pampered feel to it, as if she spent many hours at the spa getting oiled up and gently massaged.

Her legs parted slightly and his hand slipped a little further up her thigh. He traced his fingers gently along her skin and he felt goosebumps as the sparse hairs on her legs stood straight up.

She glanced at him briefly and a half smile touched her lips. Then she went back to staring out the front window.

He moved his fingers upward a bit and her thighs parted a little more. The heat from between her legs felt like a furnace. He moved his hand still further and gripped the inner muscle of her thigh tightly. A short gasp escaped her lips and she pushed her legs further apart.

With her mons gap wide open he moved his fingers to the crux of her thighs. The odor of her excitement wafted upward to tickle his nose.

He pushed his fingers against her slit and he smiled when he found she was not wearing panties. Just as he’d hoped!

The wetness was slick and wonderful! He moved his fingers up the length of her vulva and played with the hair that began at the apex of her opening. Feeling upward a little he found her pubes had been shaved into a thin roughly two-inch line above her clitoris.

She stared at him then, her eyes hooded with excitement. She scooted down in her seat and spread her legs wide.

He placed his palm over her mons and she sighed softly in response.

He moved his whole hand upward and downward with gentle pressure against her vagina. Her eyes closed and another sigh escaped her lips.

He allowed two of his fingers to trace her opening and then pushed them gently inside. Then he felt her hand move over his thigh and toward the fastening of his shorts. With deft movements of her fingers she opened his fly and reached inside. When her hand closed on his cock it was his turn to let out a sigh.

He looked her in the eye and they both smiled at their clandestine play.

He moved his hand upward to tickle her clitoris and she gasped. Both of them went wide-eyed as they looked around at their neighbors. Did anyone hear that?

None of the people around them were paying the slightest attention to them.

They both grinned and returned to their mutual masturbation.

With gentle stokes of her hand she was bringing Justin quickly to orgasm. Judging by her squirming he judged she was close too.

He redoubled his efforts, moving his fingers in circular motions around her slit. She sighed softly at the sensations. She began to move her hand all the way from his balls to his head and Justin knew he would erupt soon.

He pushed his fingers deeply into her and then he groaned as he came.

His eyes flew open and he looked at her.

Her look of pure disgust and alarm dissipated every thought in his head. They both looked down at his hand which was wrapped tightly around his cock. The outline of it could be clearly seen through his shorts and her lip curled up in repugnance. The wet stain of his semen was spreading slowly through the material.

“You pervert!” she screamed loudly as she quickly rose from her seat.

She rushed forward and screamed at the driver to stop the bus. There Casibom Giriş was a sudden jerk as the driver slammed on the brakes, not that they were moving very fast to begin with.

“What the hell is going on back there?” the driver shouted as he turned back toward his passengers.

“That pervert is jerking off!” the girl screamed, “Let me off this minute!”

The driver put the vehicle in park and opened the door. The girl stepped quickly down to the sidewalk and walked with her head down and her shoulders hunched in the direction they’d been traveling.

The driver stood up and strode slowly toward Justin’s seat with a scowl on his face. He leveled an angry gaze at him and took a deep breath.

“Is what she said true Mister?” he asked with disdain.

In a panic, Justin jumped from his seat and ran to the front door. He turned to his right and rushed in the direction they’d been coming from. After a few steps he started running as fast as he could go. He turned to his left at the first block and then ran into an alley that opened up on his left.

He ducked behind a dumpster and bent over double, his chest heaving and his eyes wide with fear.

After a few moments he relaxed a little. No one was following him.

He peeked out at the sidewalk and saw people walking every which way but none of them seemed to be looking for him.

He took a few tentative steps to his left, didn’t hear anyone shouting at him, and then began walking normally.

He walked with his head hung low as he berated himself inwardly.

“How could I have let that happen?” he asked himself out loud.

He shook his head and sighed.

After a few moments he came upon a coffee shop. He looked inside and frowned. There was hardly anyone in there, only the waitress and one or two customers.

“Just what I need right now!” he said as he went inside.

It really was! It was a small out-of-the-way diner with very few people in it. He could take a breath and take a few minutes to get his head on straight.

He took a seat in the back where he could see the whole shop. He put his back to the wall and stared down at the table.

“What would you like?” a girl’s voice said cheerfully.

