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The night before signing the divorce papers, I decided to give my ex-husband a sexy farewell present. He had always been the kinky type. He loved to explore different sexual fantasies with me. Sometimes I would pee on his wet naked body in the shower. A few times I used a strap-on with him, and showed him who was boss. I loved being in control, and he loved being my little bitch. I really wanted to make my ex jealous one last time. My current boyfriend was a little bit hesitant.

For a guy in his mid-fifties Steve was pretty hot. At one point he had spent a few years in jail for drug trafficking. He had a few prison tattoos on his chest and arms. He was a burly guy who you wouldn’t want to cross paths with. He kept his long silver hair tied up in a ponytail. My favorite position was having him do me doggy while he choked me.

Steve was open to my threesome idea. The plan was simple. We would ride his Harley over to my ex’s place, and get naked while he waited in the other room.

My ex wasn’t terrible in bed. He loved to eat me out, and he loved when I rode him. He was soft though. He loved it simple and slow. Steve was a violent ex-con who would be very rough with me. He knew I wouldn’t come unless his hands were squeezing my throat. When Steve did me doggy he would always leave red marks on my ass. He would grab my ass so hard it would go numb.

On the way to my ex’s house I fondled Steve through his tight jeans. I could feel his massive cock was already rock hard. He knew how much riding his motorcycle turned me on.

I broke our first rule and greeted my ex with a wet sloppy kiss. I could see Steve turning red as I kept doing it. He pulled my body towards his. I gently stroked my exes cock through his boxer shorts while Steve watched us make out.

Steve unzipped his jeans, and let his hard massive cock fall out. My ex stared at it, not believing how huge it was. Steve started stroking himself up and down while I continued making out with my ex. I got on my knees and pulled Steve’s pants down. My ex pushed his boxers down. They were both ready for a good time.

They both stood over me dangling their cocks in front of me, what a tease! I did my best to squeeze both cocks in my mouth. My ex’s cock wasn’t too hard to handle. He wasn’t nearly as massive as Steve.

They loved having both their hard cocks rubbing together in my warm mouth. Steve grabbed my hair, and pushed my head into both cocks. I gagged so hard I could barely breathe. I took turns sucking each of them off. I couldn’t handle both cocks at the same time.

I stood up and the three of our warm tongues pressed together. I took off my little black skirt, and I sandwiched my petite body between these two hot burly men. My ex’s cock rubbed between my ass cheeks. Steve’s rubbed the tip of his massive cock softly on the outside of my wet pussy.

We took a minute to do few quick tequila shots, and slowly Bostancı Escort went towards the bedroom.

Steve went to the bedroom and got undressed. Steve had no idea that I gave my ex another quick sloppy blowjob while he waited. I knew how mad he would be if he wasn’t watching. I quickly went to the bedroom to join Steve, kissing him softly on the lips with the taste of my ex still on me.

I threw the rest of my clothes on the floor next to Steve. Steve was already naked eagerly waiting with cock hanging out. He was standing and stroking himself up and down. I loved big juicy cocks, and his was easily almost ten inches. It was also super thick and always made me wet. I told Steve ahead of time no sex or jerking off for a couple of days. I wanted him to shoot a massive load today.

I went on my knees, and Steve pushed his cock into my mouth. My Ex could hear me gagging loudly from the other room. Steve loved pushing my head into his cock. He knew I could barely get the whole thing in my mouth. This time I almost got the whole thing in my mouth. I gagged harder and harder. He was only getting harder listening to me gag and choke. I could feel a warm string of wet saliva drip from his cock onto my perky little breast. I gently cupped his massive clean shaven balls, while I went a little bit slower on him.

I could feel a warm wet mouth next to mine. I was so focused on fitting his cock in my mouth; I didn’t even notice my ex come in to the bedroom. Our tongues kept meeting at the tip of Steve’s cock, as we each licked a side of his engorged cock.

We took turns doing our best to fit the whole thing in our mouths. Steve could barely stand and had to lean back against the wall. You could hear his loud moaning a block away. We made out and passionately licked the tip of Steve’s cock between our mouths. Steve stroked his cock slowly between our mouths.

Steve pulled away from us and started quickly stroking his cock up and down. I opened my mouth wide, I stuck my tongue out. I was ready for him to shoot his load all over both our faces. I quickly changed my mind. There was no way I was going to let him finish this quickly.

I got up and made out with him, softly rubbing his wet warm cock against my pussy. I whispered something softly in his ear, and he sat at the edge of the bed eagerly waiting for me. I lay on my belly on Steve’s lap. Steve spanked me so hard on my ass that my tiny body flew into the bed. My ex sat next to me, and I sucked him off while Steve continued to spank gently spank my little ass. I was such a naughty lady, and I deserved to be punished but these hot studs.

Steve pulled my hair in one hand and spanked me harder. He wanted to teach his little whore a lesson. I was naughty little bitch and her knew it. I could barely handle the hard spanking. He was so much rougher this time. He gave me a break for a few minutes while I slowly bobbed Ümraniye Escort my head up and down on my ex’s hard cock. At least I could fit my ex’s whole cock in my mouth.

