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“The major thing is that we don’t have our pants, though”, I said in a worried voice. Honestly, I was loving the situation myself, but I was nervously trying to gauge Molly’s mood being stuck practically naked in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, she didn’t mind it very much. She grabbed my half-risen cock and pulled me toward the side of a dune.

“We should make the best of this. Whoever robbed us are long gone, and there are nobody else around. Are we in any kind of danger, do you think?” She was definitely not worried about anything. I put my arms around her tiny waist and lunged at her tits that were standing proud against her wet t-shirt. We dunked down on the steep dune side, almost standing but not really, and my mouth was biting her nipples while my hands and knees were finding purchase in the sand. Molly was standing there with one hand on my dick and the other arm spread wide, watching the sky as I got to work.

Soon my hands found her face, as did my mouth, kissing her madly. I fell on top of her, my cock dunking against her hard belly. Her hands were in my hair, pulling it. I guided myself into her very quickly, as if we had coordinated it. She was so tight and so warm, my cock was ready to burst immediately. She held me tight and still, and I had a beat to keep myself from coming right then. We moved roughly against each other, none of us really comfortable, but both very committed to what we were doing. She moaned and fastened her grip in my hair. I grabbed her ass so hard that I almost regretted it. But she bit my neck, and I knew I was doing alright. She was a vampire and I wanted to feed her, so I kept pumping as bursa eskort hard as I could. I felt her breath with every push, she was in sync with me, and I felt my ecstasy coming. I grabbed her mouth with my lips as I shot my load. Our tongues twirled as my dick twitched from the exertion. We fell upon each other in the sand.

We lay next to each other for a while, her head in the crook of my arm, staring up at the azure sky.

“‘What would you do, if you were left alone on the planet?” she asked.

“Probably look for food and a nice house to hole up in.” Seemed like a reasonable answer to a weird question, but I felt I had to add something.

“Once I got situated, I would find a way to broadcast my position so that other survivors might find me.” I felt like a proper Robinson Crusoe right there, but Molly confronted me:

“Ok, but what if those other survivors were out to kill you, and you just gave away everything you had?”

“Hmm, yeah I see what you mean” I felt the weight of my existence on me then. My thoughts alone in my head, forever, unless I had someone to share them with.

“I think I would kill myself.” Molly said quietly. “What’s the point of being alone in a world of predators. No family or loved ones, just yourself, trying to stay alive. For what? Some degenerate with a gun and a posse and an obnoxious license plated truck?” She was very still beside me. “Freedom is not what they say it is…”

We lay in silence for a while until the wind reminded us that we had no clothes on. Chilly and sullen, we agreed to get back on our bikes and get out of these dunes as bursa merkez escort fast as possible.

As soon as we got going again, our mood increased rapidly. I took the lead over the dunes and Molly was right behind me. “What’s that between your legs?” she said, as I stood in my pedals going up a dune when she passed me. “Is that an anchor?” I took that as a compliment. She was always in better shape shape than I was.

We finally got to a road that separated the beach area from the farmland. Tarmac at last. Left or right? We went toward the sun. On our right was the grass covered dunes and on the left it was farmland. Up ahead was a small grove of trees that the road ran through. A car passed us suddenly, we never heard it coming. Did they notice that we were bottomless?

When we got to the trees, we stopped at a lay-by. We decided to search for a stream, since we were both very thirsty. Like Adam and Eve, we felt fine being ourselves, but we needed sustenance. Could we find water or would we be forced to negotiate with society around us?

We moved through the woods, avoiding nettles, letting branches and grasses graze our naked bodies. At one point, a deer startled out of the undergrowth only 10 feet away. We watched it disappear into the forest while slowly making our way toward a hollow beyond. Yes! Water, at last!

At the forest edge was a beautiful wheat field stretching miles ahead. The sun was coming low against us and instead of going back through the dark forest, we decided to circle back around going through the field. The straws were about 3 feet high and they swiped bursa sınırsız escort deliciously between our legs as we moved between them. Seeing the crops appearing bent between Molly’s legs and swiping straight up after her passing made me think of… having Molly right there and then!

“Just to let you know, I’m coming for you. Count to three and get ready.” I informed her politely.

“Let´s see you try it, farmboy!” She turned her head, laughing, and started to run. And the wheat was buckling and swaying as she raced through them.

As I ran, the soft straws caressed my thighs, my balls, my ass, and my swinging dick. My gaze was focused on catching up with the athletic girl in front of me, and my dick was leading the way. She was fast, but she slowed down as she turned around and faced me, hands up for grappling.

“Stop right there, farmboy. Another step, and I’m gonna throw you down like a randy hog. Wanna try me?”

We circled each other with our claws out, closing in and staring each other down. Molly´s hard nipples were holding her tshirt in place as her boobs were trying to catch up with her ninja moves. Staring me down, hands open wide. I lunged and caught her.

In that corn field, with the sun going down, we made love like nothing had ever happened before. The ground was hard, but not too rough. Molly’s head found a furrow to rest on as I plowed her furrow like a caveman. My knees in the dirt and my hands next to her hips. My head lilting to her chest as I connected again and again. Lifting my head to the darkening sky, grabbing her raised thighs, her hands reaching for my hands, as my balls slapped against her pussy like a firefighter with an asbestos blanket.

Yes, we eventually found our bikes. Yes, we eventually made our way home in the dark, but it’s a boring story and not a very good end to this tale. But back home, in bed, we relived all these moments and acted them out until we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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