He looked up and saw the waitress standing over him. She was smiling brightly and chewing gum as she waited for his order. In her late teens or early twenties, she was a cutie! With her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and her apron tied around her waist she looked amazing. Her face was fresh and young looking and her white blouse contrasted starkly against the lime green apron. The miniskirt she wore under it could barely be seen.

“Latté,” he mumbled barely loud enough for her to hear.

“Sure thing!” she said and turned quickly toward the counter.

Justin watched her walk away and chastised himself for admiring the swing of her girlish hips under her black skirt.

He threw his hands over his eyes and then covered his head with them as he turned down toward the table.

“Don’t look!” he muttered softly, “Just don’t!”

He took several deep breaths and then opened his eyes to study the filigree pattern on the Formica table. After a few minutes he felt better and then looked up. He was just in time to see the waitress reappear with his latté.

“Here you go Sweetie!” she said with a smile.

She placed it on the table and smiled.

“Anything else?” she asked.

Justin smiled weakly and shook his head as the thought, “Yeah! You!” flitted through his mind.

“Just call if you need me!” she said with a grin and then bounced back to the counter a few feet away.

Justin forced himself to look at the coffee in front of him and nothing else.

He sipped at Casibom Yeni Giriş it and closed his eyes in bliss. It was good!

He added a little bit of sugar and leaned back to savor his drink. He took tiny mouthfuls and licked his lips at the taste. He studied the view outside the big picture window, a mundane street with few passersby.

“How’s the latté?” the girl said.

Justin looked up to see her hovering over his table. She wore a nametag with the name Julie written on it. He smiled and nodded.

“It’s really good Julie,” he said.

She creased her brow and gave him a puzzled look.

“Why did you call me Julie?” she asked.

He pointed at the nametag and she tittered gleefully.

“Oh that!” she said, “I had to borrow this one today because I left mine at home. I’m Cindy Honey!”

Justin grinned and nodded.

“Okay Cindy,” he chuckled, “I won’t have any trouble remembering your name!”

She smiled and batted her eyelashes.

“You just call out if you need me,” she said.

Justin gulped and swallowed hard.

“Is she flirting with me?” he thought.

She winked at him and once more skipped back to behind the counter.

As he watched her traipse back to her station, he felt his cock grow in his shorts. He looked down and grimaced at the semen stain he left there on the bus. He looked back up and saw Cindy grinning slyly at him. With horror he realized she could see the tent his cock was making in his lap. She turned away with one last glimpse of his discomfort and then she was gone to the other side of the room.

“She is flirting with me!” he whispered to himself.

He swallowed hard again and stared down at his cup. He took a few more sips and risked a look up at the counter.

She had her back to him as she took a new customer’s order. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and he took the opportunity to admire her curvy bum swing from side to side.

When she turned away from her new patron, she caught him staring at her and smiled.

Justin blushed and averted his eyes to stare back at his mug. He held it in two hands as he sipped at it gingerly.

His cock was now pulsing with excitement. He closed his eyes for a moment and risked placing his hand over it. He could feel his own heartbeat as it pulsed through his erection. He sat back and closed his eyes as he savored the thrill. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Cindy staring open-mouthed in his direction.

Her eyes were glued to his lap and he subconsciously gave his penis a slight tug. Cindy raised a hand to cover her mouth and he swallowed hard as she stared. He felt his cock jump and then he was, once again, coating his underwear with semen.

Cindy’s eyes remained wide and she turned to the register to her right. She printed out a bill and she stepped over to Justin’s table slowly.

“That’ll be five dollars,” she said woodenly, “And you’d better leave a good tip or I’m calling the cops, deviant!”

Justin’s face fell as he realized she hadn’t been flirting with him at all. Again, it had all been in his imagination.

He rose slowly from his chair and pulled a ten-dollar bill from his pocket. He dropped it onto the table and walked to the door like a beaten man. He turned his face to the ground and tried to ignore the looks of repugnance on the faces of the three other patrons in the diner.

When he reached the exit, he turned to see Cindy picking up the ten-dollar bill with a folded napkin. She rushed to the sink behind the counter and threw it into the sink, then turned on the hot water and soaked it completely. She squirted some dish detergent onto it and continued to douse it with the scalding water.

She gave him one last look of loathing and turned back to the sink.

Justin left the café and plodded along the sidewalk sullenly.

Although it was probably a fifteen to twenty-minute bus ride to get home, he decided to walk. He couldn’t get into trouble walking, could he?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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