I stood up and pushed my hands up against the bedroom wall, sticking my cute little ass out at the two studs sitting on the bed. It was so hot watching them jerk each other off while they stared at my petite naked body.

Steve stood up and spanked me lightly at first. Then he pulled my hair back and whacked me so hard on the ass with the other hand I almost fell back. I could believe how hard he kept spanking me.

Just as I was going to tell him to stop, I could feel him push deep inside my soaking wet pussy. I smiled and took a deep breath, this felt so fucking good. He reached around my body and played with my hard pink little nipples while he slowly pushed in and out of me.

I got off Steve for a second and went on the bed. Now I was on all fours I wanted to be treated like the dog I was. Steve went behind me and my ex went in front. Steve slapped my ass over and over. I was still numb from before but I knew how much he enjoyed it.

Steve grabbed the sides of my body super hard, and drove his massive throbbing cock deep inside me. He threw my body forward into my ex’s cock. My ex slapped his cock all over my sweaty face, rubbing it along my wet lips and teasing me with it. He finally pushed it in and out of my eager mouth. They both kept teasing me with their cocks. One was slowly gliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy, while the other teased in and out of my mouth.

Steve fucked me harder and harder. Steve pushed my head on my ex’s cock while he squeezed my ass. I could already feel my body shaking. I didn’t care if I came twice already. I still wanted more. I was sure Steve was going to explode soon.

He really went for it, squeezing the sides of my ass with all his strength. I could taste a string of pre-cum on the tip of my ex’s hard throbbing cock. Steve suddenly stopped and grabbed the sides of my body super hard, and we both started shaking like crazy. I continued sucking my ex’s cock even harder as Steve’s warm load filled up my dripping wet pussy. I quickly stopped sucking off my ex, and quickly turned around. Steve jerked himself off, and shot load after load all over my pretty little face.

We both shook so much that we had to lie down on the bed for a few minutes.

I lay on my back next to Steve’s exhausted body, and my ex licked the rest of his come out of my dripping wet pussy. I was still shaking, but I wasn’t going to say no to his warm tongue going in and out of my pussy. Now it was my ex’s turn to go inside me.

I got up and gave him a slow sloppy blowjob, teasing his cock in and out of my mouth. I could hear him moan as my saliva dripped onto his huge hairy balls. I wanted Steve to join but he was so exhausted. I got on top of my ex husband and rode Kartal Escort him up and down. I knew he liked it nice and slow. I could still taste Steve’s cum all over my mouth and lips.

I leaned forward and pressed my small naked body up against him. I started riding him a little bit quicker. He grabbed my sore ass cheeks super hard as he started going harder. I could hear my thighs smacking hard against his body. He never fucked me like that. I think Steve made him jealous. I gave him a huge hickey on his neck as he plowed in and out of me. He could barely stay inside me I was so wet. If was going to come I needed to be choked hard again. His cock didn’t satisfy me they way Steve’s did.

I took a break for a second and Steve sucked my wet pussy juicy off my ex’s cock. I pushed Steve’s head up and down, making him gag hard. I wanted to show him what it felt like to gag.

I was surprised at how good he was at giving head. I never heard my ex moan like that when I did it.

I wanted Steve to see my ex finish in me. I lay down on the bed, and grabbed my ankles up towards my perky little breasts. I pushed a little pillow under my ass to prop myself up, I really want to feel him in me.

My ex went on top of me and slowly drove his cock in and out me. I wrapped my little legs around his back. He grabbed my shoulders from underneath, and went for it. I thought he was going to be slow like he always was. He really went for it. It was the hardest he ever did me. I couldn’t believe how hard he was going. The whole bed was shaking, the headboard was smacking hard into the wall.

He took his arms out from underneath me, and put his hands around my neck. I spread my legs and held them wide open. He went even faster. I dug my nails deep into his back as his face turned bright red. He quickly pushed his cock in and out of me. I shook like crazy as we finished together. I could feel him finish deep inside me.

He slowly pulled out and stroked his load all over my sweaty naked body. I never saw him shoot a load like that in my life. He shot load after load of his warm goo all over my chest, breasts, and up to my face. I made Steve lick every last drop of cum off my naked body. He eagerly sucked every last drop off my ex’s hard cock. He dug his tongue into my throbbing pussy, making sure to get it all. I couldn’t believe how big the wet spot was on the sheet underneath me.

I got up and went wash off my sweaty naked body. I could barely walk my legs were shaking so much. My thighs were still dripping wet. I left the two of them on the bed together. They were both so sweaty and tired they could barely move.

When I came back, I was a little surprised to see the two of them making out passionately. I decided not to go back in the room, and just keep peeking through the door. It was so hot watching these two stocky studs make out on top of each other.

I went back in the room a few minutes later, they had no idea I saw them making out together. We slowly got dressed, had a quick cigarette and left. I know my ex would be jerking off all night thinking about what just happened. I had no idea that Steve had secretly given my ex his phone number.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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