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Group Sex

This is a true story of my first and second experience with an older man.

When I was 18 back in the early 1970s I use to hitchhike a lot to save money on bus fares, I would hitch a lift most days.

On one cold, wet and dark winters night I was trying to get home I had hitchhiked in the same spot for about 20 minutes, the road seemed busy and I started to think I was never going to get a lift home. then all of a sudden a car came from around a corner and stopped, I was so relieved.

I had been picked up by this man a few times before so I kind of knew him; he was a man in his mid to late fifties and quite a nice friendly person.

I asked him if he was going near to where I live which was about 25 to 30 minutes away, he replied yes but said he would like to go the back way to get out of the traffic, this was ok with me.

After a few minutes he was driving along a stretch of road when the rain seemed to get heavier, this made him slow right down so he could see where he was going, it was then when I noticed as he slowly passed the street lights that he had his pants unzipped and unbuckled, he was fondling his cock as he was talking to me, I tried to pretend not to look but it got the better of me. All of a sudden he asked me if I liked what I was looking at? I didn’t know what to say and before I knew it I said yes.

I have to admit I had never had or thought about been with another man before but I did get very aroused with what I seeing.

He pulled the car over under a streetlight, he then asked me if I would like to hold it? again bursa eskort bayan I didn’t know what to say but before I knew it I reached over and took it in my hand. The street light shone into the car which allowed me a very good view of his cock.

His cock was a lot bigger than mine and felt very hot, I caressed it gently pulling the foreskin backwards and forwards over his huge knob he said this felt so good. He asks me to do it quicker? I did and as I got quicker he then started to moan and get excited, all of a sudden he released a huge load of cum all over my hand and his cock. He then reaches over to the back seat and grabbed a box of tissues, we both cleaned up, He then sat back and asked me what I thought of wanking a guy off? I said it really turned me which it did, he then asked me to undo my pants so he could repay me, after I lowered my pants he reached over and took hold of my cock and gently started wanking me, I couldn’t believe how nice this felt having someone else do this to me, he got quicker and quicker and it wasn’t that long and I shot my load all over his hand and front of my shirt, oh it felt good.

He then drove me to where I wanted to go, he then told me he often goes past that spot where I Hitched hike he then said if I was interested he would be passing the same spot Saturday night around the same time, I replied I wasn’t sure but I do often hitchhike at that spot.

For the next few days, I kept telling myself to stay away but every time I thought about what happened I got excited and needless to say when Saturday bursa otele gelen eskort bayan night came I was waiting in the same spot. I arrived about 30 min earlier to make sure I didn’t miss him, I waited for nearly an hour and still no sign of him so it was then I decide to go home.

I started hitchhiking and after about 5 min a VW camper pulled over, when I got to open the door I was surprised as it was the same man, he then apologized for been late due to his work.

After getting in I got a bit nervous, I was wondering what I had done, he then told me he brought the camper for more privacy and asked if I minded if we could go to a rest area on the princess highway? this was about 20min in the country, I knew this rest area and new it was a very quiet spot.

When we arrived he said lets get in the back of the camper, he then offered me a scotch and coke to help calm the nerve’s, all the curtains were drawn closed so no one could see in and the bed was already laid out, we sat on the edge of the bed for a few mins talking and having a drink, my drink was nice but strong and soon went my head. He then reached his hand in front of me and started rubbing my cock through my jeans, then he started undoing my belt and then got me to lay back on the bed, he pulled my pants and undies down then off, he then asked me to turn around on the bed? this was so my feet faced the back of the camper,

He started gently playing with my cock, again it felt so good but then I got the surprise of my life, bursa eve gelen escort he leaned over me and started licking my cock and balls, wow it felt so good, at that time I never new people did this, he stopped after a shortly after and crouched up and took his own pants off and then lay down beside me on the bed so we were in a sixty-nine position, we both fondled and played with each other for quite a while, he then asked me if I would suck his cock?

I told him I didn’t want to so he then started sucking my cock gently this felt amazing, he then reached down with one hand and placed it behind my head and guided my head to his cock I still didn’t want to do it but then the curiosity got the better so I started licking his cock and hairy balls he then moved on top of me and took all my cock into his mouth, it felt like heaven, I reached up with one hand and took hold of his cock and guided it close to my mouth, again I started licking the knob and before I knew it he pushed his cock into my mouth and gently started fucking my mouth, the taste of his cock was musty but I have to admit I like the feel of his hot cock in my mouth, he continued sucking slowly on my cock but the thrusting of his cock in my mouth was getting faster and before I knew what was happening he forced his cock as hard as he could down my throat and exploded, I gagged as I think I swallowed half of his load the rest I spat out, I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t sure about the taste of cum, he then sat up and cleaned me up and apologized for no warning me. After a min he then had me lay back and started sucking me to finished me off, this was my first ever blowjob and I have to admit it was one of the best I have ever had.

We did meet again a few times after this night and we have sucked each other off a few times. One of the bonuses of hitchhiking was I have met up with a couple other men but not as good as the first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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